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Memes / JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Steel Ball Run

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It really was all meant to be.
  • Many fans have poked fun of Johnny being Jonathan's alternate universe counterpart, as the two couldn't be more different, with Jonathan being a big muscular Englishman with an honorable and gentle demeanor, while Johnny is a small, frail cowboy with a sarcastic streak and violent tendencies.
    • Also, "the Jonathan without a Stand vs. the Jonathan who can't stand".
    • Johnny can't use the Joestar family secret technique!Explanation 
  • Johnny is THICC. Explanation 
  • Using "Jesus mummified steel ball Christ!" (and variants) as an epithet. Explanation 
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  • Jesus was the original JoJo. Explanation 
  • "Look, I know we need to win this race, but Jesus told me we need to kill the president." Explanation 
  • Pizza Mozzarella Explanation 
  • Dino Brando/DiosaurExplanation 
  • Fans have joked about a scene where Johnny yells "Open the door! Get on the floor!" while being attacked by Diego in his dinosaur form, due to those two lines being in the chorus of the song "Everybody Walk the Dinosaur".
  • With the Science Marches On discovery that Velociraptor possessed feathers, quite a number of fans have tried redesigning Diego's raptor form to have plumage, as well as other characters reacting to the feathered Diego.
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  • "Doyjaaan" Explanation 
  • Some fans have joked that Gyro's horse Valkyrie is actually the alt-universe counterpart of Prosciutto, due to them having a similar hairstyle of a row of small buns on the back of their head.
  • Filthy Acts at a Reasonable Price. Explanation 
  • D4C Pain Train! Explanation 
  • D4C's ability to access parallel universes has been joked about the fandom, claiming that it makes every single AU technically canon, in a similar vein to "as long as Diavolo dies it's canon".
    • Valentine's ability to bring other, parallel-universe versions of existing characters are also joked about the fandom as being very different from their main-universe ones, such as an intelligent Okuyasu or a Jotaro who respects his mom.
  • All rise for the national anthemnote 
  • "Old Town Road" is a popular joke prediction for the hypothetical anime adaptation's ED.
    • "Ram Ranch" is also associated with Steel Ball Run with varying degrees of irony due to Ho Yay between Johnny and Gyro.

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