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"You see, in this world, there's people like me and there's people like you. And people like me eat people like you for breakfast and shit them out. You're nothing but foreign vermin, a stinking introduced species. And it's up to my kind to wipe your kind out. And that makes me the winner, which makes you..."
Michael "Mick" Taylor, to Paul, before knocking him out, Wolf Creek 2

This is a page for utterly depraved characters from forms of media that do not lend themselves to the creation of a separate page.


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Animation (Non-Anime, non-Western, non-Animated Films)

  • Cubix: Robots for Everyone: Kilobot, Arch-Enemy of Cubix, is the most vicious character in the series. Kilobot regularly drains innocent robots' life-energy throughout the series, wounding and plunging some of them into comas in the process. Though often acting on orders from Dr. K, Kilobot's lethal competency compared to his master results in him nearly successfully murdering the Botties many times over, as well as endangering an entire city with destruction to secure his goal. Unempathetic to his accidental murder of Dr. K's best friend, Kilobot's greatest showing of independence under Dr. K is to invade RobixCorp and threaten to bomb the entire building and its staff while forcing Maximix to fight his own friends as a brainwashed puppet. Eventually betraying Dr. K, Kilobot temporarily murders Maximix, takes control of an army of Zombots, then plans to use them to turn every robot into his slave and conquer the world. When his plans are thwarted, Kilobot makes one last attempt on Cubix's life by crushing Cubix's EPU with his bare hands.
  • Eon Kid:
    • The General is the sociopathic cyborg who is responsible for the post-apocalyptic state of the Earth throughout the series. Developed a century ago to fight against an army of beings called the Gigantors, the General quickly developed a god complex and obsession with destiny, and led an uprising against humanity to conquer the world, leading to mass destruction and chaos. Though seemingly defeated by the great hero Eon, the General was rebuilt 100 years later by his servants, and immediately restarts his campaign for conquest by dispatching dozens of CDF soldiers before reactivating one of the Gigantors. Using the Gigantor, the General crushes all in his path, planning to annihilate all those who stand against him, and coldly executes the loyal Khan for expressing disgust at the General's disregard for the mass casualties he plans to cause. When Marty, the last descendant of Eon, confronts him, the General attempts to painfully kill the boy while forcing his friends to watch, even mind-controlling one of them into attacking Marty for him, before finally losing all his previously smug composure to rant about his plans to plunge the world into darkness to fulfill his destiny. Vicious and cruel beyond compare, the General was feared across the world for good reason, and stamps himself in Earth's history as the greatest threat it ever faced.
    • Dr. Chen, one of the General's two Co-Dragons alongside Khan, is a diabolical genius bent on reviving the General and taking over the planet alongside him. Originally a high-ranking CDF scientist who was demoted for his unethical experiments, Chen betrayed humankind to rebuild the General and began collecting his scattered parts through any means necessary. To ensure the General would go unopposed when revived, Chen and Khan order the entire Eon family bloodline exterminated, leading to the deaths of numerous innocents, and Chen regularly orders the deaths of innocents throughout the series. After manipulating the arrogant Von Rhyner into reconstructing a Gigantor for him, Chen orders the man and his entire staff to be disposed of, and, once the General is revived, Chen gleefully pilots the Gigantor to destroy any opposition to the General, and tries to murder the young girl Ally when she attempts to shut down the mechanical monstrosity. Dr. Chen was a slimy scumbag who was willing to doom countless innocents out of nothing but ego and scientific curiosity, and is responsible for most of the evil in the series.
    • Scar, a twisted madman who serves the General simply to get to hurt people, was the one commissioned to wipe out the Eon bloodline, and he gleefully hunted down each and every member of the family and slaughtered them, nearly claiming the life of a then-infant Marty as well. In the present, Scar attempts to torture a captured prisoner for information, and later tracks down a now preteen Marty, at which point he confronts Gaff, the Eon family guardian, whom Scar viciously mocks regarding his massacre of the Eon bloodline, even fondly recalling their screams as he cut them down. When he eventually confronts Marty by slaughtering his way into a hospital, Scar continues his boasts of glee at killing the boy's family, and implores the boy to stay conscious as he assaults him, noting it won't be as fun to kill him if he's not awake. Though a minor villain in the grand scheme of things, Scar stood out among his fellow villains as the only purely sadistic individual who regarded killing and hurting others as rewards in themselves.
  • Eudemon Quest animation: Xue Ya is a demon intending to resurrect the evil Dragon King. Sending a spy inside the Tian Wu academy, he also sends students to aid her to pass the tests by injuring other contenders. When Chu Xiao Gou is revealed to have the Dragon King sealed inside him, Xue Ya sends his spy to protect him. Eventually launching a invasion to the Tian Wu academy, Xue Ya starts killing a guard before sending his followers to kill as many students as possible before fighting against the School Chairman, actually the Feng Tian Qing/Eudemon King. Defeated, Xue Ya uses his loyal spy as a Human Shield and hostage, threatening to rip her neck.
  • Shaktimaan: The Animated Series:
    • Kilvish was once a disciple of the Yogic Gurus, who he trained under alongside Shaktimaan. A bully obsessed with acquiring power through any means, Kilvish secretly began studying the dark arts, which he used to steal the souls of all of his and Shaktimaan's fellow students after Shaktimaan was chosen over him be the new Yogic Master. After setting up a lair in Indus City, Kilvish acquired a pair of henchmen named Tick and Tock, who he abuses and tortures whenever they annoy him or botch one of his plans to Take Over the World. Not caring what state the world is in so long as he controls it, Kilvish has sent various monstrosities on destructive rampages, bombed the ocean floor to cause earthquakes and tsunamis, and tried to melt the North Pole. Wanting to psychologically torment and demoralize Shaktimaan as well as destroy him, Kilvish has trapped Shaktimaan's loved ones in never-ending nightmares, tried to cause multiple subway crashes just to kill a few children who had formed a Shaktimaan Friends Club, and summoned a dragon to try and murder every child in Indus City. In the finale, Kilvish resorts to poisoning Shaktimaan's mind with illusions of his worst fears, all in an attempt to blind Shaktimaan with so much homicidal fury that he will become sloppy and leave himself open to being slain by Kilvish.
    • Doctor Jackol was a colleague of Professor Gyani, who turned him in to General D'Goze after he discovered that Jackol was selling weapons to terrorists on the Black Market. After escaping from prison, Jackol allies with Kilvish to get revenge on Gyani and D'Goze, being perfectly content to also help Kilvish spread his "darkness" all across the Earth. Jackol purposely tries to kill as many people as possible in his attempts on Gyani and D'Goze's lives, which have involved trying to crash a crowded airplane that Gyani happened to be aboard, and making Mt. Indus erupt, not caring that the eruption would also wipe out all of Indus City. Jackol has also tried to nuke all of Indus City just to kill Shaktimaan; ordered that Human Shields be shot once he no longer had any use for them; lobotomized a man in order to turn him into a mindlessly destructive cyborg Super Soldier; and threatened to release every "crazy killer" in a prison in order to draw out Gyani and D'Goze. Jackol treats Tick and Tock little better than Kilvish, frequently using them as unwilling test subjects for his experiments, and at one point going as far as to abandon them to die in the erupting Mt. Indus.

Audio Plays and Radio Dramas

  • Alien Abduction Role Play:
    • Evianporial is a colleague of Acktreal "Ackt" Domma, and an incredibly hateful speciest who goes to any length possible to ruin Ackt's life. Evianporial at first hopes that Ackt eats her human test subjects before they are approved for consumption, only to find out later, to his disgust, that she fell in love with one of them instead. Instead of reporting her, Evianporial continues to wait, hoping that she succumbs to Chemically-Induced Insanity from being around the humans for too long. When that fails, and when humanity is given full legal protection, Evianporial murders Victoria and spreads her blood and organs all over the holding bay in the hopes that the scent would drive Ackt insane and kill all the crew members on board, including the one surviving human test subject, the POV character.
    • Thi-Karje is an incredibly smug, despicable Space Pirate who not only hijacks R9 shuttles to steal test subjects or specimens to sell on the presumably illegal "blood market", she also goes a step further and admits to being perfectly OK with trafficking sapient creatures as well, including humans. This admission is so shocking, this prompts the normally Gentle Giant Hiboritch to kill both pirates by proxy by slicing open Subject 50499-A's arm and ordering the human to throw their blood on her and her partner Sosoren, causing Ackt to go feral again and devour both pirates.
  • Big Finish Doctor Who:
    • "Jubilee": Nigel Rochester, President of the English Empire, is one of the more disturbing villains in the Big Finish series, being a Dalek worshipping human in charge of a nightmarishly genocidal and xenophobic empire which attempts to emulate the Daleks in all the worst ways. He remains cheerfully upbeat and affable even when mutilating midgets to fit in his "toy Daleks" or beating his wife for speaking in contractions.
    • "Nekromanteia": Wendle Marr begins by sending a fleet of ships and their crew to their deaths, then orders the flagship's commander to die as per his company's protocol. When the guy refuses, he has his assistant prepare to destroy the guy's livelihood and the lives of his family. He later receives funds to help improve the horrid quality of life for the workers on his pet project, but decides to instead pocket the money for himself and kill all the workers once it is finished. He is so evil that even the ship commander—who tries to rape companion Erimem—is more likable than him, with his assistant killing him and making the ship commander CEO of the company instead after his greed nearly causes the destruction of the whole universe.
    • I, Davros Episodes : Davros is as bad as ever. A Mad Scientist from birth, Davros locks his tutor in a radiation chamber and mutates him into a hideous monstrosity, and murders his own father for threatening his future scientific career. Promoted to head of the scientific division, Davros began producing horrific weapons, one of which he uses to slaughter hundreds of Thals. Davros also experiments on the remains of both his mother and sister, as well as having his Love Interest framed as a Thal spy and killed. Injecting pregnant women with radioactive compounds, Davros produces mutant Kaled children, a procedure that ends up horrifically killing the mothers. Davros then orders the Kaled council to give every Kaled child to him, wiping them out when they refuse, and has a desperate mother fed alive to her own mutated son. Being taken captive by the Daleks many years later, Davros tricks a Thal spy into thinking he will reform, only to betray her and use the poison she gave him to wipe out the Daleks to blackmail them into making him leader again. A psychopath who deems love a weakness, Davros rejects all chances at redemption and casts aside and betrays everyone close to him in his quest for supremacy.
  • Castlevania: Nocturne of the Recollection Radio Drama: Magnus, a vain and particularly sadistic incubus, is one of the vilest creatures of the night. Centuries before Dracula's defeat, Magnus left the beloved servant of Alucard, Lyudmil, at the brink of death, and cruelly mind-raped Alucard until he finally gave in and turned Lyudmil into a vampire. Magnus glories in having tortured Lyudmil to the point of becoming a "walking corpse" who despises all humanity, using Lyudmil as his pet Serial Killer while simultaneously aiming to destroy Alucard's mind, have him kill all his loved ones, and bring back the hellish reign of Dracula upon the world. When Lyudmil finally rebels against him, Magnus murders him and tries to torture Alucard and his allies down to their very souls.
  • CBS Radio Mystery Theater's The Diary of a Madman: Frank Wallace, respected judge, is in truth a homicidal psychopath who opens the play by murdering an innocent young woman, letting a man take the fall, and manipulating his conviction to see him hang. Happily murdering at various times for gratification, Frank later kills a political columnist and frames another innocent man for the crime, even contemplating murdering his own wife when she learns the truth.
  • Danger Zone One audio dramas: Drezz Vargo is a twisted Pyromaniac with a mile-long rap sheet of arson and destruction. Vargo offered his services to those on the DarkNet, such as supplying Mr. Jack with enough explosives to destroy six city blocks, anticipating the amount of death that would've ensued. After faking his death to ward off the police, Vargo decided to work for scam artist Len Fyzer on his plan to destroy unoccupied NewGen factories. Trapping Reena and Madison in a factory, Vargo reveals that he implanted an explosive that will destroy an entire city block, laughing as he leaves them to die. After getting fed up with Fyzer's conscience, Vargo tries to have him, Reena, and Madison killed in a collapsing warehouse with plans to murder NewGen's boss Tyrone afterwards.
  • Highlander: Kurgan Rising (Big Finish): Architect Augustus Mason, a member of the cult Sons of the Kurgan, used the group's knowledge and resources to construct the Barrow Building, a Parisian skyscraper that was designed to resurrect the Kurgan by ripping his essence out of Duncan MacLeod. Magically luring numerous Immortals into the structure, Mason places them in medically-induced comas, and forces one, a bishop, to consecrate the building's basement before destroying his mind with drugs and torture and using him as bait to lure Duncan into his trap. Mason forces Duncan to decapitate the bishop on the Holy Ground, causing a blasphemous Quickening which the occult-infused architecture of the Barrow Building uses to revive the Kurgan. Along with driving Immortals all over the world violently insane, the aberrant Quickening also causes supernatural disasters that ravage Paris, killing hundreds. After brainwashing the Kurgan with psychotropic drugs and having him butcher dozens of the Immortals that he has captured, Mason reveals that he does not want to serve the Kurgan, he wants to use him as a puppet that will win the Prize for him and allow him to ascend to Godhood.
  • Lights Out's "Murder Castle" (audio; script): Mr. George Stewart, based on murderer H.H. Holmes, is a man who runs a murder palace in his mansion. Luring young women to his home, he traps them in the manor and places them in death traps, gleefully experimenting with ways to kill them. One woman in the prologue is placed in wet cement to die there, another having been dropped into lime previously. When another woman comes, Stewart tries to shut her in a chamber where the air will be pumped out so she will slowly and painfully asphyxiate.
  • The Mercury Theatre on the Air's version of Dracula: Count Dracula himself is, as ever, an undead fiend with an air of terrifying sophistication who strives to turn all of England into his feeding ground. Dracula takes on Jonathan Harker as his real estate agent before his trip to England, only to leave Jonathan Harker trapped in his castle surrounded by wolves when Harker figures out too much about Dracula, intending to leave Harker to go mad from the solitude in his confinement. Dracula arrives in England after slaughtering a ship full of people and promptly begins dispersing coffins across the country, feeding on the beautiful Lucy Westenra and attempting to take the beautiful Mina for his own too.
  • Metal Gear Solid (audio drama): Sergei Ivanovich is a partner of the commander of the Esteria Army Special Forces, Mark Cortez, in an attempt to overthrow the local government in South America. In reality using Cortez for a scheme of his own, Ivanovich has Cortez assist him in capturing Colonel Ray Campbell in the planned ambush, killing Cortez's entire unit in the process. From there, torturing Campbell for fun, he uses his life signal to lure Solid Snake and Meryl to him, promising to torture them all to death. Ivanovich reveals his plan to extract the FOXDIE virus from Solid Snake, so that he could use it to create a biological weapon to use against the government and innocent people; Ivanovich turned on Cortez, mortally wounding him, before killing the arriving soldiers, and then trying to sadistically kill Campbell, Meryl and Solid Snake.
  • Robin of Sherwood: The Knights of the Apocalypse: Baphomet is a sadistic demon aiming to kickstart the apocalypse and rule over the hell that remains. Tricking the ambitious Guichard de Montbalm into a pact, Baphomet secretly possessed him and used him to found the Knights of the Apocalypse order. Luring in young men with the promises of riches, Baphomet Mind Rapes them into servitude and damns their souls to Hell. Consolidating its power base, Baphomet murdered young noblemen and rewrote their wills to bequeath all wealth to the order, successfully establishing a foothold in England and many countries in Europe and killing scores in the process. Baphomet then attempted to murder Robin's father to take his lands, and was stopped only when Robin intervened. Capturing Robin himself, Baphomet attempted to break him into submission by placing him underneath a giant ringing bell. When the Merry Men storm its headquarters, Baphomet abandons all of its men to die and then kills Guichard and possesses his physical form to kill Robin personally.
  • Tales from Beyond the Pale's "Cannibals": Giovanni Falcone is an almost forgotten auteur horror director who is also a cannibalistic Serial Killer. Once a founding member of a cannibalistic cult, Falcone lures in many individuals, only to murder, cook and eat them himself. In one instance, Falcone took in a young actress, killing and eating her as well before seemingly "retiring" after a farcical trial. Arranging a meeting with a young director named Babe Bosco who seemingly "cannibalizes" his movies, Falcone reveals his intent to kill and eat Bosco before finding out the actress was his mother. Even as Bosco gets the better of him, Falcone's only remark on his old crime is to gloat how delicious Bosco's mother was.
  • The Unquenchable Thirst of Dracula (BBC Drama): The Count, a savage predator as ever, takes refuge in India where he allies with the cult of the local Rani. When young heroine Penny arrives seeking her sister Lucy, it is revealed Dracula has been preying on countless young women, killing or turning them into soulless vampires which infuriates the Rani due to Dracula tainting her sacrifices. Dracula proceeds to massacre the cult and escape to terrorize and slaughter his way through the city.
  • A Voice from the Dark: The titular Voice from the Dark is the remnant of a powerful entity whose body decayed when it arrived from another dimension. Seeking to dominate all who could hear it and kill those who could not, the Voice reached out to Obed Scarsdale and manipulated him into building a mansion that could help rebuild its body. Scarsdale fought its influence and turned the catacombs of the manor into a maze to trap it. During its construction, the Voice arranged for the deaths of several of Scarsdale's assistants and converted his maid Emma into one of his agents. Many years after Scarsdale boarded the manor up, the Voice was awakened by the presence of the producers gathered at the mansion and trapped them within the maze. It turned the party planners Linkara hired into zombies and sent them to tear apart the sound technicians who had managed to record its whispers. Upon being freed, the Voice possessed the body of H.P. Lovecraft and planned to possess ERod once his body had been burned up by his raw power.
  • The Voyage of the Demeter (BBC Drama): Dracula himself begins to steadily murder the crew members of the ship, Demeter, picking them off to savor the fear and madness of the others. Using his powers to torture the minds of the rest and murder them as well, Dracula intends on shedding rivers of blood in England and later exits the ship, ready to ravage his new home.

Puppet Shows

  • B.R.A.T.S. of the Lost Nebula: The Hosts are a pair of ancient Energy Beings who, to maintain their power and immortality, assembled the Shock, a mechanical army which they used to enslave an entity called the Eye. The Eye is Forced to Watch as the Shock destroys inhabited worlds, with its sorrow over the genocides being converted into a special energy that invigorates the Hosts. The Hosts have razed thousands of planets and wiped out an untold number of species like the Artisans, a benevolent race whose only remaining member they tortured and brainwashed into becoming their sadistic second-in-command, High Commander Hextar Vigar. Even though Vigar serves them admirably, obliterating numerous planets at their beck and call, the Hosts treat him with nothing but contempt, and take perverse pride in the fact that they twisted a once good man into a monster who they believe is incapable of loving anything, even himself or the Hosts.
  • The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance: Emperor skekSo is the greedy, depraved ruler of the Skeksis. Upon discovering the Dark Crystal can extract the essence of Gelflings, skekSo, to prolong his life, plans on a mass draining of Gelflings, purging his own palace guard and plotting to attack the Gelfling clans to harvest as many as possible. Abandoning all pretense of benevolence, skekSo is fit to have his own Skeksis tortured and mistreated for failure, having the scientist skekTek's eye eaten by a Peeper Beetle at one point. Making a deal with the Arathim to crush the Gelflings, skekSo plots to abandon them to their deaths when their purpose is served and eventually leads his troops to smash the Gelfling resistance, bent on massacring them and harvesting the survivors. By the time of the first film, skekSo is responsible for the genocide of the Gelfling race, willing to condemn countless beings to stave off his own death.
  • Thunderbirds' "Operation Crash-Dive": The Saboteur is a member of a terrorist group that wants to put the Fireflash flight program out of business. Sneaking aboard Fireflash 3, the Saboteur alters the flight computer to throw the plane off-course and cuts the Elevator Power Unit, causing the plane to crash into the Atlantic Ocean and leaving the pilot and 600 passengers onboard to drown because sea rescue units can't find it. The Saboteur then does the same with a test Fireflash flight, whose crew members only survive because of International Rescue's intervention. When confronted while sabotaging a third Fireflash test flight, the Saboteur boasts that the plane is finished and will disappear like its fellows before being killed.
  • Thunderbolt Fantasy's seasons 2 & 3: Zhao Jun Lin was a powerful demon who infiltrated the court of one of the mightiest emperors in the land. Twisting him to evil, she had horrific atrocities enacted upon the populace for her amusement, commenting wine tasted sweeter amidst the screams of the dying as animals tore them apart. After innumerable atrocities, she was sealed inside a sword, her consciousness persisting as she became known as Seven Blasphemous Deaths, her first victim being her slayer whom she forced to kill his family. Whenever unsealed, Seven Blasphemous Deaths causes her wielder to murder those around them, while bidding others to slay the wielder so she might be taken by the strongest. With a legacy of horrific murder most can only dream of, Zhao Jun Lin attempts to revive and finish the War of Fading Dusk in her true body to satisfy her dreams of carnage.

RPC Authority

  • Ms. Jackson is the elementary school teacher monitoring RPC-010. Living inside her class along with her 31 students for years, Ms. Jackson tortures and murders the children on a daily basis if they fail to meet her expectations, using an anomolous object called the Happy Box to bring them back each time that they die in a perpetual cycle of pain; Ms. Jackson has lashed a girl for failing her math quiz and strangled a boy to death when he began sleepwalking. Occasionally reading stories about disturbing topics such as rape and murder to her class, Ms. Jackson once did something so horrible to her new student that an Authority researcher requested an immediate transfer to another site out of disgust.
  • RPC-142, also known as "Reanimator", is a sadistic Serial Killer and Serial Rapist who takes advantage of his immortality to satisfy his misogyny by going on killing sprees against women, having raped and murdered several over the years, with his MO involving the mutilation and dismemberment of his victims. After breaking into a strip club, the Reanimator slaughtered eight people inside with a hatchet and charged at the police officers when they tried to stop him; when he was killed by said officers, the Reanimator was caught days later trying to strangle a woman to death behind a bar. While under custody of the Authority, he had a brief conversation with a figure from his past, Jerome, whose loved one had been murdered by the Reanimator, mockingly commenting that he was "not the first guy whose got pissed at me over some bitch" before admitting to be a monster. Eventually escaping and jumping from a bridge to his death, the Reanimator is currently free to resume his serial killings anywhere in the world.
  • RPC-239, also known as "Bobo the Clown", was once a mundane but sadistic Serial Killer named Lucas Walker Jr., having terrorized a town before his death. Lucas was soon resurrected in the body of a living clown puppet by a mysterious entity called "Mother" for the purposes of freeing dangerous RPCs, a job he's all too happy to do. He is also given the ability to permanently erase the consciousness of those he makes physical contact with and turn them to his enslaved puppets, which he does to 17 personnel, and has an additional 109 killed in an attempt to start a mass containment breach. When foiled and detained, he recognizes a researcher interrogating him as the older brother of a boy he killed as a human, and repeatedly mocks him over it.
  • RPC-913, also known as "the Crooked Man", was captured by the GARD, who made over 15 sacrifices to it in the attempt to use a ritual to control it. RPC-913 soon manages to escape, killing everyone in the place where it was trapped but one person, who however has his memories messed up by the creature. Years later, the Authority and the FOA find RPC-913 feeding on hikers and locals before it uses its powers to force several soldiers to shoot at each other and affect the remaining ones as well, going as far as forcing one to kill his own wife and daughters. Ultimately, RPC-913 is an entity whose only goal is causing as much suffering as possible.

Short Films

  • Blood Trail (2016): The nameless killer is a psychopathic cannibal that preys on young women. Abducting two girls, the killer cuts pieces of one of the victim's legs off to eat while she's still alive, before brutally killing her. When the heroine Lori attempts to flee, the killer stabs her in the torso, and tracks her to the house of a doctor, the doctor's fiancée Sidney, and Sidney's brother Preston, where he stabs Preston to death and forces Sidney to watch as he guts the doctor. Although his reign of terror is ended, Lori becomes his final victim when she expires from the stab wound he inflicted. Demonstrating a clear sadistic streak despite never saying a word, the killer is a brutal sociopath driven solely by his own enjoyment.
  • The Candy Shop (2010): The Candy Shop owner is a garishly dressed, seemingly kind man who is a cruel child trafficker. Abducting and luring in little girls, he has them transformed into candy to be sold to older men to be eaten or used as they see fit. Trying to lure the hero in to be a new helper by promising him money, the shopkeeper abducts his friend Nancy to become the first victim of his new "partner". When refused, the shopkeeper tries to beat the boy to death. Even after being stopped and his victims freed, some are still too damaged to ever return.
  • H.H.L. (2016): In this short film about a dystopian future, Miro stands out as the only one of the three main characters to be completely bereft of redeeming traits. A sociopathic manufacturer/dealer of NUKE, a highly addictive substance that must be extracted from the brain of a recently-deceased person, Miro works with his brother Lucio and his lover May to lure victims to his apartment, where he kills them and removes the necessary chemicals from their brain. Making a deal with a fascist dictator to supply NUKE for the government to use to subjugate the masses, Miro soon discovers that Lucio and May have been stealing some of his product, prompting him to torture May to death before beating his brother to death with a hammer, coldly stating that he will "enjoy tasting his NUKE". A greedy, self-centered brute who gets away with everything, Miro is last seen stalking towards a young boy, with the implication being that he's going to kill him for his NUKE.
  • Innsmouth (2015 Short Film): Alice Marsh is the ruler of Innsmouth. A beautiful, seductive woman, Alice lures in men and women to make hosts to Innsmouth's spawn while brutally murdering them. When the heroine, Detective Olmstead, tracks Alice down, Alice kidnaps and seduces her, before revealing her true form and biting her throat out, making her the latest corpse and keeping a photograph of them together as a trophy in a case with many similar pictures going back to black and white photos.
  • Kiss the Devil in the Dark (link): Dagon is the evil demon lord which Marcus strikes a deal with in desperation to save his dying wife. Dagon demands the sacrifice of four souls in exchange for his wife's life, dragging his wife off to burn in Hell until Marcus fulfills his end of the bargain. When Marcus gives him the tribute of four sacrifices, Dagon gleefully and brutally murders them one after another, and when Dagon is stopped from devouring the fourth and most innocent soul by a repentant Marcus, Dagon drags him off instead-—but not before gleefully taunting him on his wife's infidelity, a fact that cursed her to Hell from the start.
  • Mark Macready and the Archangel Murders (link): In this short film, the Archangel Killer is a shapeshifting incubus killer and rapist of women. Upon sighting a victim, the Archangel Killer would maul them to death before harvesting their hearts in grizzly fashion. Having previously done this to five women, the Archangel Killer is hired by evil forces to kidnap the wife of GMPID detective Mark "Mac" Macready. After murdering a foreign diplomat and taking his place, the Archangel Killer mortally wounds Commissioner Doyle before escaping. When Macready and his colleagues arrive to an abandoned building, the Archangel Killer shapeshifts into Macready's wife as a means of lowering his guard, and, when fatally shot spitefully wishes Macready the best of luck in finding his wife, fully knowing that it would be impossible given his death. Even in a short film paying homage to the B-movies of the horror genre, the Archangel Killer stands as a truly reprehensible abomination.
  • Slender Man - The Movie (link): Slender Man, once again portrayed as a sadistic, monstrous, child-kidnapping ancient being, loves to make deals with fathers of his victims. According to the terms of the deal, Slender Man has the fathers bring him children, in exchange for their own child; one of those he made a deal with was Chase Anders's father. Abducting Danny Bennett in the beginning, Slender Man forces his father Hank to bring him victims, while mocking him with notes. Later, Slender Man reneges on the deal he made with Chase's father by having Hank bring both him and his sister Emma to his home, where he, after possessing Hank, personally stabs Chase, leaves his host for dead, and disappears with Anders. At the end of the film, Slender Man brutally kills Emma during her group chat with her four friends, and it's also implied that he kills the friends afterwards.
  • The Strange Thing About the Johnsons: Isaiah is the abusive son of Sidney and Joan Johnson who develops an unhealthy obsession towards the former. Beginning with assaulting his father at a prom, Isaiah subjects his father to 14 years of sexual abuse, threatening bodily harm on him if he contemplated exposing it to the public. Even marriage fails to deter Isaiah, as he expresses little interest in his wife, and he deliberately breaks a glass under the guise of helping to clean up, solely to be alone with his father. After viciously raping Sidney out of anger at him locking the bathroom door, Isaiah tries to guilt trip him into staying in the relationship while additionally blaming him for the abuse. When Joan inquires him about this, Isaiah tries to push his mother into the fireplace.

Theme Parks

  • "Escape from Arkham Asylum": In this horror attraction retelling of Batman: Arkham Asylum, the Joker proves to be just as vile and psychotic as usual. Taking over the Asylum and kidnapping the guests, the Joker sentences them to imprisonment in Arkham for "being too sane". He then cuts the wire to the elevator they are in in an attempt to kill them, but instead traps them in the twisted Asylum as they are attacked by the freed goons, inmates, henchmen, and other notable members of Batman's Rogues Gallery. He forces them to watch victims die of his Joker Venom, and tries to trap and kill them all in a funhouse littered with henchmen he killed just to serve as decorations.
  • Halloween Horror Nights:
    • Island Under Siege scarezone & "Maximum Carnage": In this alternate version of the Maximum Carnage storyline, Carnage proves to be as despicable and vile as his comic book counterpart, if not more so. After winning against Spider-Man and killing him, Carnage uses Shriek's psychic powers to drive the populace insane while he frees inmates and forms a cult-like gang in his service. He and his hordes of destructive minions then lay waste to the area, with Carnage killing any other heroes that attempt to intervene and putting their corpses on display. When guests arrive, Carnage uses them as living target practice for laser guns, sics his henchmen and several freed supervillains on them, and puts both them and his own henchmen in a nuclear reactor and exposes them to gamma radiation just for fun.
    • "El Cucuy: The Boogeyman": The titular El Cucuy is a sadistic shapeshifter and tormentor of children. Taking delight in causing pain, El Cucuy murders children and adults alike, including massacring an entire birthday party and movie theater audience. He disguises himself as a child's grandmother, then kills the child for staying up past bedtime. His lair is decorated with stolen toys and children's bones, and filled with children who he keeps trapped in cages and bags so he can keep them alive as he tortures and eats them.
    • "Clowns 3D": The clown simply known as Sweet Licks was once a normal businessman and entrepreneur running the company/attraction Sweet Licks Family Fun Center and Ice Cream Emporium. After the company fell on hard times, Sweet Licks went mad with rage and began a criminal enterprise of killing humans and turning them into "all natural, high protein ice cream". He then used his attraction to lure in and trap visitors, who he proceeds to kill by using pickaxes and chainsaws to mutilate them while they are still alive, fill with ice cream until they burst, or hang from meat hooks, harvesting their organs and vomit to use as ingredients. As guests try to flee, he attacks them with a chainsaw to ensure there are no witnesses.
  • Knott's Scary Farm:
    • Pinocchio Unstrung: Pinocchio is a far cry from his usual self. After going on his adventure, the Blue Fairy sees the darkness still left in his heart and refuses to grant his wish of becoming a real boy. Pinocchio is so shocked and angered by her refusal that he locks himself away for twenty years and drives himself insane. He proceeds to take his revenge on everyone he met during his adventures, including killing and mutilating Gepetto and the residents of his town; capturing and torturing the Blue Fairy; killing Stromboli and decorating the theater with his entrails; and murdering the coachman and taking control of the operations of Pleasure Island. When guests arrive, he tries to have his undead minions as well as the man-eating anglerfish Monstro kill them. He throws the Blue Fairy to Monstro, the former pleading for help as she is digested. Pinocchio then reveals his ultimate creation: a giant duplicate of himself made of human bones and skin that attacks and defeats the guests.
    • "Pumpkin Eater": The titular Pumpkin Eater is a humanoid monster resembling a pumpkin that terrorizes humans. At first only a nuisance who ate pumpkin crops, the Pumpkin Eater later desired human flesh, and would attack the town within The Hallow by breaking into homes, killing the people—including women and children—taking their faces as trophies, eating the bodies, and burning down the house. This continued until the town was completely destroyed and all of its people wiped out. It stalks the town, tormenting the ghosts of its past victims and hanging corpses all across the town. It summons pumpkin minions and giant insects to attack guests, and kidnaps people from around the area to force into slave labor, use as torture victims, or forcibly nail to posts and use as scarecrows to attract crows and be Eaten Alive. It throws men, women, and children into a giant meat grinder, then cooks both them and the guests into pumpkin pies.
    • "Tooth Fairy": The Tooth Fairy is a supernatural entity obsessed with human teeth. He breaks into the homes of children who have just lost teeth to violently kidnap them, then take them to a hellish realm filled with torture equipment and things he has stolen from his victims. There, he and his minions brutally and painfully imprison and torture children, ripping out their intestines, bones, organs, and teeth until they are dead. He commands his minions to make things as horrific as possible, using massive drills, saws, hooks, and knives to mutilate and torment the innocent children. He decorates his realm with pinned butterflies, jars of children's organs, teeth, and stretched-out human skin. He kidnaps some adult victims to torture and forces them to watch the horrors, even making a hallway from severed mouths, one of which is still screaming. He creates a maze out of children's bodies pinned and tied to mattresses, and will attack guests and try to rip out their teeth.
    • Wax Works: Dr. Augustus Scratch was once a renowned plastic surgeon who became obsessed with his own twisted view of beauty and perfection. After an incident that disfigured his face and sent him running from the law, Dr. Scratch hid out in an abandoned wax works, where he began kidnapping people, brutally torturing and mutilating them, and using their body parts in grotesque wax sculptures. He uses hollowed-out human corpses as beehives, dips live people into vats of boiling wax, and amasses a large group of insane henchmen to sic on guests and help him with his deadly projects. When guests arrive, he sets his sights on them, sadistically showing off his "art" as he chases them, attempting to make them his next projects.


  • Child's Play franchise: Chucky himself was originally Charles Lee Ray, aka the notorious "Lakeshore Strangler". Killed by police, he used Hollywood Voodoo to transfer his soul into a Good Guy Doll and continues to kill on both the big screen and the small screen.
    • Film series: Chucky proceeds to murder his owner's babysitter because she annoys him, and hunts down, tortures and murders his old voodoo teacher to get information on how to become human again before trying to tear out his 10-year-old owner's soul and possess him. Throughout the films, Chucky commits many more murders for his own amusement and replaces blanks with real ammo at a military camp war games training solely to enjoy the chaos. Even when the films briefly turned comedic, Chucky remained heartless as ever, murdering his own wife when she tried to leave him, with no remorse. When Curse of Chucky brought the series back to horror, Chucky sends himself to unsuspecting families to destroy them and was revealed, as Charles Lee Ray, to have even stabbed a pregnant woman to cripple her unborn daughter after she rejected his advances. Despite his sense of humor, Chucky has always remained a sadistic, murderous monster and has only grown worse over time.
    • Chucky: As a boy, Charles Lee Ray killed his own mother to impress an active serial killer. Returning to Hackensack, Chucky falsely befriends Jake Wheeler and tries to corrupt him into murdering Lexi Cross, ultimately taking the matter into his own hands at the cost of inadvertently starting a house fire with several partygoers inside. Chucky murders Junior's mother and successfully perfects his Voodoo spell when he drove Junior to kill his father. He reveals his plan to massacre an audience at a charity event before distributing 72 possessed Good Guy Dolls nationwide with more bloodshed in mind, all to immortalize his depraved legacy as the worst serial killer in US history.
  • Danganronpa franchise: Junko Enoshima sates her obsession with despair by seeking to crush hope in all of humanity. To this end, Junko uses her analytical abilities to sadistically and meticulously manipulate the students of Hope's Peak Academy, leading her classmates to murder each other in droves; brainwashing many others as they witness the atrocity; kidnapping a kind-hearted teacher to brainwash her into following Junko's cruel plans; cruelly crushing anyone in her way, eventually leading to mass killings and suicides amongst students and even a global societal collapse. In the horrific dystopian new world, Junko continues to amuse herself by tormenting a group of Hope's Peak students after wiping their memories, forcing them into a "game" where they must betray and murder each other, broadcasting it to demoralize the population at large, even killing her own sister on a whim. When discovered, Junko happily asserts her devotion to causing suffering and, when she fails to break the wills of her victims, spitefully kills herself to refuse their attempts to offer her redemption, aroused even at the feeling of her own despair. Creating an Artificial Intelligence and corrupting the already-unstable Warriors of Hope as her successors to continue her murder game even after her own death, Junko cements herself as a monstrous psychopath, so warped the only thing she adored was misery, be that others' or even her own.
  • Krosmoz universe:
    • Rushu is the king of the Shushu, a race that takes pleasure in nothing but destruction. Rushu slew almost all his primordial brothers at the beginning of creation to ensure there would be no rule to his reign; regularly murders his own Shushu with casual abandon; and has annihilated all life on his native world of Shukrute, a fact which has him constantly scheming ways to invade the World of Twelve to devastate it as well. Kept only in place by the sacred pact of the gods, Rushu finds numerous ways to subvert or simply outright break the pact, occasionally personally appointing Shushu to wreak swathes of bloody havoc and destruction while routinely tempting souls into becoming more Shushu. Rushu collaborates with the Eliatrope traitor Qilby to gain access to the World of Twelve to start razing everything in sight, his advent upon the world only thwarted by his Arch-Enemy Goultard.
    • Mongrelamus/Medoroziam is one of the original ten Shushu and the only among them who survived his brother Rushu's purge by hiding on the planet that would become the World of Twelve. Medoroziam sought to possess the body of the powerful Iop warrior Goultard by feeding off his murderous anger. Working in conjuction with the sacrier Katar, Medoroziam butchered Goultard's three young children and his wife in order to cultivate Goultard's wrath and thus enable Medoroziam to possess him—turning Goultard's wrath, first, toward Katar. Medoroziam's corrupting influence birthed the noxious "Goultard the Barbarian" personality of Goultard, giving him the ultimate responsibility over all the thousands, innocent or not, Goultard would subsequently slaughter.
    • Wakfu & Islands of Wakfu: Orgonax was the youngest and the prince of the Mechasm people whose heart was stolen by the Eliatrope traitor Qilby to foment war between the two people. Beyond any hope of reason, Orgonax, in retribution, spearheaded a war with the end goal of the utmost destruction of the Eliatrope people, slaughtering countless numbers of them until they managed to escape the Mechasms' wrath. Orgonax persisted his genocidal crusade long after the rest of his people had retired, tracking down the Eliatropes to the planet that would become the World of Twelve and restarting his campaign of destruction all over again. A being of absolute, unrelenting hatred, Orgonax would let nothing—from the murder of the Eliatrope children, to allowing his Lu-Fu servants to suck the Wakfu dry from countless other species merely cohabiting the planet with the Eliatropes—stop him from exacting his revenge.
  • LEGO Exo-Force: Meca One Prime is the leader and main mastermind of the robot rebellion. Built by humans as the most intelligent of the mining robots on Sentai Mountain, Meca One decides robots to be the superior species and turns the robot workers against their creators in an attempt to wipe out the mountain's human population. After conquering the south side of the mountain and enslaving or imprisoning any humans present there, Meca One begins a cycle of endless battles in hopes of dwindling the mountain's human population to zero without a chance to surrender so that he can use their deaths as an example before moving on to the rest of the world. Meca One has soldiers who fail their duties dismantled, and he watches with interest when the Raging Storm goes rogue and begins killing his troops despite having the power to remotely deactivate it. With a heart even colder than the metal he is made out of, Meca One strikes fear into all who dare know his name.
  • Neopets:
    • The Darkest Faerie is the ambitious Dark Faerie who seeks to destroy Neopia and rule over what's left of it. Originally one of the 12 champions of Altador, she betrayed her allies and their king for power, causing the whole kingdom to be overridden by darkness. After being turned into a statue as punishment, she returns 1000 years later and quickly conquers both Meridell and Faerieland, terrorizing both lands with monsters, and deciding to announce her arrival by dropping Faerieland into Meridell, which would destroy both kingdoms and kill everyone. Being defeated yet again, the Darkest Faerie is later unsealed by the traveler Reizo, cursing the traveler into becoming her minion, and deciding to turn numerous innocent Neopets into hostile Wraiths, and then steal one faerie's identity to direct the heroes into ambushes. Her ultimate end goal is to gas all of Neopia with poison, which would kill everyone in the kingdom, and attempts this plot twice, both times tying hostages to the bombs.
    • Dr. Frank Sloth is a Mad Scientist with dreams of Neopian domination. Using horrific mutant experimentation, brainwashed and kidnapped Grundo slaves, and his massive fleet of spaceships and loyal soldiers, Sloth's multiple attempts at taking over Neopia have been alongside acts of cruelty. Death, whether of a brave Neopian trying to stall his ship, a group of TNT staff-members stuck at a ski lodge, or of four innocent children in an elevator, is something Sloth happily allows, whether by his own hand or thanks to one of his creations—creations he also doesn't care much about, as the staff-killing robot was later blown up, and the kid-trapping AI lonely and abandoned on a spaceship.
    • "Curse of Maraqua": Captain Scarblade is a vicious and tyrannical pirate captain hellbent on destroying the innocent city and citizens of Maraqua. Originally involved in the the pirate Protection Racket and destructive whirlpool that left Maraqua as a ruin, Scarblade returned with his crew seven years later to attack Garin and the "Black Pawkeet" for daring to act on his territory. Realizing that Maraqua is rebuilding, Scarblade immediately decides to go and destroy it for a second time, as revenge for the city attempting to survive the first event. Kidnapping Garin's crew along with an island full of citizens to act as slave labor, Scarblade prepares to invade the city again, fully intending to make sure Maraqua is forever wiped off the map.
    • "Lost Desert": Emperor Razul of Qasala is a power-hungry and eternal life seeking sorcerer who trapped his own city in a nightmarish curse before banished by the people of Sakhmet. Seeking his resurrection and revenge, Razul tricked his son Jazan into following a prophecy to save his people, which led to the prince desperately attempting to marry a Sakhmet princess at any cost and to the ensuing invasion of the neighboring city. Razul was resurrected once his son married Nabile, revealing that it was all just a ploy to gain immortality, and attempted to destroy not only Sakhmet with his magic, but the rest of Neopia as well. Cruel even to his own son and city, Razul cared for nothing except his own power and domination.
  • Toonami: TOM and SARA have faced numerous villains during their time hosting the block. These are the worst of the bunch:
    • The Intruder & The Intruder II: The Intruder, once a mindless, indestructible Blob Monster, became something far worse after consuming TOM 1. Gaining sapience after absorbing TOM 1, the Intruder plotted revenge on TOM for defeating him. Having become proud of the thousands of lives it previously absorbed, the Intruder found TOM 4's signal and gleefully absorbed him and his cohosts Flash and D. Finding the Absolution Mk. III, the Intruder sets out to make TOM suffer before killing him by assimilating SARA and bragging about it to TOM, before trying to kill TOM with the Absolution's canons.
    • Endgame online comic: Orcelot Rex is a nasty Space Pirate who plans to become the galaxy's first emperor. Kidnapping SARA to use her abilities to harness the energy of multiple suns and gain more power, Rex destroys the GPS Absolution and later TOM once he tries to save SARA. Having also enslaved the Dronomeks after taking over their ship, Rex, after SARA continues to avoid assisting him, Rex threatens her with the destruction of Earth and every planet with lifeforms on it should she not comply.
    • The Forge: The Commander of the Forge, "Booger", is a battle-hardened alien who seeks galactic domination. Creating yellow, sapient TOM units to serve as disposable labor for him and his species, Booger destroys every Clyde unit and captures TOM, SARA, and the Vindication, planning to release the Vindication's true destructive power on the galaxy. Murdering TOM 5 after he starts a rebellion, Booger orders his men to destroy every TOM unit who rebelled, telling the new TOM 6 that he'll die a forgotten failure.
    • Cosmo Samurai: Jaaku is a being of darkness responsible for the Cosmo Samurai's backstories. Leader of the Akutou Space Pirates, allowing them to pillage and murder everything in their path, Jaaku, upon the Akutou's defeat, dismisses his men as pawns and kills his pet to threaten the Cosmo Samurai. Stealing TOM's body, Jaaku opens a space-time portal and heads to Edo Japan, where he kills the country’s shogun and instigates a war between the country and his shadow ninjas, which leaves three survivors.
  • Wolf Creek franchise: Michael "Mick" Taylor is an Australian killer, rapist, and torturer who preys upon tourists visiting the Wolf Creek area, falsely befriending them before taking them back to his home and slowly torturing them to death. He has killed several dozen people including a little girl. One of his favorite methods is "head on a stick", where he severs their spine to turn them into a human vegetable. At the end of the second film, he frames one of his victims for his crimes, leading to the ruination of the victim’s life. In the prequel novels Origin and Desolation Game, he killed his mother who loved him dearly and killed a dog to force feed it to its owner before killing him too. While being pursued by four other serial killers, Mick tied up his girlfriend Rose and used her as rape bait to lure the killers into a trap, and killed one named Jerry by gutting him and force-feeding him his own intestines. During the Vietnam War, he committed more atrocities, and continued raping, torturing, and killing when he returned home. In the TV miniseries, he murders Eve Thorogood's family, and spends the rest of the series trying to kill her. He captures her Love Interest and tortures him before making her stab and kill her love interest herself. In the second season, he murders a man who had been his friend for decades to eliminate someone who could connect him to his crimes, and targets a large tour group because the guide said Mick wouldn't make a good tour guide due to how politically incorrect he was.

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