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Nightmare Fuel / JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders

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Unmarked Spoilers Ahead!
This is Pet Shop. He will eat you with a smile after he's done.
If we had to sum up all the terrors that plague the Stardust Crusaders in one word, it would be this: DIO, who not only has a new Story-Breaker Power that makes him nigh-unstoppable, but his own legions of Stand Users with very unsettling powers that invoke psychological and physical horror, on top of the majority looking like regular people or even animals so everything they meet might potentially be an assassin sent to kill them.
  • Jotaro's unsettlingly calm anger is this in-universe for almost everyone around him, but we never really feel that as the audience, since we know he doesn't emote because he believes that makes him easy to read... and then we get a moment in the anime adaption, after Steely Dan taunts Jotaro's inability to save Joseph from him, a look of sorts at Jotaro's state of mind. A closeup of Jotaro's expression, consumed by Tranquil Fury on a black backdrop immersed in a red flame with what can only be described as screaming static blaring. It only lasts for a few seconds, but that short moment is downright chilling. You get a realistic murderous vibe from Jotaro.
  • Because Dio's abilities as a vampire weren't creepy enough, he gets another creepy ability: being able to implant Flesh Buds that subtly brainwash victims. How does he do this? By turning his hair into grotesque tentacles that slither into the victim's body and veins. Even Joseph is creeped out by them at one point. Episode 40 of the anime also gives us Kakyoin's recollection of when Dio did this to him, complete with a first-person view of the tentacle entering his brain. Naturally, it's utterly disturbing.
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  • Forever is extremely creepy, being an intelligent orangutan that acts very human at times. Him lusting after Anne and brutally killing all the crew on his ship (Strength) just to get to her makes it many times worse.
  • Tower of Gray. A Stand that looks like a massive stag beetle. Its main method of killing — namely, by literally ripping out the tongues of people — is pretty disgusting.
  • Ebony Devil is a creepy enough Stand that looks like a vaguely humanoid insect and has a Combat Sadomasochist for a user, but it resides in and possesses an Ax-Crazy Creepy Doll with More Teeth than the Osmond Family that can kill you by biting you or cutting you to death, and its small size makes it harder to catch.
    • A bellhop that Polnareff called earlier enters his hotel room, only for Ebony Devil to slice off the poor dude's entire face with a straight razor.
    • How Polnareff killed him wasn't exactly G-rated either; Devo's corpse was shredded into hamburger meat by the time he was done with him. Small wonder that Polnareff got arrested in the anime.
    • And in the Capcom Fighting Game, this terrifying ditty is his theme, which is perfectly fitting for a psycho killer.
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  • Yellow Temperance consumes a random family's dog in front of a father and his child. Or at least, the body - when the dad pulls on the leash attempting to get the dog free, its head gorily rips right off of its body. The anime makes this worse with a brief shot of the dog's eyes bulging and Blood from the Mouth.
  • J. Geil, a deformed, sadistic serial killer who raped and murdered Polnareff's sister Sherry, among many other young women. One detail in the OVA version makes it worse. Namely, when Sherry's friend is violently decapitated in one swing by Hanged Man before J. Geil himself goes to attack her.
  • Hol Horse's "death" in the OVA. It might not have truly stucknote , but it's still played horrifyingly straight. After being taken control of by Justice — through Enya suddenly stabbing him through the wrist with scissors — he is forced to shoot himself with Emperor. Once the Joestar group are inside the hotel and Polnareff is chatting with the disguised Enya in the hotel bar, a badly-wounded Hol Horse stumbles out of a nearby closet and only just has enough time to gasp out a warning to Polnareff about her true intentions, letting out genuinely horrible death rattle-like noises and keeling over backward with his eyes still open, blood dripping from his mouth, and his hat slowly drifting down over his face as Enya's Justice Zombies begin closing in on them...
    Hol Horse: Hey... be careful, Polnareff. Even a small wound... (shows his earlier wound, which has now gone right through his arm completely) can end up like this.
    Enya: (quietly furious) Why are you still alive? Such a stubborn man.
  • The preview for episode 19 of the TV anime is just a sound of a baby crying while zooming onto Kakyoin sleeping in a black background, after a few seconds, he starts screaming. What really doesn't help is that there's no background music this time.
    • The dream that Kakyoin and Polnareff gets trapped in during the plane ride starts off with a mutilated dog on a ferris wheel seat, then it gets worse when Death Thirteen arrives. Kakyoin is then partially-melted into a ferris wheel post, getting tied onto it, and Death Thirteen oozes out eyeballs into his mouth. The eyeballs then sprout spider legs and start crawling up onto his face.
    • Later, when he has everyone in the adventuring party pulled into his dream-world, he lets the unreality run free... as in, the flowers and mail-boxes start laughing like the furniture in Evil Dead 2 crossed with a Disney Acid Sequence run free.
    • To make matters worse, Death Thirteen's stage in the Capcom fighting game is the amusement park in his dream world; albiet in an unnerving orange haze, demonic faces adorning everything, and an enormous grinning Monster Clown statue in the center of it all. The music, which sounds like it's being played on a broken down merry-go-round calliope, is all but fitting for this grotesque imagery.
    • Not to be outdone by Rubber Soul, Mannish Boy's stand Death 13 mutilates a dog's head and then later in the nightmare world has eyeballs bursting out of the slain dog in a huge gush of blood. And the boy who was its owner mourns it in the real world, showing that the dog happened to be dreaming and was just an unfortunate bystander caught in the way of the Stand's scythe. Oh, and this scene where the poor boy finds his dog slain takes place before the moment Mannish Boy has eyeballs burst out of it, which is sure to have made mincemeat out of the poor animal in the real world and thankfully we don't get to see that, too. Why does Araki hate dogs so much?
  • The battle with Mariah is mostly a Breather Episode, with a lot of Not What It Looks Like humor from Joseph and Avdol getting magnetized together... except for one part near the beginning, where a civilian happens to be hammering nails when the magnetized Joseph passes by. The magnetic force causes the nails he's holding in his teeth to fly into his mouth and pierce the side of his face. Fortunately it doesn't seem to be a fatal injury, but still, YIKES.
  • Boingo’s Stand, Thoth, is a manga that can see into the future and its art style is absolutely deranged. It perfectly predicts the time and manner of death of a traveller that read it; a bus crash that throws him out with enough force to completely impale his throat on the rungs of a utility pole.
  • Boingo’s "UKEKEKEKEKE" laugh in the original Japanese dub is seriously wrong, like he’s giggling and choking at the same time. Even Oingo ends up being disturbed by it.
  • Pet Shop's screeches are absolutely chilling, sounding like a heavily condensed, distorted cross between a vulture's cries and a lawnmower. They're even worse upon witnessing how depraved a creature he truly is, what kinds of violent deaths he likes to inflict on his victims, and the fact he absolutely will not stop pursuing them until they're dead. Worse still, the anime — in a supreme example of Getting Crap Past the Radar — displayed the entire scene of Pet Shop using his beak to tear out an eye from one of the dogs he'd just killed, and slowly eating it in front of its distraught owner. The only thing they did to censor it was darken the eyeball.
  • Telence D'Arby. The anime cranks up the creepiness factor of his doll collection Up to Eleven, with the dolls audibly crying and moving a lot, while his sinister music box-based theme plays in the background; going from spooky to downright terrifying. Even worse, the dolls themselves are animated with CGI, which heightens the Uncanny Valley aspect, and the ones D'Arby shows off to the Joestar group in particular are shown suffering serious mental illnessesnote  from being kept imprisoned but alive and unable to do anything for so long.
  • Vanilla Ice's stand, Cream. A demonic-looking figure can devour both itself and Ice himself, turning into a sphere that erases everything it comes into contact with. It's horrifying to see how it takes out Avdol and Iggy. Avdol's death is shockingly sudden and it comes out of nowhere, leaving only his arms behind. In the OVA, Iggy gets torn in half and you have to look at his waist stump. In the manga, Iggy dies by the wounds he sustains from a (literal) Kick the Dog moment and through protecting Polnareff.
    • The anime shows the fatal beatdown in full detail, complete with Iggy vomiting up blood and making horrible death rattle-like noises with every kick, backed by disturbing music and both Show Hayami (original) and Jalen K. Cassell (dub) making Vanilla Ice sound utterly deranged.
    • Vanilla Ice's own death is also pretty graphic. First, he got up from being stabbed in the head, getting stabbed some more times, and then dissolving in the sun; which the anime helpfully showed happening to his face. In the OVA, he instead gets rapidly pierced with hundreds of holes before having his brain cut out with a slash through his eyes by Silver Chariot; causing the top of his head to come off and his mutilated corpse to slowly slump to the ground where he was standing.
  • DIO ordering Senator Philips to speed across a crowded sidewalk in his car, killing everyone in the way. The anime mercifully cuts to Jotaro and Polnareff as he starts driving and then shows the front of the car covered in blood, but in the manga and OVA you get to see the slaughter in full detail. It's made even worse in the OVA by Philips sobbing in absolute horror and fear afterward; unsuccessfully begging DIO to let him stop.
  • During the fight against DIO in the OVA, Jotaro gets launched against a tram and crashes through the side of it with enough force to derail it. Then once DIO calmly follows him in after, he cuts off Jotaro — who desperately tries to warn the people inside to get away from the vampire — by slashing two bystanders in half with just his fingers; before proceeding to quickly slaughter everyone else inside the tram and feed upon their remains. The shots of the passengers' mutilated corpses afterward are especially harrowing.
  • DIO's appearance after this is very disturbing in contrast to the regal air that he had emitted up to that point. With spiked up hair, deranged expressions darker shade of red irises and sudden lips, all invoke a Monster Clown.


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