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  • Despite Hatano's risk of being killed in Paris, he willingly helped the resistance cell get away from a Wehrmacht lockdown.


  • Eventually revealed that Lt. Col. Yuuki has been paying for the medical treatment of the comatose Arisaki Akira for the last 20 years. And in the ending, Yuuki orders Aaron Price to be released, and then does the same with Ellen and tells her where to find her husband. When Price is reunited with her, he gets the unspoken message Yuuki is sending him: that it's time to leave the spy business behind and retire with his wife.

XX - Double Cross

  • After Odagiri a.k.a. Hiroyuki Tobisaki decides he's not cut out for D Agency and returns to the IJA, Yuuki simply wishes him well and reminds him "Don't die." It's also implied that the IJA deploying Tobisaki to Manchuria was influenced by Yuuki so that Tobisaki would have a chance to meet with Yuriko Nogami, as she had moved to Manchuria after quitting her theater career.

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