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Headscratchers / JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Steel Ball Run

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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to this page. Proceed at your own risk.

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     How is Steel ball run related to the main universe? 
  • Okay, so how exactly is Steel Ball Run related to the main JoJo universe? Is it an alternate reality? Is it the new history that was created after Pucci's universe reset? Is it just happening at the same time as Part 1, but with characters that coincidentally have similar names? So confusing...
    • Pretty certain it's the new history after the universal reset.
      • Araki has confirmed it's a completely different universe.
     How did Gyro survive Sugar Mountain's curse? 
  • How exactly did Gyro manage to survive Sugar Mountain's curse when it was shown he had already become part of the tree before Johnny traded for the bottle of wine with the last of the Nameless Men?
    • Sugar Mountain’s curse doesn’t kill people. Johnny gave up the corpse parts, thereby lifting the curse on everyone who got turned into a tree, including Gyro.
     Why are Jesus' body parts all over the U.S.? 
  • It seems that everybody in SBR has at least some passing knowledge about the bible, seeing as everybody can make the connection between corpse parts and a saint. Still, if by the end of the series it's quite obvious they belong to Jesus Christ, how come nobody asks just why are his body parts all over the U.S. if the bible states his death didn't quite take?
    • Because that death happened on another continent, the corpse parts are from his death after reviving and living out the rest of his life.
    • That's not necessarily true. Besides, the idea is to unite west and east; saint corpses are a Buddhist thing.
      • It makes sense how Jesus managed to get his body parts all over America, the narration makes that quite clear. Except nobody else knows, in-story.
      • No one knows that it is Jesus, Funny knows that it attracts people and that is all he cares.
    • Medieval Christianity is filled with relics of saints - bones, corpses and other remains that are believed to heal the sick, bless pilgrims and the like. Someone could easily believe in a saint's corpse without assuming it belonged to Christ.
    • In the Book of Mormon Jesus visited the Americas after his resurrection, it's a pretty substantial part of it. Maybe here Mormons were right?
      • Not necessarily. The Mormon take on resurrection means that the body is perfected and free from death; There would be no corpse to leave behind.
    • There is also the precedent of this belief that Jesus decided to sail all the way to Japan to live a quiet life and died in Shingo, so that could have been an inspiration for Araki.
     Magenta Magenta being SBR's Cars 
  • What does Magenta Magenta have in common with Cars other than their fates? The Jojo wiki lists him as the SBR world's equivalent to Cars, but how?
    • Magenta and Wekapipo are the equivalent to Dire (Wekapipo) and Straitz (Magenta). Wekapipo uses a Zepelli technique, joins the heroes, and gets killed by Dio.
     When did Hot Pants die? 
  • When did Hot Pants die? I think it was AU Hot Pants. The real one was left behind.
    • AU Hot Pants was returned to her world at the same time that the AU Dio with her was. The original Hot Pants died just as Lucy Steel developed her Stand.
     How long did the fight with Magenta and Wekapipo last? 
  • How much did the fight with Magenta and Wekapipo last? From the wolf, it seemed it was just 3 minutes.
     Why is Johnny the only Joestar without a star-shaped birthmark? 
  • Why is Johnny the only Joestar without a star-shaped birthmark?
    • This may be addressed in-universe in JoJolion.
      • He might have one, but it wasn't shown. Josuke (Part 4) wasn't shown having one either, except for in the anime.
     Why did Valentine need to organise the Steel ball run? Isn't there an easier way? 
  • What exactly did president Valentine need to organize the Steel Ball Run for? Why bring in thousands of racers to muck things up, when he could've just have travelled across the continent to search the corpse parts at his own leisure, without anyone bothering him?
    • Too dangerous. The corpse parts put people on trial for their possession. Valentine is not sure he can pass all 8 or how many they are, maybe because he thinks he is no longer worthy. Besides it is alwyas easier to trick a cowboy that Jesus (jojo makes you write the craziest things).
     How did AU!Dio have a stand even though he came from a world without the corpse parts? 
  • If you need to be exposed to a corpse part to gain a stand, how did AU!Dio have「THE WORLD」when brought by Valentine from a universe where the corpse doesn't exist?
    • Because the Corpse isn't required for Stands. It simply works similar to the Arrow and makes you develop a stand (and completely failed to generate a stand in Lucy, only letting her borrow it's power to protect itself). Johnny had some level of Tusk in every world Valentine visited since it was born from Mastering the Spin (though the corpse did allow him to use Acts he wasn't skilled enough yet to use naturally). Mountain Tim, Mrs. Robinson, Boom-Boom Family, Sandman, Axl RO all gained their stands from wandering into the Devil's Palm and living (but weren't deemed worthy of carrying a Corpse Part). Oyecomava apparently developed his stand naturally in his younger days as a revolutionary and assassin in Italy as did Pocoloco (assuming Hey Ya! is actually Pocoloco's stand and not Not-Enya's that automatically attaches to people she senses will have great luck)and Ringo. Mike O and Blackmoore aren't explained where their stands came from.
    • Who said the corpse was the only way in the multiverse to get a stand? Even in the old universe, plenty of people were simply born with stands. The arrow wasn't always necessary.
     Could Valentine reach the timeline of parts 1-6? 
  • Could Valentine potentially reach the timeline of Parts 1-6?
    • On his own, no. D 4 C operates under a limited scope of the Multiverse Theory, in which case there are a few constants. His father's death is one such constant, and as such he is limited to his own timeline. Eyes of Heaven has shown that with Heaven!Dio's assistance, he indeed can, but that is out of the scope of D 4 C normally.

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