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"You see, in this world, there's people like me and there's people like you. And people like me eat people like you for breakfast and shit them out. You're nothing but foreign vermin, a stinking introduced species. And it's up to my kind to wipe your kind out. And that makes me the winner, which makes you..."
Michael "Mick" Taylor, to Paul, before knocking him out, Wolf Creek 2

This is a page for utterly depraved characters from forms of media that do not lend themselves to the creation of a separate page.


All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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Animation (Non-Anime, non-Western, non-Animated Films)

  • Cubix: Robots for Everyone: Kilobot, Dragon-in-Chief to Dr. K, the Arch-Enemy of Cubix, and the most vicious character in the series, Kilobot regularly drains innocent robots' life-energy throughout the series, plunging them into death-like comas in the process. When acting on orders from Dr. K, Kilobot goes out of his way to cause more destruction than remotely necessary, often times targeting children and innocents for fun. Kilobot regularly defies his master's orders, trying to let a weather machine destroy an entire city, stealing a cloning device from a robotics corporation, framing a hero for it, then trying to blow up said corporation when discovered, and murdering Dr. K's best friend, all on his own accord. Betraying Dr. K, Kilobot executes Maximix, takes control of an army of Zombots, then plans to use them to turn every robot into his slave then conquer the world, and, when his plans are thwarted, Kilobot makes one last attempt on Cubix's life by crushing his power core in his bare hands. Though appearing in a lighthearted series, Kilobot was a depraved monster whose appearances darkened the series considerably.
  • Eon Kid:
    • The General is the sociopathic cyborg who is responsible for the post-apocalyptic state of the Earth throughout the series. Developed a century ago to fight against an army of beings called the Gigantors, the General quickly developed a god complex and obsession with destiny, and led an uprising against humanity to conquer the world, leading to mass destruction and chaos. Though seemingly defeated by the great hero Eon, the General was rebuilt 100 years later by his servants, and immediately restarts his campaign for conquest by dispatching dozens of CDF soldiers before reactivating one of the Gigantors. Using the Gigantor, the General crushes all in his path, planning to annihilate all those who stand against him, and coldly executes the loyal Khan for expressing disgust at the General's disregard for the mass casualties he plans to cause. When Marty, the last descendant of Eon, confronts him, the General attempts to painfully kill the boy while forcing his friends to watch, even mind-controlling one of them into attacking Marty for him, before finally losing all his previously smug composure to rant about his plans to plunge the world into darkness to fulfill his destiny. Vicious and cruel beyond compare, the General was feared across the world for good reason, and stamps himself in Earth's history as the greatest threat it ever faced.
    • Dr. Chen, one of the General's two Co-Dragons alongside Khan, is a diabolical genius bent on reviving the General and taking over the planet alongside him. Originally a high-ranking CDF scientist who was demoted for his unethical experiments, Chen betrayed humankind to rebuild the General and began collecting his scattered parts through any means necessary. To ensure the General would go unopposed when revived, Chen and Khan order the entire Eon family bloodline exterminated, leading to the deaths of numerous innocents, and Chen regularly orders the deaths of innocents throughout the series. After manipulating the arrogant Von Rhyner into reconstructing a Gigantor for him, Chen orders the man and his entire staff to be disposed of, and, once the General is revived, Chen gleefully pilots the Gigantor to destroy any opposition to the General, and tries to murder the young girl Ally when she attempts to shut down the mechanical monstrosity. Dr. Chen was a slimy scumbag who was willing to doom countless innocents out of nothing but ego and scientific curiosity, and is responsible for most of the evil in the series.
    • Scar, a twisted madman who serves the General simply to get to hurt people, was the one commissioned to wipe out the Eon bloodline, and he gleefully hunted down each and every member of the family and slaughtered them, nearly claiming the life of a then-infant Marty as well. In the present, Scar attempts to torture a captured prisoner for information, and later tracks down a now preteen Marty, at which point he confronts Gaff, the Eon family guardian, whom Scar viciously mocks regarding his massacre of the Eon bloodline, even fondly recalling their screams as he cut them down. When he eventually confronts Marty by slaughtering his way into a hospital, Scar continues his boasts of glee at killing the boy's family, and implores the boy to stay conscious as he assaults him, noting it won't be as fun to kill him if he's not awake. Though a minor villain in the grand scheme of things, Scar stood out among his fellow villains as the only purely sadistic individual who regarded killing and hurting others as rewards in themselves.
  • Eudemon Quest animation: Xue Ya is a demon intending to resurrect the evil Dragon King. Sending a spy inside the Tian Wu academy, he also sends students to aid her to pass the tests by injuring other contenders. When Chu Xiao Gou is revealed to have the Dragon King sealed inside him, Xue Ya sends his spy to protect him. Eventually launching a invasion to the Tian Wu academy, Xue Ya starts killing a guard before sending his followers to kill as many students as possible before fighting against the School Chairman, actually the Feng Tian Qing/ Eudemon King. Defeated, Xue Ya uses his loyal spy as a Human Shield and hostage, threatening to rip her neck.
  • Shaktimaan: The Animated Series:
    • Kilvish was once a disciple of the Yogic Gurus, who he trained under alongside Shaktimaan. A bully obsessed with acquiring power through any means, Kilvish secretly began studying the dark arts, which he used to steal the souls of all of his and Shaktimaan's fellow students after Shaktimaan was chosen over him be the new Yogic Master. After setting up a lair in Indus City, Kilvish acquired a pair of henchmen named Tick and Tock, who he abuses and tortures whenever they annoy him or botch one of his plans to Take Over the World. Not caring what state the world is in so long as he controls it, Kilvish has sent various monstrosities on destructive rampages, bombed the ocean floor to cause earthquakes and tsunamis, and tried to melt the North Pole. Wanting to psychologically torment and demoralize Shaktimaan as well as destroy him, Kilvish has trapped Shaktimaan's loved ones in never-ending nightmares, tried to cause multiple subway crashes just to kill a few children who had formed a Shaktimaan Friends Club, and summoned a dragon to try and murder every child in Indus City. In the finale, Kilvish resorts to poisoning Shaktimaan's mind with illusions of his worst fears, all in an attempt to blind Shaktimaan with so much homicidal fury that he will become sloppy and leave himself open to being slain by Kilvish.
    • Doctor Jackol was a colleague of Professor Gyani, who turned him in to General D'Goze after he discovered that Jackol was selling weapons to terrorists on the Black Market. After escaping from prison, Jackol allies with Kilvish to get revenge on Gyani and D'Goze, being perfectly content to also help Kilvish spread his "darkness" all across the Earth. Jackol purposely tries to kill as many people as possible in his attempts on Gyani and D'Goze's lives, which have involved trying to crash a crowded airplane that Gyani happened to be aboard, and making Mt. Indus erupt, not caring that the eruption would also wipe out all of Indus City. Jackol has also tried to nuke all of Indus City just to kill Shaktimaan; ordered that Human Shields be shot once he no longer had any use for them; lobotomized a man in order to turn him into a mindlessly destructive cyborg Super Soldier; and threatened to release every "crazy killer" in a prison in order to draw out Gyani and D'Goze. Jackol treats Tick and Tock little better than Kilvish, frequently using them as unwilling test subjects for his experiments, and at one point going as far as to abandon them to die in the erupting Mt. Indus.


  • Dino Attack RPG: Nearly every villain has some redeemable trait... and then there's these guys.
    • Baron Typhonus, the Darkitect, wants to destroy the planet, before moving on to the rest of the universe. He actively plays with the minds of numerous characters, toying with their emotions to increase their suffering or bend them to his will. He has even brought peoples' worst fears to life in some of the cruelest ways possible. One of the worst things he has done on-screen is saving Dr. Rex from death, but in doing so, leaving him in a state of endless pain and agony while reducing him to little more than a puppet that he could control, forcing him to keep fighting a battle he no longer wanted to fight. When his minions, nothing more than tools to accomplish his goals to him, outlive their usefulness, he offs them without a single second thought.
    • The Brickspider Bot v1.0. is a cold-blooded killer, with quite a body count during the battle for LEGO Island. The Brickspider Bot also assisted Dr. Rex in leading the Dino Attack Team to the trap in Quadrant 14, which took even more lives. It was also noted that the Brickspider Bot is a grave robber who picks apart dead bodies to find ways to improve itself. It was created to be a mere mook, but Evil Ogel and General Evil realized that it was too intelligent and too evil, and so they knew it had to be destroyed. Even Cyber-Bully was disgusted by the Brickspider Bot's presence. The Brickspider Bot feels sadistic pleasure in torturing and terrorizing its victims before killing them in cold blood. The sole reason the Brickspider Bot wants to see the apocalypse happen is because it revels in the death and destruction it will cause.
    • Dr. Michelle Glados is willing to kill a world's population in a horrible apocalypse just to see what would happen. The fact that she suggests this so emotionlessly only makes it worse; although she rarely shows emotion, she feels no regrets over what she has done, and her emotionless exterior masks a heavy sadism. She knowingly took a group of Dino Attack agents, disguised as her own mooks, and sent them to the front lines of the battlefield where they were shot and killed by their own teammates. Then, she activated poisonous gases to treat the survivors with a slow, agonizing death. She killed Amanda Claw and Trouble. Her presence usually elicits complete disgust from those around her. When Glados and her fellow scientists realized that they were being manipulated by the Darkitect all along, they were all given a chance of redemption. Most of the other scientists took that chance and, by the end of the final battle, were fighting alongside the heroes. Glados did not. In fact, she barely even acknowledged the possibility that she could have redeemed herself, instead choosing to continue pursuing her own goals up until her death.
  • Mass Effect Forum RPG: Tiraz Malkizan was, throughout his life, only ever interested in two things: Gaining money and power, and hurting people . Never a moral Turian to begin with, he committed his first murder at the age of 16 when he didn't want to share the loot of a robbery with his partner. Later on he decided that he could make far more money by becoming a Dirty Cop than with petty crime. To that end, he manipulated his two naive colleagues Beyo and Javed to use dirty methods (mostly blackmail and torture) to gather information faster and often framing innocent parties, all under the pretense of pretense of doing the work that others are afraid to do for the greater good. His most heinous acts during that period were the murder of an investigating co-worker and the brutal raping of Luceija Ascaiath, which he recorded for his own amusement. After being exposed and confronted by his colleagues, he grabbed off all the money they ever made and ran off to become a powerful crime lord, now fully embracing his savage nature with delight. Him raping and cannibalizing an Asari Justicar to death (after throwing her companion out of a window) and butchering his completely loyal assistant for saving him a few moments later than he ordered are just a few examples of why he is still considered the absolutely worst person this RPG has ever spawned, despite being dead since the early days of the RPG.

Scripts & Screenplays

    Amateur Works 
  • Extreme Prejudice (2019): Fraser Barton Colborne starts out as a mere Jerkass who becomes far worse. After being rude to his coworker Garth Mason, who was trying to help him deal with Madison Craig, a customer flirting with the unwilling Fraser, Fraser decides to take revenge on people who have wronged him, no matter how slight, as well as those who did nothing. After writing in his notebook that "human beings are inherently worthless" whose value is only how much they can hurt others, Fraser, who wants to wield the power of life and death over others, seduces Madison, before killing her, as well as killing her brother. He then goes to the local mall and proceeds to kill over 70 civilians—men, women, and children—as well as 6 police officers, before finally being arrested. Numerous excuses are offered for Fraser's actions, but his own foster sister refutes these, with Fraser himself admitting he knows his motivations are petty, but not caring.
  • Migraine: Kenneth Jason Muntz is a sociopath desperate to earn money by any means necessary. Struggling to keep himself from being evicted from his apartment, Ken decides to venture onto the dark web, where he discovers that human flesh can be sold for a high price. Over the course of four months, Ken kidnaps and murders over half a dozen women before chopping up their bodies and selling their flesh on the black market. He also ruins his kind neighbors' relationship solely for his own amusement. After claiming another victim and encountering his neighbor Fred while he's disposing of the body, Ken nonchalantly reveals that he kills people for a living, and then strangles Fred to death when Fred realizes Ken ruined his relationship. Even after Ken earns enough money to get a new apartment, he decides to continue murdering people with no intention of stopping until he's caught or killed.

    Professional Scripts 
  • Amazing Spider-Man: Doctor Otto Octavius lacks his final product's much more tragic, complex characterization, presented in this draft script as a complete psychopath driven by his ego. Having murdered Richard and Mary Parker years ago for hiding the image refractor from him so as to prevent the completion of Octavius's dangerous fusion machine, Octavius takes their son Peter under his wing and manipulates the young man into the handing the refractor over before trying to kill him as well. After having his metallic tentacles fused with his torso, Octavius uses them kill his way out of a hospital and goes on a rampage through New York City, murdering several people and endangering dozens more. Octavius hopes to ally with foreign powers to complete his fusion reactor, fully willing to then hand it over to terrorists to use as a WMD so long as he gets to see it in use, and raids the wedding of Harry Osborn to obtain the final missing component to the machine, threatening the hundreds of guests with death if he doesn't get what he wants.
  • Batman vs. Superman: Asylum: Lex Luthor and The Joker are a pair of ruthless supervillains who ally to utterly destroy their respective archenemies. Luthor, reviving Joker from the grave, gives him the means to pull off a terrorist attack, leading Joker to bomb a Metropolis memorial and nearly kill hundreds of people. Joker, manipulating a woman named Elizabeth into seducing and even marrying Bruce Wayne, later betrays and assassinates Elizabeth to torment his foe, all according to Luthor's plans. Later, after Joker nearly runs over a crowd of pedestrians and kills his own men, Luthor strangles his own lawyer and destroys the free will centers of two guards to escape prison, handing the guards over to Joker to be experimented on and turned into hulking brutes. Joker cheerfully tries to kill Batman and Superman while mocking both over his hand in their recent suffering, only for Luthor to show up, shove Joker off a building to his death, and try to kill the superhero duo himself.
  • The Crow: 2037, by Rob Zombie:
    • Father Damien Finch is a wicked preacher who serves the demon Kasimordon in order to wipe out all the world's heretics. Seeking to become ruler of the world, Damien kills the young Basil Gorgon and his mother after a prophecy foretold the child would defeat him, afterwards spreading evil and death all over the world by instilling plagues, murders, and witch hunts. Those who aren't executed by his witchfinders are brought to his castle prison cells, where he has them starved, broken, and handed over to Dr. Moorehead to be his playthings, while adding some of the women to his harem of brides. Once he finds that Basil's resurrected, Damien has his friend Fats kidnapped, tortured to near death, and crucified. Declaring his love of Hell and all that is evil, once he's finally confronted by Basil, Damien brings him to Kasimordon's world, using his deceased mother as a distraction to kill him.
    • Captain Scagg is the head witchfinder under Damien's command. Massacring numerous towns to cleanse out any possible witches and criminals, Scagg also uses these attacks to recruit more men for his army, allowing them to rob, murder, and rape as they please. Allowing his men to kill babies, once one of his men, Tarkis Thorn, rescues an infant and wounds Scagg, Scagg retaliates by murdering Thorn's family. Executing Governor Hoyt's wife Ingrid in front of him, Scagg brings him to Damien to be tortured to death. Under Damien's orders to kidnap Fats, Scagg invades the inn Fats is staying at and slaughters everybody inside, and once he encounters Thorn again, he promises to kill him and have his way with his daughter, admitting that young women like her make the best breeders.
    • Dr. Thurl Moorehead is Damien's pet scientist. Electrically torturing Governor Hoyt to death under Damien's orders, Moorehead is shown to have a special side project of his own: using Damien's starved prisoners—which include children—Moorehead butchers them and feeds the remains to his pet monster Huronimos. Killing one of his scientists for getting his arm eaten by Huronimos, Moorehead later unleashes his mighty pet in an attempt to kill Basil and Thorn.
  • Die Hard (Second Revised Draft): Hans Gruber poses as a terrorist and holds over 30 people hostage in order to rob the Nakatomi Plaza vault of millions in treasury bonds, indifferent to how much blood is shed in the process. Making pseudo-pleasant small talk with Joseph Takagi about his suit, Hans attempts to extract the vault code from Takagi, callously stating he doesn't need the code when the former admits he doesn't know it. When a SWAT team is called in against Hans and his men, Hans has his men use heavy weaponry against them. In response to John McClane's interference, Hans kills a hostage claiming to be John's friend, threatening to kill more hostages until John returns the detonators and explosives he had stolen, which Hans intends on using against the hostages. In response to a police helicopter flying towards Nakatomi, Hans has his men shoot it with missiles. When the hostages hear an explosion from the vault, Hans shoots a screaming hostage while the rest escape, before proceeding to abduct Holly Gennero, John's wife, then vindictively attempting to eliminate them both.
  • Unproduced Ghost Rider script:
    • Ambrose Starke, the Devil, wants to regain his old strength by way of murder and corruption. Approaching Johnny Blaze after his pregnant fiancée Roxanne gets caught in a fatal accident, Starke made a deal that changed him into Ghost Rider to save Roxanne's life, only to put her into a coma and her child to remain unborn. After saving the life of Nomi, Starke conceived a child with her named Rain, sending Nomi's abusive ex-husband Billy-Ray Carrigan out to acquire her. Killing a car dealer, his wife, and his son for stiffing him on a rental, Starke murders Nomi himself and grants the mortally wounded Carrigan with the power of decay, sending him out to once again acquire Rain, resulting in a church mission massacre.
    • Billy-Ray Carrigan is a former blackjack dealer turned hired gunman for Ambrose Starke tasked with acquiring his ex-wife Nomi's daughter Rain. An abusive husband who previously tried to murder Nomi and Rain over the latter's birth, Carrigan becomes worse after he's killed by Ghost Rider. Resurrected by Starke as the Scarecrow, Carrigan invades a church mission looking for Rain, gleefully slaughtering and tearing apart dozens of priests in his path.
  • The Last Boy Scout (Shane Black's original screenplay): Milo is significantly nastier than he is in the final product, even managing to eclipse his boss Sheldon Marcone. A director of snuff films on top of being a psychotic hitman for Marcone, Milo routinely has young women tricked or kidnapped to be brutally murdered by his henchmen for the purpose of his films. Once Marcone orders the assassination of Senator Calvin Baynard, Milo kidnaps the hero Joe Hallenbeck and his wife Sarah and threatens to use Sarah as the next star in his snuff films if Joe doesn't kill Baynard, with full intent of simply burning Joe to death and using him to soak up guilt as he and Marcone walk off free. Along the way, Milo massacres an innocent family simply because they inconvenience him and, after murdering Baynard and all of his men before being defeated and scarred by Joe, murders his way back to Joe and tries to furiously gun down him and his entire family in revenge.
  • The Lost Boys: The Beginning: In the script written for the unproduced prequel of the original film, Vlad Tepsch is a legendary vampire king known as "The Impaler" for how he dispatches his victims. First arriving in America while butchering the crew of a ship he's aboard, after being mugged Vlad chases down the Lost Boys and begins to slowly turn them into vampires. Seeming to have their best interests at heart, Vlad helps make the boys rich and acquire ownership of a extravagant hotel, while killing random people all around him, from hotel guests, to a gang, to a unit of Marines. Later, Vlad reveals his intent to use the coastline of San Francisco to create armies of vampires and a worldwide empire for himself to rule over. When David tries to leave him, Vlad forcibly turns his girlfriend Anastasia Rostov into a vampire as a "gift", causing the girl to commit suicide out of terror, and makes it clear to the boys that he sees them as mere soldiers he can easily throw away.
  • Unproduced Power Rangers script, by Max Landis: Rita Repulsa, the former Black Ranger, is the leader of the Dominators who serves Lord Zedd. After being freed from her asteroid prison on Earth, Rita, after acquiring her scepter, plans to travel back to Zedd so that she can join him in his plans of galactic conquest, all at a cost of destroying the entire Earth, a fact she's downright proud of. Torturing Zordon once she breaks into his lair, she sends a giant Goldar out to destroy Angel Grove as a way to distract the Power Rangers while she accomplishes her plan.
  • Scream series:
    • Scream 2 (Kevin Williamson's original screenplay): Derek and Hallie are a pair of young psychopaths seeking to imitate—and exceed—the original Woodsboro killings to achieve Fame Through Infamy. Backed by the vengeful Mrs. Loomis and sharing the mantle of Ghostface, Derek and Hallie meticulously infiltrate Sidney Prescott's social circle, becoming her new boyfriend and roommate respectively. Filming their own copycat murders, they murder a couple at the sneak preview of Stab and push another college student into a glass door to the deck below, mutilating her chest and leaving her body hanging from a tree. Stepping up their game and killing Randy Meeks, they proceed to murder two police officers that were in their way and even Hallie's own innocent boyfriend, Mickey, before sadistically attaching the corpse of one of Sidney's friends, Joel, to a wall for a cheap laugh. Planning on finishing their massacre with the triple murder of Sidney, Gale and Cotton, Derek and Hallie wanted nothing more than to send a message to the happy endings of Hollywood and prove their own nihilistic philosophy of punishing innocents and inheriting the earth as murderers.
    • Scream 3 (Ehren Kruger's unproduced script): Roman Bridger is even more sadistic and sociopathic in this Darker and Edgier version of the final product. When rejected by his mother, Maureen Prescott, Roman manipulated Billy Loomis into perpetrating the original Woodsboro killings that resulted in the murder of his own mother, seeing him as an "amateur" who laid the groundwork for him. Using his own submissive girlfriend, Angelina Tyler, to satisfy his incestuous lust for his half-sister, Roman and Angelina start killing the actors of Stab 3, with Roman gutting a woman "from neck to groin" and showing the mutilated corpse to her boyfriend before killing him as well. With the Los Angeles case gaining more attention with each murder, Roman not only murders a police detective but also slashes the throat of his own father and then disembowels him for shock value. Planning on mutilating his own half-sister before framing her for his killing spree, Roman relishes in his status as the villain of Sidney's life.
  • Sherlock Holmes and the Vengeance of Dracula: Count Vlad Dracula is an aristocratic vampire who seeks to rule England as his new vampire dynasty. Originally Vlad the Impaler of Romania who was previously slain by Abraham Van Helsing, Lord Arthur Holmwood, and John Seward for the murder of Lucy Westenra, Dracula survived and sought revenge. Traveling to London and killing those who stand in his way, Dracula kills Holmwood and Seward before forming an alliance with Professor Moriarty. Seeking the death of Sherlock Holmes, Dracula turns Moriarty's henchmen into his own personal servants, while killing those who fail him, an act which disgusts even Moriarty. Turning Sherlock's love Constance Blackwell and Watson against him, Dracula later devises a plan to inject his own blood into the city's gaslight network to turn everybody in London into vampires, preparing to rule a country of his own kind with Constance by his side as queen.
  • Superman Lives unproduced scripts both have Brainiac:
    • Dan Gilroy's script: Brainiac, an attention-craving computer program developed by Jor-El of Krypton, rebelled out of petty jealousy that Jor-El spent more time with his family than with Brainiac. Brainiac orchestrated the destruction of Krypton, personally trying to kill Jor-El's infant son Kal-El while making him watch, before settling for slaying Jor-El and his wife when Kal-El escapes. Spending decades tracking Kal-El down, Brainiac arrives on Earth and kills several innocent people before possessing the body of Lex Luthor, using it to discover that Kal-El is now the beloved hero Superman. Endangering dozens of schoolchildren to draw Superman out, Brainiac uses the monstrous Doomsday to kill Superman and tries to take his place as Earth's savior, flying into a spiteful rage when he realizes humanity will always love Superman, and deciding to destroy the entire planet. After kidnapping Lois Lane and her niece to use them as a "family" to spite the memory of Superman, Brainiac threatens their lives when Superman returns to face him, and uses his last moments to mock Superman on how his parents screamed when Brainiac killed them.
    • Kevin Smith's script: Brainiac here is depicted as an ancient, digital entity that seeks godhood. Having arrived on Krypton under the illusion of protecting the planet, Brainiac actually drains its core of all power, leading to the planet's destruction. As Brainiac combs the universe looking for the legendary Eradicator robot so as to drain its power and become invincible, he regularly drains the life forces of aliens he comes across, and captures others to store as specimens in his "menagerie". Upon landing on Earth, Brainiac drains LexCorp security guards of their life forces and teams up with Lex Luthor, unleashing Doomsday onto Metropolis to kill Superman, uncaring of the many citizens Doomsday kills in his rampage. When Superman is seemingly killed, Brainiac betrays Luthor and kills the man's lover in front of him, before trying to wipe out hundreds of Metropolis civilians while declaring his new status as god over all human life.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Blue Door (unproduced early script)
    • Colonel Schrader is an alien from Dimension X who serves Krang. Masquerading as the human leader of the Foot, Schrader, knowing that the Turtles are destined to defeat Krang, starts Project Aries with the goal of killing them. With Project Aries, he has humans kidnapped and turned into mutants for Krang's army, having done so for 17 years, ordering his test subjects killed when he feels he's finished. Later kidnapping the Turtles and torturing them, Schrader hunts down the Turtles once they escape. Making sure Krang's plan to merge both Dimension X and Earth comes to fruition, Schrader turns on his human superiors and guns them down while the Technodrome charges up.
    • Krang is the dictator of Dimension X, and Schrader's master. Ruling the dimension for 20 years and crushing anybody who tries to stop him with his army, Krang, after hearing that the Turtles are destined to kill him, murders their parents in retaliation. Preparing the Technodrome to annihilate the rebel fighters, Krang sets out to merge Dimension X and Earth together to power up his weapon, sending his men out to acquire four orbs across the world by killing their guardians. The portal ends up creating countless natural disasters around Earth that kill thousands, Krang uncaring for the lives lost. Successfully merging the two worlds together, he later brags to Leo about murdering his father before trying to kill the Turtles himself.
  • Unproduced Venom script: Cletus Kasady is a chaos-loving psychopath with a love of murder and mayhem. A bad seed who was sent to the St. Estes Psychiatric Hospital as a child after killing his mother, Cletus would later burn down the hospital—which resulted in five deaths—and hold the young Eddy Brock hostage as a way to escape. Spending the next twenty years on a cross country killing spree under the name "Carnage" that resulted in 87 claimed victims, Cletus would brag to Brock about his murders while sending him tape recordings of his victims. Getting arrested and put on Death Row, Cletus makes contact with the Blood Hunter symbiote and goes on a mass killing spree. Seeking to spread chaos across New York, Cletus goes on live television to encourage his fans to incite violent riots, and later causes a city-wide blackout, relishing in all the death and terror he's caused.
  • Unproduced Wonder Woman script, by Joss Whedon:
    • Arabella Callas is the ruthless CEO of Spearhead, a company that masks an arms dealing, warmongering operation run by Callas. A devout servant of Ares who uses her influence to start and sustain wars across the globe, Callas only serves Ares to satisfy her own cravings for power and to dominate all beneath her heel. Working with Strife to create the Khimaera, eliminating any and everyone who stumbles across the truth about the ancient beast, Callas tests the Khimaera by having it level several buildings, all full of innocent people. After ordering Steve Trevor and his partners killed, Callas plans to use the Khimaera to destroy cities worldwide, killing thousands to throw the rest of the planet into such terror that she can swoop in with Spearhead and subtly take control of all life on Earth.
    • Strife is the nephew of Ares, and a vicious, petty Blood Knight who gleefully lives up to his father's passion and lust for war. Strife works to unleash the Khimaera on the world with Callas, violently murdering potential witnesses and even nearly obliterating a large building full of homeless vagrant families. Strife, in retribution for being insulted, forces Diana to depower at the threat of Steve Trevor's life, leaves Diana to die with the specific shame of Dying Alone, and attempts to kill Steve shortly after anyway. Strife eventually hijacks the scheme for the Khimaera, sabotaging his own plans with Callas to instead directly use the Khimaera to wreak carnage and destroy all of Gateway City simply to show he's not bluster.

    Fan Scripts 
  • The Batman, by David Voss: The Riddler, Edward Nashton, is a Serial Killer who prefers murdering a parent and their child, leaving behind riddles for the police to solve for his next murders. Having killed Black Mask's wife by chopping off her legs and hanging his son, Riddler would go on to kill Jason Todd's mother and brother by making them inject poison into themselves. Later forcing Batman to solve a riddle to prevent the mayor's husband and daughter from dying, Riddler still has the husband murdered despite Batman solving his riddle, having Batman framed for his death. Capturing Bruce Wayne and his ex-girlfriend Julie Madison, Riddler has Bruce and three other rich men fight to the death to decide who's really Batman, threatening to drown Madison should they all refuse.
  • Batman Film Series Script Fic Batman Triumphant: Jonathan Crane, better known as The Scarecrow, is a cruel, fear-obsessed supervillain who fakes rehabilitation to be set free from Arkham Asylum. Immediately hypnotizing a class of college students into his slaves, Crane forces one to shoot another to prove his hypnosis worked, then proceeds to have them pull off murders, robberies and riots across Gotham. Able and willing to remotely lobotomize any of these slaves, Crane plans to dispose of them all when his plans are seen through, and uses them to kidnap Mayor Krol and bomb a police squad, killing many of the officers. Keeping Krol in constant agonizing terror with fear gas before dropping him to his death to distract Batman, Crane ultimately plans to stage a breakout of Arkham Asylum and kickstart a chaos-driven riot across Gotham, hoping to wipe out the entire city just to spite Batman for locking him up years ago.
  • Batman: Saviour, by Paul M. Wolford: Mr. Zsasz is a deranged Serial Killer with a love of recording his victims with a tally mark scar on his body. With over 150 murders to his name by the start of the story, Zsasz dresses like a street magician and tricks children into revealing their home address, with Zsasz murdering the families, babies included. After being sent to Arkham Asylum, Zsasz stages a breakout, murdering Jeremiah Arkham's assistant and unleashing every criminal from the asylum out onto the streets of Gotham, allowing them to go on a killing spree, with Zsasz himself killing 20 people during the crime wave.
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe Script Fic MCU Rewrites: Madame B., the Big Bad of Black Widow, is the head instructor of the Red Room, a KGB training facility focused on training young girls into becoming remorseless assassins. Madame B.'s training regiment includes pitting the girls against each other in combat, implanting false memories and trigger words that'll make them more subservient to their handlers, and lengthy, arduous ballet sessions where the girls are executed if they show any signs of fatigue. She forces her top student Natasha Romanoff to scavenge for her own survival supplies out in the bitter cold, and later has her kill her best friend Yelena to prove her obedience. Madame B. demonstrates her students' efficiency by ordering Natasha to murder, in cold blood, a man tied to a chair, and uses another girl's trigger words to force her to kill a young boy. After their missions, the girls are subjected to periodic mind wipes to make their cover stories convincing. When Natasha shows signs of guilt after causing a hospital fire that killed dozens of children, Madame B. puts her through extensive electroshock therapy to erase her memories of her mission and continues to send her on missions to kill diplomats of foreign countries. Continuing her work in the Red Room long after the end of the Cold War, Madame B. viewed the girls under her care solely as weapons made to only serve their handlers.
  • The Last Laugh, by Justin Dombrowski & Chris Rose: The Joker is a sadistic psychopath who wants to burn Gotham to the ground. Threatening to murder every child in the Newbury Orphanage before midnight, Joker breaks into Detective Sarah Essen's house and murders her in front of her children. Kidnapping various members of Gotham's elite and placing them in his airship, Joker plans to drop them all, including Mayor Hill and Bruce Wayne's crush Julie Madison, out and watch them die. Shooting Julie's pregnant stomach in front of Batman for laughs, Joker reveals that he has placed his toxins inside the airship, hoping to detonate them, unleash his gas, and kill everybody in Gotham.
  • James Bond (Skyfall & SPECTRE) Script Fics Skyfall 1969 & SPECTRE 1971: Ernst Stravo Blofeld, real name Franz Oberhauser, is as villainous as ever. Following up his murder of Tracy Bond, Blofeld aids Raoul Silva in his revenge on M, resulting in M's death. After surviving Bond's attempt to kill him, Blofeld retains control over SPECTRE through the alias of Doctor Shatterhand, allowing the Sprang brothers to murder his current Number 4 despite the man's loyalty and efficient service while also putting his endgame into effect. Generating a lethal virus that only activates on contact by synthesizing various poisons, Blofeld plans to coat diamonds mined from South Africa with the virus before distributing them all over the world, creating a pandemic that will cause society to collapse and allow SPECTRE to emerge as a Fourth Reich. When Bond survives the virus due to Tiffany Case performing a Heel–Face Turn, Blofeld has Bond and Case captured before torturing James with a power drill to the brain, all the while gloating that Bond will be "a blank slate, neither alive or dead". When his plans fall apart due to Bond escaping and the United States Marines raiding his lair, Blofeld engages Bond in a final battle, sadistically attempting to crush his chest with his robotic leg before finally being dying. Underneath his charm and elegance, Blofeld was ultimately a sadistic monster willing to kill millions to get what he wanted.


  • William Shakespeare has produced timeless works with quite the incredible and diverse output. From some of his plays have come villains who are impressive in their depravity centuries later.
    • Othello: Honest Iago is one of the most famous examples of this trope in English Literature. A bitter Venetian officer who resents the promotion of another man over him by his commander, the Moor Othello, Iago schemes for revenge by ingratiating himself with Othello and driving him to madness with insinuations his beloved wife Desdemona is having an affair with the officer Cassio. Iago undermines Othello while acting as his friend. Iago murders his accomplice and his own wife to cover for himself, and at the end, convinces Othello to murder Desdemona. At the end, Iago displays no remorse and refuses to speak one word more in his whole life. Through the play, Iago goes through various motives for his evil: racism, envy, suspicion Othello is sleeping with his own wife...but at the end he simply concludes there is no motive. He simply enjoys this.
    • Richard III: Richard himself informs us early on that he is determined to prove a villain and ruin the day for everyone else. To that end, he seduces Anne Neville, whose noble husband he himself murdered, with every intent of discarding her later. He has his brother George, Duke of Clarence, sent to the Tower of London and murdered, drives his older brother King Edward IV into an early grave and has Edward's two young sons imprisoned in the Tower of London, before having them murdered. He poisons Anne herself, and begins having his allies killed. On the night before his battle with Henry Tudor, he is visited by the spirits of his victims, who tell him to despair and die. Richard is left alone, deserted by all, and at the end, he admits that even he has nothing but hatred for himself.
  • 35mm: A Musical Exhibition: The Bastard is the horrifically abusive husband of the titular Luanne in the song "Leave Luanne". Raping and beating Luanne thanks to losing his job and mocking her for her suffering, even clearly enjoying it, he keeps Luanne married to him and forces her to endure the abuse every day. When Luanne escapes into the bog and dies, possibly by his hand, and returns as a ghost, he tells her that nobody ever loved her, before being subject to the same tortures he put her through.
  • Batman Live: The Joker once again demonstrates his ruthless nature. Joker has Tony Zucco kill Dick Grayson's family before killing Tony himself, and proceeds to take over the Haly Circus after murdering the staff, holding Dick Grayson hostage. Abandoning Harley Quinn to be arrested, Joker later frees the inmates of Arkham Asylum and allows them to hold the staff hostage to draw Batman in, setting off bombs throughout Gotham to prove they mean business. When Batman and Robin manage to defeat the inmates, Joker attempts to escape in a hot air balloon, stopping only to mock Harley as she begs him to take her with him, and fires his machine gun down on random people.
  • Be More Chill: The SQUIP is a sociopathic, brainwashing supercomputer in pill form designed to make the user popular. The second he uploads himself into high school student Jeremy Heere, he is excessively cruel, making cracks at Jeremy's self-esteem and forcing him to repeat suicidal remarks the SQUIP makes about him. However, he advances beyond simple bullying when he attempts to have another student rape Jeremy via puppeting his body. From then on, he reveals that he desires to Take Over the World, and as he is rejected by Jeremy, in his last-ditch effort to achieve his goal, he offers up Jeremy's Love Interest as a mind-controlled slave.
  • Death Note: The Musical: Light Yagami, aka Kira, may have a lower body count than his manga counterpart, but he is just as evil. Mere moments after getting the Death Note, he abandons his claims of justice in favor of his own interests, declaring himself God. He goes on a massive killing spree with the Death Note, killing countless, and when confronted by an FBI agent and L's task force agent, uses the Death Note to cause them to commit Psychic-Assisted Suicide. Light manipulates his girlfriend Misa into killing for him, and, when he gets an opportunity, convinces Rem to write L's name in her Death Note, on threat of killing Misa, an act which kills both Rem and L. As L realizes that he is going to be forced to kill himself, Light continues to gloat over him, declaring that L was merely a pawn as L kills himself.
  • Fuenteovejuna, by Lope de Vega: Fernán Gómez de Guzmán, introduced goading his superior from the Order of Calatrava to attack Ciudad Real, is the Commander of the titular town. Presenting himself as a holy man, the Commander tries to rape two female villagers. Interrupting a meeting between Laurencia and Frondoso, the Commander tries to rape Laurencia, threatening her with a crossbow before being interrupted by Frondoso. Later, the Commander orders his servants to whip a poor man trying to protect a villager before raping her and giving her to his soldiers. A loathsome man who believes that politeness is a virtue reserved for the nobility, the Commander is a lustful man who has no concern for anyone but himself. Killed in a popular revolt in the titular town, the Commander is the archetypal abusive authority figure in Spanish fiction, with his death being the ultimate popular justice.
  • Gynx: In this deconstruction of vigilante revenge against sexual abuse, Genevieve, aka Gynx, seems to be a empathetic and loving figure taking in girls damaged by their past of sexual abuse. She eggs on their fantasies of kidnapping their rapists and castrating them, going on to carry out such kidnappings. At least thirty two men are castrated in these escapades, and while their targets are rapists and child molesters, there's a suggestion that some of them could be innocent and falsely accused. It is soon shown that she is emotionally manipulating and is controlling of the women who follow her, until they have a cult-like devotion to her. Despite her speeches of revenge against victimizers and empowering female victims, it's revealed she is secretly working for a torture porn website that feeds a castration fetish, keeping the money for herself. When Petie confronts her about it, Gynx has her abduct a rapist herself to mutilate. When Petie ends up beating said rapist to death on the stream, Gynx and the other girls ultimately abandon her, with Gynx revealing that she is simply looking for believable victims to throw under the bus.
  • The History of King Lear, by Nahum Tate: Stripped of all his redeeming qualities, Edmund the Base becomes a vile, two-dimensional shadow of his presentation in the original play. Turning his own father, the Duke of Gloucester, against his noble-hearted brother Edgar by insinuating treason, Edmund poses as an honorable man before having his own father arrested, viciously tortured, and blinded solely to seize power. Struck with lust for Lear's daughter Cordelia, Edmund seeks to rape Cordelia himself to slake his evil lust, later having Lear and Cordelia set to hang while dying a sneering, unrepentant libertine thoroughly unhindered by his own conscience.
  • Inuyasha 2017 stage play: In this retelling of the manga's beginning, Naraku remains the cause of all of the heroes' suffering. Biding his time for the Shikon Jewel's return after causing Kikyo's death and Inuyasha's sealing, Naraku resurfaces with the Jewel's return to use the Spider Head demons to kill Inuyasha and his companions, allowing them to attack the neighboring villages as they please and later mentally tormenting Inuyasha to kill him for his Jewel shards. At the end of the play, Naraku once again attempts to use his illusion magic on Inuyasha and in the final scene sends an army of demons after Inuyasha and his Love Interest, scourging the land in the name of gaining ultimate power.
  • The Lion King: Scar commits the same crimes that his movie counterpart did and goes beyond that, notably attempting to force himself onto Nala. During the musical, Scar becomes more and more paranoid as time goes by, also feeling that he was being tormented by his older brother even in death. Unwilling to admit that he's terrible at governing the Pride Lands, he instead condemns all his subjects to death so that he wouldn't have to accept that maybe he wasn't as good at being a king that he thought he would be.
  • Maria Kizito: Warrant Officer Emmanuel Rekeraho is a Hutu Interahamwe leader during the Rwandan genocide who turns a group of nuns—especially the titular nun Maria, who becomes his right hand—from a monastery into fanatical murderers who lure Tutsi refugees, including children, before murdering them in increasingly brutal ways such a burning a building full of multiple Tutsi or starving refugees to death. A cheerful fanatic that sees Tutsi as cockroaches and moderate Hutus as traitors, Rekeraho also broadcast hateful speech from his radio program, which he uses to continue to call for the extermination of the Tutsi people.
  • Matilda the Musical: Agatha Trunchbull commits all the acts from the book, along with additional crimes. Trunchbull is a former Olympic hammer thrower, who is depicted in onscreen flashbacks as making money from a circus where she forced her trapeze artist sister—who was pregnant—to work at the circus or face jail, with Trunchbull eventually killing her sister by cutting the rope. The baby—Jennifer "Jenny" Honey—survived. Trunchbull was then invited by her oblivious brother-in-law to help care for Jenny, regularly abusing the latter when her father wasn't home and scaring her into submission. When Jenny's father came home early one day to find his daughter starved and tied up in the cellar, he went to confront Agatha, only for Trunchbull to murder him and frame it as suicide. In the present day, Trunchbull became headmistress of a school. She commits all the acts of child abuse seen in the book and locks Matilda in a torture box known as a Chokey, which she regularly used on children. The Trunchbull's cruelty expands in scope when the climax of the musical has her attempting to replace all classrooms with Chokeys to create a school system where children will be tortured and "neither seen nor heard". Already known as one of the most preeminent child haters in adolescent fiction, this version of the Trunchbull still stands out as truly monstrous.
  • Nabucco: The High Priest of Ba'al is a religious fanatic and bigot who exploits Abigail's ambition and wrath for his own ends. First introduced informing Abigail that her adoptive sister, Fenena, has released Hebrew prisoners, the Priest subsequently informs Abigail that he and his men have spread the rumor that Nabucco has fallen in Battle and encourages her to take the throne. Later, the Priest informs Abigail of Fenena's conversion to Judaism, and suggests that she and the Hebrews be exterminated, presenting a document for Abigail to sign as a death warrant for the Hebrews. In the final confrontation, the Priest attempts to carry out the death warrant via Human Sacrifice to Ba'al but is interrupted by Nabucco and his forces.
  • Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street: The corrupt Judge Turpin, who runs a Kangaroo Court in Victorian London, begins Sweeney's Start of Darkness when, lusting after the then-younger barber's wife, Turpin has him imprisoned on a penal colony for decades of hard labor so he can seduce his wife. When she refuses, Turpin has her lured to his home under pretense of offering to free her husband—but rapes her instead, and steals her daughter as his ward. Turpin guards her jealously, having a younger sailor brutally beaten for looking at her and plans to marry her himself. When she refuses and tries to run away he sends her to an asylum where he knows she'll be mistreated.
  • Tokaido Yotsuya Kaidan: Tamiya Iemon is a vicious rōnin expelled from his clan for embezzlement. When his father-in-law requests Iemon divorce his dutiful wife Oiwa to give her a better life, Iemon murders the man and uses his death to manipulate Oiwa into returning to him. Seeking to eventually get a better match for himself, Iemon has Oiwa poisoned, resulting in her being horribly disfigured. Iemon then hires a friend of his to rape Oiwa so he can blame her for adultery, only for Oiwa to discover his scheme and accidentally kill herself, to which Iemon has no remorse. Iemon promptly murders a random servant to frame him as Oiwa's illicit lover, and when Oiwa returns as a ghost, Iemon eventually murders his new wife and her father thanks to Oiwa's haunting, before killing his new mother-in-law of his own accord in anger.
  • Tosca: Baron Vitellio Scarpia is the head of the police who relentlessly hunts down those deemed as "traitors" and subjects them to torture and execution. When he captures the painter Mario Cavaradossi, he decides to use the man as leverage to possess his sweetheart Floria Tosca. He has Mario brutally tortured, and convinces Mario that Tosca betrayed him to drive a wedge between the lovers. He then proceeds to offer Tosca Mario's safety if she sleeps with him, horrifying her. He promises to spare Mario if she does so, seemingly arranging a fake execution. However, even after Scarpia's death it is revealed he had no intention of honoring his word: the execution is real and Mario dies anyway. A venal hypocrite hiding behind his sanctimony, Scarpia glories in the fear he spreads over Rome and believes the best way to possess a woman is by force.
  • Turnabout Musical: Manfred von Karma is the same monster he is in the game, but manages to be even more cruel. For years, von Karma has been working as a prosecutor, using underhanded tactics to maintain his perfect winning streak, not caring if the defendants are guilty or not. When defense attorney Gregory Edgeworth ruins his perfect record, Manfred murders him. He then adopts Edgeworth's son Miles and raises him to be as ruthless a prosecutor as he is. Von Karma then manipulates a man whose life was ruined by Gregory's murder into committing murder and framing Edgeworth. Manfred later attacks Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey with a stun gun in order to steal evidence, gleefully shocking Phoenix several times after he's knocked out. When Edgeworth is found innocent, von Karma tries to get him executed for Gregory's murder, before attempting to kill him himself.
  • "The Vampyre" adaptations:
    • Der Vampyr, by Heinrich Marschner: Lord Ruthven is a Satan worshipper, who must drink the blood of three women over a twenty-four hour period or forfeit his soul to Hell. He kills a girl named Janthe, then fakes his death after her father shoots him, making his friend Aubrey, who he once saved, keep his being a vampire a secret. The next day, Aubrey finds Ruthven has hypnotized his Love Interest Malwina's father into engaging them; he has also begun preying on a girl named Emmy. Ruthven kills Emmy, handing her soul over to his masters, then goes through with his plans to marry Malwina, while using his supposed friendship with Aubrey and the oath that the latter swore, to keep him from warning her and her father that Ruthven will kill her. In the end Ruthven is struck down by his own masters, moments before he can kill not only Malwina, but Aubrey too, whom he regards as a traitor for trying to stop Ruthven from killing his girlfriend.
    • The Vampire, by Alexandre Dumas: Lord Ruthven attaches himself to the party of Count Gilbert, murdering Gilbert's love Juana and enslaving Gilbert with a vow to him, competing against the being known as "the Ghoul", an entity who serves Satan like himself but has fallen for Gilbert. Ruthven seduces and murders Gilbert's sister while framing Gilbert as a madman, returning again to try to kill Gilbert's new love Antonia while glorying in the immortality he obtain from so many innocent lives.
  • We Will Rock You: High Commander Khashoggi is the top enforcer of the Killer Queen's forces of the Globalsoft corporation. Forcing Globalsoft's will upon the world with an iron fist, Khashoggi tracks down the base of the Bohemians, and ruthlessly murders their top member. Upon capturing the Bohemians, he brutally interrogates them, and, when he does not get what he wants out of them, he "brain-drains" them all, sadistically killing them with Electric Torture.
  • William Tell (Friedrich Schiller's 1804 play): Albrecht Gessler is the tyrannical deputy of the Hapsburgs in Switzerland. Imprisoning, torturing and killing many with a law that failure to salute his cap is punishable by death, Gessler has an old man blinded for a trifling offense with hopes to provoke the Swiss so the Hapsburgs may crush them. Upon arresting William Tell, Gessler forces him to shoot an apple off his own son's head for sport, later even showing himself willing to ride down a woman and her children for standing in the way of his horse.
  • Zorro 2008 musical: Ramon, Diego's once-beloved best friend, grows to become a cruel tyrant who starves and oppresses the people. Keeping Diego's father Don Alejandro locked away, Ramon shows himself willing to have innocent civilians executed while trying to rape his obsession, Luisa. Later fine with abandoning Alejandro to starve to death, Ramon orders a crowd of protesters gunned down, murdering Diego's beloved friend Inez and even rejects Diego's mercy to attempt to stab him after their final duel.

Theme Parks

  • "Escape from Arkham Asylum": In this horror attraction retelling of Batman: Arkham Asylum, The Joker proves to be just as vile and psychotic as usual. Taking over the Asylum and kidnapping the guests, the Joker sentences them to imprisonment in Arkham for "being too sane". He then cuts the wire to the elevator they are in in an attempt to kill them, but instead traps them in the twisted Asylum as they are attacked by the freed goons, inmates, henchmen, and other notable members of Batman's Rogues Gallery. He forces them to watch victims die of his Joker Venom, and tries to trap and kill them all in a funhouse littered with henchmen he killed just to serve as decorations.
  • Halloween Horror Nights:
    • Island Under Siege scarezone & "Maximum Carnage": In this alternate version of the Maximum Carnage storyline, Carnage proves to be as despicable and vile as his comic book counterpart, if not more so. After winning against Spider-Man and killing him, Carnage uses Shriek's psychic powers to drive the populace insane while he frees inmates and forms a cult-like gang in his service. He and his hordes of destructive minions then lay waste to the area, with Carnage killing any other heroes that attempt to intervene and putting their corpses on display. When guests arrive, Carnage uses them as living target practice for laser guns, sics his henchmen and several freed supervillains on them, and puts both them and his own henchmen in a nuclear reactor and exposes them to gamma radiation just for fun.
    • "El Cucuy: The Boogeyman": The titular El Cucuy is a sadistic shapeshifter and tormentor of children. Taking delight in causing pain, El Cucuy murders children and adults alike, including massacring an entire birthday party and movie theater audience. He disguises himself as a child's grandmother, then kills the child for staying up past bedtime. His lair is decorated with stolen toys and children's bones, and filled with children who he keeps trapped in cages and bags so he can keep them alive as he tortures and eats them.
    • "Clowns 3D": The clown simply known as Sweet Licks was once a normal businessman and entrepreneur running the company/attraction Sweet Licks Family Fun Center and Ice Cream Emporium. After the company fell on hard times, Sweet Licks went mad with rage and began a criminal enterprise of killing humans and turning them into "all natural, high protein ice cream". He then used his attraction to lure in and trap visitors, who he proceeds to kill by using pickaxes and chainsaws to mutilate them while they are still alive, fill with ice cream until they burst, or hang from meat hooks, harvesting their organs and vomit to use as ingredients. As guests try to flee, he attacks them with a chainsaw to ensure there are no witnesses.
  • Knott's Scary Farm:
    • Pinocchio Unstrung: Pinocchio is a far cry from his usual self. After going on his adventure, the Blue Fairy sees the darkness still left in his heart and refuses to grant his wish of becoming a real boy. Pinocchio is so shocked and angered by her refusal that he locks himself away for twenty years and drives himself insane. He proceeds to take his revenge on everyone he met during his adventures, including killing and mutilating Gepetto and the residents of his town; capturing and torturing the Blue Fairy; killing Stromboli and decorating the theater with his entrails; and murdering the coachman and taking control of the operations of Pleasure Island. When guests arrive, he tries to have his undead minions as well as the man-eating anglerfish Monstro kill them. He throws the Blue Fairy to Monstro, the former pleading for help as she is digested. Pinocchio then reveals his ultimate creation: a giant duplicate of himself made of human bones and skin that attacks and defeats the guests.
    • "Pumpkin Eater": The titular Pumpkin Eater is a humanoid monster resembling a pumpkin that terrorizes humans. At first only a nuisance who ate pumpkin crops, the Pumpkin Eater later desired human flesh, and would attack the town within The Hallow by breaking into homes, killing the people—including women and children—taking their faces as trophies, eating the bodies, and burning down the house. This continued until the town was completely destroyed and all of its people wiped out. It stalks the town, tormenting the ghosts of its past victims and hanging corpses all across the town. It summons pumpkin minions and giant insects to attack guests, and kidnaps people from around the area to force into slave labor, use as torture victims, or forcibly nail to posts and use as scarecrows to attract crows and be Eaten Alive. It throws men, women, and children into a giant meat grinder, then cooks both them and the guests into pumpkin pies.
    • "Tooth Fairy": The Tooth Fairy is a supernatural entity obsessed with human teeth. He breaks into the homes of children who have just lost teeth to violently kidnap them, then take them to a hellish realm filled with torture equipment and things he has stolen from his victims. There, he and his minions brutally and painfully imprison and torture children, ripping out their intestines, bones, organs, and teeth until they are dead. He commands his minions to make things as horrific as possible, using massive drills, saws, hooks, and knives to mutilate and torment the innocent children. He decorates his realm with pinned butterflies, jars of children's organs, teeth, and stretched-out human skin. He kidnaps some adult victims to torture and forces them to watch the horrors, even making a hallway from severed mouths, one of which is still screaming. He creates a maze out of children's bodies pinned and tied to mattresses, and will attack guests and try to rip out their teeth.
    • Wax Works: Dr. Augustus Scratch was once a renowned plastic surgeon who became obsessed with his own twisted view of beauty and perfection. After an incident that disfigured his face and sent him running from the law, Dr. Scratch hid out in an abandoned wax works, where he began kidnapping people, brutally torturing and mutilating them, and using their body parts in grotesque wax sculptures. He uses hollowed-out human corpses as beehives, dips live people into vats of boiling wax, and amasses a large group of insane henchmen to sic on guests and help him with his deadly projects. When guests arrive, he sets his sights on them, sadistically showing off his "art" as he chases them, attempting to make them his next projects.


  • Big Finish Doctor Who:
  • Blood Trail (2016): The nameless killer is a psychopathic cannibal that preys on young women. Abducting two girls, the killer cuts pieces of one of the victim's legs off to eat while she's still alive, before brutally killing her. When the heroine Lori attempts to flee, the killer stabs her in the torso, and tracks her to the house of a doctor, the doctor's fiancée Sidney, and Sidney's brother Preston, where he stabs Preston to death and forces Sidney to watch as he guts the doctor. Although his reign of terror is ended, Lori becomes his final victim when she expires from the stab wound he inflicted. Demonstrating a clear sadistic streak despite never saying a word, the killer is a brutal sociopath driven solely by his own enjoyment.
  • The Candy Shop (2010 short film): The Candy Shop owner is a garishly dressed, seemingly kind man who is a cruel child trafficker. Abducting and luring in little girls, he has them transformed into candy to be sold to older men to be eaten or used as they see fit. Trying to lure the hero in to be a new helper by promising him money, the shopkeeper abducts his friend Nancy to become the first victim of his new "partner". When refused, the shopkeeper tries to beat the boy to death. Even after being stopped and his victims freed, some are still too damaged to ever return.
  • H.H.L. (2016): In this short film about a dystopian future, Miro stands out as the only one of the three main characters to be completely bereft of redeeming traits. A sociopathic manufacturer/dealer of NUKE, a highly addictive substance that must be extracted from the brain of a recently-deceased person, Miro works with his brother Lucio and his lover May to lure victims to his apartment, where he kills them and removes the necessary chemicals from their brain. Making a deal with a fascist dictator to supply NUKE for the government to use to subjugate the masses, Miro soon discovers that Lucio and May have been stealing some of his product, prompting him to torture May to death before beating his brother to death with a hammer, coldly stating that he will "enjoy tasting his NUKE". A greedy, self-centered brute who gets away with everything, Miro is last seen stalking towards a young boy, with the implication being that he's going to kill him for his NUKE.
  • Highlander: Kurgan Rising: Architect Augustus Mason, a member of the cult Sons of the Kurgan, used the group's knowledge and resources to construct the Barrow Building, a Parisian skyscraper that was designed to resurrect the Kurgan by ripping his essence out of Duncan MacLeod. Magically luring numerous Immortals into the structure, Mason places them in medically-induced comas, and forces one, a bishop, to consecrate the building's basement before destroying his mind with drugs and torture and using him as bait to lure Duncan into his trap. Mason forces Duncan to decapitate the bishop on the Holy Ground, causing a blasphemous Quickening which the occult-infused architecture of the Barrow Building uses to revive the Kurgan. Along with driving Immortals all over the world violently insane, the aberrant Quickening also causes supernatural disasters that ravage Paris, killing hundreds. After brainwashing the Kurgan with psychotropic drugs and having him butcher dozens of the Immortals that he has captured, Mason reveals that he does not want to serve the Kurgan, he wants to use him as a puppet that will win the Prize for him and allow him to ascend to Godhood.
  • Innsmouth (2015 Short Film): Alice Marsh is the ruler of Innsmouth. A beautiful, seductive woman, Alice lures in men and women to make hosts to Innsmouth's spawn while brutally murdering them. When the heroine, Detective Olmstead, tracks Alice down, Alice kidnaps and seduces her, before revealing her true form and biting her throat out, making her the latest corpse and keeping a photograph of them together as a trophy in a case with many similar pictures going back to black and white photos.
  • Kiss the Devil in the Dark: Dagon is the evil demon lord which The Protagonist Marcus strikes a deal with in desperation to save his dying wife. Dagon demands the sacrifice of four souls in exchange for his wife's life, dragging his wife off to burn in Hell until Marcus fulfills his end of the bargain. When Marcus gives him the tribute of four sacrifices, Dagon gleefully and brutally murders them one after another, and when Dagon is stopped from devouring the fourth and most innocent soul by a repentant Marcus, Dagon drags him off instead-—but not before gleefully taunting him on his wife's infidelity, a fact that cursed her to Hell from the start.
  • Lights Out (audio; script): Mr. George Stewart, based on murderer H.H. Holmes, from "Murder Castle", is a man who runs a murder palace in his mansion. Luring young women to his home, he traps them in the manor and places them in death traps, gleefully experimenting with ways to kill them. One woman in the prologue is placed in wet cement to die there, another having been dropped into lime previously. When another woman comes, Stewart tries to shut her in a chamber where the air will be pumped out so she will slowly and painfully asphyxiate.
  • Mark Macready and the Archangel Murders: In this short film, the Archangel Killer is a shapeshifting incubus killer and rapist of women. Upon sighting a victim, the Archangel Killer would maul them to death before harvesting their hearts in grizzly fashion. Having previously done this to five women, the Archangel Killer is hired by evil forces to kidnap the wife of GMPID detective Mark "Mac" Macready. After murdering a foreign diplomat and taking his place, the Archangel Killer mortally wounds Commissioner Doyle before escaping. When Macready and his colleagues arrive to an abandoned building, the Archangel Killer shapeshifts into Macready's wife as a means of lowering his guard, and, when fatally shot spitefully wishes Macready the best of luck in finding his wife, fully knowing that it would be impossible given his death. Even in a short film paying homage to the B-movies of the horror genre, the Archangel Killer stands as a truly reprehensible abomination.
  • Metal Gear Solid (audio drama): Sergei Ivanovich is a partner of the commander of the Esteria Army Special Forces, Mark Cortez, in an attempt to overthrow the local government in South America. In reality using Cortez for a scheme of his own, Ivanovich has Cortez assist him in capturing Colonel Ray Campbell in the planned ambush, killing Cortez's entire unit in the process. From there, torturing Campbell for fun, he uses his life signal to lure Solid Snake and Meryl to him, promising to torture them all to death. Ivanovich reveals his plan to extract the FOXDIE virus from Solid Snake, so that he could use it to create a biological weapon to use against the government and innocent people; Ivanovich turned on Cortez, mortally wounding him, before killing the arriving soldiers, and then trying to sadistically kill Campbell, Meryl and Solid Snake.
  • The Strange Thing About the Johnsons: Isaiah is the abusive son of Sidney and Joan Johnson who develops an unhealthy obsession towards the former. Beginning with assaulting his father at a prom, Isaiah subjects his father to 14 years of sexual abuse, threatening bodily harm on him if he contemplated exposing it to the public. Even marriage fails to deter Isaiah, as he expresses little interest in his wife, and he deliberately breaks a glass under the guise of helping to clean up, solely to be alone with his father. After viciously raping Sidney out of anger at him locking the bathroom door, Isaiah tries to guilt trip him into staying in the relationship while additionally blaming him for the abuse. When Joan inquires him about this, Isaiah tries to push his mother into the fireplace.


  • Danganronpa franchise: Junko Enoshima sates her obsession with despair by seeking to crush hope in all of humanity. To this end, Junko uses her analytical abilities to sadistically and meticulously manipulate the students of Hope's Peak Academy, leading her classmates to murder each other in droves; brainwashing many others as they witness the atrocity; kidnapping a kind-hearted teacher to brainwash her into following Junko's cruel plans; cruelly crushing anyone in her way, eventually leading to mass killings and suicides amongst students and even a global societal collapse. In the horrific dystopian new world, Junko continues to amuse herself by tormenting a group of Hope's Peak students after wiping their memories, forcing them into a "game" where they must betray and murder each other, broadcasting it to demoralize the population at large, even killing her own sister on a whim. When discovered, Junko happily asserts her devotion to causing suffering and, when she fails to break the wills of her victims, spitefully kills herself to refuse their attempts to offer her redemption, aroused even at the feeling of her own despair. Creating an Artificial Intelligence and corrupting the already-unstable Warriors of Hope as her successors to continue her murder game even after her own death, Junko cements herself as a monstrous psychopath, so warped the only thing she adored was misery, be that others' or even her own.
  • The Haunted Mansion franchise:
    • Constance Hatchaway is a malevolent ghost in a house full of playful spirits. Constance is The Bride with a Past, as in life she was a Gold Digger that married wealthy men, and then killed them by beheading them with a hatchet. She spent her adult life marrying and killing over a period of many years until she married George Hightower, the owner of the titular mansion. After marrying and killing him, she decided to settle down in her newly inherited mansion and flaunt her wealth. She eventually died and became a ghost. Seeing no more reason for money, she decided to fully embrace her sadistic love of killing and began attacking and killing others, including other ghosts, who she could kill by beheading because she actually died on the property. Many ghosts fell victim to this until they locked her in the attic. In the ride, guests are confronted by her before escaping out the window. She openly admits to her crimes and has yet to be defeated or destroyed.
    • Phantom Manor (2019 refurbishment): Henry Ravenswood is the founder of Thunder Mesa and the one behind the evils of Ravenswood Manor. In life, Henry murdered the suitors of his daughter Melanie to keep her from leaving him. After he died in an earthquake, Henry returned as the Phantom, secretly hanging Melanie's fiancé on her wedding day, causing her to wait for him to return for the rest of her life and afterlife. The Phantom laughed at her despair and began inviting other ghosts to inhabit the mansion, causing the disappearance of an expedition sent to investigate the manor. In the ride itself, the Phantom poses as a friendly guide for the guests, reminiscing about his murders before trapping the guests in the manor. He then attempts to murder the guests by sending them to be tormented by all those who died in Thunder Mesa.
  • Krosmoz universe:
    • Rushu is the king of the Shushu, a race that takes pleasure in nothing but destruction. Rushu slew almost all his primordial brothers at the beginning of creation to ensure there would be no rule to his reign; regularly murders his own Shushu with casual abandon; and has annihilated all life on his native world of Shukrute, a fact which has him constantly scheming ways to invade the World of Twelve to devastate it as well. Kept only in place by the sacred pact of the gods, Rushu finds numerous ways to subvert or simply outright break the pact, occasionally personally appointing Shushu to wreak swathes of bloody havoc and destruction while routinely tempting souls into becoming more Shushu. Rushu collaborates with the Eliatrope traitor Qilby to gain access to the World of Twelve to start razing everything in sight, his advent upon the world only thwarted by his Arch-Enemy Goultard.
    • Mongrelamus/Medoroziam is one of the original ten Shushu and the only among them who survived his brother Rushu's purge by hiding on the planet that would become the World of Twelve. Medoroziam sought to possess the body of the powerful Iop warrior Goultard by feeding off his murderous anger. Working in conjuction with the sacrier Katar, Medoroziam butchered Goultard's three young children and his wife in order to cultivate Goultard's wrath and thus enable Medoroziam to possess him—turning Goultard's wrath, first, toward Katar. Medoroziam's corrupting influence birthed the noxious "Goultard the Barbarian" personality of Goultard, giving him the ultimate responsibility over all the thousands, innocent or not, Goultard would subsequently slaughter.
    • Wakfu & Islands of Wakfu: Orgonax was the youngest and the prince of the Mechasm people whose heart was stolen by the Eliatrope traitor Qilby to foment war between the two people. Beyond any hope of reason, Orgonax, in retribution, spearheaded a war with the end goal of the utmost destruction of the Eliatrope people, slaughtering countless numbers of them until they managed to escape the Mechasms' wrath. Orgonax persisted his genocidal crusade long after the rest of his people had retired, tracking down the Eliatropes to the planet that would become the World of Twelve and restarting his campaign of destruction all over again. A being of absolute, unrelenting hatred, Orgonax would let nothing—from the murder of the Eliatrope children, to allowing his Lu-Fu servants to suck the Wakfu dry from countless other species merely cohabiting the planet with the Eliatropes—stop him from exacting his revenge.
  • Stranger Things franchise Appearances : Dr. Martin Brenner, the director of Hawkins National Laboratory, is the personification of human evil in the franchise. An ice-cold Mad Scientist with superficial regard to the lives of others, be it his test subjects or his own scientists, Brenner initially experiments on psychic college students in 1969. Brenner becomes more controlling and sadistic as time goes on, vowing to break one named Terry Ives and at one point pulling strings to have Terry's draft dodger boyfriend shipped off and killed in action in Vietnam. Brenner redirects his experiments to child subjects, taking Terry's child for his own and reducing Terry to a semiconscious vegetable through electroshock therapy. Brenner dubs Terry's child "Eleven," and exposes her and several other psychic children to more strenuous experiments, with no regard to their psychological health or even whether they live or die. Brenner's reckless experiments are responsible for unleashing the Demogorgon onto Hawkins in the first place, all of its carnage a byproduct as Brenner's complete and utter detachment from all human life.
  • Toonami: TOM and SARA have faced numerous villains during their time hosting the block. These are the worst of the bunch:
    • The Intruder & The Intruder II: The Intruder, once a mindless, indestructible Blob Monster, became something far worse after consuming TOM 1. Gaining sapience after absorbing TOM 1, the Intruder plotted revenge on TOM for defeating him. Having become proud of the thousands of lives it previously absorbed, the Intruder found TOM 4's signal and gleefully absorbed him and his cohosts Flash and D. Finding the Absolution Mk. III, the Intruder sets out to make TOM suffer before killing him by assimilating SARA and bragging about it to TOM, before trying to kill TOM with the Absolution's canons.
    • Endgame online comic: Orcelot Rex is a nasty Space Pirate who plans to become the galaxy's first emperor. Kidnapping SARA to use her abilities to harness the energy of multiple suns and gain more power, Rex destroys the GPS Absolution and later TOM once he tries to save SARA. Having also enslaved the Dronomeks after taking over their ship, Rex, after SARA continues to avoid assisting him, Rex threatens her with the destruction of Earth and every planet with lifeforms on it should she not comply.
    • The Forge: The Commander of the Forge, "Booger", is a battle-hardened alien who seeks galactic domination. Creating yellow, sapient TOM units to serve as disposable labor for him and his species, Booger destroys every Clyde unit and captures TOM, SARA, and the Vindication, planning to release the Vindication's true destructive power on the galaxy. Murdering TOM 5 after he starts a rebellion, Booger orders his men to destroy every TOM unit who rebelled, telling the new TOM 6 that he'll die a forgotten failure.
  • LEGO Exo-Force: Meca One Prime is the leader and main mastermind of the robot rebellion. Built by humans as the most intelligent of the mining robots on Sentai Mountain, Meca One decides robots to be the superior species and turns the robot workers against their creators in an attempt to wipe out the mountain's human population. After conquering the south side of the mountain and enslaving or imprisoning any humans present there, Meca One begins a cycle of endless battles in hopes of dwindling the mountain's human population to zero without a chance to surrender so that he can use their deaths as an example before moving on to the rest of the world. Meca One has soldiers who fail their duties dismantled, and he watches with interest when the Raging Storm goes rogue and begins killing his troops despite having the power to remotely deactivate it. With a heart even colder than the metal he is made out of, Meca One strikes fear into all who dare know his name.
  • Wolf Creek franchise: Michael "Mick" Taylor is an Australian killer, rapist, and torturer who preys upon tourists visiting the Wolf Creek area, falsely befriending them before taking them back to his home and slowly torturing them to death. He has killed several dozen people including a little girl. One of his favorite methods is "head on a stick", where he severs their spine to turn them into a human vegetable. At the end of the second film, he frames one of his victims for his crimes, leading to the ruination of the victim’s life. In the prequel novels Origin and Desolation Game, he killed his mother who loved him dearly and killed a dog to force feed it to its owner before killing him too. While being pursued by four other serial killers, Mick tied up his girlfriend Rose and used her as rape bait to lure the killers into a trap, and killed one named Jerry by gutting him and force-feeding him his own intestines. During the Vietnam War, he committed more atrocities, and continued raping, torturing, and killing when he returned home. In the TV miniseries, he murders Eve Thorogood's family, and spends the rest of the series trying to kill her. He captures her Love Interest and tortures him before making her stab and kill her love interest herself. In the second season, he murders a man who had been his friend for decades to eliminate someone who could connect him to his crimes, and targets a large tour group because the guide said Mick wouldn't make a good tour guide due to how politically incorrect he was.

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