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This page is about tropable James Bond advertising.

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The Dutch beer brand Heineken has advertising and Product Placement contracts with Danjaq, LLC (holding company owning the James Bond franchise) since 1997.

    Casino Royale

A 2006 Heineken commercial short film directed by Stephen Gaghan (Syriana). It was part of the promotional campaign for the release of Casino Royale.

Vesper Lynd (Eva Green) arrives at the Casino Royale hotel, and feels something is fishy about the waiter she shares the elevator with.

  • The Ghost: James Bond is heard, but not seen as he's taking a shower.
  • Lady in Red: Vesper wears a red evening dress.
  • Mistaken for Spies: Vesper mistakes the waiter for a spy/killer and ambushes him in the dark, knocking him out.
  • Shoot Him, He Has a Wallet!: Vesper thinks the waiter was grabbing a gun in his jacket, whereas he was just looking for his keys to open Bond's room's door and bring beer to him.
  • Theme Tune: The James Bond theme used in the ad is the old one dating back to Dr. No. Casino Royale (the film) had a brand new one in its closing credits.

    Quantum of Solace 

Enter the World of Bond

A 2008 Heineken commercial short film that was part of the promotional campaign for the release of Quantum of Solace. Olga Kurylenko appears in it as Camille Montes, the Bond Girl of the film.

A man (played by Tom Rooke) buys a barrel of Heineken beer, and surprising things happen on his way home. Then he goes at the same party seen in Quantum of Solace, and meets Camille there.

  • Chick Magnet: When the guy buys the beer barrel, all of the attractive women who happen to be around suddenly turn at him in envy.
  • Home Base: When the man comes home, he has a collapsible door that opens automatically as he walks in, and the inside of his house somehow looks like a SPECTRE base.
  • Mythology Gag: The inside of the man's home pretty faithfully reproduces Ernst Stavro Blofeld's office (a set designed by Ken Adam) from You Only Live Twice, especially the trapped bridge over a pool (which is filled with piranhas in the 1967 film).


Crack the Case

Crack the Case is a 2012 Heineken commercial short film directed by Matthijs Van Heijningen Jr. It was part of the promotional campaign for the release of Skyfall and starred Daniel Craig as James Bond and Bérénice Marlohe as Séverine, the Bond Girl of Skyfall. It was attached to a Viral Marketing campaign on Facebook, allowing the viewers to "crack" Séverine's case themselves through a series of tasks designed to see if they have what it takes to be a secret agent.

The short opens with Bond being chased by mooks on a train station in Russia. A man (referred to as "a Man of the World" by Heineken) is mistaken for him and gets chased oboard the train in his place. After a series of improbable situations, the man meets up with Bond and Séverine, who hands him a case with her foot.

  • Bald of Evil: One of the mooks chasing Bond then the Man of the World is bald.
  • Cards of Power: After ruining a house of cards built by one of the Russian/Soviet soldiers, the man builds Saint Basil's Cathedral with cards in a matter of seconds (by invoking them with his hands), which is not humanly possible.
  • The Casino: The train has a casino wagon.
  • Cool Train: A lot of cool shit happens on the train.
  • Dish Dash: A waiter has a Jump Scare from a dog and his trail full of beer bottles gets thrown in the air. The man catches it, and catches all of the bottles with it without breaking a single one.
  • Glorious Mother Russia: While being chased onboard the train, the man enters a wagon with Russian soldiers inside, one of which is building a complex house of cards. Said house of cards crumbles, much to the soldier's annoyance, and the man compensates by building Moscow's Saint Basil's Cathedral with cards in a matter of seconds. The soldier then removes his chapka and salutes in respect, with a few notes of the "Partisan's song" playing.
  • Lady in Red: Séverine wears a red dress.
  • Mythology Gag: The short features some references to older Bond movies.
  • Pursued Protagonist: The short opens with Bond being chased by mooks on a train station in Russia. The mooks then mistake the Man of the World for him and a chase onboard the train ensues.
  • invokedReal Song Theme Tune: Once the chase enters the train, Gin Wigmore's "Man Like That" starts playing. The singer herself (a big fan of the series) is in the last wagon...
  • Re-Cut: There's an extended version of the commercial that serves as a music video.


The Chase

The Chase is a 2015 commercial short film directed by Tom Kuntz. It was part of Heineken's marketing campaign in the wake of the release of Spectre and starred Daniel Craig as James Bond and French model/actress Zara Prassinot.

A water ski-practicing woman (Prassinot) finds herself caught in a chase between Bond and pursuing mooks.

  • Beard of Evil: All of the mooks chasing Bond are bearded.
  • Bond One-Liner: Bond says "Lunch?" to Zara after the last mook has been dispatched.
  • Bouquet Toss: Zara unwittingly finds herself with a bouquet in her hands - the bouquet of the bride of the wedding she crashed while being dragged behind the boat Bond stole. She then throws it at the bridesmaids.
  • Dish Dash: Zara manages to keep a tray full of bottle of beers balanced throughout the short without losing a single bottle and somehow distributes them to people on the way during the chase even as she physically can't stop to do so.
  • Distracted by the Sexy: Two of the mooks chasing Bond are too busy looking at Zara and waving at her, and don't see that they're driving their speedboat right into a rock. Their boat then jumps in the air and lands in a pool.
  • Hero Stole My Bike: Bond is in a hurry to escape a bunch of mooks and steals a speedboat... which is the one that was supposed to drag Zara so she can waterski. She doesn't panic though, as she indeed gets to waterski, and more.
  • Lighter and Softer: The short's tone is much more lighthearted and comedic than Daniel Craig's Bond movies, and his fight with a mook is less brutal than those of said films.
  • Mythology Gag: Like the 2012 one, the short features quite a few references to older Bond movies.
    • The boat chase evokes Live and Let Die, with a wedding literally being crashed and a speedboat landing in a pool.
    • Nick Nack (The Man with the Golden Gun) can be seen in the wedding crowd (via Stock Footage that was woven in).
    • Zara somehow gets out of the wedding with a flat-crown bowler hat on her head, the same type as Oddjob's hat in Goldfinger. In Oddjob fashion, she throws it like a frisbee at the henchman Bond is fighting.
    • The henchman is then dispatched with a parachute Zara hooks on his belt. This is a nod to the pre-titles sequence of Octopussy, when Bond pulls the parachute ripcords of two soldiers on a moving truck, sending them up into the air.
  • Pursued Protagonist: The short opens with Bond being chased by mooks in the narrow streets of a Mediterranean city.

    No Time to Die 

Daniel Craig vs James Bond

A 2020 Heineken commercial short film that was part of the promotional campaign for the initial release date of No Time to Die (which was then moved to 2021).

Daniel Craig enjoys some time off on a coast in Italy... until he forgets his passport in a taxi.

  • As Himself: Craig stars in the ad as himself, for once.
  • The Chase: Upon realizing he left his passport in the taxi, Craig runs after it through the city.
  • invokedDelayed Release Tie-In: The ad was released in January 2020 and featured No Time to Die's original April 2020 release date. The COVID-19 Pandemic happened in the meantime, delaying the film all the way to October 2021.
  • I Am Not Leonard Nimoy: Several people who see Craig throughout the ad think only about "James Bond" and not about the actor himself. Some even raise their hands when seeing him once he's wearing the tuxedo, thinking he's armed. The taxi driver goes as far as believing that "Daniel Craig" is actually a Secret Identity for Bond himself!
  • Loony Fan: Mild example. The taxi driver Craig hired whispers to herself "James Bond!" and then Drives Like Crazy to take Craig into town.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • The Bond theme that's heard is the one David Arnold rearranged for Casino Royale.
    • Craig not being properly dressed to enter a party and stealing a tuxedo in a changing room. His Bond did the same in Quantum of Solace at the Bregenz opera.
  • Sharp-Dressed Man: Craig follows the taxi up to a place where a party is held. He's not properly dressed to go at the party so he steals a tuxedo with a bowtie in a changing room.

Worth the Wait

Bond (or Craig) serves himself a pint of Heineken beer, then says "Well worth the wait".