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Heartwarming / JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: JoJolion

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The Joestars have never gotten so intimate before.

  • Given that the original universe of Parts 1-6 is now long gone in the past, it's really touching to know that Araki loved Morioh so much, he was willing to bring it back for Part 8 and expand upon its new-universe counterpart.
  • One of the early chapters has, as a fun starter image, a picture of Josuke with cutouts pointing to various parts of his outfit and body, each cutout magnifying and showing that part in detail. One of those panels points to the middle of Josuke's chest and and depicts an image of Yasuho with a little heart next to it. A few chapters later, Yasuho herself gets the same treatment, and the panel pointing to her heart has an image of Josuke in it.
  • When Yasuho is afflicted by Tsurigi's Stand (extremely frightening for her) and her own mother refuses to help, leading her to break down crying, her first and most immediate goal is to find Josuke because she knows that he will help her.
  • Norisuke's reaction to Jobin's return; he hugs his son and greets him energetically.
  • Josuke arrives to meet Yasuho and Tsurugi following their confrontation with Aishou, following Tsurugi contacting him secretly. Yasuho is overcome with tears of joy to see him again, after a comedic moment where he doesn't recognise her due to the plasters over her face, she leaps into his arms and the pair hug and even cry for each other...and laugh about it. Following this, Yasuho and Josuke share a little moment hanging out hand in hand while singing.
  • Kira showing that he grew to care about Josefumi or at least deeply appreciated his support in trying to save Holly; when they're confronted by Damo and Yagiyama and seemingly about be killed, he apologizes for getting him involved and tries to save him, telling him not to worry about him since he's done for anyways. Josefumi crying and apologizing to Kira for the fact that he was going to end up blabbing and trying to save him with the Rokakaka fruit only further cements the genuine comradeship the two developed, which ends up really subverting one's expectations of Kira from the beginning of the arc and making him a much more sympathetic character than his DIU counterpart.
  • Downplayed by the weird comments he did to his mother, but it was pretty nice of Joshu to try to protect his little sister from Kaato.
    • To his defense, he wasn't sure Kaato was his mother, she came out of nowhere, his own dad treated her like a stranger, so for him it could be anyone. Norisuke even told him she was dead.
  • Josuke's meeting with Holly at TG University Hospital. Holly appears to help a severely wounded Josuke. She manages to take him to the room the rock humans are using to make the rokakaka medicine, explain that she had been given Rokakaka by the rock humans leading to her periods of coma and dementia, heals Josuke, and give him a clue in how to defeat the Head Doctor in the scant minutes she had before she lapsed back into a comatose state. After she's comatose, Josuke cries and calls Holly his mom, cementing his sense of determination.