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Spoilers Off applies to all "Moments" pages, so all spoilers are unmarked!
Jolyne just lit herself on fire to beat him.

  • Jolyne Cujoh. Daughter of Jotaro Kujo.
    • Her first major awesome moment, after one humiliation dealt by Gwess after another, namely shrinking her to a small enough size to fit into a rat's caracas, and being trapped in between corridors to potentially get shot dead by trigger happy guards, Jolyne unloads her anger and dishes out karma classic Joestar style, by beating the piss out of Gwess with her newly formed Stand, Stone Free.
    • After her first encounter with Emporio, a Jerkass guard breaks her fingers against some bars and hits her in the face with it. She lets it slide until she gets a visit... from Jotaro. Then she punches out the guard in a rage.
    • She forms a bridge out of herself that allows her to walk on water in her fight with Foo Fighters.
      • This saves her because she ended up using so much string that F.F. punches through her instead of into her.
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    • During her fight against Donatello Versus' "Underworld", which can recreate events from memories, she and Ermes are trapped on a plane that will crash. Their only way of surviving is to take two seats whose occupants miraculously survived, so they shove the occupants aside... and Versus promptly drops three children from the hospital into the memory. He's convinced he's won; even if Jolyne would let them get killed to save herself and Ermes, the guilt would cripple her. The solution? She gives the seats to two of the children, has Ermes use Kiss to split one of the two surviving occupants (since they're destined to survive anyway), stick the third kid in between, and reseal the survivor, so the kid will live too. Finally, Ermes hides herself the same way in the second survivor, and Jolyne unwinds most of herself into string and shoves it down Ermes' throat. The lengths these people go to accomplish their goals is astounding.
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    • The stand C-Moon demonstrates its power to turn things inside-out by punching Jolyne in the legs, crippling her... until she kicks C-Moon in the fists to reverse the process. When C-Moon starts aiming for her heart and chest, Jolyne weaves her body into a Mobius strip so that they can't be inverted.
    • Both those Jolyne moments pale in comparison to the time she set her whole body on fire to make her enemy's attack stop working!!
      • Though some credit should be given to her opponent, Rikiel. When Jolyne sets herself on fire, he actually expresses admiration for her determination... and then he sets himself on fire, to try and discover a flaw in her tactic. He does.
    • During her fight with Guard Westwood, a meteorite is pulled towards Planet Waves—with Jolyne directly in between—as Westwood kicks her. Just getting out of the way won't help, because Planet Waves will make the meteorite disintegrate by the time it gets anywhere near Westwood. Solution: Jolyne steals Westwood's boot, places a brick in it, and positions it so the meteorite will fly in. Planet Waves can make the meteorite disintegrate because that's what it's controlling. It can't stop the brick, though, even though it just gained the meteorite's own velocity. She ends it with a head butt.
    • When she came across Pucci at the end of Heavy Weather arc, Ermes correctly tells her, that he is too far and they won't be able to catch him in time. Jolyne proceeds to wrap lower half of her body (in string form) around the wheel of a car and push the gas pedal to propel herself forward. Too bad it was a decoy, created with the help of Versus' powers.
    • Jolyne's Heroic Sacrifice. Pucci successfully kills Jotaro, Ermes, and Anasui, leaving only Jolyne and Emporio. As Pucci moves into kill Emporio, the latter is suddenly dragged underwater. It's revealed that in Ermes' final attack and Anasui's own sacrifice, she was given enough time to unravel her arm into string, tying Emporio to a dolphin so he could escape. He begs her to come with, but Jolyne opts out, well-aware of the fact that Pucci can sense the Joestar bloodline. Jolyne stays behind and dies in a blaze of glory, charging the most terrifying Stand in the series. Jonathan would be proud. And like Jonathan, she does manage to do severe damage to the enemy, by cutting his right eye, helping Emporio beat Pucci later.
  • Her father, Jotaro, still has moments of competence. His time stop made him able to fight Pucci and he even had the chance to kill him, only blowing it to save Jolyne. Which also shows how much he wants to protect his daughter.
    • Pucci also does what his master failed to do, kill Jotaro.
  • Ermes killing Sports Maxx, the man responsible for her sister Gloria's death. Both times.
    • The first time she ambushed him and used her stickers to trap him in a sewage pipe, causing him to suffocate. If it was any other minion other than Sports, they'd be dead without a fight.
    • Then she faces an invisible undead alligator. Jolyne and Foo Fighters come in and F.F. gets her leg bitten off. She just gets pissed, lets her arm get bitten too and shoots it in the face.
    • The second time. Her killing him turned him into a invisible zombie and create an army of them from the cemetery. So Ermes pulls a Batman Gambit and leaves herself open to be attacked, counting on Sports Maxx wanting to eat her himself. The moment he chows on her skull, Ermes puts a sticker on her head to make a copy of it with her brains still intact. When he removes the sticker, the chunk of her head he swallowed comes flying out of his chest back to her head, creating a spurt of blood letting her know exactly where he is.
    Ermes: Listen Jolyne. This is between me and him. Others will say forgiveness is what matters. 'Course their are gonna be people that say revenge isn't gonna bring back my sister. They don't get it. But, I sure as hell don't want to spend the rest of my life forcing my self to forget that my sister was thrown away in a fucking gutter... besides, i already made up my mind!
  • Jotaro gets his head about half chopped off, only to shrug it off and return to thinking of ways to beat his opponent. So what if Diver Down took the brunt of the attack?
  • Weather Report's Big Damn Heroes moment in the Heavy Rainfall arc. Both him and Jolyne are heavily wounded from their fight against Lang Rangler. Jolyne has gotten to the required location to meet up with the Speedwagon Foundation. Unfortunately, Pucci foresaw this and placed a guard just in case she made it and she is promptly shot. Faced with an unknown enemy, Weather Report does the only thing he can. He summons frogs. Specifically poison dart frogs start falling from the sky and manage to take out both nearby guards and nearly defeats Pucci then and there. Weather Report singlehandedly turned around a nigh-impossible to win scenario into the exact opposite!
  • Weather Report and Anasui vs. Pucci. To sum up, they almost defeated the Big Bad!
    • For a villainous example, Pucci ambushes them at the start, blowing off Weather's leg and leaving Anasui to transform into a snail. He also deduced that Heavy Weather sends subliminal messages that makes people think they're turning into snails. So he used his own stand to to take away his ability to see and negate the Weather's power.
    • They both make a comeback when Anasui used Diver Down to replace Weather's lost leg.
  • Ending of part 6: After Pucci's started over a new world, wimpy kid Emporio is his last threat. But since everything except Pucci's actions will be exactly as in the universe's previous cycle, he can't change his actions, and will hide in the ghost room. When Pucci tries to strike him, though, he holds up the disc with the Weather Report stand, and Pucci effectively pushes the disc into his head. Emporio promptly gets serious the likes of which only Joestars can dream of, and beats Pucci into a bloody pulp, before finally killing him off with an ability that Pucci didn't even know Weather Report possessed.
    • This is the kid whose Stand is ONLY rooms with things in it that cannot affect/be affected by anything else other than Stand Users. He also, while running from a sped-up Pucci, used a ghost gun from one of the rooms and fired the bullets, teaming with Ermes' Stand Kiss to merge the bullet with its copy, just barely outmaneuvering Pucci. Kid is basically a Badass Normal, with the least effective Stand for combat ever.
      • FYI, said ability that killed Pucci was Emporio using Weather Report to raise the level of Oxygen in the atmosphere to 100%, as he coldly describes to Pucci exactly how nasty his death is going to be.
        Emporio: If you breath too much of it, first your hands and feet will go numb and then you will be unable to stand! The capillary veins in your eyes break as you go blind!
      • Plus, Emporio himself wasn't immune to Weather Report's ability. He was DYING just to take Pucci down.
      • Perhaps the manliest bit of it all: Watch how Emporio beats on Pucci- he holds the side of his head, forcing Pucci to feel the brunt of every single swing. Weather Report- still bearing the pure, unadulterated hatred towards his brother still lingered inside his stand- attempts to pop Pucci's head like a fucking water balloon. Emporio (or Weather Report) wanted Pucci to suffer, and by god does he.

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