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    Jolyne not recognizing Jotaro 
  • When Jotaro and Jolyne meet, Jolyne acts like she doesn't recognize him, but later claims they met last a few years ago. Surely Jolyne would recognize her own father in that timespan?
    • She could've just been being cold. She hates Jotaro.
    Why was Thunder McQueen arrested? 
  • In the Hermes Costello arc when Thunder McQueen's backstory was done why was he arrested? It is nearly impossible for a gun to simply go off while it is being cleaned due to the force needed to pull the trigger. Why didn't anybody question the angle at which the woman was shot at if she was already falling? Why was it not questioned that the woman was already falling? And why did Thunder not know the gun was loaded? Was that gun even Thunder's to begin with he didn't know before cleaning it that it was loaded?
    • Guns have gone off in real life while their owners were cleaning them, including at least one case where someone shot himself in the foot. It generally happens when the person cleaning it is being careless. The woman looked like she was mostly vertical while falling, meaning it would be easy to assume that she was shot while standing up and not falling to her death anyway. It's also possible that any witnesses didn't actually see her jump. They may have only seen her mid-fall with blood coming out, or they just found her body after the fact. In that case, there's no one that can back Thunder's claim that she was already falling.
    Where did FF get the sixth body to disguise itself? 
  • Where did FF get the sixth body to disguise itself? Did it just create a fake, or something? It seemed to be shedding out of SOMETHING physical. Also, does it still have someone else's Stand Disc inside it, or did it awaken its own Stand when the Disc fell into it? After all, foreign discs can be knocked out, since they don't actually belong to the users, as shown with McQueen, but nothing like that ever happened to FF.
    • It's stated that she created it from the two male inmates she killed previously. Her Stand Disc is from someone else like every one of Pucci's henchmen. Foreign discs can be knocked out from severe blow to the head or incompatibility like Jotaro's Stand Disc.
    Why was Emporio spared the big reset of the universe? 
  • Why was Emporio spared the big reset of the universe? I'm talking about the first one when he was on the dolphin. As far as I recall, there's no explanation as to why he alone was spared the reset aside from Pucci (spared for obvious reasons), so what's the deal?
    • His stand, Burning Down the House, acts as a hide-away. It's a memory of a room rather than a real room (i.e. a physical room in our universe.) Since it's not real, Made In Heaven can't affect it.
    • Emporio wasn't "spared the big reset". He survived it. Those who didn't survive were replaced by vaguely similar substitutes, but everyone who survived the process went right back to their original life... but having experienced it all before, they were aware of their future in advance and their actions were locked to their fate. This was the whole point of Pucci's actions throughout Part 6. Emporio at least knew why all this was happening, whereas to anyone else it would be like a strange sense of precognition.
     What did Jolyne do with the busted tire? 
  • In "Heavy Weather, Part 13", what was Jolyne doing with that busted tire that let her fling herself towards Pucci?
    • It's shown that she wrapped her string around the tire, put her hand on the gas pedal to have the tire spin forward such that it flings her forward towards Pucci.
    How do Whitesnake and Stand/Memory discs work? 
  • How do Whitesnake and Stand/Memory discs work? At first, Pucci's Stand is shown to have the power to remove people's Stands and memories, storing them on separate discs. Fine. But the heroes often manage to retrieve Stands and memories themselves by simply beating the shit out of people and taking the discs! This could potentially make sense with the Stands that initially belonged to other people and were taken by Whitesnake and given to the user that the heroes fight. Since it's not really their Stand, maybe it ejects after their defeat. But how can the heroes access the genuine memories of defeated enemies? At no other point in the series did anyone's memories just conveniently pop out of their head on a disc! Only Whitesnake should be able to cause that.
    • Also, during the Green Baby arc Pucci inserts a NORMAL COMPACT DISC with a recording of Handel's "Messiah" on it into Guccio's head, and Guccio starts playing the music! How is that possible? Does Whitesnake just have the ability to make compact discs work in a human in all the ways they should work in a computer?
      • They don't insert it in all the way and yes, that is also how Whitesnake's ability also works.
    • Don't forget that during the Heavy Weather fight Pucci is able to remove his own ability to see as a compact disc. Where did that come from?
      • His stand lets him remove things from someone in the form of a disc, while stands and memories are the most direct and obviously useful things to remove it was never established thats the ONLY thing he can remove
    • I’m guessing that Pucci might have felt a need to test out the memory disc effect of Whitesnake (determine if it’s all the memories, how to access specific ones, etc.) since he needed a VERY specific memory from Jotaro. Could be that his goons had false memory discs put in their heads as an experiment, so they get ejected with a hard bump. Or perhaps using Whitesnake’s power to use someone else’s Stand make the Fake User’s head a bit weaker and thus more prone to ejecting memory discs. Foo Fighters seems like an exception, but considering her unusual circumstances...
    The snail-eating bugs not turning into snails 
  • In Stone Ocean, when people and animals turned into snails (thanks to Heavy Weather bullshit power), a new threat appeared in the form of snail-eating bugs. Except if these bugs tried to eat people turned into snails, themselves would change into snails, no?
    • Those bugs had been shown having eaten snails inside the stolen car without changing so, like the snails, they're also part of the hallucination.
    • The power works on a mix of hypnotism and your mind makes it a real, the bugs brains work much differently from a humans and would not even be able to comprehend what is supposed to be suggested to them, thus they are unaffected
    McQueen's stand name 
  • Considering the prison setting, wouldn't Institutionalized be a better name for Thunder McQueen's stand? I mean, the song was performed by Suicidal Tendencies, and if you were to describe Highway to Hell in just two words, Suicidal Tendencies would be a perfect description.
    How does Made In Heaven truly work? 
  • So I've read a person will lose all his/her memories and even the soul if they're killed before MIH resets the world... but then only the people that was alive at that point would retain their memories... Wasn't Pucci's idea that all people would be able to accept their destiny if they'd know their fate? Then what about the hundreds of millions of people that died before that specific point? Wasn't the point of the universal reset to make the "fate memories" a thing for all mankind instead of a handful of people that lived during the moment Pucci was living?. If I were to have a word I'd say it'd actually mean that you'll lose your memories only if you're killed by MIH itself instead.
  • I haven't read Part 6 yet but is there a reason why Jolyne's last name is spelled Cujoh and not Kujo like her father?
    • Jotaro apparently had his last name changed when he moved to America to be spelled a more traditionally western way.
    The Joestar Bloodline—Which One? 
  • Part of Pucci's plan to achieve Heaven was to wipe away the Joestar bloodline, which he partially does by erasing Jotaro and Jolyne from existence when they die at the hands of Made in Heaven. However, was Pucci at all aware of the existence of Joseph, Holly, Josuke, Shizuka, or Giorno? If so, shouldn't he have planned to try and eliminate them, as well?
    • Wiping away the bloodline isn't strictly necessary to do the plan. Pucci also targets their allies present in Stone Ocean, and even after successfully creating the universe he wanted, he still went out of his way to murder Emporio. He only did it because of a combination of "Kill them before they get in the way" and personal spite. Holly isn't a threat. Shizuka isn't a biological Joestar. Joseph is far too old to be a threat even in Part 4. Giorno is also DIO's son, whom he probably wouldn't want to kill, and Pucci probably assumed the other sons he met are the only ones that exist. As for Josuke, we could probably fall back on "he wasn't doing anything to stop Pucci".
    How Jolyne got Stone Free 
  • So, the reason why Jolyne got Stone Free was because she was pricked in the finger by the Stand Arrow that Jotaro gave her which was smuggled into Green Dolphin. However, there's a bit of a problem with this notion. If a family bloodline can work up enough resolve, they'll have already gained their Stand naturally. This happened to Jotaro at age 17, Josuke at age 16, Giorno at age 15, and Emporio at age 11 (since his mother was a Stand user rendered comatose by Whitesnake). However, given that Jolyne was 19 during the events of Stone Ocean, did her scrappy nature not build up the resolve to let her Stand out naturally when it was of a similar nature to Jotaro when he was 17? In fact, how does Jolyne's scrappiness not have more resolve than Emporio's cowardice?
    DIO's Genetics 
  • The reason as to why Giorno's hair turned from black to blonde is that DIO's genetics regarding hair began awakening in him once reaching adolescence. By that logic, how did this not affect the rest of DIO's sons when they're much more like him than Giorno is? Sure, Donatello has blonde hair, but he's shown in flashbacks to have had it since childhood, whereas Ungalo and Rikiel have always had green and pink hair respectively.

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