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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to this page. Proceed at your own risk.

  • If Yoshikage Kira wanted a normal life and not be bothered by anything, then why did he go around killing women and taking their hands? Seems to be asking for trouble and to be bothered.
    • Kira had mental problems. He couldn't resist his compulsions.
      • Case in point: His favourite movie was Fritz Lang's M, which was about a compulsory child killer who claimed he was not responsible for his actions.
      • Or maybe he was mental from a different source...
    • Maybe he wanted to have a normal life BESIDES dismembering women...
    • "Normal" might be a mistranslation. Wikipedia's list of chapter titles has Kira wanting a "quiet" life.
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    • Or he's just a complete psychopath whose personal interpretation of "normal"/"quiet" life is: be able to indulge in my impulses while not standing out.
  • Why does Kira not embalm the hands that he collects? Would he not have more time with his "girlfriend" before she decomposes on him?
    • It would probably be too suspicious for Kira’s liking for a salaryman to obtain embalming tools, no matter how he did it. Plus, he seems to enjoy killing frequently as well, not just having the hands.
  • Josuke merged Angelo with a rock as an alternative to killing him, but wouldn't Angelo just have suffocated in a second after being merged with the rock anyway?
    • I don't see why, he still has most of his human body, including his lungs, and his nose and mouth seem to be working just fine.
  • Koichi's Act 2 had the power to create anything that made a noise by writing the sound effect on something (i.e. crackle for fire, whoosh for wind; presumably this could even extend to the boom of an atomic bomb or the crack of a spine being broken), so it basically had infinite uses; so in what way is Act 3's ability to make things heavier an improvement?
    • Well, Act 3 seems to be much faster and more combat-capable than Act 2. Additionally, we don't know the exact limits of what Act 2 could generate. It's quite possible that blowing away Yukako was the upper boundary of what it could do.
    • For that matter, how are the powers of Act 2 and Act 3 even related at all?
      • They aren't.
      • Act 3's explanation of the Freeze power is that it changed the spelling of "Three," so the reasoning seems to still be vaguely wordplay-related.
      • Echoes various Act's and their powers were based respectively on "the sound of words" for Act 1, "the meaning of words" for Act 2, and "the weight of words" for Act 3. Hence why Three Freeze now weighs it's targets down, I would assume Act Three is applying the words in question when it punches the target, though that last part is just speculation.
      • Act 2's word ability doesn't change the physical surface of objects so Koichi can't break spines with a "crack" sound.
  • Why wasn't Okuyasu a little more vengeful towards the man who killed his brother, once they had him at their mercy?
    • Okuyasu is a good person, really. No one in the good side of "Diamond is Unbreakable" killed anyone.
  • How did Akira survive after his Stand died in the ocean?
    • The Stand didn't actually die. Only a Stand can kill a Stand.
  • During the battle against Kira, there's the point where Josuke has to decide whether to risk healing an injured Okuyasu. Hayato conducts the bomb energies from Okuyasu into himself, but then Josuke heals him back to whole while he's in the middle of exploding. So why not just wait for Kira to blow up Okuyasu and do the same thing?
    • He wasn't sure he could pull it off, and the risks were too great.
      • He was afraid because If Okuyasu had been turned into a bomb, then Kira could have blown up Okuyasu and killed Josuke, and since Crazy Diamond can't heal Josuke... yeah.
    • If I recall correctly, Okuyasu was already injured at that point, and fading fast. Josuke didn’t have time to wait to heal him. And because Okuyasu was out cold, Kira really had no reason to blow Okuyasu up aside from him being touched by someone.
  • Probably the one non understandable thing about Jojo is the final battle with Kira's 'Bites the Dust' ability (which is admittedly really kind of cool and trippy). Kira had everyone right where he wanted them, and he even activates KQ's power, and then huge severing tears are shown on the gang for a panel. So what happens? Does he win, or?! Time resets!! But still we see him win... He. Won. Period.
    • He doesn't know who got killed. It isn't even clear if he knows that time did indeed reset (he seems to be able to deduct it from the way Koichi acts), so the only way to be sure was to wait until the repeat-death happens.
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    • Notice the newspaper box behind Kira when he resets time. FORESHADOWING!!! Besides they know where he lives, once time resets, they go to Kira's house and kill him in 2 seconds.
    • To better explain: Kira actually didn't activate Bites The Dust, he only hallucinated that when he was killed by an ambulance. The fact he remembered he activated it immediately was the first clue. Where he wound up was Reimi's alley, his soul waiting for damnation.
  • When Angelo killed Ryohei, why didn't Jotaro try to restart his heart like with Joseph Joestar at the end of Stardust Crusaders?
    • Most likely Angelo probably killed Ryohei and/or stopped Ryohei's heart too quickly and too fatally for Jotaro's Star Platinum to make a difference.
    • Can Star Platinum can pass through other Stand Users' bodies?? No other Stand can do so, after all, unless it has that specific ability.
    • Except that was exactly what Star Platinum did to Joseph in order to restart his heart at the end of Part 3.
    • Well, Star Platinum probably grew weaker as Jotaro aged. After all, his Stand was considerably weakened by the events of Part 6.
    • Star Platinum was weakened by a heart condition caused by Jotaro overusing Star Platinum: The World while hunting down evil Stand users for the past couple decades(something that was never an issue for DIO since his vampiric regeneration fixed any harm The World caused on him), it did not grow weak simply because he was older, had he not used the time stop as much or at all, Star Platinum would've been fine, plus, the heart condition hadn't kicked in yet in Diamond is Unbreakable, being still stated having the shining A in Durability during part 4.
    • Perhaps Star Platinum can only do the heart-restart on stand users?
    • I always thought the reason why Ryohei didn't come back to life was because he chose not to return. Besides, he might have came back but only as a zombie like Bucciarati in Part 5. As for Joseph surviving... It might have something to do with how he's a Hamon user.
    • The more likely answer is that the circumstances of Ryohei and Joseph's deaths were very different and Joseph had extreme luck on his side. For him, he was in a Speedwagon Foundation ambulance with top of the line equipment, DIO's Time Stopping had meant he was only dead for a few minutes, Joseph had died of blood loss and DIO's corpse was there to act as a blood bag. Ryohei on the other hand was killed by ingesting Aqua Necklace and was ravaged from the inside, destroying vital organs and killing him near instantly.
  • Why Doesn't Rohan just use Heavens Door to see how Josuke is cheating?
    • Because he has occasional obsessive asshole tendencies.
    • Rohan is rich. He wouldn't care if he loses a couple of dollars to a teen.
    • Rohan's ego prevented him from taking the "easy" way out. He wanted to figure it out on his own.
      • This is the most likely answer, for Rohan it wasn't about the money, he has more money than he can figure out what to do with it (when he isn't bankrupt due to buying a brand new mountain range, that is), it was about the battle of wits between him and Josuke that he felt he was losing, it was never about the money.
    • Because Josuke wouldn't have let him?
  • Okay, we’ve all put this off long enough. Why don't they just use Hermit Purple to track Yoshikage Kira when he disappears?
    • Part 4 Joseph may be too senile to summon his Stand any more.
    • But he managed to use it to get a picture of Angelo and to capture Shizuka.
      • It's explained that he can only track the whereabouts of other Joestars. Dio had Jonathan's body, so that's why he could find him, but Kira has no connection to the Joestar bloodline.
      • No, they were clearly planning on using Hermit Purple to find Akira. Besides the loss of an ‘A’, what changed for Kira?
      • To give this the old college try...maybe Jotaro thought it might have been too dangerous. Recall that Kira’s father could also control photographs using Atom Heart Father. Crossing that with Hermit Purple could cause some unpredictable results, and Jotaro wouldn’t risk Joseph’s life for something like that (doesn’t explain not using Hermit Purple for hints like the map making or television messages...)
  • Why didn't Rohan force — or use Heaven's Door to command — Josuke to fix his house?
    • too conspicuous?
    • Because Rohan's hatred for Josuke (and shame at having lost) at that point was too strong to ask him to repair the damage.
  • Why didn't they take Shizuka to the police?
    • "Hi, I'd like to turn in this baby I found. Please ignore the fact that she may turn invisble at any given moment due to a spirit that she can't control. Also, don't cause any media attention, we like to keep spirits like this a secret. Wait, why am I being put in handcuffs?"
  • Of all of Josuke's "make money quick" schemes, did he never think of opening a "repair anything" business and use Crazy Diamond's power to make loads of easy money? ranging from electronics to cluttery to even family heirlooms like old feudal weapons, he can fix anything to prime condition in seconds, and here he wouldn't be scamming anyone like when he tried to cheat Rohan out of his money or having to literally fight Shigechi to near death to get his rightful share of a lottery ticket, he could even enlist Okuyasu's help to play the role of clerk to make it seem he is constantly busy working and make it less suspicious, and it is not like he would be the only one in town running a Stand-based business, both Tonio and Doctor Aya did similar, so why not?
    • The operative words here are "make money quick". Josuke is a teenager, and as smart and mature as he is, he still doesn't think like an adult. He probably considers something like that boring or that it would take way too much time. And seeing as he is still a teenager, who's gonna actually buy this service from him?
      • This. And how do you expect him to explain his incredible fixing powers?
    • Apparently not.
  • When Rohan used Heaven's Door on Hayato, how did he see the memories of things that were about to happen? I get that it was meant to be a part of Bites The Dust's time looping effect, but he hadn't gone back in time from that point when Rohan first got to him so he shouldn't have known about those things.
    • Most likely, Hayato had already gone through a first, unseen loop, where he did the exact same thing as he does in the first loop we see, and he doesn't change any of his actions in the second loop because he doesn't notice anything is particularly wrong other than a sense of deja vu. However, since he did experience these things, even if he himself didn't necessarily think it was real, it would still show up with Heaven's Door's ability.
  • Things that Crazy Diamond could have fixed if Josuke/Araki had stopped to think about it: Nijimura's father. That nameless farming couple that was liquefied but kept alive by the two stand-using rats. Rohan's house. Kira's false identity. If Josuke had just used Crazy Diamond on Kosaku's corpse, the face and fingerprints would have been forcibly returned to him from Kira; worst case scenario, Kira gets his old identity back and is easily recognized, best case scenario he's faceless in the middle of the street.
    • I think he can only bring things to the state he thinks is "healed", and he did not know the previous state of the above things. I think the idea for Nijimura's father is that he is technically healthy. As for Rohan's house, Josuke is just a dick.
    • The farming couple could've been dead by the time he remembered they existed. Also, remember that they were preoccupied with Aya at the time, and Jojo didn't even get to fix her wounds before she exploded. Since Kira figured the gang would be trailing right behind him, he probably hoped that the explosion would be enough to wipe out the whole group, and he would've if it weren't for Okuyasu being smart with The Hand for once. An explosion that size should've been more than enough to blow up Kosaku's body, which was right next to Aya. All Kira could do at that point was wait for his hand to come back, as he was still somehow running about with one bloody stump. The real question is why Josuke didn't fix the button that came off the suit.
      • The button didn't have any strings attached, at least in the anime, so it wouldn't have had anything to repair. Buttons aren't technically attached to coats in a way that Crazy Diamond can manipulate.
      • Josuke states that he can't fix anything that Okuyasu touches with The Hand, though it's because Okuyasu disintegrates said things, there's the possibility that Crazy Diamond can't heal things altered by a Stand (though he did recover Okuyasu from Chilli Pepper), also, it has never been said that Josuke didn't fix the farm couple, and in the anime Josuke says he can heal the couple.
    • Nijimura's father had undergone a mutation at a genetic level, so even if Josuke had tried to heal him, that's the way he is now, also, it seems that Josuke has at least seen or know the original form or ingredients of the things he fixes, like Tonio's pasta
  • Why couldn't Josuke just use Crazy Diamond to repair the button and have it lead him to Kira like he did with his hand?
    • They probably wanted to take a more measured approach. Kira managed to kill Shigechi right in front of them without anyone noticing, and is a well-established serial killer that obviously knew how to cover his tracks and eliminate any threats. The Jojo party needed to be careful. Besides, if Josuke had waited pretty much any amount of time, the button would've flown to the tailor instead of to Kira himself, and Jotaro found the correct tailor really quickly anyway.
  • Watching the Part 4 anime, it becomes kinda frustrating to see how many times the team could have just caught him. As mentioned above, Josuke could have summoned his suit with the button he left behind. Josuke could have healed Kawajiri's face in Aya's parlor and found who Kira replaced. Joseph could have just used Hermit Purple to find Kira's new face (and don't say he's too senile, him using Hermit Purple to find a murderer is the entire reason Jotaro is in Morioh in the first place). Josuke could have healed Kira's clipped fingernails and used them to find him. Araki makes mistakes, sure, but yikes.
    • Worth noting, too, that Joseph isn't too senile to save Rohan from Ken, and is intuitive enough to do so without Rohan so much as saying a word.
    • Kira has new fingernails, so is not possible using the old.
    • You know what, there's another way. When Aya changed Kira's face, why didn't she use the same power she used on Yukako to make his face revert or hideous or something?
    • Because she died?
      • She didn’t die instantly; she was giving a long-winded monologue when she could’ve just uglied his face and told them to track down the guy who looks like he got hit with an ugly stick
    • The most troubling part is that Josuke attempted to use Kira's hand by healing it and thus make it into a tracking device to find Kira... except it is shown numerous times that Josuke not only restores anything to original form, but he has absurd precise control of how far his ability will go, if he punches down a concrete road, he can either fix it back into a road, or make the pieces be reduced to the tar used to make the concrete, to top it off, when Okuyasu was dragged into the energy line by Red Hot Chilly Peppers, Josuke pulled him back by healing the arm he had lost in the fight against RHCP, instead of using Kira's hand as a tracking device... he could have simply pulled Kira back by healing the hand and forcing Kira towards the hand rather than sending the hand to Kira, even if Kira tried to counter act this by cutting off his whole arm, Josuke could have simply repeated the process by healing the arm, there is only so much Kira could cut off before starting to target vital parts of his body, and even if they found risky to be in physical contact with Kira due to his bombs, Jotaro was extremelly close to Josuke at the time, he could have simply used Star Platinum: The World to kill Kira before Kira could act, just like they did in the finale, except if Josuke had just done the smart thing, Doctor Aya and Hayato's father would have lived.
      • The reason why Kira cut his hand off in the first place was to use Sheer Heart Attack as a distraction while he ran away. If Josuke heals Kira back to him, it's possible that Sheer Heart Attack would still be flying around (noticeably, Sheer Heart Attack returns to Kira's hand when Josuke heals it back onto Kira, not necessarily the other way around), which Josuke didn't want to risk. Besides, as far as the group new, Kira had nowhere to go, and they were caught off guard when he ran for Aya's shop.
      • Maybe when Okuyasu was transformed by Chilly Pepper into electricity Josuke healed the hand because the one who was altered was Okuyasu rather than his arm.
  • How exactly does Crazy Diamond determine something/someone's fixed state? It repairs Yuya multiple times without touching his tattoo. If Yuya had gotten it recently, would it?
    • Looks like it heals up to the state that Josuke believes it's fully healed. When Josuke fixes the motorcycle a bit earlier, for instance, he fixes it up to where the broken and shattered parts restore themselves and pull back together, even though it could have remained as its component pieces before assembly or even the raw metals, plastics, and such used to make it. You can see it in the spaghetti Josuke reverts in Antonio's restaurant: Some of the ingredients reverted back to when they were raw (the pasta), whereas others reverted back to their basic ingredients (the sauce).
  • Why didn't Rohan use Heaven's Door on Shizuka the invisible baby so that she wouldn't use her Stand all the time? It doesn't have to be permanent, just "I cannot use my Stand until I am 11 years old" or something.
    • He's not really in the habit of doing free favors.
      • Or favors at all
  • The scene of the entire cast saying goodbye to Reimi as she finally passes on is heartwarming, but when did characters like Tamami, Mikitaka and Yuya even meet her? Tamami was presumably still in the hospital when the rest of the cast met her (he was the only Stand user not present in the scene after Shigechi's death); Yuya was a former antagonist that was basically dragged into the fight against Yoshihiro's minions after his defeat, with nothing to indicate he even knew about Yoshikage, let alone Reimi; and Mikitaka... just kind of stumbled across the plot by complete chance. The third opening even features Koichi's mom and sister pointing to the sky as she passes on, which is even more egregious since they're locked out of the loop entirely.
    • They probably didn't, and got Reimi's backstory explained to the rest of the cast. That, or they may have seen her before. They're Stand users and can see ghosts, after all.
  • So Keichi wanted to find a Stand user who could kill his father. My question is... If you have The Hand, why not have that just erase his dad? It couldn't be that hard to figure out. Keichi's supposed to be the smart brother, too. He knew that his father had super regeneration. The Hand would easily be able to completely make his dad vanish from existence, which is basically the same as killing him.
    • Perhaps they've tried that and it failed, or even that they saw that as a cruel way to end it, but it's more plausible that Okuyasu couldn't bring himself to do that, after all, they both loved their father.
    • Reminder that not even Okuaysu knows where the stuff he scrapes away with his Stand goes. Their father could experience a Fate Worse than Death for all they know.
  • When Koichi and Rohan first stumble into the Ghost Girl's Alley, they end up turning themselves around several times once they realize they're trapped and try to find a way out. Why didn't they get dragged away by the hands? Reimi can't be in control of it, since she wasn't around when Cheap Trick got that treatment later on, so what gives?
    • It’s only a specific part of Ghost Girl Alley drags you into the afterlife.You have to be walking down the alley that leads back to the real world, marked by a post box. Koichi even comments on it when Rohan tricks Cheap Trick into turning around (“This place...’’’That post box’’’!”)
  • Part headscratcher, part fridge. When the team got their hands on Kira's jacket button, why didn't they just seek fingerprints from it, or run DNA analysis? (I admit, I'm not sure how DNA analysis worked in 1990s.) After all, few people touch a jacket button aside a person who wears the said jacket. Also, earlier, Kira himself was worried about getting backtracked by police if they got to check the detached hand he was trying to hide in a lunch bag. Later, I realized that Kira intentionally lived (superficially) super average life and hence has no criminal record, meaning it is less likely there are fingerprint records or DNA data on him. Maybe Kira himself was just a little paranoid with the lunch bag incident?
    • Still, some questions remain. Why couldn't they use the fingerprints on the button to screen out people who have fingerprint records? Narrows things down at least? Or maybe it was being done meanwhile, but results didn't turn in as fast as the plot proceeded?

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