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Nightmare Fuel / JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable

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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to this page. Proceed at your own risk.
Kira will sleep soundly tonight... but you won't.
"Sorry, but Killer Queen has already left its mark on the doorknob."
Yoshikage Kira warning an unfortunate student of his untimely death.

You'd think that since this part is Lighter and Softer, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure would let up on the horror this time around. You would be horribly wrong, as Diamond Is Unbreakable comes to show.

  • Anjuro "Angelo" Katagiri might be the darkest Starter Villain in the series. A Serial Killer and rapist since the age of 12, he could potentially be even worse than J. Geil. Even Jotaro admitted that he felt a shiver down his spine when reading about Angelo's crimes, which included kidnapping, raping, and brutally killing three teenage boys. His Stand can 'hide' inside water and other liquids and kill people from the inside. He boasts that after he's killed Josuke and Jotaro, he will "have fun" with Josuke's mother Tomoko, and is also not above taking a child as a hostage. Luckily, he gets a fitting end. His crimes are skimmed over a bit in the anime, with Jotaro assuring the audience You Do Not Want To Know ("It would make a sewer rat puke.") At least until the very next episode, where his horrible crimes are relayed in full. Complete with flashbacks that show even more detail than the original manga. We still don't get a direct look at what he did, but what we do see is enough to show that he's a horrifying person.
  • This one's related to the above. After Angelo kills Josuke's grandfather, Josuke and Jotaro are preparing to battle him. When Jotaro namedrops Angelo, we get a spilt-second Jump Scare of a murderous Josuke with his hair standing up. A second later, he's calmly combing his hair back in shape. Later, it's shown that he destroyed a bunch of objects in the room they were in. Suddenly Josuke's mood swings aren't so funny anymore...
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  • Angelo's fate in the Live Action adaptation is about the same as it is in the Anime and Manga. However, we're treated to a more gradual display of just how Angelo's body parts fuse into the stone around him as Crazy Diamond repairs it and him. It begins pushing parts of him around as it resets, distorting his face as his last moments of begging become low-pitched, garbled exhaling. By the point the Angelo Stone is finally christened, it's hard to tell if he's even alive compared to previous source material.
  • Yukako is one of the earliest examples of Yandere in manga: in her introduction, she lights a girl's hair on fire, blinds her, and binds her tongue just because she was helping Koichi with his classroom chores. She then kidnaps Koichi, forcing him to experience humiliating events that ruin his self-esteem, insulting him at every turn, "training" him, and even beating him up and trying to kill him multiple times.
    • Take out the Stands, and suddenly you have something that could be on the news. An otherwise normal high school girl develops an unhealthy obsession with a boy. The girl kidnaps the boy, and gets progressively crazier as they don't return the affection, eventually trying to kill them because of their own insane logic of "they will always live on as a memory I love". Yikes...
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  • Yukako suddenly appearing outside of Koichi's window. The anime makes the scene much worse.
  • Rohan Kishibe's Stand, Heaven's Door, makes your entire life's experiences and memory appear as open books on your flesh. The thing is, it looks like he just flayed your skin off. It gets even worse when he tears a page out, as the person actually loses weight (meaning that, yes, he actually tore out a chunk of their body), and if he tears all the pages out, the person dies (and he was planning on doing this to Koichi when they met just for the sake of his manga).
    • He unravels Okuyasu, leaving him with coiled slinky limbs, unable to control his own movements, and, should he have interfered any farther, Rohan had written that he would commit suicide by self-immolation.
    • A different flavor of this is when he uses Heaven's Door on Hayato. Imagine you're Rohan: you have a Stand that allows you unlimited, totally truthful access to a person's memories and identity, so it's basically become second nature for you to use Heaven's Door to investigate suspicious people. When you come across Hayato — who is not only acting suspicious, but is more specifically trying to keep from telling you something he wants to tell you — you naturally use Heaven's Door to figure out what the hell's going on, but as you leaf through Hayato's pages you see a message that, unlike everything else Heaven's Door has ever printed, directly addresses you: "DO NOT READ FURTHER." And then there's what happens next, which can only be described as In-Universe The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You... it's enough to make you hold your books at arm's length for a while.
  • The side effects of Tonio Trussardi's cooking. Sure, it's meant to heal and rejuvenate the body, but damn! Okuyasu's eyeballs shriveling up, a mass of dead skin peeling off his body, his guts exploding... no wonder Josuke was alarmed when he starts suffering the side effects of the healing process.
    • When Josuke investigates Tonio's kitchen, it literally plays off like a horror movie, with Tonio going complete psycho and the visuals and music getting all dark and serious, culminating in Tonio leaping up behind Josuke, as if about to strike him with a brick...and turns out it's just a bar of soap, as Tonio's Berserk Button is people entering his kitchen without washing their hands. Nonetheless, the entire scene plays off very dark and sinister, even though it all ends well.
    • That said, Tonio did throw a knife at Josuke and narrowly missed his face by an inch...
    • And that's not to mention the adorable little puppy in Tonio's kitchen, who, given Jojo's track record in dogs, doesn't look very promising. He feeds it a bone from his roast lamb recipe, and the puppy happily chews on the bone, before it starts twitching violently, regurgitates its own intestines, and explodes in a shower of blood. The puppy is later shown to be unharmed and Tonio was just giving it a taste because it also had tummy problems, but nonetheless, seeing a dog vomit out its own innards is still a rather horrifying sight, context or not...
  • That rat Jotaro and Josuke look for. It has the ability to shoot a barb that melts and fuse bodies together like gelatin, while they're alive.
    • The intelligence of the rats, Bug-Eaten in particular. They have the same human-level mind as other Stand-using animals like Iggy, Forever, and Pet Shop, being able to calculate which direction its shots will ricochet off of. However, unlike them, the rats don't have humanized qualities to show their emotions. They have the same eyes as real animals. They're less humanized than freaking Pet Shop and just as smart and aggressive.
    • The rat corpse cube. Jesus Christ... It's not even censored in the anime!
    • There's also the fate of the couple living in the farmhouse that Bug-Eaten takes over, melted into a blob of meat and locked in their fridge to be used as a buffet for the rats, a horrified Josuke notes by their heads that they're still alive and moving; thankfully, the fact that they are still alive means Josuke (hopefully) fixes them up with Crazy Diamond offscreen without much difficulty, as he can easily heal the similar wounds Jotaro suffers.
    • There's also the fact that Jotaro was essentially one more needle away from becoming a melted goo pile of food for the bastard. A merciless Stand-using rat did more raw damage to Jotaro in the span of a minute than DIO did overall.
  • Akira Otoishi's Red Hot Chili Pepper may be the Disc-One Final Boss, but he's pretty scary in his own right. A Stand that draws strength from electricity in a world where it is very hard to avoid it, with unlimited range as long as there's electricity nearby, and can drag you into a power line to kill you like he did with Keicho Nijimura? It's a good thing that Akira Otoishi isn't very smart. If he'd decided to attack the heroes in their sleep, this season would be a lot shorter.
  • There's a corner where Reimi's ghost resides, and the only way to get out is to turn after 20 feet. If you ever turn completely around at the wrong point, this happens and you're Dragged Off to Hell. This is Kira's ultimate fate.
    • Kira definitely gets it the worst. When Koichi or Cheap Trick turned around, they were simply grabbed. When it happens to Kira? He shatters.
  • Yoshikage Kira in general. He's a 33-year-old man but has no qualms about beating down and killing a 14-year-old boy. In Reimi's backstory, he kills and hangs her dog, and hides under her bed and licks her hands. In the story proper, he kills another man and assimilates his identity to keep himself hidden, murders his 11-year-old 'son', and maybe most disturbing is the fact that he will absolutely keep his identity a secret no matter what.
    Kira: Killer Queen has already entered your pupil, Rohan Kishibe! No, you're not seeing things. Killer Queen's Third Bomb has already been activated! Your time has COME!
  • Sheer Heart Attack. When it isn't loudly exclaiming "Over here!", it is completely indestructible, chases whatever the warmest thing in the vicinity is, and the explosion is bigger based on how hot that heat source is. The worst part? Even if you trick it, it seems to know whether it did or didn't kill a human. Even worse, if you're not a Stand User, you can still see tread marks crawling around you... especially if you're wondering why your arm got blown off. Just ask the shoe shop owner who did Kira's jacket.
    • Made worse in the live-action film, where instead of Red Hot Chili Pepper being the one who kills Keicho... IT'S SHEER HEART ATTACK.
      • Sheer Heart Attack in the live-action film is considerably more deadly. In the anime, it was slow but unstoppable. Here it's still as unstoppable, but moves faster than an RC car. An invincible bomb that can come at you in the blink of an eye.
      • Keicho's death in the film is even worse. The damn thing rams into his stomach and drills into his body (fortunately off-screen) with some sickening crunching and squelching noises. A few seconds later, Keicho turns to face the others, and we're greeted by the sight of SHA sticking out of his mouth, chattering and clicking like a pair of wind-up teeth. Keicho can't move and is in agony, and then he blows up. While Kira's always had a sadistic side, this is easily his most brutal murder so far. As much of an asshole as Keicho was, it's as bad or maybe even worse than his anime/manga fate of electrocution by Red Hot Chili Pepper.
    • Killer Queen's explosions also completely obliterate a person. The only thing left of Shigechi was a few out of hundreds of Harvest. The anime goes as far as showing the victims' souls also getting torn apart in the afterlife.
    • In episode 34, we finally get to witness Killer Queen's explosions from a Invisible to Normals perspective. The only thing we hear to signify that Killer Queen activated is a small click. Aside from that, we see Kira's latest victim get reduced to a hand, and it's completely unnerving hearing nothing as a woman's twitching hand suddenly stops and the rest of her turns to a puff of smoke. A sharp contrast to the visible and loud explosions that Stand users can see.
  • What happens to Masazo Kinoto once Cheap Trick leaves his body... It essentially involves Cheap Trick leaving the host by flaying their back, causing them to die from blood loss. If that wasn't bad enough, their corpse is reduced to an indistinguishable shriveled fetus-like corpse that you can hold in the palm of your hand.
  • Superfly is an independent Stand that traps a person inside, and turns them into metal if they try to leave. If you try to destroy it, it will rebound any damage dealt to it back at the attacker. And as an independent Stand, it'll continue existing for pretty much the rest of time. Sounds like an SCP.
    • The manga does mention that Super Fly needs a "host" because it cannot produce by itself the spiritual energy required to maintain the Stand. Meaning that there is a way to destroy it: having everyone currently inside the tower die.
  • The anime adaptation added a very Surprise Creepy moment to the first episode. You see a happy morning in a happy neighborhood in Morioh, as the radio host happily announces it's morning and puts on some cheery music, while showing the hand of a woman makes breakfast. And then the camera zooms out from the hand as the music distorts, revealing that the severed hand is one of Yoshikage's Kira's girlfriends. Especially jarring for fans who hadn't read the manga and had their guard lowered by the appearance of a Lighter and Softer season; the character responsible doesn't even appear until several arcs later, leaving it unexplained for now.
    • Another such moment appears at the end of Episode 12.
  • Highway Star is a Stand that drains people's nutrients and their skin becomes transparent til the bones are visible, which got demonstrated on poor Rohan when he gets taken hostage. Josuke is later subjected to the effects a few times as well.
  • The second anime OP, Chase, is, in contrast to the fist-pumping pulp stylings of its predecessors, a horrific and oftentimes surreal sequence. Nearly the entire thing is in monochrome colors, and the imagery is gritty and drab.
  • For a brief moment in the second half of Kira's anime debut, Killer Queen is drawn with an unnervingly realistic skull (that has human teeth rather than feline), and GIANT, blazing red eyes. It comes right the hell out of nowhere, too; not only had the Stand's first appearance been comically Off-Model, but there's nothing like it in the manga.
  • Seven words. Killer Queen's Third Bomb: Bites the Dust.
    • Especially from Hayato's perspective, which is equal parts terrifying and outright hopeless. Imagine being a child who just got found out by a killer masquerading as their father; despite that, life goes on. Like Hayato, maybe you would feel like you have something to blackmail the killer with. Now imagine that on a car ride to school, you encounter someone who suspects your "father" to be the killer and when he tries to find out more information about you, he suddenly explodes. Next thing you know, it is the same morning again, with only you and the killer having knowledge about what happened. And then you find out that the killer essentially planted a bomb inside you that would kill anyone who knew his identity and that you actually died the night before, before he used his new ability to reverse that. Now you try avoiding talking to this person again, but he just dies anyway, and now his friends have gotten curious and are now stuck in this timeloop of dying. And not even trying to kill yourself will save you, because Bites the Dust is also determined to keep its "host" alive. Read that last sentence again. HOST. Bites the Dust does not have a user. It has a host. This thing is essentially a PARASITE Stand. It's the only one that benefits from this whole experience.
    • Somehow the anime rendition of Bites the Dust is even worse. Imagine watching people explode right in front of your eyes after they either try to question you about the serial killer who's killed and replaced your father and then being sent screaming into a horrifying technicolor eye-shaped time warp to the beginning of the day as that horrible, horrible monster your father's killer implanted in you sits on your chest and just looks at you with its glowing red eyes. No wonder Hayato tried to kill himself with an exacto knife!
    • Speaking of the anime, Episode 36's opening; As Hayato experiences the horror of Bites The Dust's first time loop, the opening begins as usual, and nothing seems all that out of the ordinary...until Kira first appears onscreen, at which point-*CLICK!* Bites The Dust activates in the opening, reversing it from end to beginning, all while a creepy whirling rewinding noise plays. That's right - Kira's trapped you in Bites The Dust's cycle, unable to do anything but watch helplessly as his new power kills and resets, kills and resets...again and again and again. It makes -end of THE WORLD-'s alternate opening with DIO downright tame in comparison. Thankfully, it's somewhat mitigated by two things: the second half of Great Days playing throughout (barring the beginning, as mentioned above), and the fact that at the end of the opening, which leaves on a shot of Kira pressing the trigger for a new cycle, all the main cast have now turned around to face him, having finally caught on to his tricks and ready to give him his just desserts.
    • The segment that starts off Bites the Dust's arc is pretty unnerving too. Remember that triumphant moment when Hayato stood his ground against Kira in the aforementioned bathtub scene? The next time we see the boy, he's lifeless with eyes wide open, bleeding from the head and stuffed into the bathroom closet. And Shinobu was this close to finding her own son's corpse if it wasn't for Bites the Dust emerging. Adult Fear at its finest.
  • The anime adds a (mercifully) brief scene of Kira's head being twisted backwards by the ambulance tire. Small wonder his face was completely unrecognizable afterwards. To add to it, DP not only added a shot of Kira's sudden realization of what's about to happen, but also a Sickening "Crunch!" to accompany his neck snapping. Even worse, as his corpse is being covered up, we are treated to a small but thankfully censored glimpse of the kind of damage his face took: the entire left side has been completely torn open!


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