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  • From Episode One, the initial skirmish with Voshkod 6: Jonah takes out the two cars following him & Koko, while Valmet jumps into an armored van and slaughters the special forces troops with her knife. Reinforcements appear and fire a Javelin ''antitank missile'' at Koko's car. Jonah manages to confuse the seeker, sending the missile off-course, and then drops the Javelin gunner as he fires a second missile, causing the Javelin launcher to slip from his fingers into the Humvee and blow it up.
    • Koko's negotiation with Kroshkin, she manages to lower his guard by outfitting Jonah with a second handgun to act as a decoy, plays up her youth and then when the man is distracted and gloating about finding the decoy weapon, has her bodyguards kill his sniper team and then Jonah draws his actual sidearm and blasts the man, point blank in the face.
  • Koko outsmarts Major Pollack during an arms shipment operation when she "promises" to get the needed goods.
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  • Valmet in particular crushing a man's cheeks with one hand in Heathrow Airport, just because his rudeness made Koko apologize to save face.
    Valmet: I think I just heard Koko apologizing. If you're in such a hurry in life, then I know a bullet train right to the end.
  • The team (except Valmet) having a contest to see how far they can hurl Jonah while having a break in the Adriatic Sea.
  • Volume 5 has the team take out a SAM battery with an artillery shell packed with flechettes... and fired from the back of their cargo plane.
    • And then before that, Koko's team is surrounded by most of the Balkan Dragons militia. Despite being outgunned and outnumbered, they curb stomp the opposition.
  • Valmet solos Chen's entire force, armed with assault rifles, with two knives (with a little sniper support from Jonah).
  • Koko shows just how much pull she has and how bad an idea it is to piss her off when she calls a B-52 and a full bay of bombs down on the heads of the remaining members of a team that killed a member of her squad.
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  • A customer tries to pay her in drugs and she shoots him in the face then the rest of the squad take out the customer's men in about 2 seconds.
  • An SR team operative attempts to assassinate Kaspar with a whipsword hidden in her belt... which is calmly intercepted by Chiquita and her steel-lined boot; she then takes out the assassin with a single knee to the face before nonchalantly walking up to her and unloading a clip into her face while chewing out Kaspar for gawking at the whipsword. The whole scene is a beautifully violent sight to behold.
    • And then, as a crowner, she eliminates an SR fireteam with just a knife.
  • Koko and her team manage to run up a 2000 dollar bill at a burger joint. The only question is how much they ate, and how much Bookman ate.
  • Koko and her team totally obliterating Excalibur and their team in the middle of the desert. No way out, hauling a convoy of arms, and they still trounce them effortlessly. Special mention goes to Wilee, who demonstrates just why he's the team's expert on IEDs and their EOD specialist.
  • Night Nine gets a special mention, considering that the Navy SEALs of SEAL Team 9's Alpha Platoon are the only opponents Koko and her team weren't able to curbstomp and were forced to flee from.
    • Also, a moment of awesome for Koko for being able to take out Night Nine's main advantage (battlefield recon from a Predator drone), by using an armed drone of her own to kill it.
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    • And another for Dr. Miami, whose quantum computer not only managed to jam GPS, but also hack the tactical datalink, screwing with Night Nine's maps.
    • And yet, despite all this, the SEALs chased Koko's team right to the Cuban border, and could have easily wiped them out if they weren't ordered to stand down
  • Koko arranges to have Bookman kidnapped by militants and simultaneously rescued by the Marines, with the Marine operational codename an obvious reference to herself, to show him her quantum computer's ability to manipulate events.
  • Anastasia Munoz, Koko's English voice actor, posted on her Facebook page the "Koko is loco" meme line. Which means that she's aware of the meme already.


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