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"Man, I feel so invigorated! I feel like it's the early hours of New Year's Day, and I just put on a fresh pair of my favorite underwear!"
Josuke Higashikata after giving Yuya Fungami the beatdown of a lifetime.

  • Josuke Higashikata has several:
    • He beats the daylights out of the serial killer Angelo and fuses him with a rock and puts a sign up saying "put your dog doo here".
      Josuke: Enjoy your eternal penance, Angelo. Reflect on the life you stole from my grandpa and all the others!
      • To initially trap him, he lets Angelo's Stand go down his throat, but he swallowed a plastic glove that he tied up inside his throat to catch the Stand. Once it's repaired, the Stand is trapped in the glove which he has Crazy Diamond pull out and then swing around to drag out Angelo from where he's hiding.
      • When Angelo's Stand gets inside his mother, he traps it by crushing a glass flask in his Stand's fist, then punching right through his mother's stomach with it, restoring the flask with the Stand inside, then pulling it out and healing her before she even notices anything.
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    • Then he outfoxes the electricity-wielding assassin Akira Otoishi by putting his Stand in a rubber tire. When Red Hot Chili Pepper busts out, the massive hole releases the air pressure and send him flying into the ocean.
      • Before that, we have a quick moment that establishes Josuke is on the same level as his father:
        Akira: I'm ready for round 2 with Crazy Diamond, but I'll only use my little pinky... just like I did with Okuyasu!
        Josuke: If you're planning to use only your pinky in this showdown, then I've got a couple of rules of my own.
        Akira: You can take your rules and shove 'em, fool! Rules are wasted on a punk kid like you!
        (Josuke breaks Akira's pinky with a punch)
        Josuke: Well, you did say that rules are wasted on me. You also said something about bringing me down with your pinky finger. So what's the wannabe rocker Otoishi gonna do now?
        Josuke: YOU ALREADY SAID THAT! Don't you have any new material, fool?!
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    • After returning to normal from being folded to paper and nearly shredded, he inflicts Laser-Guided Karma on Terunosuke Miyamoto (uses the Stand Enigma) by determining his Character Tic in retaliation for his sadistic actions. Then he has Crazy Diamond (and Enigma) turn him into a sentient book.
    • He ends up Blinded by Rage at having his hairdo insulted by Rohan. Too bad for Rohan that he does it too thoroughly, rendering Heaven's Door completely useless, forcing a completely terrified Rohan to hide from the warpath of a berserk Josuke, underneath a bookcase that fell on top of him after the initial beatdown.
    • When fighting Toyohiro Kanedaichi, he starts to fall and he can't grab onto anything. He then has to punch the tower so the tower will punch him back with the same power and launch him upwards.
    • He cheated at the lottery and actually got to keep the money (until his mom found out he won and took it all) so he gambled with a guy that could read people very well, cheated at that and won. He is his father's son after all.
      • For extra awesome points: Josuke's gambling battle was a combined repeat of the D'Arby brothers, who his father and Jotaro fought and won in Stardust Crusaders. Daniel D'Arby was a professional poker player who was defeated after Jotaro used psychological bluffing/intimidation to drive him mad, and Terence D'Arby was an experienced video gamer with a telepathic Stand who made the mistake of ignoring Joseph, who used Hermit Purple to help Jotaro cheat at a video game. These kind of victories must run in the family...
    • He (with Koichi's help) drove around a city at the speed of over 60 kilometers per hour to escape energy draining feet. Then went to the hospital, found the guy controlling the feet, healed the guy's motorcycle accident injuries, then beat him up again and sent him flying through the third story window into a fountain.
      • He was forced to drive the bike with above 60 km/h, and a woman with an infant was in his way. His solution: destroy the motorbike, fly over them and restore it in mid air. Bonus points for Josuke repeating history: a pompadour-wearing young man indirectly saves the life of a small child, which in turn can just watch in awe. He might keep that hairstyle alive for another generation of badass.
      • On top of that, when he was coming out of the sewers he was running out of gas, so he hit a wall, flew over it, had Crazy Diamond break a car in front of him open, go over the car, have the Highway Star run into the car, repair the car so Highway Star is trapped, and siphon the gas.
      • The icing on the cake is the resulting beatdown, and Yuya’s scream once he realizes what’s about to happen.
    Josuke: Yep. And since you got a clean bill of health from Crazy Diamond... when I pound your ass into the ground, I can avoid looking like a coward, right?
    Yuya pauses, then realizes what’s about to happen and screams in fear.
    Crazy Diamond smashes Yuya through the window and down onto a fountain.
    • The first time he runs into Yoshikage Kira, he'd just finished healing Jotaro and Koichi. Now Kira trips up when he wants Josuke to heal him, so he cuts off his right hand to let Sheer Heart Attack stay there as long as needed, but Josuke counters this by repairing the hand so Sheer Heart Attack leaves and that way he can follow the flying hand to find Kira.
    • His CMOA is at the end of the final fight with Kira. After being battered, bruised, bleeding and exhausted by Kira, he finally corners him. And what does he say to him?
      Josuke: You've finally... entered the range of my Stand... Yoshikage Kira!
    • During his final fight with Kira, he hides inside a house, only for Killer Queen's air bombs to track him down, severely injuring him. In typical Joestar fashion, he uses a lighter on Hayato's jacket to reveal Yoshihiro Kira with a phone stowed away, snatching said phone and using a raspy voice to kill him with Killer Queen's bomb. Joseph's inherent trickery has passed down to Josuke, after all!
      Yoshihiro Kira: YOSHIKAGE!
    • And then Josuke uses the moment to rattle Kira, giving him the opening he needed to get Crazy Diamond in range.
      Kira: Tell me, did that vaporize Josuke, is he dead?
      Josuke: [Now talking in his regular voice] Yeah, you splattered the room with him...
      [Kira's face goes Oh, Crap! when he realizes who's talking.]
      Josuke: Now, he's floating in the Great Beyond...but he was already a ghost, so it's more like you shipped him off to the big nursing home in the sky.
  • Rohan gets a few himself.
    • As the opening of this trailer shows, Rohan's drawing skills are Godlike, as in "draw in an intricate and realistic style with INK in one go, WITHOUT tracing over a pencil draft first" Godlike. ANY manga artist before digital drawing will tell you this is close to impossible. The boy has earned his right to buy Armani, Gucci and entire mountain ranges like a kid buying candy with pocket change.
    • Just as a normal thing he does, he can write the command, "I can't attack Rohan Kishibe" on you and it does just that.
    • When fighting Boy 2 Man, he loses two-thirds of his Stand through rock paper scissors, but in order to stop the total loss of Heaven's Door, he uses Shizuka Joestar (the baby that can make itself invisible) to force Ken to make the losing hand. He gets called out for this cheat, so he accepts to start over and wins three times in a row, fair and square.
    • Similar to Whitesnake, he can make you do impossible feats by writing them into your head.
      • He forced Josuke to fly backwards at 70kph just by writing it.
    • After taking his strength, Highway Star gives Rohan a chance to get it back if he gets Josuke into a trick room. He has this to say.
      Rohan: Sorry, but I refuse! You should know that one of Rohan Kishibe's favorite pastimes is saying "no" to fools who think they're tough shit.
      • This line was awesome enough to be used as the "No" option for the menus in All-Star Battle. The only phrase the English version could find with the same impact was "Like hell I will!"
    • When stuck with Cheap Trick, a Stand that will kill him if anyone sees his back, Rohan uses various means to get out of his house and to a specific spot. Cheap Trick thinks it's the Morioh Grand Hotel. It's Reimi's street. When Rohan fakes insanity and turns his back to Koichi, Cheap Trick looks behind itself to mock him...and trips the curse of the street (Don't Look Back); the hands of the dead grab it. For that extra touch of "Fuck you", Rohan notes that he's not sure where the hands take you, but writes "I will go to Hell." in Cheap Trick's book just to make sure he won't come back.
  • At the final confrontation, Okuyasu wills himself to life after getting a hole blasted in his chest and rescues Josuke from getting blown up by Kira by having The Hand neutralize Killer Queen's air bombs. He also takes away Stray Cat (the source of the air bombs), Kira's ace-in-the-hole, and tames it to the point where Stray Cat behaves like a normal house cat in the epilogue, further contributing to Kira's defeat.
  • Koichi gets a lot, as he evolves from a random boy thrown into Stand fights to one that can defiantly hold his own.
    • His first use of his stand: During his fight with Con-Artist Tamami Kobayashi, he musters up the Heroic Resolve to crack his Stand's egg form and attack in defense of his family. At this point, he has no idea what Echoes is capable of but he is a quick learner. He first uses it to drive Tamami up the wall by slapping him with incredibly loud and annoying sounds. Then he uses it to heal. By tossing the words "Believe me" into his mom (who was on the verge of Psychic-Assisted Suicide from Lock), he not only saves her life but frees her from Tamami's influence. This results in Tamami being left a quivering wreck begging to be Koichi's toady.
      • Technically his second, as if he hadn't been startled by Keicho, he would have tossed the egg at him.
    • He deserves honorable mention for standing up to Kira and his unstoppable mini-death-tank-bomb, Sheer Heart Attack, and evolving his Stand into another Act.
    • And as a part of his new ability, Echoes Act 3 can force things to freeze by increasing their gravity. Koichi stops Sheer Heart Attack by making it sink into solid concrete!
    • The whole SHA arc involves Koichi taking several levels in badass. Firstly, he manages to disable Sheer Heart Attack, something not even Jotaro managed, and indirectly subjecting Kira to a very embarrassing series of events thanks to his now-incredibly heavy hand. Then, when Kira does catch up to him, he gets to exact glorious revenge... or so it seems. While getting viciously tortured by Kira, Koichi manages to get his name on his license, and gloats about it while bleeding out on the concrete covered in his own blood. Kira is visibly teary-eyed afterwards, his pride battered just as much as Koichi himself.
      Koichi: Sure, you might get away for the time being, but you know what, Kira? I bet your every thought is mocking you for letting a whiny brat unravel the mystery of your name. And if they aren't, I'll do the honors for them: A mulling little high schooler just found you out! YOU'RE SUCH A COLOSSAL DUMBASS! I'LL BE WAITING FOR YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE, YOU MURDER-HAPPY SON OF A BITCH!
    • Koichi gets another one, even if it's more minor, when he used Echoes Act 3 against a particularly unhelpful and bitchy hospital tionist that not only refused to give him help but was also demeaning him and his short stature, by making four 50,000 yen bottles get heavy and nearly fall down. And when she yells at him to help her, he points out how the tionist was just shooing him away, all so she'd tell the location of Yuya Fungami. It wasn't as great as his other blows against the more nefarious enemies, but it's still an awesome moment when it comes to punishing an obnoxious jerk.
      Echoes Act 3: Okay master! Let’s kill the ho! Biiiiitch!
    • Koichi also manages to be the Spanner in the Works during the final fight. Kira almost pulls out a Near-Villain Victory, moments away from activating the Bites the Dust bomb to reset events and Jotaro is too far away in order to use the The World to prevent him. All hope seems lost, but then Koichi uses ACT 3 to freeze Kira's hand at the last second. Even Jotaro was impressed.
    • During the "Yukako Yamagishi Falls in Love" arc, Yukako has Koichi trapped in a secluded place, with the intention of molding him into the perfect husband. While he's managed to get a warning to Josuke and Okuyasu and intends to hold out until rescue arrives, Koichi ends up standing up to Yukako and manages to hold his own in the ensuing fight against her with his evolved Stand, Echoes Act 2. Seriously, boobytrapping his jacket with a "Kaboom!" was a clever and effective move. Even after everything, Koichi still has enough compassion to save Yukako (whose Stand overuse left her weakened at this point) from a cliff fall by having a sharp rock formation that was supposed to impale her instead bounce her back onto high ground with Echoes's power. All this happens before Josuke and Okuyasu arrives.
  • Hayato, probably the last example of a Badass Normal in the series, managing to stop Kira's Bites The Dust bomb, inflicting some heavy damage on him in the process using a plant-cat.
    • To be a bit more specific, Bites The Dust has forced him through a "Groundhog Day" Loop several times by this point. He picks up Gatta (host of the Stray Cat Stand), waits for Kira to step out from behind a tree to mock his attempts at changing fate, and has Gatta shoot him. Kira survives this due to having put his wristwatch in his coat, and proceeds to taunt Hayato again... except Hayato had learned Josuke's phone number on a previous loop, and arranged for him and his allies to meet up a bit sooner than in the last loops. Kira made the mistake of using his real name while talking to Hayato; while Bites The Dust would kill anyone Hayato told that to, it can't do shit if Kira says it. Kira's forced to yank Bites The Dust back to its Killer Queen state to avoid being beaten down, shutting off the bomb.
      • Many people think that Kira was only defeated until the ambulance did its magic. However, Hayato is the true hero of Part 4 by showing how the human spirit, Stand-less or not, wasn't going to allow Kira to just do what he pleased. Up until this point, Kira treated Stand-less persons as his cattle; it was on this moment, the moment where an 11 year old without powers gets him to drop his guard and effectively defeat his invincible power that someone understands that Kira was already defeated; he wouldn't ever live his "quiet life" because good people wouldn't just let him. And that's awesome!
      Hayato: It doesn't matter if you have some guardian angel... Your lucky break is about to come to a painful end! Nothing you got compares to these guys' righteous hearts! They're gonna make you pay! Can you feel it Yoshikage Kira? The truth is staring you right in the face! You're nothing compared to them!
    • The fact that he was perfectly willing to kill himself to prevent Bites the Dust from killing a bunch of strangers that he doesn't know. Unfortunately, his Heroic Suicide doesn't go as planned since Bites the Dust is designed to protect him, but points for trying.
    • And there's the fact that Hayato did kill himself when Josuke was getting outmatched by Kira, letting him be blown up by the bomb that was primed on Okuyasu's unconscious body! Thankfully, Josuke was there to bring him back.
    • One of his earliest CMOAs however, comes during the short "That's not my dad!" arc that sets his involvement in the finale in motion. Specifically just as Kira is about to kill him with Killer Queen, Hayato reveals that he's been recording their entire interaction and that he's got dozens of other records that someone might stumble across if he were to die, effectively blackmailing Kira into letting him live. It doesn't work, but points for getting Kira to panic and kill him without Killer Queen, which would kick off the events that gained him Bites the Dust and eventually lead his defeat.
    • On some level, Hayato actually understood what made Kira tick. Kira mocks him by stating that fate can't be changed, that everything will pan out as it should- so when things go exactly the way they should, Hayato makes active decisions to ensure they happen the wrong way. It's fate that his mother's tea set breaks; but Kira is the one holding the cup when it does. His mother gets a kiss on the cheek; but Hayato is the one to give it to her instead of Kira. The attempt to use Stray Cat against Kira doesn't work, but he comes damn close, and in all it gets to Kira- a man who hates when things don't go as planned. And this is when Hayato learns two things: that Bites The Dust will protect him even from Kira himself, and that even if fate can't be changed (like Kira letting his name slip to Hayato as he gloats), where and how it happens can (like planning to have Josuke within hearing distance when Kira lets his name slip). Hayato's contributions completely undermined Kira by letting everything unfold the way he wanted in exactly the wrong way. For someone like Kira, having the plan go completely wrong by going completely right goes against everything in his nature.
  • Another thing to consider: Fate in the Jo Jo universe is actually a thing that exists, and in fact it is one of the governing laws of the universe. Fate reigns supreme over all living things, and you need especially powerful Stands such as King Crimson or Made in Heaven to cheat or modify its course... and yet Hayato did it without any powers.
  • And of course, Yoshikage Kira himself.
    • "Sorry, but Killer Queen has already left its mark on the doorknob..."
    • The way he casually walked towards his next victim as a dude he turned into a bomb explodes right besides him is evilly epic.
    • Kira versus a pair of muggers. Despite being occupied with his left hand weighed down, Kira baits one into stealing his wallet and blows his fingers off.
    • Kira effortlessly parrying Echoes Act 3 with Killer Queen and delivering an utterly brutal beatdown on both it and Koichi. Most impressively of all, Killer Queen could only use one hand at the time due to Act 3 weighing down Sheer Heart Attack. And then checking the time to make sure he has a minute as he describes how he's going to beat Koichi to death.
    • After inadvertently giving himself away to Josuke, Kira severs his own hand to release Sheer Heart Attack against the heroes. Notably, this move lets him escape and change his identity, letting him live to fight another day.
    • It's a very different sort of awesome, but after marrying Shinobu, Kira quickly proves to be excellent at faking his identity as her husband, keeping up his disguise as a normal family man with almost no effort.
    • Kira successfully killing Stray Cat and later taming its resurrected form.
    • His entire final battle against Josuke, where he teamed up with the aforementioned plant-cat in order to create explosive homing air bombs that were being guided by the photograph containing the spirit of Yoshihiro Kira.
  • As a supporting character, Jotaro survives getting blown up multiple times, and while nearly knocked out from his injuries, is able to beat down Kira.
    • To put into perspective, Jotaro is barely conscious and would have likely died from his wounds inflicted by Sheer Heart Attack. Kira has a broken hand but is otherwise in perfect health. What happens next is an utter Curb-Stomp Battle in Jotaro's favor, something not even Josuke manages to do in the finale while in comparatively better shape.
    Jotaro: Nice watch you have there. Go ahead and take one last look at it, cause I'm about to bust it up. To be clear, by it, I mean your face.
    Jotaro: Good freaking grief, I take it back. Up close that watch is tacky as hell, although to be fair, that's the least of your worries now. There's something that's gonna look a lot worse than that piece of junk... and that, my friend, is your putrid face."
    • And that beating was so bad, that everything Kira does from that point on, including taking Kawajiri Kosaku's life and getting Bites the Dust, is to avoid having to face Jotaro again.
  • Yuya Fungami, the user of Highway Star, gets one when Josuke ropes him into fighting Enigma's user. Enigma can turn anything into paper, even people if its user can figure out their fear tell. Josuke and Koichi both get transformed, and Fungami has to go through several layers of paper to get to them. The last one? A paper shredder. Fungami freaks out when he can't turn it off, getting himself turned into paper... Which was what he wanted to happen - as paper, his hand is now thin enough to reach into the shredder and yank them free. As soon as he unfolds Josuke's paper, Crazy Diamond reaches out and delivers payback for all of them; Yuya then replies being turned into paper was totally worth the look on that loser's face.
  • By this point in time Joseph Joestar is incredibly old and borderline senile, it's extremely heart-wrenching to see him go from such a badass to a weak old man. Despite this however, he manages to get in one awesome moment where he saves an invisible baby from drowning. Using good old fashioned JoJo smarts Joseph dyes the water with his own blood in order to find her; despite knowing in his advanced age losing blood can be fatal. This moment cements Josuke's affection for him and causes him to accept Joseph as his father.
  • Meta example, but the fan outcry for David Production to adapt Part 4 since the finale for Stardust Crusaders is a real testament to how well they did and how much people care about this part. It's even gotten to the point where several Twitter hashtags have been going around with fan artists drawing what they think Part 4 and beyond would look like in DP's style. Time will tell if it gets adapted or not, but the sheer level of support is a sight to behold.
    • And now that it IS being adapted, the fans are livid with excitement.
      • And as the icing on the cake; David Production is making an OVA based on Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe!
  • For the anime, the return of Star Platinum's "ORA ORA ORA ORA!!!" along with Stardust Crusaders, when Jotaro's fighting Sheer Heart Attack.
    • Even better is when it comes back a second time to punctuate Jotaro absolutely beating the ever loving shit out of Kira and Killer Queen.
      • Comes back a third time when Jotaro has Kira dead to rights with The World. He has to punch just once, and he inhales as if to call out to resume time, but then Jotaro flashes into the distressed faces of all his friends and decides he owes them at least one "ORA ORA ORA ORA"; then he resumes time. And when he activated "Star Platinum: The World" beforehand, the sound effect is changed: it removes the clock ticking associated with DIO's Stand, and it's mesmerising to hear with the climax of "Final Battle" playing at the moment. Showing how this technique, usually synonymous with the danger of Dio's arrival, now heralds a serial killer's end.
  • The Official PV teaser trailer for the Part 4 anime was recently released, and it is truly a sight to behold. You know you've got something good when a 2 minute teaser hits over 300,000 views in a single day!
  • The intro to the 36th episode of the anime. The opening starts up perfectly fine but then Bites the Dust triggers a few seconds into it. The opening then plays with most of it backwards, an awesome different variant (actually the second half) of the theme and Hayato looking determined rather than scared like in the normal opening.
    • And unlike last time, where Jotaro was caught off-guard by DIO stopping time in End of the World, this OP ends with a shot of the Duwang Gang turning around, ready to face Kira head on, as opposed to having their backs to him like in the normal OP. Notably, this change sticks around after the opening turns back to normal for episodes 37 and 38.
    • The shot of Reimi and the gang's hands rising to point up to the sky is never reversed by Bites the Dust, meaning that no matter what Kira does, he can't stop our heroes' shining desire for justice.
  • After being notoriously plagued with Off-Model and poor animation quality for signature scenes like Killer Queen's first appearance, Episode 39 pulls out all the stops and showcases just how amazing David Production can be with a proper budget; notable scenes include Kira's final activation of Bites The Dust, Reimi confronting Kira and him subsequently being Dragged Off to Hell, Reimi finally leaving Morioh after fifteen years stuck there, Hayato's last dinner with his mom, and Josuke's goodbye to Joseph and Jotaro. Even better is a final montage showing what all the people of Morioh are doing now that Kira's been defeated; Okuyasu, his dad, and Stray Cat all go to eat at Tonio's (as well as Yuya and his girlfriends), Tamami and Hazamada are bickering over Pink Dark Boy, Rohan's preparing to draw more of his manga, Kanedaichi and Mikitaka are hanging out inside Super Fly, and Yukako and Koichi are about to go on a lunch date. For all it's ups and downs, this part gave such an awesome sense of community that it becomes something of a Tear Jerker to see it end, but all the surviving cast gets to live happily in the town that they love like they all wanted.
    • The cherry on top? All of this plays during a remix of Great Days which contains EVERY single JoJo singer from way back to Phantom Blood to the current one.
      • Even better is that the Justice sun in Great Days (appearing behind Josuke in the opening as the singer belts out the lyric "Shining Justice") was noted by the director to represent Jonathan Joestar. The one to sing this in the UNIT version is none other than the singer of the OP for Phantom Blood, Tominaga "TOMMY" Hiroaki.
  • An understated one given all the stuff that happens in this part, but Jotaro getting his Ph.D in Marine Biology and writing his thesis on a starfish he happened to find on a local beach while in Morioh deserves mention. Keep in mind that a doctoral thesis is a very time consuming and laborious process that can take years to complete, and then add to that the fact that Jotaro had to also deal with two Stand-using serial killers, tracking down the Bow and Arrow, nearly getting blown up by Sheer Heart Attack, and nearly being turned to goo by a Stand-using rat. When you take all of that into account, you realize that Jotaro managed to get a Ph.D in his down time between doing all of that.
  • Akira actually turns his broken pinkie from Josuke into a CMOA for himself. After Josuke snapped it, Akira forced his pinkie back into place with willpower alone, then performed a legendary guitar solo with said broken hand to properly express his emotions after the act. Josuke and Koichi are dumbstruck by the performance, and freely admit Akira could be the next Jimi Hendrix.
  • Reimi and Arnold finally achieving revenge on Kira:
    Kira: Now, let's have us a look. Turn that pretty little head!
    Reimi: Oh, please. Did you think I wouldn't prepare for you pulling a stunt like this? You're so predictable. We've been waiting for fifteen years... That was way more than enough time to prepare!
    (Two red spots ignite in the shadow, and you can hear a low, angry growl)
    Kira: "We...?"
    (Cue Arnold lunging from the shadows and tearing Kira's goddamn arm off)
    • It gets even better once you realize that, to this day, Arnold is the only animal in the series to get revenge on his murderer. Even Iggy had to let Polnareff finish the job against Vanilla Ice; Arnold, meanwhile, not only bit into the man who violently murdered him and his owner, but caused Kira to look behind him and get dragged straight to Hell.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, the memes are over. This is what the Stands look like in live-action.
  • While it ultimately cost him his life, Shigechi struck the first blow against Kira. By stealing that one button, he managed to clue Josuke into the fact that the killer was a Stand User.
    • Even more than that, Shigechi managed to push Harvest to bring the button into the room Josuke and Okuyasu were in after his body was destroyed. His determination was so great, his soul moved on it's own, not unlike Iggy.