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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure isn't just popular for the nature of its memes, but its characters as well, even if some of them don't get much screen time, or aren't even human.

  • Phantom Blood:
  • Battle Tendency:
    • Rudol von Stroheim is one of the most popular secondary protagonists in the entire franchise for his sheer hamminess and is often referred to as the most likeable Nazi character ever. He even got to be a playable character in Eyes of Heaven.
    • Wamuu is the most popular of the Pillar Men for being the Anti-Villain of the trio and for the sense of honor he displays towards Joseph and Caesar, who he views as his Worthy Opponents. He's one of the few secondary antagonists in the franchise that is more popular than the main villain of his part (Kars). There are fans who admit they can't bring themselves to hate him despite killing Caesar due to how honorable and respectful he acts.
  • Stardust Crusaders:
  • Diamond Is Unbreakable has quite possibly the largest amount of popular supporting characters in the series, most likely for its Lighter and Softer tone and larger focus on comedic character interactions than other Parts:
    • Yukako Yamagishi only gets a major focus for two arcs in the Part, but she still manages to be as synonymous with the Part as the actual main characters, mostly for being the Ur-Example of the modern Yandere trope.
    • Tonio Trussardi is popular for providing a Breather Episode, being a genuine Nice Guy despite Josuke's suspicions of him, and his arc providing a lot of Food Porn.
    • Shizuka Joestar only has a major role in a fairly short arc, is basically treated as a Living Prop for the rest of the Part, and never appears again after the events of the Part. Despite all of this, fans have grown to love her for the sheer amount of Fanfic Fuel she generates, and has become a common source of Fandom-Specific Plots because of it.
    • Mikitaka Hazekura is popular for the ambiguity of his character and the comedic tone of the arcs he appears in.
    • Yuya Fungami has managed to win the hearts of fans as one of the most popular minor characters in the series. His debut arc is considered to be the best of the Part (if not the entire series), his Stand, Highway Star is one of the most popular Stands of the Part, and his Heel–Face Turn and role in the Enigma Boy arc has gained him a lot of fans.
  • Vento Aureo:
    • While Polpo is a relatively liked character, no one would say he's a fan-favorite. His Stand, Black Sabbath, on the other hand, is one of the most popular Stands in the series, for its design and the battle against it. Its fun boss battle in the Vento Aureo PS2 game certainly helps.
    • La Squadra is, bar none, the most popular group of Villain of the Week characters in the series. On top of being Anti-Villains (with the exception of Melone), they all prove themselves to be rather cool characters who many fans wish had actually won. Of particular members, there's Pesci (for being Adorkable, going through a surprising amount of Character Development in his short appearance, and even coming close to actually winning his fight against Bruno), Prosciutto (for being a Determinator and a Big Brother Mentor to Pesci, his absolutely terrifying Stand, The Grateful Dead, and for being the most "gangster-like" of the cast), Ghiaccio (for the design and use of his Stand, White Album, his memorable fight, and his Hair-Trigger Temper resulting in one of the funniest moments in the Part), and Risotto (for being A Father to His Men, his intense battle against Doppio, and his absolutely terrifying Stand, Metallica).
    • Cioccolata is popular for being one of the most unapologetically evil characters in the series, being an Evil Counterpart to Giorno, his amusing interactions with Secco, his absolutely terrifying Stand, Green Day, and for being one of the few Villain of the Week characters with a fleshed-out backstory.
  • Stone Ocean:
    • Rikiel is liked for being the most sympathetic of the sons of DIO, as well as being the one to inherit his determination.
    • Despite its limited screen time, Pucci's second Stand, C-Moon, is liked for having a creative fight in a Part where the battles were considered to be rather underwhelming.
  • Steel Ball Run:
    • Ringo Roadagain is quite possibly the single most popular minor villain in the entire franchise, for his cool design, being a Noble Demon, and his Stand, Mandom. He's so popular, that many fans were disappointed to hear that he was considered to be a playable character in Eyes of Heaven, but ended up getting scrapped.
    • Blackmore is liked for his cool design, interesting personality, his Battle in the Rain, and for acting as an effective Knight of Cerebus.
    • Even amongst minor Villain of the Week characters, D-I-S-C-O stands out for having a very short appearance and only getting two lines of dialogue. This doesn't stop him from being popular among fans.
  • JoJolion:

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