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Drinking Game / James Bond

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For the films only, naturally

  • Drink when Bond flirts with Moneypenny or she flirts with him.
  • Drink when Q gets angry with Bond or begs him to bring the equipment back intact.
  • Whenever Bond says "Bond, James Bond" or orders a vodka martini, drink.
    • Going martini for martini is just dedication.
      • Take a sip if Bond orders his drink as "Shaken, not stirred."
  • Whenever Bond has sex, drink
    • If it's kinda rapey, drink again
    • Drink once more if the girl he has sex with dies afterward.
    • And drink yet again if the girl doesn't even remotely contribute to the plot.
    • Drink again when Bond is old enough to be the girl's father (warning: this will happen with alarming frequency in the Moore era).
    • Drink every time one of Bond's lovers says, "Oh, James..." (Especially in the Moore era.)
  • When Bond kills someone, drink (this can get nasty in the Moore and Brosnan eras)
    • If Bond makes a joke after killing someone, drink again
      • Again, your liver won't fare well through Brosnan.
    • If you aren't certain whether the dead guy was even knowingly working for the bad guy, take another drink.
  • When a spy gadget is used, drink.
    • If said spy gadget is used in a way that was clearly unintended, drink twice.
    • If the gadget does not work as intended, take an extra drink.
  • Whenever The Dragon is revealed to be a beautiful woman, take a sip.
    • If the aforementioned woman gets redemption via Sex–Face Turn, down your drink.
  • Drink whenever one of the villains is revealed to have history with Bond.
  • During the opening song/credits, drink whenever there's a woman/ silhouette on screen.
  • Whenever the name of the film is mentioned, drink. This rule gets particularly punishing in Dr No, Goldfinger, Moonraker, Goldeneye, and Octopussy.
  • Take a shot everytime Bond escapes a near death experience
  • Take a shot when the villain reveals their plan to Bond
    • Take another shot if the plan involves satellites or missiles.
    • Take a shot when the villain makes an example of one of his underlings.
  • When the Cool Car of the film gets destroyed, drink
    • If Bond himself is the one who destroys it, drink again
  • Drink when Bond goes to a casino and plays cards.
  • Drink when Bond meets with one of his many international allies.
    • Drink yet again if the ally is a criminal.
  • Whenever Bond has to ski away from the bad guys, drink. This happens more than you might think.
  • If Bond has a fight while scuba diving, take a drink.
  • When a recurring actor appears for the first time, drink.
    • When a recurring actor appears for the last time, down the glass.
    • Extra points when Blofeld is being played by yet another actor.
  • Down your drink whenever Bond goes rogue from MI6.
  • Take a drink if the villain's henchman is a huge blond guy.
  • Drink when M, Moneypenny or Q accidentally catch Bond having sex with the main girl at the end of the movie.
  • Take a drink if Bond kills a bad guy in cold blood.
  • Take a drink whenever Bond smokes (it can be cigarettes in the Connery, Lazenby or Dalton eras or cigars in the Moore era).
    • If someone other than Bond smokes, take another drink.
    • Take three drinks if anyone smokes in the Brosnan or Craig eras.