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Heartwarming / JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

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"I have no regrets. I am glad I was able to witness your growth as a warrior. Perhaps the reason I lived these thousands of years was so that I could meet you at the end. Farewell to you, warrior JoJo..."
Wamuu's last words.

Tearjerkers aren't the only way for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure to make you shed tears. The series is filled with many moments of love and pure friendship, where the best of humanity is displayed in all its Narm Charm.


  • Nanase rescuing Rohan from the ghosts in Rohan at the Louvre. It comes at the cost of his memories, but still.
  • A minor one, but in Mutsu-kabe Hill when Rohan goes bankrupt, he stays at Koichi's house. Despite Rohan's near-obsessive behavior over him, they managed to stay friends after all those years.
  • In Chapter 9 of Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe, "D.N.A.," Yukako enlists Rohan's help with curing her mother's friend's daughter, who was fathered by a sperm bank donor, and has been exhibiting strange traits. Yukako and the mother are worried the girl will be bullied, but Rohan declines to help, saying the little girl is perfectly happy and fine the way she is. (Well, that, and Heaven's Door doesn't work that way.) Leaving her as she is helps her find her similarly quirked birth father, who may or may not be the woman's thought-to-be-dead husband, and they get married.
    • Keep in mind that if one takes the video games as canon, Yukako and Rohan hate each other for the way the other treated Koichi. And yet, Yukako still went to Rohan, hoping he'd be able to help.
  • In Jolyne, Fly High With GUCCI, Jolyne's mom spends her last days alive altering her designer clothing so that it'll fit Jolyne, allowing her spirit to, in a sense, watch over her daughter after she's passed away. Jolyne runs into an injured Unicorn at the airport, and eventually rescues it by it jumping into her mother's old scarf. Even if it ends up being All Just a Dream, Jolyne still takes it as a sign.
    • It's especially poignant when you consider that this dream happens when she's 17, before she'd rekindled her relationship with her dad. Despite her tenuous romantic relationships, going in and out of prison, and an absent father, she knew her mom would always be at her side, even if something bad happened.
  • After dealing with his Survivor Guilt, Fugo spends most of Purple Haze Feedback wondering why he didn't get in the boat with the rest of Bucciarati's group. He comes to the conclusion that while his teammates (especially Bucciarati and Narancia) had some empathy for Trish's situation, Fugo was unable to form any empathy or connection towards her. He gets better after learning to care for his new partner, Sheila E, which gives him the strength to evolve his Purple Haze. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome.
    I know that feeling. I know how she's like me. [...] Sheila me. Her anger is my anger!
    • Not to mention, that Fugo sees her as a Replacement Goldfish for Narancia...
    • As Fugo swears his loyalty to Giorno, we get a genuinely touching declaration from Giorno.
    "Half a step. If you can't take a step forward, then I'll step halfway to you. Everything hinges on your decision, but if grief anchors your feet, then let me share it."
  • Hirohiko Araki's video message to the American fanbase at Anime Expo 2016, where he said he was "honored and happy" that the fans were enjoying his work. (Guess they're not as unsubtle and tasteless as you thought, eh, Rohan?)
  • Just like last year, one of the anime staff drew Christmas art. This time around, it's a giant Jonathan dressed up as Santa holding the protagonists from Parts 2 to 8 in his hands. The phrase "Merry Christmas, I'm always watching over you!" is written in the upper-left corner. Even the presence of Dio just off to the side doesn't stop Jonathan's spirit from watching over his descendants and alternate universe family.