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Joker Game, Part 2

  • Sakuma's realization to where John hid the evidence. Behind the portrait of Emperor Hirohito.
  • Yuki's ruse of not appearing to be a crippled man in order to get the dirt of Col. Muto and force him to get funding for the agency's black budget, otherwise he'll sent evidence to Tokyo that he rambled state secrets.


  • Hatano's successful accomplishment in Marseilles despite the odds against him, which included his amnesia and the Wehrmacht hunting him down.
    • His quick thinking by using flour dust and lights to set off an explosive trap.
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  • Hatano being able to unmask the double agent in the city's resistance cell.

City of Temptation

  • Admit it or not, Captain Oikawa being the culprit of the murder of Corporal Nobuteru Miyata and instigating a False Flag Operation so that the police forces in the International Settlement won't easily suspect him.

Double Joker, Part 2

  • Yuuki delivers a devastating "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Lt. Colonel Akimasa that lays out exactly why the Wind Agency can't even hold a candle up to the D Agency.


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