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Drinking Game / JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

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A very unorthodox way to drink beer, but this is JoJo's Bizarre Adventure we're talking about.

Adapted from the one at

General (Applies to all parts)
Take one drink:
  • Every time a character named after a song or band is introduced.
  • Every time a character drinks alcohol.
  • Two shots when a character gets punched through the stomach (“Donuted”).
    • Three if it’s done by the part's main villain.
    • Finish whatever's left of the drink if they don’t die from it (Even if they die later to something else).
  • Every time an Unsound Effect appears.
  • Whenever Hamon/Ripple is used.
    • Take two drinks if it's used on an inanimate object.
    • Take three drinks when it's used in Part 3.
  • Every time someone uses Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs.
    • Take 3 extra shots if it’s Jotaro and he’s doing it in Part 4 or 5.
    • Finish the bottle if the beatdown lasts more than two pages/ten seconds.
    • Take a drink to victory if it was a villain you've really wanted to see get the shit beaten out of.
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    • Down your drink if it's Steely Dan, Cioccolata, or Diavolo.
  • Every time an innocent dog is brutally killed.
    • Down your drink if it's Danny.
  • Every time a villain begs for mercy.
    • Take two if they're begging to Jotaro.
  • Everytime the Stardust Crusaders theme starts playing.
    • Take 3 extra shots when it’s in Part 4 or 5.
  • Every time a character explains their powers or techniques.
  • Every time the color scheme completely changes.
  • Every time a character teaches a science lesson during a battle.
  • Every time you remember an ability or plot point that hasn’t been used or explored in a while.
  • Every time a Stand cry is yelled out.
    • Two if said Stand cry doesn't belong to the main protagonist of the part.
  • Every time a villain claims that they and/or their stand have no weakness.
    • Take another if they actually don't have a weakness.
  • Every time a serious injury sustained earlier vanishes without explanation.
  • Every time you see a reference to the culture of Italy.
    • Down your drink for Part 5.
  • Every time Manly Tears are shed. Down your drink when Joseph tearfully yells Caesar's name.
  • Every time a character says "bizarre" in the dub (or in the sub, "kimyou").
  • Every time a character you like dies.
    • Two if a character calls their name and/or cries.
      • Add yet another if you and/or a friend cry.
  • Every time someone screams for no reason.
  • Every time there’s a Fanservice shot.
    • Two if it’s a main character.
  • Every time something cute or wholesome happens.
  • Every time someone is an absolute idiot.
    • Double up if it’s a minor character.
  • Every time a stand evolves (Act change, Requiem, etc.)
    • This also includes special abilities such as Gently Weeps or Bites the Dust.
  • Every time someone breaks character.
    • Double up if it’s Doppio.

  • Every time Dio says "Jojo", or vice versa.
  • Every time Dio says "Muda" (In English, something to the effect of "Useless" or "Futile").
  • Every time Dio says WRRYYYYYYYYY/ウリリイイイイイイイイイ/URRYYYYYYYYY.
  • Every time Stroheim says "German Science is the best in the world!" or something similar.
  • Every time Joseph says something in Engrish.
  • Every time an innocent dog is brutally killed.
    • Down your drink if it's Danny.
  • Every time Stroheim starts shouting.
  • Every time Awaken plays.
  • Every time Joseph correctly predicts the next line their opponent will say.
    • Take two drinks if someone other than Joseph does this.
    • Down your drink when Joseph does it in Part 3.
  • Every time Stroheim compliments German science.

  • Every time a villain begs for mercy.
    • Take two if Jotaro is the person the villain is begging to.
    • Take three if the villain promptly attempts to backstab Jotaro after being spared.
  • Every time Jotaro says "Yare yare daze" (In English, it translates roughly to both “Good grief” and “Give me a break”).
  • Every time Stardust Crusaders plays.
    • Two if it’s someone other than Jotaro defying all odds.
    • If you genuinely thought a character was about to be (Or should’ve been) killed, take another shot.
    • Down your drink if “Stardust Crusaders” starts playing in Part 4 or Part 6.
  • Every time there is a time stop.
  • Take a drink every time Dio's theme plays.
    • Down your drink if it plays in Part 4 or Part 5 or Part 6.
  • Every time Polnareff gets attacked by a Stand user because he was separated from the group.
    • Take two if someone from the group is with him.
    • If it’s in a bathroom, finish your drink.
  • Every time Boingo says his predictions are "100% percent accurate".

  • Every time Josuke gets mad about someone insulting his hair.
  • Every time Okuyasu says "Oi, Josuke!"
  • Every time Jotaro stops time.
    • Take three drinks every time he stops time in Part 6.
  • Every time Kira kills somebody and/or uses his Stand to blow stuff up.
    • Down your drink when Kira's nails begin to grow.
  • Down your drink when “Stardust Crusaders” starts playing.

Part 5: Golden Wind
  • Every time Giorno begins to ramble about his dream.
  • Every time Doppio switches personalities.
  • Every time a character named after Italian food is introduced.
  • Everytime Mista freaks out about the number 4.
  • Every time Narancia gets violent.
    • Double up if it's with Fugo.
  • Every time Diavolo or Doppio have some sort of panic attack or other fit of insanity.
    • Double up if it's related to Trish.
  • Every time Mista gets shot with his own gun.
  • Every time Diavolo speaks about removing his competitors or erasing his past.
    • Take two drinks when Diavolo attempts to/kills someone.
  • Every time someone starts speaking Gratuitous Italian in the sub.
    • In the dub, since Italian is spoken much more frequently, take a shot someone swears in Italian.
      • Double up of its "Cazzo" or "Testa di cazzo".
  • Every time Il vento d’oro plays.
    • Two if it’s the piano solo.
    • Add a shot if it’s someone other than Giorno making an Ass Pull.
    • If you actually thought a character was about to be (Or should’ve been) killed, add a shot.
  • Every time a character theme plays.
    • Il Vento D’oro doesn’t count.

Part 6: Stone Ocean
  • Every time Jolyne says "Yare yare dawa" (In English, it translates roughly to both “Good grief” and “Give me a break”).
  • Every time Pucci makes any reference to DIO or religion.
  • Every time Weather Report gets too close to Jolyne for comfort.
    • Two if it’s someone other than Jolyne.
  • Every time Narciso Anasui says anything to or about Jolyne.

Hard Mode

  • Every time a character introduced in a previous part (Other than a main Jojo) appears in a future part.
  • Every time there's a facial closeup.
  • In the anime dub (Mostly parts 1 and 2), take a shot the first time you hear any character speaking in a hilariously exaggerated British/German/Italian etc. accent per episode.
  • Every time a character makes some sort of analogy, metaphor, or simile to describe a situation.
    • Two if they’re using it to describe a Stand ability.
  • Every time you see a Hit Stop, Establishing Shot, other kind of impact shot, or a still frame that you think is straight from the manga.
  • Every time someone makes a blatant Ass Pull.
  • Every time any musical reference is heard, regardless of whether it's been heard before.
  • Every time a character strikes a ridiculous pose.
    • Down your drink if it's not a Joestar, Vampire, Stand User, or Pillar Man.
  • Evert time any Italian word is spoken. Even if it’s similar to an English word. You’ll probably overdose on this challenge alone watching the dub of Golden Wind, since Italian is spoken every 2 minutes.
  • Every time Unsound Effects fill the page or screen.
    • Double up if it’s “Menacing” ゴゴゴゴ
  • Every time a character says "Nani!?" ("What" or "What the-" in English.)
    • Two if they shout it.
  • Instead of taking one drink whenever a character drinks alcohol, do your best to imitate them when they drink anything.