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Spoilers Off applies to all "Moments" pages, so all spoilers are unmarked.

  • The first time Josuke fully awakens Soft & Wet. After all the "ability"-type Stands of part 7, it's refreshing to see again a humanoid Stand doing things like destroying a wall with a single kick.
    Josuke: Shh... Soft... and Wet...
  • Josuke's Memory Gambit to defeat Daiya's California King Bed. The only way to defeat it, and get back any memories it's stolen, is to get Daiya to step into Josuke's shadow. Despite being blind, Daiya is Crazy-Prepared in her awareness of where every possible light, object, or shadow could possibly be located. Because of this, Josuke knew there was a very good chance of being further victimized by her ability before he could defeat it. So he sets up a trap that takes advantage of this fact by hiding Daiya's phone in the refrigerator (using Soft & Wet to conceal the sound of the door's opening and closing). When sent to retrieve it (not knowing himself by this point why he put it there), he opens the door, collects the phone, and the soap bubble containing the fridge door's sound pops, making Daiya think it's closed. This lures her in and gets her to step on Josuke's shadow, cast by the fridge light.
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  • Josuke's defeat of Yotsuyu Yagiyama, which culminates in him interrupting Yagiyama's devastating stand ability with a single well-placed punch.
  • Aishou Dainenjiyama is defeated by nine year old Tsurugi using his Stand to make Dainenjiyama see an oncoming bus as Jobin.
  • The climax of the battle with the A. Phex Brothers is great. When Josuke is seemingly overpowered by the poisonous gas created by the younger brother's Stand, he manipulates the older brother's transfer ability by stuffing the ball with his soap bubbles, which contain the gas. And if that's not enough, Karera returns with Love Love Deluxe and uses her hair abilities to immolate the older brother. That's poison gas plus fire. How do you get more badass than that?
    • The fight proceeding this was awesome as well, with Josuke giving a refreshing example of how combat in the series worked in the early days by mixing Stand fighting with some brutal close-quarters combat.
  • During an extended flashback detailing how the original owners of Josuke's two halves, Josefumi and Kira, met and became fused, the A. Phex Brothers confront Josefumi while the latter is losing parts of his body to the effects of the Rokakaka fruit. However, Josefumi's also experiencing extreme emotional duress from seemingly being unable to save Kira, and is in no mood for dealing with more Rock Humans. The result? Josefumi beats the everloving shit out of the brothers in seconds flat; one suffers a broken knee and likely a severe concussion, while the other gets his head stabbed by a branch before receiving a good old-fashioned attack rush from Soft & Wet and a brutal knee to the face from Josefumi. He may be a kind-hearted guy willing to repay his debts, but just like his fused self, Josefumi does not fuck around.
    • it get even more awesome when you remember he had just survived Damo and Yotsuyu. Josefumi managed to face almost every enemy introduced, in less then a day head on and survived.
  • Hato coming to accept that her boyfriend is evil. With some help from Josuke (who gets her out of Vitamin C's range), she shows off the powers of her Stand Walking Heart for the first time, extending her heels like a spear and impaling Damo through his face and neck several times.
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  • Josuke punching Damo in the head so hard it explodes.
  • During the encounter with Dolomite, Blue Hawaii finally infects Josuke through a baby. Dolomite orders him to give up information and drown himself, but gets blindsided by Yasuho, who tracked him down through Paisley Park and proceeds to threaten him into letting go of Josuke and telling them what he knows. After spending several chapters being victimized by enemy Stand users, it's great to see Yasuho save Josuke and get some leads in the process.
  • Rai Mamezuku loses four of his fingers to Urban Guerrilla's Stand, Brain Storm. This doesn't stop him from kicking ass: he uses his own Stand, Doggy Style, to slash at his opponent from afar with a knife, turn his arm stump into a makeshift crossbow to launch a fork into Urban Guerrilla's eye, and shoot a fuel tank to soak the whole area in gas, which he lights on fire, creating a large flaming explosion that takes out his Rock Human and Animal adversaries.
  • The Ozon Baby fight features an awesome father and son team-up with Jobin and Tsurugi. Due to the enemy Stand's nature, they are left facing an illusory foe while Poor Tom is off having fun far away. Since getting to him is impossible due to the depressurizing effect of Ozon Baby, they instead force him to come to them. How do they do that? By combining their Stands' abilities: Tsurugi uses his Paper Moon King to create living origami figures which head towards the orchard, where Jobin's Speed King ignites the paper, which had been doused in kerosene earlier. They then send pictures of the burning orchard to Poor Tom, forcing him to head to them in order to save the Rokakaka branch.
    • What's even better is how they ultimately walk away as winners of this encounter. With Paper Moon King already activated, one of the origami manages to land on Poor Tom, which made him believe he secured the Rokakaka branch when Rai was defeated, but he instead ran off with a fallen pear branch since he couldn't tell the difference (and by extension, neither could Josuke or Rai, who was Not Quite Dead). The moment the coast was clear, Jobin managed to sneak away with the branch and successfully graft it onto a cactus plant, with everyone else after the fruit none the wiser.
  • The opening chapters of the hospital arc spare no expense in presenting Mitsuba Higashikata as a vanity-crazed Rich Bitch. Slamming an elevator in front of an old woman, obsessed with status, and digging herself into a Rokakaka-filled rabbit hole because she wanted the breasts of a 20-something. All of this goes out the window the instant she realizes Wu may have done something to her unborn child. Cue her summoning a beast of a Stand and making it very clear that the good doctor has hell to pay.

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