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Tear Jerker / JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean

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Let's face it. We're all crying too.

  • FF's death, sacrificing herself to save Anasui and Jotaro's memory DISC.
    FF: Look at me, Jolyne. This is my spirit. This is my intellect. I was alive.
    Jolyne: I'm going to get your disc back from the priest! Your Foo Fighters disc! Then you can come back!
    FF: But that will probably be another Foo Fighers. It probably won't be me. This is me. This is me saying goodbye.
  • Weather Report's death at Pucci's hands, something that would've ended the conflict had Jolyne not arrived at the wrong time to give the Big Bad a chance to kill the former. Everyone's thoughts on the matter do not help.
    Hermes: Jolyne... the wind's stopped.
    Jolyne: It can't be... was it because we crashed the car? Because I came here?
    Anasui: Weather came back to life when he left that prison. I can tell. So don't think too deeply about what happened to him. These past few days, Weather was happy. Weather was already saved.
  • The entire climax of the part, the Darkest Hour of the entire JoJo universe, with Pucci causing the entire apocalypse via Made in Heaven.
    • Anasui plans to sacrifice himself so Jotaro can land a hit on Pucci. FF dying for him clearly resonated with him. When he mentions the plan to the group, he also jokingly mentions marrying Jolyne again to Emporio... until Jolyne finally agrees to, seeing that he's change for the better, and that his plan has hope... Not that it matters, since Pucci uses the woman he loves to kill him from a distance.
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    • Jotaro has a chance at killing Pucci... until he notices knives falling toward Jolyne. He moves her out of the way, but it takes just enough time for the time stop to end. He tried to save his daughter and kill Pucci, and ended up failing at both. Not only that, but the last thing he sees before dying is Jolyne getting hit by knives, so he ends up dying knowing that he failed. And just as the cherry on top, the method of his death (having his face sliced open) is exactly how Boingo and Thoth predicted he'd die all the way back in Part 3. It may have taken about thirty years to catch up, but Thoth's predictions are always 100% accurate.
    • Hermes futilely tries to attack Pucci. Tries. In one fell swoop, Jotaro's face and Hermes' arms get sliced off by Pucci.
    • Jolyne's death, where she smiles at Emporio before standing up to Pucci one last time as he closes in. Then a page and a half later, you see her getting ripped apart like tissue paper by Pucci's stand as Emporio breaks down in tears. All that remains is her stand's sunglasses, which quickly disintegrate under accelerated time as a colony of butterflies flutter off.
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    • Emporio witnessing all this, seeing all of his friends die. It gets worse as he tries to shoot Pucci several times, and when Jolyne sacrifices herself, it dawns on him that he's the only one left to stop the nigh unbeatable Pucci.
  • Even if he's the villain and kills almost everyone in the climax, Pucci's backstory is pretty tragic - things go catastrophically wrong not for just him, but two other characters, on an almost Shakespearean level. A woman's baby is stillborn, so she switches it with one of a pair of twin brothers. Those brothers were Pucci and Weather, the latter of which unknowingly ended up in a relationship with his sister, Perla. Pucci attempts to break them up indirectly (due to having learned the truth from the woman's confession at church), but the detective he hired in the process turns out to have ties to a hate group that goes after Weather and Perla for being a mixed-race couple. Perla kills herself, believing Weather to have died from the beating, but he hasn't - and his powers prevent him from taking his own life. It's no wonder all that lead Pucci to believe You Can't Fight Fate.
  • The Bittersweet Ending itself. Yes, the Big Bad is dead, and Emporio survived... but he's the only one left who can remember their friendship. The only upshot is that he may just be able to make friends with the new, well-adjusted Jolyne.
    • Hit hard with Emporio crying at seeing his friends, now different people, which now serves as the page image.
    "Emporio. My name is... my name is Emporio."
  • In a meta sense the fact that this part is the last time the original continuity was ever visited. For those who have read from Phantom Blood it can be very saddening to see the story that started with Jonathan and Dio come to a close especially after all the time spent reading (or watching) each part of the story. Though for long time fans it may hit them even harder seeing as how the earliest fans have been keeping up with the franchise since 1987 and with Stone Ocean ending in 2003 that meant 16 years of reading JJBA. While Steel Ball Run is considered one of the best parts in the franchise it's still tough for a lot of people to fully realize that Stone Ocean was the last we'd ever see of all the classic characters and locations.


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