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Spoilers Off applies to all Headscratchers pages since these are questions that remain after finishing a work. All spoilers are unmarked.

In General

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     How normal people are still unaware of stands 
  • How is it possible that normal people remain unaware of the existence of stands? I know they are Invisible to Normals, but that's still people randomly getting injured, shot with invisible bullets, flying around, getting punched through buildings, etc. all in plain view of civilians. How has no one figured that something is going on?
    • Avdol brings up in the cafe that Stands are commonly percieved as psychic powers(which they technically are).
     Non-stop flights 
  • How is it that at the ends of Parts II and III, they fly Alitalia when they fly legit (I.E. not end up crashing)? Joseph may possibly fly to Japan via a stopover in Rome, but Cairo to Tokyo at the end? And both flights sounded like they were nonstop, which makes no sense. Even taking the expansionism that occurred in the 1980s into consideration, it doesn't make sense that Alitalia could fly a person non-stop to Tokyo from such non-Italian/European places as JFK and Cairo.
     Are Stands and the Ripple related? 
  • Are Stands and the Ripple related at all?
    • It was suggested in part 3, but later we learn that Stand powers are just the result of being hit by metal/rock from outer space. So probably no.
    • Araki states in an extra chapter explaining stands that the Ripple's ultimate goal is perhaps to bring forth a full-fledged Stand.
      • If that is so, then how does Anubis work?
      • He's a posthumous remnant Stand imprint, pretty much like Carne's Notorious B.I.G. and Kinoto's Cheap Trick. However, unlike those two, he lays dormant inside the sword - or rather, he uses the sword as a medium to possess 'people' (or cows).
    • The ripple uses the body's bio-electromagnetism, the stands are psychic powers. As you can see, they are not related at all!!!!!
    • That said, the human brain operates with electricity, thus ripple could have evolved from controlling the bodys electromagnetic field to controlling the brains electricity. And seeing how poking the brain in certain regions could get you superhuman powers, controlling your brain that way makes stands seem rather plausible.
    • Possibly confirmed by Steel Ball Run, where the Spin, the Ripple powers' counterpart, ultimately grants a Stand to its user when perfected.
    • In the original manga, the word sutando is presented as an Alternate Character Reading of "幽波紋", which means "Ghostly ripple" and is normally read yūhamon; so, originally, it was intended to be a bilingual pun. Araki seems to have dropped that idea, though.
    • There is no direct link, The Ripple is merely another skill, however true mastery of a skill can awaken a stand(As Tonios zeal for cooking awoke pearl jam) do to be a spiritual martial arts practiced mainly by monks however it would be the perfect skill for awakening a stand in this manner
     Dio's vampiric powers in part 3 
  • What happened to Dio's other vampire powers during Part 3 (blood freezing, eye beams)?
    • He still had them, they just weren't quite as useful as a psychic time stopped kick to the balls. He uses the eye beams in the arcade game.
      • Also, he made a point of showing that he hadn't fully synched with Jonathan's body yet, and therefore he probably couldn't control his vital functions enough to do things like the freezing trick, though he did spray blood from a wound on his leg into Jotaro's eyes. Though that doesn't really explain the head-related abilities, which included being able to shrug off having his head vertically sliced in two.
    • Doylist explanation: Araki wanted to downplay Dio's vampiric abilities in favour of his Stand, much like he did with Joseph's Ripple. After all, he was presumably still capable of using his eyebeams, and while Joseph's Ripple-empowered Hermit Purple could possibly protect him from it, Jotaro had no such protection.
      • The eye "beams" are a purely physical attack. Star Platinum could block them.
      • Could it block them while also under the effect of The World's time freeze? The eyebeams were much faster than thrown knives, after all. Edit: Actually, scratch that; if Silver Chariot can block bullets shot by a machine gun, Star Platinum certainly also can, and the Space Ripper Stingy Eyes aren't as fast as a bullet.
      • And they are 2 eye beams. Compare to 25+ knives?
      • More importantly, the eye beams are extremely powerful, far more than bullets or knives. Platinum would likely build up a lot of damage if it kept trying to block them.
      • Remember, stands can only be hurt by other stands. What's important is the quantity and coverage of DIO's attacks, not the power. Unless he decided to throw The World at Platinum on top of all the knives when time resumed, instead of just sitting back and laughing - I really doubt Jotaro could have survived that.
    • It's said that Stands can only be hurt by other Stands; Jotaro made him fail the first couple of time stops, then was able to move Star Platinum for a couple of seconds.
    • Aside from brute strength (which wouldn't work against Stands) and the Stingy Eyes thing (which, as stated above, is two attacks that can be easily blocked or dodged), Dio really only had the ice power going for him. Not only would that have been of absolutely no use to Dio to use over his stand or even the other abilities, but it would also damage his own body (his arms also became encased in ice when he used it). No problem for Dio, but remember that he wanted to steal Johnathan's body because he respected Johnathan as an opponent. He probably also holds some form of respect for his body as well.
      • It's possible that DIO didn't use his Space Ripper Stingy Eyes against Jotaro and Joseph due to the fact that DIO might have assumed that Erina informed Joseph about how the capabilities of DIO's power while she told Joseph the story of Jonathan's demise, not to mention that Joseph has dealt with that same attack during his encounter with Straizo and to top that off, DIO possesses another stand similar to Hermit Purple, which is known for its psychic abilities, DIO could have easily studied Joseph's combat history with the help of his "Hermit Purple" (remember how DIO had a psychic link to the Joestars after stealing Jonathan's body and was able to sense that the Joestar Group was searching for him).
    • While talking to Joseph about his Hamon, it seemed like DIO was pretty jazzed about The World's time stop abilities (he really wouldn't stop boasting about them). Seems to me like DIO was just overly excited with this newfound power and it never crossed his mind that his old powers could ever come in handy again.
     Joseph becoming old 
  • Why did Joseph become old? Doesn't the Ripple slows your aging process?
    • Well, it does for a while, anyway. At some point, your age catches up to you. It happened to Straizo too, which is why he became a vampire.
    • Joseph slacked off practicing Ripple for a few years, as he notes at the beginning of Part III. That seems to be why age caught up with him faster than the other practitioners.
      • Having witnessed first-hand what extended life did to Straizo, it's possible Joseph decided he didn't want to end up like Straizo and so he let himself age naturally.
      • In any case, Joseph was a grandfather who was covered in muscles, was easily keeping up with teenagers and young adults, could roofhop, and was flat-out told by Mariah that he was actually quite sexy despite his age. He might not be Lisa Lisa, but we never learned if he ever reached her level of skill/power, and he certainly aged more gracefully than his wife.
      • As for why he became so frail and apparently Ripple-less in Part 4, perhaps being drained by Dio did some sort of permanent damage to his respiratory system and he couldn't use the Ripple anymore. Or maybe Hamon healing just doesn't work that well on Alzheimer's and the previous Ripple Masters were just very lucky in that regard (though I don't remember seeing any of them older than Part 4's Joseph except possibly Zepelli the first's master).
      • The oldest living ripple user (aside from maybe Tom Petty) was Lisa Lisa, who was over 100 by part 3, since Joseph said he spoke to her on the phone at the start. She was trained in the Ripple from birth and never stopped. Joseph, on the other hand, barely had ripple training until his late teens and seriously slacked off after defeating Cars (because really, when you technically beat the most powerful physical being in the world, do you really need to train anymore?)
    • Plus, during his fight with Wammu, Joseph got hit in the ribs with an iron ball traveling at high speed. Presumably that did some damage to his lungs and affected his ability to use the Ripple.
     Gold Experience Requiems power vs Made in Heaven's universal rewrite 
  • Giorno's Stand had the power to reduce any action done on it to zero, to the point that even time-affecting attacks are useless. So shouldn't he have been unaffected by Made in Heaven's universal rewrite?
    • The way I see it, either: A) The Stand lost the arrow at some point, or B) Made in Heaven can simply override it as part of its own reality-warping abilities.
      • The loss of the arrow was irrelevant. After the stand transforms,the arrow doesn't need to be in contact to keep the "requiem" state. See Gold Experience Requiem with the arrow on its forehead and GER without the arrow.
      • ^ Incorrect. Polnareff learnt about the Requiem transformation because his Silver Chariot initially got transformed into Silver Chariot Requiem (it got pierced trying to reach behind a cabinet), and transformed back again when he took the arrowhead away from it. The later permanent transformation was a result of Polnareff technically dying at the same time. AS SUCH, the logical conclusion is that Gold Experience Requiem reverts to Gold Experience upon relinquishing contact with the arrowhead.
    • It's also possible Giorno was indeed unaffected and he's still chilling in America. He has yet to appear in Steel Ball Run, so it's possible.
      • Araki did say somewhere that Giorno might have been in Florida during the Stone Ocean incidents...
      • That "somewhere" was when Dio's other sons were being drawn to Enrico Pucci after his fusion with the Green Baby. What Araki wrote was that Giorno 'might' have been in Florida, but it wasn't a declaration of certainty.
    • It's also possible Josuke was also unaffected, since Crazy Diamond and Gold Experience had similar powers (Reduce momentum of an action to zero/undo changes to an object) and they are together searching for a way to fix things back to normal.
      • OH. MY. GOD. This is totally what Part 8 is going to be about.
    • At the tail end of Golden Wind (or whatever we're calling it now), it did appear that the Stand arrow fell out of Gold Experience Requiem right after he killed Diavolo with it, which might have reset it back to plain old Gold Experience. See here.
    • One must keep in mind that Made in Heaven doesn't actually destroy/rewrite the universe. It is bound to get destroyed after nearing the end of its natural life cycle, and it's only after this that Pucci can rewrite it in his own image. So he doesn't actually attack Giorno, the universe merely ends. But then again, GER was broken enough for King Crimson not to work on it. Maybe it's just a plot hole...
      • This seems the most likely explanation. GER only protects from attacks against itself AND its owner, as without Giorno, it would not be able to exist, given it's a Stand tied to a user like the rest (unlike SCR, which was automatic). When Made in Heaven activated, it was not having its natural life cycle threatened, so it just let the ability go ahead knowing full well in the reset, it would be fated to meet Giorno again and thus exist. Thus, the reason GER never stopped MiH is because it was not threatened. If Pucci had attempted to rewrite things so that the remaining son of Dio changed his course in life that would not lead to him getting GER, THEN the stand could have done its work.
    • Maybe Requiem isn't as broken as people make it out to be. Despite the impressive description of its powers, it seems to be more of a Game Unbreaker. Outside of Diavolo attempting to timeskip and Requiem going "lolno" (and the eternal deaths), it just seemed to act like a beefed up Gold Experience. To use an analogy, King Crimson is Diavolo's GameShark, Gold Experience Requiem rips the GameShark out of Diavolo's hands and does the card crusher meme with it.
      • Gold Experience Requiem is save-scumming manifest. It is Ctrl+Z. It isn't like King Crimson's ability is necessarily the only thing it can set to zero.
    • GER's stand bio states that he needs to strike a target for the power to work (similar to how the Stand worked before). The only reason it managed to stop King Crimson's time nonsense is because he hit the Stand during the part of time that would have otherwise been removed. That's a pretty big detail that tends to get left out when talking about the stand's feats. Then again, said bio also says he has infinite speed, which would mean he also exists in every point of the universe simultaneously...
    • The other Requiem Stands we meet have some hefty drawbacks. Maybe Giorno was in no position to hunt down Pucci.
      • Puci was attacking from the other side of the world and Giorno's power (assuming he still has it) likely isn't automatic. The effects of Made in Heaven happened pretty rapidly, if Giorno was simply asleep at the time he'd likely not notice the effects at all until long after it was too late.
    • Actually, it is implied that Giorno survived the universal resets in spin-offs and video games. Gold Experience Requiem ignores Made in Heaven in All Star Battle, and in the non-canon Jorge Joestar novel, it's stated flat out he survived.
     Would Part 6's plan work with Star Platinum instead of The World? 
  • Just wondering... would Dio's plan in JJBA Part 6: Stone Ocean work if they used Star Platinum instead of ZA WARUDO? Since both Stands had the ability to stop time. IT COULD HAVE WORKED!
    • In theory, yes, but Pucci couldn't find anyone strong enough to take in Star Platinum, and that's a problem in and of itself. The main question is how Dio was planning to do it himself. Dio's plan required destroying The World without dying in the process(?), and then using the Bone to create the Green Baby so that he could reforge his stand. Unless Jotaro (or whoever else could hold SP's disc) conditioned themself to the 14 words and found a way to NOT die when breaking the Stand, using already-broken The World and Dio's bone is so much easier.
      • Dio probably wasn't planning on having to destroy The World. The Bone would work well in case the World happened to be destroyed, but he could probably have enacted a similar transformation with the World intact.
    • Nope. Jotaro wasn't a vampire. Dio was. What people seem to forget here is that the reason Dio dies completely at the end of Part 3 is because they took his remains out to the desert and let the sun deal with them (that being one of only three ways shown to destroy vampires, the others being Hamon and Pillar Men). The implication here is that Dio could have The World completely wrecked as long as it happened at night, and he would still be able to regenerate. If the Speedwagon Foundation hadn't ensured that Dio was sunlighted at the end of Part 3, he probably would have been reborn in the enhanced "Green Baby" form and gone through a similar transformation to Pucci's in Stone Ocean. For it to work with Star Platinum then the bone used by Pucci would need to have come from Jotaro (or someone else who could use the stand) and most likely they would needed to have been a vampire too, else it wouldn't have resurrected the same way.
      • there is no way to destroy the world at night. In space the sun is always shining.
     Why are Stands, Hamon etc kept hidden from the public? 
  • Why does everyone keep the existence of Hamon, vampires, cyborgs, Stands, ghosts, and aliens hidden from the general public? No one ever really gives a reason. There are obvious reasons why Passione doesn't tell the world about Stands, of course, but there's no real reason why the heroes of Parts 1-4 keep all the supernatural stuff a secret, and even less of a reason why some of the minor characters in Part 4 do so.
    • Only Stand users can see Stands, many just use this to their advantage. Hamon, like many other teachings is just not very known, plus its biggest power has been useless most of history.
    • From the top - Hamon doesn't seem to be hidden per se, just not announced to strangers (see: Zeppeli didn't drag Jonathan into a private talk away from Erina, Caesar and JoJo had a Hamon fight in public and openly discussed it) without a reason; the same thing applies with vampires (additionally/alternatively: Vampires are so rare that they're not really worth mentioning); apart from Stroheim, there aren't any other cyborgs, and by association, no reason to mention this one dude from the forties; as far as stands, ya got me; as far as aliens, I don't think anybody's really sure (including the guy himself, probably) if he's an actual alien.
     Why was the fighting system changed? 
  • Not to rant on the obviously popular Stands, but why did they change the fighting system from The Ripple to Stands and pretty much make almost every supernatural thing (ghosts and aliens aside) due to Stands when they already had vampires, Pillar Men, cyborgs, the already mentioned Ripple, etc. It feels like they had the foundations of a wild Fantasy Kitchen Sink in Parts 1 and 2, and severely toned it down in place of a Meta Origin.
    • Part 4 had ghosts and an alien. Isn't that enough?
      • Just wondering why they got rid of the ripple that's all.
      • Araki exploited the ripple idea the best he could. Then he imagined the stands and saw how limitless were the possibilities.
    • It's not known if the author wanted to end it at part 2 and start a new series with Stands as the main point or something like that, but the Ripple and creatures above humans (vampire, pillar men) already reached its highest point in part 2.
    • As mentioned on the main page, Jojo at the time was usually compared to similar-enough manga, and tbh was almost continually trailing dead last in Jump's popularity polls (though that honestly never changed; even all the way to Part 6, it was doing badly popularity-wise in Jump despite having a very dedicated fanbase). The introduction of Stands is what really made the series popular, and far more importantly, unique.
     The Ripples origin. 
  • What's the full story on the Ripple? Part 1 says Will Zeppeli first learned it in Tibet, but Part 2 said it's an ancient tradition in Italy.
    • In SBR's alternative universe, the Spin is the Ripple's counterpart and it was used for medical purposes. In part 1, Jonathan gets his arm healed by the Ripple... and in SBR, Johnny's spine does get healed after learning how to use the Super Spin, after fighting D4C. Maybe this also meant that the Ripple was also used as such?
    • Well, Zeppeli is like 150 years old you know. 120 years is tradition all right. And who says this does not know all the facts because, well Zeppeli dies.
      • William Zeppeli is only 50, not 150. Besides that, there's no reason something learned in Tibet can't also be tradition somewhere else in the world.
    • The Pillar Men said there were ripple before they went to sleep 2,000 years ago, and throughout history, it has become an obscure practice.
     Why do every character call them stands? 
  • Why do most of the characters refer to their spirits as "Stands"? Jotaro does so after hearing Joseph referring to his as such, but Dio, J. Geil, Polnareff, etc.. etc.. weren't there to hear the term being invented. Aaying they got it from Dio just raises the question how he learned of it.
    • Joseph didn't invent the term, he probably learned it from Avdol. In fact, most Stand users from Part 3 have at least a passing knowledge of others (Avdol knew about Tower of Gray and aboout Devo's reputation, and Devo was aware that J. Geil, another professional assassin, had a Stand — though he didn't know what it was).
    • The Stand is a really really obscure mythology thing, it's like a spirit of death that stays beside you all your life and takes the shape of your ideas on life; these guys just can control them. It is something really old. They are called "hours" or Oras.
     Where does a Stands name come from? 
  • Where do Stand names come from?
    • They're assigned a name by someone, be it themselves or someone else (e.g. Avdol naming Star Platinum). There's more to imply that the user consciously decides to name his stand as opposed to instinctively knowing what its true name is.
      • However, what about the Tarot and Egyptian God series? They are specifically treated as being part of a set that had to do with their power. However, Anubis existed for centuries, long before any of the other Egyptian named ones, and how is it that while Stands have been around for so long, the Star card wasn't used until Jotaro?
    • A few other characters name their stands — Jolyne comes up with "Stone Free" on her own, and I think Pucci named "Stairway to Heaven". Some, like Spice Girl, name themselves.
    • Araki. He names them. If you're looking for an in-universe reason why the Major Arcana of the Tarot Deck are conveniently distributed and everyone knows their card... let alone why all the later ones are named after bands / albums... there probably isn't one.
     Jotaro's English knowledge 
  • Most of the time in the series, despite the characters being presented as speaking Japanese, it's obvious what language they're actually speaking (English for part 1, Italian for part 5, etc.). But does Joseph know Japanese? He might have picked up some (he mentions being able to read some of the kanji in Hong Kong) but I doubt he's fluent, so most likely all the Stardust Crusaders are speaking English (and Jotaro would obviously pick up English from his American mother), which begs the question of how he's able to speak to anyone in Morioh.
    • I personally like to think they were speaking English in Stardust Crusaders, except that Jotaro doesn't know English, which is why he remains silent most of the time (except at the beginning, where he was clearly speaking Japanese, and in Diamond is Unbreakable).
    • He definitely knows how to speak Japanese. Since he met Josuke's mother before Part 3 it's probably that he was fluent even then. He's a fan of Rohan's work so he can probably read it too. Although it is possible he picked up a copy in some other language.
    • Honestly in anime you're really just supposed to accept that they are either speaking English or its translate for our convivence. Sometimes a combination of the two. Like Vegeta and Frieza speak English. Its not like Goku has any problem understanding them. So either when the Gods set up the DBZ universe they basically agreed on one universal language, though the Namek and Super Dragon Balls require you to speak Namekian and the language of the Gods respectively.
     In-universe band name theming 
  • Araki is a big music fan but from a character perspective, why is everybody naming their stands after rock bands?
    • In the case of the Tarot!Stands, fortune tellers such as Enya and Avdol directly named the stands. The Egyptian stands probably carried their names [Anubis was a sapient stand who existed long before the manga arc]. As for the rock bands, it was more likely that the stand users just knew the names [the Sex Pistols, for example, could have called themselves that and Guido went along with it]
     No one being born evil vs Dio being born evil 
  • Araki has shown via Steel Ball Run that no one is born evil, through Johnny and Diego. What does that make Speedwagon's old statement about Dio 'born evil' before? Invalidated?
    • Maybe one of the things altered in the AU is which philosopher was right.
    • The JoJo universe, like any other fictional universe that insists that both fate AND free will exist, is confusing on this point. Perhaps you can compare it to something like "Paradise Lost", where the insinuation is that God's will and the free will of men is always the same (unless Satan gets involved, but all he does is trick man into ignoring his real will). Dio has the choice to commit evil or not, but the machinations of fate ensure he will never WANT to make the right choice. Speedwagon is saying that Dio would almost certainly have made the wrong choices in life regardless of what his childhood was like, unlike some of the people he knows who committed evil acts due to circumstance but would have done something different in a different context. He's also comparing Dio with himself, a redeemed thug, to argue that Dio should not be given the benefit of the doubt. So essentially there are some people who are more bound by fate (like Dio and Jonathan) than others (Diego, Johnny and Speedwagon himself). Either the universe changed to one with less free will to one with more like the above poster suggested, or people just got switched around and some other dudes on the other side of the world got the near-inevitability of being good and evil instead of the counterparts of Jonathan and Dio.
    • One Doylist possibility (given that around 30 years in the real world between publications) is that Araki's own beliefs changed over time, especially as he became interested in telling a deeper, more nuanced story than the somewhat more formulaic adventure-oriented thing JoJo was in its first arc. A Watsonian possibility is that Speedwagon was simply wrong - he was all about rigid white and black and (eventually) justice, but nothing in-setting really supports the idea that he was right (even in part one, there are clear incidents and aspects of Dio's backstory that shaped him into who he was.)
    • The Old Universe of parts 1-6 operates very fatalistically, see Tonpetty, Avdul, Enya, Tonio, Aya, and that one weirdo in part 5 who all demonstrate 100% accurate fortune telling. The new universe in parts 7-8 operates on luck instead, see the entire crux of Valentine's plan. It's a slight difference but the second one provides more room for "free-will".
     People Surviving Jotaro and Josuke 
  • How the hell does anyone survive being punched by Jotaro or Josuke? The former's stand can punch through diamonds and throw buildings, while the latter's can punch through two people at the same time and was able to match Star Platinum in combat. Shouldn't their punches insta-kill people?
    • Simple; they relent on people that they don't want to kill. Remember when Jotaro ora'd Dio so hard he blew open his skull and literally punched holes in his body? Jotaro knew that Dio was a ruthless vampire who deserved no mercy, and he was intent on killing him right there to end the battle. However, many other people have survived Star Platinum's rushes over the years - criminals and villains for sure, but no one who Jotaro literally wants to kill. For example, he never planned on killing Kira - he needed to be alive to face justice - so he just ora'd him enough to incapacitate him. Let's all be thankful that it's Jotaro with Star Platinum and not a more ruthless Jojo like Giorno.
     Jotaro forgetting his powers 
  • Jotaro doesn't seem so good at using his powers, or Araki just forgot/ignored a bunch of them. Star Platinum can move at the speed of light, or at the very least faster than the speed of sound. Therefore, his time stop, even when only a half a second in the beginning of Part 4, should be nearly an eternity for Star Platinum. Also, there's never an established limit on how often one can stop time anyway. It seems that all a user has to do is say the right phrase and they can stop time over and over again. Also, Star Platinum is incredibly strong but seems to never really use the strength. It was particularly galling when Jotaro and Koichi were investigating the suit in Part 4. Jotaro could have easily stopped time, thrown Sheer Heart Attack several miles, stopped time again, beat Kira to death or break his neck during stopped time with ease and then called it a day. It seems like a lot of the drama in this story is created by people being either totally stupid or nerfed/buffed as the plot demands. There's not a lot of consistency in power levels.
    • It'd be a boring story if the characters all knew how to instantly resolve conflicts, especially Jotaro. Not to mention he's very powerful and very badass, but he isn't perfect, and in this moment of confusion with Kira he decided to play it safe and watch before rushing into danger. Disappointed Star Platinum hasn't been shown using Star Finger in forever though.
      • Well, Araki shouldn't write characters with such ungodly overpowered Stands then. Besides, why would he be afraid of rushing into danger when all he has to do is say "Star Platinum: The World" and he counters anything? Okuyasu is even worse. His stand literally erases things from existence, and when confronted with a badly injured Kira at close range, he just stands there when he could easily end it with the swipe of a hand. I know he's supposed to be an idiot, but it's not like he was outwitted or outplayed. He just stood there and did absolutely nothing.
      • Not much defense for the other times, but keep in mind, Jotaro knows Sheer Heart Attack is completely autonomous and heat-seeking. If he threw it miles away, it would just explode everyone in the vicinity, and probably kill loads more people.
      • Throw it straight up in the air, then. Star Platinum can lift a steamroller, and it has no problems lifting and manipulating Sheer Heart Attack when trying to break it so SP should be able to throw Sheer Heart Attack a literal mile. Just throw it in the air, stop time again and kill Kira while time is stopped. Problem solved, and there's nothing Kira can do to stop it. I mean, I know it's supposed to be Josuke's story, but it would be nice if they at least gave a reason why the guy who defeated Dio (an opponent much stronger than Kira) is jobbing out now.
      • Jotaro didn't know the full extent of Sheer Heart Attack's abilities while Kira was still in the store, and keep in mind he had to look after Koichi's safety too. Another possibility exists with Jotaro assuming killing Sheer Heart Attack = killing the user, as such was the case with every other Stand. By the time his fists were bleeding from bashing it, Kira was already gone.
      • In addition, throwing it up in the sky would have only been a temporary solution, since it would just fall back on top of him again due to gravity.
    • It has been explicitly stated on multiple occasions that Jotaro's use of Star Platinum: The World takes a toll on his body, which develops into heart problems later in life. It's the reason that Star Platinum's Durability goes from A to E between Part 3 and 6. Unlike Dio, who had an immortal body, Jotaro can't afford to spam his time stop, though he doesn't seem to realize the full consequences of it until it's too late.
  • From the top: Jotaro's time stop is "an eternity" for Star Platinum, but not for Jotaro himself. Most of the times his time stop was countered or rendered moot was when he was fighting ranged attackers outside of his range; Jotaro can't have just "thrown Sheer Heart Attack several miles": SHA can fly. If he tried that (which he did, after he realized his punches weren't working he tried to throw it out of the tailor's shop) it would either explode in his grip or stop itself after a certain distance (which is what happened); there totally is an established limit on time stops: the amount of time. Joseph calls out DIO on this in part 3, saying that if DIO could just spam time stops he'd have killed them all at the mansion. The same limits apply to Jotaro; the whole point of the SHA fight was that Jotaro was being cautious, and by the time he realized punching it wasn't going to work, Kira had already walked out of both Jotaro's and Koichi's stand ranges. Jotaro even yells at Koichi for this, since trying to chase Kira with Echoes wound up forcing Jotaro to protect Koichi, getting critically injured in the process; and (Okuyasu being an idiot aside), the reason he didn't immediately attack Kira with The Hand is that he didn't want to kill him. He only really tries to kill someone with his stand twice: when he attacked Josuke at the beginning of the part (when he was still an antagonist being manipulated by Keicho) and when he cut Red Hot Chile Peppers in half (who had killed his brother, not to mention that it didn't work and made the situation worse).
     Why doesn't Jotaro just stick to punching things? 
  • Why does Jotaro just stick to punching things in every case except one? He has no problems using bullets to defeat Bug-Eaten, why not do that, or something similar, all of the time? The only real weakness Star Platinum has is it's short range, but Jotaro figures out a way to counteract that, then just never uses it again. Jotaro and SP would be virtually invincible if he would just shoot his enemies in stopped time. It's not like SP would miss, either, as being precise to a molecular level is literally one of it's stated abilities. Sure, guns aren't legal in Japan, but it doesn't stop him from getting what appear to be at least .50 caliber bullets in Di U, and surely the Speedwagon Foundation could provide him with something as simple as ammunition.
    • A few reasons. First, the only thing that can hurt stands is other stands, which means shooting at them (using bullets or ball bearings) is pointless. Second, most of the stands that Jotaro had fought in DIU had ways of circumventing ranged attacks aimed at their human users (Angelo stayed hidden for most of their fight, and when he finally got caught there was no need to use ranged attacks; Bug-Eaten was also hidden and had a long range stand, which is why Jotaro was using bullets on it in the first place; And Killer Queen was easily fast enough to deflect ranged attacks that he could see coming, as he did against Josuke's glass shards during their fight). And third, Jotaro's time stop is extremely limited: his max limit for the entire series was 5 seconds, and as he explains during the Sheer Heart Attack fight, he doesn't like using it since it tires him out too much. Remember, if Jotaro uses time stop and fails, he can't use it again if his opponent decides to reciprocate (hence why Bug-Eaten could hit him with its bullets) despite him using time stop.TLDR: Jotaro doesn't use Time Stop+Bullets because it's too tiring and it likely wouldn't work anyway.
      • Only a stand can hurt a stand, sure. The stand user, however, is another matter entirely. If the user is seriously injured or killed, so is their stand. It wouldn't work on everyone, but it certainly would work on many, if not a majority of the enemies Jotaro faces. Also, for that matter, why wouldn't a hamon user use a gun? Metal conducts hamon. Guns are made of metal, and so are bullets. There is evidence that hamon works with projectiles, so why not just use a gun and infuse the bullets with hamon?
      • Straizo explains this during the final battle against Dio's zombies: while metal can conduct Hamon, it won't hold a Hamon charge like biological materials will, so users have to be constantly touching it for it to work. Great with melee weapons, less so with bullets. Joseph only gets away with it because he uses vegetable oil to get around it, which you can't do to bullets because it would burn off when you fired the gun.
      • It's also worth note that Josuke fired the bullet by having Crazy Diamond flick the primer, almost as good as if fired from a real gun(minus the rifling of the barrel to help on trajectory), and had no sway from kickback since the Stand is just strong enough to hold back all the kickback from a .50 caliber bullet, Killer Queen is fast, but it is physically on the low end as far as power-type Stands go(remember that Crazy Diamond and Star Platinum have A-rank Destructive Power rating based on their physical ability alone, as they have no directly offensive powers), being only really powerful due to its many bomb effects, there is no indicative it is fast enough to stop a bullet like Star Platinum or Crazy Diamond, it also partially relies on Kira's own ability to see attacks coming to summon it to defend itself, and Kira couldn't posibly see a bullet coming unless he saw Josuke preparing to fire it and managed to figure out exactly what that is.
      • Based on the fact that a barely formed Star Platinum stopped a bullet at the beginning of Part 3, at point blank range, suggests to me that most stands should be able to easily react to bullets, especially if they are fired from a long distance, giving the user time to react. Keep in mind, Jotaro didn't even have proper control of SP at the time, so fully motivated stand users should have better speed than his. The only reason Mista and Hol Horse can make it work is because they can manipulate the speed and trajectory of their bullets, something you can't do with a short ranged stand. The only time I could imagine that working is if DIO or Jotaro did it during a time stop, but stand punches are far more effective, especially if you don't need to keep your distance like DIO did with Jotaro.
      • Well yeah, he'd need to do it during a time stop. However, I'd see it being FAR more effective than punches. A 5.56 bullet travels at around 1000 meters a second. That means even at it's weakest, Jotaro could take out enemies at over half a mile with a bullet. SP can't control them in mid flight, no, but if fired in stopped time it wouldn't need to. It's incredible precision and super vision combined with time stop making the target stationary would mean it basically couldn't miss. It would entirely negate what is supposed to be the only weakness of Star Platinum. It wouldn't even have to be bullets, either. SP could throw or shoot just about anything rather than relying on punches. SP is strong enough it could probably kill most people by throwing rocks during time stop, let alone bullets or knives like Dio did.

     How direct/precise is a stand user's control over their stand? 
  • I always wondered how much direct control stand users have over their stand (nothing remote-controlled like Sheer Heart Attack). Is it like directly controlling the stand's body and abilities as if it were an extension of your own, or is it just commanding the stand to do what you want? Most of the time it seems to me like the latter is happening, but there are some scenes where the user seems to have really precise control of the stand and its actions.
    • I figure that’s covered under Precision stat for most Stands. Star Platinum is extremely precise; I suspect Jotaro could manipulate it even better than he does his own limbs. However, a less precise Stand would force the user to give more vague interactions, punching and kicking wouldn’t be too difficult, but definitely no tricks like performing brain surgery or stopping your own heart. Lowest precision Stands probably would feel like manipulating a cheap RC robot, with the user basically providing instructions without much control at all. So, basically, falls under Precision stat.

     Battle Cry Source 
When one of the heroes does their ORAORAORA/DORARARARADORA/MUDAMUDAMUDA/etc attacks, is it them making that sound, or the Stand?