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Nightmare Fuel / JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Steel Ball Run

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Unmarked spoilers ahead!

  • The art for Steel Ball Run is beautifully detailed. That also makes the copious gore (remember that this is when Jojo transitioned from shounen to seinen) even more unnerving. Especially when a steel ball meets a (deserving, but still) face and all the chunks of skull and teeth come flying off, maybe with an eyeball as well.
  • The whole process of fusing with the corpse parts of the Saint is pretty unnerving.
    • Lucy actually had to carry the Saint's corpse in her womb. This creates a new Stand ability, but the process of the corpse parts fusing together inside of her cause the entire surface of her body to painfully turn into polygonal pieces of glass. All while the corpse absorbs her life energy, she's brought into a state of paralyzing exhaustion, and then, near-death.
  • The first use of Gyro's steel balls literally twists a pickpocket's arm with the gun pointed at his head and then he kills himself by accident. Our hero, ladies and gentlemen!
  • The Stand Scary Monsters. It transmutes things or people into dinosaurs. Depending on who, it can leave the user (in human form) with crackling skin, an ear-to-ear Glasgow Grin and primal behavior (such as cooing and swallowing rocks).
    • In the chapter introducing the second user of Scary Monsters, Johnny and Gyro take shelter in a house. They notice flies getting through the window, they look outside only to find a surprise on the porch: the body of a dead animal. But it's not just any critter, it's an adult bear carved wide open.
    • In one scene, the affected user, Diego Brando, attempts to hide the gaps on the sides of his mouth with bandages, but as soon he drinks coffee, it starts leaking from the sides.
    • Same scene. Diego Brando swallows rocks whole at night in a corner outside while a terrified Johnny Joestar watches helplessly through the window. Diego suddenly stops and abruptly turns his head almost on 180 degrees, and then, silently looks at the reader right into the eyes.
  • Ringo's backstory. His entire family was killed in one night while he was sleeping and the same killer tried to rape him and make him his "son".
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  • President Valentine very nearly raped Lucy, and the only thing that stopped him was Lucy having Hot Pants' spray handy.
  • Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (D4C), Funny Valentine's Stand. It has the ability to travel to parallel worlds, and bring people back to and from them. If two alternate universe selves meet (except Funny Valentine himself), then they fuse together, collapse into Menger Sponges, and cease to exist. This happened to Wekapipo.
  • Axl R.O.'s Stand, Civil War, in Steel Ball Run's Chapters 56 and 57, which attacks by manifesting the guilt and sacrifices made by the opponent and fusing with their bodies. Hot Pants and the body of her deceased younger brother, Johnny and 'Danny', etc.
  • Not long after Diego's death, Funny Valentine uses D4C to summon an alternate version as backup in case he dies during his fight with Johnny and Gyro. What makes this Nightmare Fuel? Oh, just the fact that not only is this one closer to DIO in terms of personality, being an outright murderous sociopath that isn't above dirty tricks, but he has his same Stand. That's right, The World makes a comeback, even using the same Checkmate combo against Johnny. It's lucky Tusk Act 4 was, by that time, able to move in the stopped time, otherwise Dio may well have killed Johnny.

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