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Unmarked Spoilers Ahead!
  • DIO himself has his moments to shine, most notably in Part 3 where he decides that the most effective way to kill Jotaro would be to drop a steamroller on him. This moment was considered so awesome that it became an internet meme via a popular flash video.
    • The best part is, Jotaro survived.
    • One of DIO's best moments, coming from the OVA, is something that requires a little thought. Remember when Jotaro has Star Platinum carve a minaret in half and throw it an approaching DIO, then he explodes out of it to punch DIO a few times? What's cool isn't that DIO was able to chew away the building by punching it, without the assistance of The World, and not that he completely repels Jotaro's attack anyway, but that Jotaro was only able to get close enough because he occupied DIO's attention with the minaret. DIO is so tough that a building thrown at him is a distraction.
      • Also works for Jotaro because that also means that he and Star Platinum are more threatening than having a building thrown at you.
    • DIO deciding to use his infamous Flechette Storm on Jotaro, knowing he wouldn't be able to block all of them. Even with Jotaro being apparently dead, Dio's rightfully cautious of underestimating any Joestar, so he puts his ear to the ground to check for Jotaro's heartbeat and breathing, and then decides to decapitate him with a stop sign anyway, just to be certain Jotaro is dead. If not for Polnareff, Dio would've killed him.
      • Polnareff's attack becomes even more of a CMOA in the original OVA, since not only Jotaro hadn't restarted his heart yet, and was thus completely defenseless; but Polnareff forced DIO to use his Time Stop against him, thus leaving himself completely open to Jotaro's attack. And if that wasn't enough, DIO admitted that if he'd had just a bit more power and speed that Polnareff would have succeeded in crushing DIO's brain beyond recovery. He came that close to killing DIO with one surprise attack.
  • Jotaro Kujo. Period. He has just way too many of these too list, but we'll try anyway:
    • In response to Dio's attempts to see if he's dead, Jotaro uses Star Platinum to stop his own heart in order to trick DIO into coming close enough to hit him with Star Platinum, and it works. Try as he might, at that range DIO can't even stop time fast enough to keep Star Platinum from hitting him. It's a powerful moment of catharsis for the audience, too — after DIO heals off the karmic Torso with a View injury that Jotaro inflicted upon him, there's something damn satisfying about seeing Jotaro open up DIO's skull (complete with a Mortal Kombat-style X-Ray shot, no less!) and hurl him into a concrete stairway, leaving him a quivering, paralyzed mess. The 2018 English dub of that episode takes things one step further by reworking DIO's lines into a frustrated, panicky monologue that Patrick Seitz absolutely nailed, and it's easy to see why, in later parts, Jotaro becomes a heroic version of The Dreaded.
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    • Immediately prior to the above, after parrying about 20 or so thrown knives with his Stand, he gets hit by the rest (According to the OVA, seven knives, three in the chest, two in the stomach, one in the forearm, and one in each leg. Oh, and one in the forehead). He then reveals that he managed to survive by stuffing copies of Shonen Jump in his jacket. However, his arm and legs remain wounded, and the final knife in the forehead, despite sinking hilt-deep into his cranium through his hat, seems to have done no real damage.
      • It's shown that he stuffed a magazine in his hat as well. How the hell it fit there is anyone's guess, though.
    • His very first appearance has him in jail. Out of nowhere, a can of beer appears in his hands and he starts shotgunning it. In a jail cell, in full view of the guards. Later on, we get a second view of the cell, and he's now surrounded by clothes, books, and tons of assorted crap that no one can figure out how he got, because he's still in the damn cell and hasn't moved an inch.
      • And everyone in the jail is terrified of him. His fellow cellmates refuse to get near him, the guards are scared out of their minds since they can't figure out how he's sneaking in all this stuff without moving, and they're not trying to keep him in the cell, they're trying to get him to leave.Why? 
    • His defeat of Daniel J. D'Arby, where his poker face is so incredibly good that D'Arby freaks out and thinks that Jotaro has a great hand. Jotaro keeps betting higher and higher, putting up not only his own soul, but his mother's and his friends', without ever looking at his cards or even trading them in. D'Arby eventually gets so stressed out that he snaps and admits defeat, freeing all the souls that he'd taken over the years. (And by snaps that means he goes COMPLETELY insane, falling to the ground babbling and drooling). Jotaro's allies check out Jotaro's hand after the game's over, and it's revealed that he had an absolutely shit hand - an eight, a six, a ten, an ace, and a jack, all offsuit. He'd won entirely through mind games on a seasoned gambler. Go watch episode three of the 1993 OVA. Or take a look here, for an example from the 2015 episode.
      Well? Call or fold, D'arby. WHAT'S IT GONNA BE, D'ARBY? WHAT'S IT GONNA F***ING BE?!
      • Awesome-in-awesome: D'arby is a cheater, and proudly admits it stating that cheating is a valid part of any game. Jotaro turns that against him. Not by stopping him from cheating, no; he uses D'arby's own belief against him. He precisely uses Star Platinum to tell the order the cards are shuffled in, forcing D'arby to use a fresh deck. He breaks D'arby's finger when the man tries to pull the second deal tricknote , and then calls a random kid over to deal instead. It didn’t even the playing field, but this sets the stage for Jotaro’s win by making D’arby believe Jotaro can outmaneuver him and cause him to doubt his own ability to cheat Jotaro.
      • On the next round Jotaro doesn’t even look at his cards or even attempt to change them in. D’Arby knows for sure Jotaro’s hands were junk since the aforementioned kid was dealing under D’Arby’s payroll and was certain he had this in the bag... until Jotaro pulled a Chekhov's Gun. In his first appearance, Jotaro used Star Platinum to bring him several objects into his prison cell at such speeds that made it seem like they came out of thin air. He does the same here with a lit cigarette and a glass of juice. This led D'arby to believe that Jotaro has once again managed to outmaneuver him and swapped his own cards with Star Platinum’s speed for a better hand, while he wasn't looking.
      • To make it even more of a friggin' epic win, at this point, D'arby had already stolen the souls of Joseph and Polnareff, and made Jotaro gamble his soul to play, of which he had already lost half of it in a previous round. Jotaro not only bets the rest of his soul, he bets Avdol's, Kakyoin's (who's in the hospital disabled at this time) and his own mother's, all to force a Sadistic Choice on D'arby; since he didn't have enough soul chips to match Jotaro's call, either D'arby has to bet the secret of DIO’s Stand to stay in the game, or fold and give back the souls of his friends. The stakes of such a secret, the belief that Jotaro could both outmaneuver him AND out-cheat him, and the sheer level of confidence Jotaro has shown in his cards, spooks D’Arby to the point that he can’t even bring himself to call Jotaro’s raise. End result: D'arby becomes a complete gibbering, wrinkled, wreck who physically can't bring himself to call Jotaro's bluff.
      • Even better is the fact D'Arby had set the scene ahead of time so that he would be playing with a deck stacked 100% in his favor no matter what. He set it up so Jotaro would get a bad hand and he would get a good hand no matter what, yet Jotaro STILL managed to completely bluff him into losing while he had 4 Kings. And Jotaro had no idea what was even in his own hand, it was just blind faith in his determination.
    • His victory over D'Arby's younger brother, Terence, may well rival even that moment. After the resident expert gamer Kakyouin has his soul taken when Terence bests him in a racing game thanks to his Stand letting Terence read minds, Jotaro steps up to the plate to take on Terence at his favorite game; baseball. Jotaro, having never played a video game before in his life, manages to out-cheat Terence by letting Joseph stealthily use his controller with Hermit Purple, so that when Terence tried to read his mind, he'd get the truth from Jotaro, but not from the one actually playing him. The subsequent No-Holds-Barred Beatdown is the icing on this cake. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Funny.
      D'Arby: Please, mercy, I beg you! I've already given you back Kakyoin's soul, haven't I? It's like they say, no harm, no foul! We're good... right? Right? Right?
      Jotaro: You want to know whether I'll forgive you, why don't you just do what you do best and read my mind? No! No! No! No! No! [...] Answer this. Will I hit you with my right fist or decide to deck you with my left? I'd love to know.
      D'Arby: Well, since you're asking, you'll use... your right one?
      Jotaro: No! No! No! No! No!
      D'Arby: Then... your left?
      Jotaro: No! No! No! No! No!
      D'Arby: You're... not going to use both, are you?
      Jotaro: Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! YES!
      D'Arby: Are you going to do the "ORA ORA" thing?!
      Joseph: YES! YES! YES! OH MY GOD!
      • And how can he top all of this, you may ask? By dissing both of the D'Arby brothers at once, right before his No-Holds-Barred Beatdown; as soon as he wins, he notes that Daniel (the older D'Arby brother) would have seen through that cheating, and so would Terence if the two brothers actually played together.
    • Enya's stand, Justice is so invincible that she manages to beat Hol Horse and Polnareff. What does Jotaro do to beat her Stand? Inhale it, which makes Enya lose her breath and faint.
      • In the OVA, he makes Enya reveal herself by saying only Stand users have a specific vein in their nose, making her immediately check her nose and blow her own cover. In the manga and anime he does this same trick on the fake Captain Tennille.
    • When Steely Dan plants his Stand in Joseph's head and threatens to kill him, Jotaro has to put up with a massive amount of crap from Dan in order to stall for time while Polnareff and Kakyoin get it out. After every incident of abuse, Jotaro smiles...and writes down exactly what Steely Dan did so "he can remember what to think about when he kicks his ass". And this is Not Hyperbole. When Polnareff and Kakyoin succeed, Dan tries to put his Stand in Jotaro's head by distracting him with an innocent bystander. Jotaro, however, has already got Dan's Stand with his own, and he proceeds to beat the crap out of him. For three whole pages. When he's done, Jotaro tosses the book he'd been writing in onto Steely Dan's badly battered body and tells him: "Your receipt. You can keep the friggin' change."
    • In the fight against High Priestess, Jotaro seemingly gets chomped between her teeth while inside her mouth. The remaining Crusaders seem disheartened and worried, only to hear a low repetitive muffled noise. The noise gets progressively louder, until it finally culminates in Star Platinum busting out of a tooth it punched a cavity in while yelling its signature ORA! battle cry. Jotaro then proceeds to shatter every diamond hard tooth inside High Priestess' mouth prompting a rather unforgettable OH MY GOD! from Joseph, who was even astounded by just how badass such a feat was. Seriously, was there any other reaction than, "Holy crap"?
    • Quite possibly the most awesome of Jotaro's moments is THIS; to prove that he really is badass personified, Jotaro beats up Alessi with his own fists after Alessi's stand Sethan turns him into a kid. Please note that, due to how Alessi's Stand works, Jotaro doesn't have Star Platinum at this point. Alessi and the young Polnareff are stunned that Jotaro could seriously kick ass at seven years old.
      • The scene from the current anime, with the kid Jotaro saying "Don't underestimate me because I'm a kid" right before he pummels him Star Platinum style, "ORA" included.
    • While fighting the Stand without a master, Anubis, Jotaro gets stabbed in the gut, but manages to break Anubis' sword by using his own body as leverage. That's right: he intentionally gets almost mortally wounded to defeat an enemy who is literally an evil sword that possesses people.
    • When Imposter Captain Tennille and Dark Blue Moon try to dive into the water with a hostage, Jotaro beats seven shades of crap out of Dark Blue Moon and rescues the hostage before they can even hit the water.
      • And before that, the "cigarette-nose" trick. He claims that if a Stand user inhales cigarette smoke, a blood vein pops in their nose, causing everyone else (including the fake Captain Tennille and excluding the Runaway Girl) to touch their nose. Turns out Jotaro was just messing about whilst causing the fake Captain to accidentally expose himself as an enemy. Dastardly clever.
    • Jotaro finally defeating and killing DIO, thereby avenging his great-great-great-grandfather, great-great-grandfather, and great grandfather, all of whom died as a result of Dio in some way. DIO's agonized, flabbergasted screaming in denial as he's split asunder also makes the scene incredibly cathartic.
    • His words to a freshly-dead DIO.
      Jotaro: When the sun comes up, you'll be nothing but dust. You only made one mistake, one that got you killed. DIO, this whole thing might have ended differently, but... you went and pissed me off. Was it worth it?
      • In the anime adaptation, he is more laconic, but equally awesome.
      Jotaro: There one reason you lost, Dio. One simple reason. You really pissed me off.
    • Jotaro makes getting a new coat look badass. Yes. That's right. Jotaro Kujo makes getting a new coat look awesome.
    • The first ever ORA ORA ORA. Kakyoin has just attacked an innocent nurse, and now he's monologuing to Jotaro about how it's all his fault. And then Jotaro picks himself up off the ground, the familiar [MENACING] sound effect shows up, Stardust Crusaders starts playing and... well, read on:
      Jotaro: Look, no one ever said Jotaro Kujo was a nice guy. I beat the crap out of people, more than I have to. Some are even still in the hospital. I've had idiot teachers who liked to talk big, so I taught them a lesson, and they never came back to class. If I go to a restaurant and the food's bad, I make it a policy to stiff 'em with the bill. But... even a bastard like me... can spot true evil when he sees it! True evil are those who use the weak for your own gain and crush them underfoot when they're through! Especially an innocent woman! And that is exactly what you've done, isn't it?! And your Stand gets to hide from the victim, the law, and the consequences! That's why... I will judge you myself!!
      Kakyoin: I'm evil? See, that's where you're wrong. Evil is always the loser. It's the victor who has justice. The victor being the last man standing. And how you win in battle... is irrelevant!
      (The two duke it out briefly before Kakyoin traps Jotaro in Hierophant's tentacles, and begins to charge the Emerald Splash)
      Kakyoin: See, the loser is always the evil one. Time to finish you off!
      Jotaro: Really? The loser's evil?
      Kakyoin: EMERALD SPLASH!!
      Jotaro: Then let me show you...
      (Star Platinum blocks every single Emerald Splash crystal)
      Kakyoin: What?! There's no way! No one can just deflect the Emerald Splash!
      Jotaro: ...Just how evil you are!!
      (Star Platinum grabs Hierophant's neck and wrings it)
      (Blood spurts from Kakyoin's mouth; Star Platinum raises its right hand, curls it into a fist finger by finger, and...)
      Star Platinum: ORA!!
      Jotaro: I'LL TEACH YOU JUSTICE...!
      (Star Platinum throws Hierophant into the air and uppercuts it through the building)
      Jotaro: ...WITH MY STAND!!
  • Avdol may be Out of Focus, but he gets a huge one in the very first episode when he outsmarts Jotaro. How?
    • For context, Jotaro has voluntarily put himself in jail because he doesn't know how to control his Stand; at this point, Star Platinum is just acting on Jotaro's subconscious impulses by defending him and fetching him various objects to help him pass the time as he tries to figure out his "evil spirit." When Joseph, Holly and Avdol show up, Joseph has absolute faith in Avdol's ability to get Jotaro to come out... never mind that Jotaro was put in jail for taking on a group of thugs by himself and smashed their balls, and both Jotaro's cellmates and the police are terrified of him.
    • Avdol strikes a pose and introduces us to the very first Stand of the series: MAGICIAN'S RED!
    • Somehow, Avdol then pins Jotaro to the wall with ropes of fire: his Red Bind. The police can't see a damn thing, but they can see a conveniently-placed thermometer cranking up the heat past 40ºC (or 104ºF). Avdol's fire attacks are strong enough to create a localized heat wave.
    • Avdol shows he's a Cultured Badass when he taunts Jotaro with one of Aesop's Fables: "The wind only made the traveler pull his cloak closer, but the warm sun made him admit defeat."
    • Jotaro, who previously was near-suffocated by the oxygen-burning Red Bind, finds his Unstoppable Rage and fully, consciously manifests his Stand. He smashes the cell toilet in order to put out Avdol's flames, bends his cell bars open, rips two of them off to use as stabbing weapons... and Avdol simply puts away Magician's Red and walks away from the fight.
      Jotaro: Hey! Where the hell are you going?! We're not done here!
      Avdol: [sits against the wall] I've done what you asked, Mr. Joestar. He's out of his cell.
  • Noriaki Kakyoin gets five of them:
    • His utter curb-stomping of the Tower of Gray, saving an entire plane full of passengers without breaking a sweat. Most of Stardust Crusaders is just the protagonists acting in self-defence, but this is a truly heroic moment that cements Kakyoin's Nice Guy status after being released from his brainwashing.
    • While battling the Hanged Man, a Stand that attacks by leaping from reflective surface to reflective surface (including people's corneas), Kakyoin and Polnareff figure out how to attack him and trap him in one surface. In response, the Hanged Man's user yells that they're handing out free money, drawing every beggar in India to them (and giving him a bevy of places to hide). Kakyoin's response: he throws a coin in the air, causing everyone to look at it and trapping the Hanged Man with one destination.
    • Then there's how he punishes Death Thirteen's stand user, Mannish Boy. He's just a baby, and nobody else remembers what the little monster did, so he can't hurt him without appearing crazy again... but he makes him suffer nonetheless. How does he do it? By spoon-feeding the baby his own shit!
    • Kakyoin also manages to completely trap Steely Dan's Lovers before Dan can use a little girl as a hostage. The result? Jotaro has no reason to hold back against Dan and gives him what he deserves. Thanks, Kakyoin.
    • After encountering DIO, Kakyoin manages to entangle a plethora of buildings in his Stand and bait DIO into reaching the center of the web. He specifies that Hierophant Green will detect anything that DIO or the World happen to do when they come in contact with its tendrils — in other words, he stretched his Stand into tripwires, in a twenty-meter radius. He then proceeds to let DIO have it anyway, firing off Emerald Splashes at random even as DIO tries to extricate himself from the web... and Emerald Splash, which up until now has approached Memetic Loser territory, proves to be impossible for DIO to parry gem-for-gem. Unfortunately, once DIO realizes that Kakyoin drew blood from him, he brings out his Stand to bypass the web completely and impales Kakyoin on The World's arm. Yet, during his last moments, Kakyoin manages to keep calm, deduce the ability that The World possesses, and think of a way to nonverbally pass his conclusion on to Joseph. Kakyoin vowed to uncover the secret of DIO's Stand... and he succeeded!
  • Polnareff's fight with J. Geil deserves special mention, too. Him and Kakyoin have the villain running for his life after Kakyoin's coin trick trapped his Stand in a position where Silver Chariot could attack it. When the two Crusaders corner him, Polnareff delivers a badass speech, and skewers the villain a hundred times over before sending him flying up into the air, only for the villain to come crashing down and get impaled on the spike of a gate. All this happens while the song "Noble Pope" is playing, and it's a truly cathartic moment for Polnareff, and the emotion throughout the scene shows just how determined Polnareff is to finally get revenge on his sister's rapist and killer.
    J. Geil: (runs away, badly wounded, but finds himself blocked by a locked gate) I-it won't open!
    Polnareff: Looks like you're the one who's really good at sobbing, J. Geil! And you're about to plummet into Hell, begging and crying the whole way down. But there's one thing I can't rely on the guardians of Hell to do. And that's... TO TURN YOUR BODY INTO A PINCUSHION! (Silver Chariot stabs the villain repeatedly) I'VE BEEN WAITING YEARS FOR THIS MOMENT!
    (Silver Chariot utterly mutilates J. Geil as he screams in agony: stabbing him through the mouth before hurling him upward and impaling him upside-down through the head with the gate's iron spikes)
    Polnareff: I'll leave the rest to the Devil. Rot in Hell.
    Kakyoin: So this is the true Hanged Man... he was rotten, all the way to the core.
    J. Geil: (writhes around on the floor, crippled, in terror) Spare me, Polnareff! I beg you! (starts to cry as he tries to crawl away)
    Polnareff: (in a deathly-cold fury) You are the one that's so good at screaming... J.Geil.
    J. Geil: I-I was wrong! I'll do whatever you say, so p-please forgive me!
    Polnareff: (tenses up) My sister... my younger sister must have said the same thing to you. But you killed her anyway. YOU KILLED HER FOR YOUR OWN SICK PLEASURE! (J.Geil continues sobbing and crawling away as Polnareff readies Silver Chariot) How long... I have waited for this moment. From here, you'll be screaming your way to Hell! But there are things I can't leave to the Demons down there. DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE!
    (Silver Chariot first mutilates J.Geil with a long barrage of lightning-fast stabs and slashes, before Polnareff himself uppercuts J.Geil through his own Stand to hurl the murderer into the air: sending him crashing into a nearby spiked gate that partially-impales and completely tangles him upside-down in barbed wire, before leaving him to bleed out slowly)
    Kakyoin: (nods approvingly) Hm. A fitting end for someone named the Hanged Man.
  • Polnareff and Avdol share a CMOA when they battle the Stand Judgement; they find the air tube the Stand user's breathing out of while he's hiding underground and after dropping a lot of unpleasant things down it, Avdol suggests that they both... urinate into it in order to force the enemy out; Avdol then proceeds to burn the Stand user's clothes right off, leaving him nearly naked and with a bad hair job.
    • Avdol mostly, since he weaponizes the one weakness of Judgement against him. Wishing he will be suffering from three of his attacks.
  • Polnareff has a better one: his whole fight with Vanilla Ice. After seeing two of his friends die by Ice's hands and being pushed to the brink of death, he figures out Ice only survived being stabbed in the head because DIO turned him into a vampire, and forces him into the sunlight.
    Vanilla Ice: (after losing his arm to sunlight) W-What the hell is this?! What's happening to me?!
    Polnareff: Obviously, your precious master made the changes without your knowledge. He gave you his blood, didn't he? Guess he left out the part about you turning into a vampire! You're just like DIO now: a disgusting, soulless vampire!
    Vanilla Ice: YOU BASTARD! (Vanilla Ice runs into the sunlight and loses his leg next)
    Polnareff: Since you're only feeling it now, the change must have started after I stabbed you. Come on! You made a vow to protect your lord and master, right?! What're you waiting for?! BRING IT! Go on! Do your worst! Hey, what's the holdup Vanilla Ice?! I'm waiting!
    Polnareff: Now go to Hell, asshole.
    (Silver Chariot proceeds to lightly punch Vanilla Ice off-balance, causing him to fall into the sunlight and destroy the vampire for good)
    • Special mention to the moment where he stabs Silver Chariot's rapier through Ice's head, then uses the rapier as a lever to twist his head 180 degrees. It's an awesomely brutal moment that really shows the depths of Pol's hatred for Ice.
    • He also uses Iggy's sand and manages to figure out the path of Vanilla Ice and stab him in the mouth. Ice survives due to his vampirism and gets a moment himself for outsmarting that strategy by first running circles exposing no weak points and then clearing all the sand.
    • Polareff dodges two blows from Ice due to his compassion and bravery alone. He ducks one because he is mourning Avdol, and escapes a trap by going straight to DIO with no fear instead of running away.
    • The way Polnareff and Iggy kill Vanilla Ice in the OVA is especially satisfying too, where it's done quite differently. After Ice chases Polnareff all around DIO's mansion with Cream — unstoppably tearing through stone walls and stairways in his wake and reducing the Frenchman to a near-blind panic — Polnareff lures them to a large fountain and breaks it open in a moment of quick thinking; creating a huge spray of water and mist that reveals Cream's position in it. Iggy then causes massive damage to Ice by crushing him against a wall with The Fool's sand — right as Ice is about to finish an injured Polnareff off while gloating about much of an "idiot" Avdol was to sacrifice himself for him — which in turn leads to the dog being torn apart and stomped on by a recovered Ice. It's right at this time Polnareff recovers as well; furiously stabbing the bastard full of hundreds of holes (including through his eyes) with Silver Chariot, cutting out his brain to stop him from healing and leaving Ice's mutilated corpse to simply slump to the ground.
    • It helps that it has a huge Catharsis Factor, but the final blow counts as well. You usually would want a glorious death for such a villain, but after what he did to Iggy, there's something extremely satisfying in seeing the seemingly invincible Hero Killer killed not by Silver Chariot's sword, but by a condescending little left punch from behind, making him trip into the beam of sunlight after Polnareff delivers a deadly-cold, "Scream in Hell."
    • In the anime, Vanilla Ice simply says "You... will not...", clearly in pain, and then Polrareff responds with a low-pitched, serious "Go to Hell."
    • Shortly before, when Vanilla Ice tries to attack him from behind while he's mourning Iggy, Polnareff uses his Stand to deliver him a devastating flurry of blows. He doesn't even bother to turn back and look at him.
    • While not as much as his fight against Ice, while Jotaro gets the best part in the fight against Alessi, Polnareff gets a really cool one when he's de-aged. He kept getting de-aged by Alessi until he's 3 years old, but he still outsmarted him twice, shitting on Alessi while he's being drowned at the bathtub to force the would-be child killer to let him go, and making up a convincing mirror disguise to convince Alessi he vanished out of blue, and when opportunity presents itself, he has the also 3-years old Silver Chariot slash his face until Alessi bolted out of the room screaming: then it's all up to Jotaro after that. Yes, a 3-years old naked Polnareff repeatedly humiliating Alessi. And the best part for the vanishing trick? He does all that while protecting a lady that was treating him kindly, while she was turned into a fetus and would've died in a few minutes.
  • Joseph gets three truly brilliant moments to shine in this part, showing that he's Still Got It even fifty years after Battle Tendency.
    • He completely turns the tables on Empress (a Stand that takes the form of a piece of parasitic flesh that slowly devours the host), outgambitting her big time by using his map powers in order to land a finishing blow on her. Particularly when he utters his "Next you'll say..." Catchphrase one last time.
      • To elaborate, Joseph needs to restrict Empress, so he uses Hermit Purple to find a barrel of liquid. When he dunks Empress into it, she thinks he's trying to drown her, but it was coal tar - which, once dried, immobilizes Empress and leaves her helpless.
      • With that done, Joseph uses Hermit Purple to rip her to pieces.
        Joseph: Yeah! Now I think even a glorified pimple like you should see the difference in our fighting experience. "When your opponent starts boasting, he's already lost." That, shrew, is a line from my wilder days. Like a fine wine, I guess I just get better with age! And now... (forms noose) a Stand shall defeat another Stand! Next you'll say, "Please, stop it! I beg you!"
        Empress: Please, just stop it! I beg you! (Realizes) Ahh!
        Joseph: This should hurt me as much as it hurts you, but children can't depend on their parents forever! Once you've grown up... (Leaps to pull at Empress) You've got to learn to live on your own!
    • He shares another one with Avdol during their fight against Mariah, whose Stand Bast turns people magnetic. She uses this ability to try and slowly crush Joseph and Avdol by attracting heavy metal objects towards the two. They end up using it against her when they split up and pincer her on both sides before using her magnetic ability against Mariah by attracting themselves to each other, crushing her in-between.
    • When he manipulates the controllers of Terrence D'Arby's game while making it seem Jotaro was the one that was playing. Counts as a touching moment as well, showing how much they've grown to trust each other. It also shows that when an enemy can see through Jotaro's bluffs, he can still fall to Joseph's cheating, mirroring the elder D'Arby who had the opposite strength and weakness.
    • Even though he is defeated by DIO, he still manages to be awesome, because he immediately figures out the meaning of Kakyoin's Dying Clue and manages to temporarily counter the ability of DIO's Stand, in spite of the big gap in strength. If DIO couldn't adapt or he had a weaker Stand, he would die by the Hamon surrounding Joseph.
      • DIO praises Joseph for figuring out and managing to defend against his Stand... then he shows his own intelligence by attacking using a knife from a distance.
  • Later, when N'Doul incapacitates Kakyoin, Avdol tries to take him on. N'Doul has extreme senses. He has also incredible range and destructive power. Even worse, he even has the elemental advantage. Avdol still lands a hit.
  • Avdol returning from the "dead" to save Polnareff from Judgment.
    • And then he proceeds to not just beat the tar out of Judgement, but outright humiliate its user, Cameo — by dropping various unpleasant things down the air tube he was using to hide underground, up to and including urinating down it with Polnareff — before finishing him off with a powerful burst of flame from Magician's Red that completely scorches off his clothes.
    • It's an even more awesome moment in the OVA, when he appears to save the group from Enya's Justice Stand, and it's treated as solemnly awesome: Polnareff is about to be swallowed by Justice, when all of a sudden the sky turns red, and a huge (as in, building-sized) flaming ankh appears, burning the enemy's Stand in a Big Damn Heroes moment! We then see Avdol standing there, surrounded by flames.
    • In the 2014 anime, his hilariously hammy line is the capstone to the scene, helped in no small part by its deliciously triumphant delivery after easily dispatching an Evil Knockoff of himself:
      Avdol: YES! (strikes a pose) You had better believe I am!
    • His Heroic Sacrifice against Vanilla Ice, shoving Polnareff out of Cream's way without any hesitation and once more Taking the Bullet for his friend.
    • Earlier, Avdol saving Polnareff from Hol Horse and his homing bullets. J.Geil's Hanged Man had to intervene for Hol Horse to be able to put Avdol into his coma; and were it not for that, Avdol likely would have defeated him, as Hol himself admits only a few moments later.
  • Suzy Q handling the whole ordeal with poise and grace. She knows that if DIO is not killed, she will probably lose her husband, daughter and grandson. She keeps a smile and faith in her family.
  • The Part 3 2014 anime has a subtle one - Star Platinum's punches have a sound that can only be described as a gun firing when it punches, so we get a amazing scene of Star Platinum closing its fist, one finger at a time, and launching into its very first ORA ORA ORA - it sounds like someone firing a Machine Gun and it's INCREDIBLY thrilling, it adds completely to showing how fast and intense Star Platinum's punches are.
    • In addition, DIO's own attacks sound like a turret is going off! It goes to show just how truly powerful The World is, even compared to Star Platinum.
  • Even Hol Horse, Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain extraordinaire, earns quite a few:
  • Iggy being willing to gnaw his own paw off just to escape Pet Shop again takes BALLS. And then killing that damn hawk by biting his beak shut so the ice spike about to shoot out ends up expanding inside and exploding Pet Shop's own head, all as one "all or nothing" attack born from desperation.
    • In his story for the Capcom fighting game, he does a lot of his usual stuff. When the time comes to fight Vanilla Ice, however, he not only defeats him entirely, but goes on to be the one who kills DIO.
    • His saving Polnareff with his Stand at the cost of his own life during the fight with Vanilla Ice is a combination of this, heartwarming, and a massive Tear Jerker. The narration is absolutely spine-chilling, given Iggy dies immediately afterward.
      Narrator: Vanilla Ice said that a mere dog could not have resolve. That he could not possess a proud soul. But Stands are the soul's manifestation. Iggy's soul had moved on its own. It had no choice but to move.
  • The D'Arby Brothers and their duality. Daniel, the master cheater, manages to outsmart Joseph in dirty tricks, forcing Jotaro to beat him alone with his bluffs. Terence actually sees through any bluff of Jotaro with his Stand, forcing him to receive help from Joseph and his superior cheating.
  • Vanilla Ice might be really evil, but he proves himself to be worthy of serving DIO.
  • Forever earns a couple in the OVA, by means of some real adaptational badassery despite being the Starter Villain. Thanks to his more "out-there" aspects being greatly toned down, he presents himself as one hell of a lot more threatening; using Strength to immediately incapacitate the Joestar group as soon as he had the chance, and taking practically no time to gloat or attempt to sexually assault an underage girl before moving in for the kill. The orangutan's horrifying grin and glowing white eyes as he goes on the attack effectively emphasise just how much more dangerous Forever is here compared to his goofier anime self.
  • The anime's visual effects for The World using its time-freezing abilities. With the way it almost seems to ripple through all of reality itself, it pretty much blows the OVA's traditional "Inverted Colour" effect out the water.
  • The second intro for Stardust Crusaders' anime adaptation is in itself badass. But then they give us this take on it to preface the final battle between Jotaro and DIO, and acts as a nice reminder of what the vampire is capable of.
    • Turned Up to Eleven with Episode 48's opening. Not only does it have the usual added sound effects, but we get a few changes too; such as the knife headed for Joseph's throat replaced with DIO's hand, and a shot of Star Platinum guarding Jotaro from the multiple knives thrown at him.
  • The Road Roller moment in the 2015 anime. Witness it.
    • Followed up by the anime's portrayal of Jotaro's victory over DIO, standing behind the vampire as a triumphant score plays, breaking his legs with a kick from Star Platinum, and then, even blinded briefly by blood, delivering a decisive blow to The World's leg shattering The World and, by the rules of Stands, DIO himself along with it.
    • Points has to be made to Takehito Koyasu's performance as DIO, who definitely delivers the ham that made the character a meme in the first place. You can tell he had a lot of fun recording him in these past few episodes.
  • Now we have the official English dub. Again, witness it.
    • Not only that, but it's an awesome moment for Patrick Seitz himself, since he manages to do DIO's "MUDA MUDA" faster than Takehito Koyasu. It's not every day that one can top Koyasu, but Seitz did it and delivered!
  • Fan example: Someone used Ronnie James Dio's song "Egypt" and replaced "Walk Like an Egyptian" with said song, which gave a very fitting context to the ending.

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