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Heartwarming / JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders

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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to this page. Proceed at your own risk.
"I couldn't forget that ugly face even if I wanted to. Take care."

  • In the last episode of the OVA (as well as the end of the manga and TV anime), following a long and sublime series of apathetic-to-sullen ass kickery culminating in beating the blood-spurting hell out of his immortal, nigh-onto-godlike nemesis who had just done away with half his companions, Jotaro's Tearful Smile at the parting scene is a real sunshine moment. Whoever knew he had it in him?
  • Episode 3 of the anime treats us with a scene of Joseph Joestar, badass hero from Part 2, doting over his physically unwell daughter Holly, brushing her teeth, washing her face, brushing her hair, trimming her nails, feeding her soup, and cleaning her feet. The cherry on top of this scene is Holly jokingly asking her dad to change her underwear, much to his embarrassment. Joseph Joestar, father of the year!
  • Watching Joseph dote on a seemingly abandoned, sick infant during the Death 13 arc is very cute, even if the affection is misplaced on the evil Mannish Boy.
  • Polnareff's first reaction upon waking up in a dreamworld and being marked for death by an invincible, reality-warping stand is to try find Kakyoin and apologize to him for not believing him. He even grins and blushes when Kakyoin reassures him that he's not mad at Polnareff for calling him crazy and even suckerpunching him in the back of the head.
  • During the Lovers fight, when Joseph is under the effects of the Lovers, Jotaro flips out more than usual when his grandfather is under attack, showing that he does care a lot about his grandfather's well being.
    Steely Dan: Please! I beg of you, forgive me!
    Jotaro: Ask for forgiveness from Enya, the woman you've killed. But as for me, I never had the slightest intention of forgiving you.
  • In episode 9 of the anime, during Jotaro's fight against the seemingly unstoppable Rubber Soul and Yellow Temperance, Jotaro says, "The Kujo family... no, the Joestar family has its own philosophy when it comes to fighting. That's... to run away!". While it's hilarious to see the Joestar Family Secret Technique, it shows that Jotaro has finally started to show how much he really cares about his grandfather.
  • Even after Polnareff blatantly chooses revenge over his companions and viciously insults Avdol for trying to talk sense into him, the other crusaders still track Polnareff down in a desperate attempt to stop him from getting himself killed. Avdol even literally steps into the path of a speeding bullet to protect him. Then after witnessing Avdol (seemingly) take said bullet to the brain and get stabbed in the back due to Polnareff's recklessness, Kakyoin rescues him anyway (albeit after breaking Polnareff's nose) and the two vow to avenge Avdol and Sherry together, figuring out the secret to J. Geil's nearly invincible stand and watching each other's backs the whole time.
    • Just when J. Geil is about to fatally stab Polnareff while Kakyoin watches helplessly, Polnareff makes a ridiculously hammy speech to let Kakyoin know that he'll be alright. It beautifully showcases Polnareff's character development by having him act mature for once and reassure the actual 17-year-old who thinks he's about to face an unbeatable serial killer alone after watching him murder two of his friends.
  • In the OVA, there are two minor moments for the villains at the end of the Justice arc. After Enya dies and her hotel and Justice zombies vanish into thin air, the Joestar group respectfully commend her for being a Worthy Opponent. A few moments later, Polnareff finds the comatose Hol Horse lying in the dirt; and upon the Frenchman being surprised that he's still alive after seemingly dying in front of him, Joseph sends for medical attention for the gunslinger and lets him go out of gratitude for him earlier exposing Enya's ruse before it was too late.
    Polnareff: Hey, isn't that Hol Horse lying in the dirt? (runs over and checks his vital signs) He's still breathing!
    Joseph: (stops him) Leave him alone. He needs to be hospitalized, he's no longer a threat.
  • During Death 13's assault in Kakyoin, Joseph and Polnareff become increasingly concerned Kakyoin is losing it, particularly after he starts vlaming the baby they were transporting. Through it sll, Jotaro never writes him off like the others seem to, but keeps watching Kakyoin, like he's trying to understand what's going on. When in the dream world, where Polnareff remembers the truth and that Kakyoin was right, Jotaro gives Kakyoin one of bis rare smiles, having never lost faith in his friend.
  • Polnareff becomes remarkably concerned and protective toward Kakyoin after N'Doul blinds him, especially considering Kakyoin was being uncharacteristically difficult just seconds before the attack. Seeing the usually brash, rough-edged Polnareff gently scoop a wounded comrade up in his arms and carry him to safety is surprisingly sweet. He even spends most of the ensuing battle clinging to Kakyoin and keeping him safe.
  • After returning to their true ages after Alessi's stand had turned them into children, Polnareff decides not to reveal his identity to the woman who looked after him to ensure her safety. Blushing in embarrassment, he tells Jotaro not to say anything about the situation before glancing back in the woman's direction. Jotaro wordlessly lays a reassuring hand on Polnareff's shoulder and smiles.
  • After Kakyoin comes back to the party after recovering from his eye injuries, everyone is utterly delighted to see him. He even has to tell them to take it easy on him, what with both Joseph grabbing onto his arm and Polnareff smacking him on the back. He also receives a firm handshake and a gentle smile from Jotaro of all people, which is surprising considering how surly he usually is.
    • During his stay in the hospital, Kakyoin was worried he'd be left behind, unable to help the rest of the Crusaders in their fight against DIO, and asked the doctor overseeing him when he'd be discharged. He's initially disappointed when he's told he would be in for a long stay, but then the doctor tells him that the Speedwagon Foundation contacted the hospital to put Kakyoin under their care, to accelerate his recovery. The doctor asks who Kakyoin really is, since Speedwagon is world-renowned. His answer is particularly important and made all the sweeter when you realize that he was a lonely and withdrawn child because nobody could see his stand—and now he has people looking out for him and putting their trust in him and his abilities because of his stand, able to connect with them because they share similar abilities.
    Kakyoin: I'm lucky enough to have friends in high places.
  • While Joseph and company were out trying to save Holly, his wife Suzi is left in the care of Rosas. Suzi wants to visit Holly, but Rosas is afraid of what would happen if she learned of her condition. He tries to tell her himself, but can never work up the courage to do so. Finally, during the last leg of their trip to Holly, Suzi reveals that she knew for a while that something was amiss with Holly. Nonetheless, she has the utmost faith in her husband and grandson, and knows that they'll pull through. It's hard to not be moved by that kind of dedication and faith in one's loved ones.
    • After speaking with Suzi over the phone, Joseph assures Jotaro that the two of them will finally take down DIO. Jotaro, who does not usually smile, gives his grandad one of the biggest smiles he's shown thus far when he replies that they won't be alone, just as the rest of the gang arrives with the dune buggy. He doesn't say it, but it's clear the gang had grown on him.
  • In a show of cross-generational camaraderie, while battling Terence D'Arby in video games, Jotaro and Joseph were able to outwit him and his mind-reading stand Atum by setting Joseph's Hermit Purple to stealthily play the game for Jotaro so Atum would get false readings. All without the two ever communicating the plan to each other: they played off each other flawlessly and played D'Arby like a fiddle.
  • Polnareff and Avdol's whole relationship deserves special mention. Despite having first met as enemies, the two treat each other with nothing but respect even after the end of their battle. Even when their relationship gets strained due to Polnareff thinking Avdol was a coward for running away from DIO and Avdol being extremely pissed at the comment, the fortune teller still unflinchingly rushes to save him from an enemy stand user... And when the two reunite, their bond is as strong as ever (even if Polnareff is a bit surprised by Avdol's attitude). In fact, he very proudly presents Avdol to the rest of the group, obviously delighted to have his friend back and Avdol happy to reunite with his friend. Despite being quite different, it's clear these two are very close and remain that way for the rest of the part.
  • Iggy wanders off from the Joestar group and finds DIO's mansion himself; while there, he sees Pet Shop and realizes he will viciously attack and kill anyone who comes close to the mansion. He begins to leave, wanting to get as far away from the place as possible, but a young boy tries to get into the mansion to find his two dogs, who Pet Shop already brutally murdered. Iggy almost leaves the kid to his gruesome fate, but goes back at the last second to save him, admitting to himself he has a soft spot for young dog lovers. Later, after Iggy kills Pet Shop, that same boy sees Iggy succumbing to his injuries in the river and saves him from drowning.
    Iggy: (to himself) Good grief... I can't let a kid who likes dogs get hurt!
  • Iggy, the bad tempered and unwilling member of the Crusaders... sacrificing himself to save Polnareff from Vanilla Ice, after Polnareff had pleaded with him to save himself and run away. It shows how far Iggy had come in the short amount of time he had been with the group, starting with his first appearance of attacking Polnareff and farting on him.
  • When the group finally gets to Egypt with the new recruit Iggy, Joseph decides to celebrate with having a group shot of the stand users. This shot also is also the last shot of the second ending to the Stardust Crusaders anime, and just shows how the group has become True Companions.
    • Jotaro's smile while he stares at the picture upon receiving it, say a lot about his feelings for the gang without having to say a single word.
    • Becomes even more heartwarming when it's shown that Jotaro keeps this picture on his desk in Vento Aureo.
  • In the anime, Anne the orphan is finally put on a plane back home, since the Crusaders are painfully reminded that she's going to get either herself or someone else killed with the caliber of opponents they are facing. She's sad that she didn't get to say bye to Jotaro... until she sees him on the runway and proceeds to enthusiastically wish him good luck as she flies away, to which Jotaro responds with a rare smile.
  • For a small villainous example, Holhorse makes sure to give Boingo/Mondatta a decent bit of pocket money in case they become separated and he needs to get help.
  • A small one, but during his fight with DIO, Joseph claims he's going to defeat DIO for Erina. Even years after her death, Joseph clearly misses his grandmother, and wants to make sure the one thing left behind of her One True Love isn't used for evil anymore.
    • And one for Erina as well. After surviving the ship sinking, she swore that, even if the world at large would never know about Jonathan's actions, his descendants would. A century later and his legacy still lives on thanks to her. Joseph might never have known his grandfather, but he knows Erina loved him and wants to give his body a proper burial for her.
  • As tragic as it is, Kakyoin's final moments. He barely even contemplates his own injuries and instead thinks about what his parents are doing, worries about the others and, after he figures out the secret of the World's power, uses the last of his strength to send a Dying Clue to Joseph and hoping beyond hope that he understands. Not one selfish thought crosses his mind. While he may not have lived to see it, he proved vital in beating DIO, saving Holly and the first and only friends he's ever had. You did good, Kakyoin.
  • After defeating Dio, our three surviving heroes hug each other with brotherly love at Cairo Airport as Polnareff leaves for Paris while Joseph and Jotaro fly back to Tokyo, insulting each other to fight back the tears welling in their eyes.
    Polnareff: Goodbye, you wrinkled old coot! You live a long life, you hear? And you, his cheapskate grandson; don't you dare forget about me!
    Joseph: Let us meet again! That is, if you don't already hate me by then, you stupid jackass!
    Jotaro: I can't ever forget a clown like you even if I tried, you bastard. Take care.