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Interviewer: You are also on record as opposing [SCP-953's] terms of confinement.
Agent: Because it's dangerous. Like I said, she's spiteful. Every little slight in her eyes she saves up, and the only way she knows how to repay an insult is death. Chaining her to the wall like an animal… when she gets out, and she will get out, she's going to kill everyone who had the slightest thing to do with it. She won't settle for anything else.

The SCP Foundation specializes in securing and containing the worst abominations and monstrosities known and unknown to man in order to protect the world and its population. Some entities and people that existed within this world however, went beyond the others and were especially monstrous.

  • The Scarlet King is the ultimate villain of the SCP multiverse. Originally named Khahrahk, he was a weak but godlike being who was the first sentient being in the Darkness Below and quickly driven to hate all creation, and thus sought to destroy everything. Starting off by devouring his siblings, Khahrahk went on to subjugate the Darkness Below, killing, tormenting and enslaving countless beings, both gods and mortals, across multiple times. Becoming the Scarlet King, he raped his wife, the innocent goddess Sanna, to death before turning his seven daughters into his new brides; it is implied one of the children he fathered was the monstrous SCP-682. The Scarlet King caught the Foundation's attention when his cult was exposed and seven underage girls were found impregnated with his children; six of them died giving birth to monsters that would go on rampages with more fatalities. When the time came, the Scarlet King was finally summoned to a final apocalyptic battle with mankind and all of creation rising against him.
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  • SCP-001:O5 (Bright—The Factory): In 1835, industrialist James Anderson, a secret follower of some unholy cult, created the Anderson Factory, which was publicly a massive worker's utopia, but was in truth a nightmarish hellhole. Workers were worked to death in inhuman conditions, injured workers were experimented into mad monstrosities, girls as young as eight were chained into "breeding pits" and subject to unspeakable horrors. Alongside normal products, the Factory produced horrible anomalous items that often do more harm to their users than good. Even after government agents raid the Factory and kill Anderson, Anderson, in an utterly inhuman and almost demonic form, made a deal with the founder of the Foundation, saving the Foundation from being defeated by The Fair Folk but reviving the Factory and forcing the Foundation to continuously feed it with people, ensuring that its terrible legacy lives on forever.
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  • SCP-106: Also known as "The Old Man", this Humanoid Abomination is a sadistic Walking Wasteland who loves kidnapping people, usually between the ages of 10 and 25 years, and bringing them in a pocket dimension where he plays a cruel cat and mouse game with no chance of escape. Once he captures the victim, instead of simply killing him, he tortures and mutilates him before returning the mangled corpse to the real world some days later. During Halloween, he escaped from his containment and started his murderous spree by killing a teenage girl, two young boys, and a mother. When a MTF agent was sent to recapture him he tortured him to death by slowing taking chucks away from his body within a time span of four days until he finally succumbed to his injuries. While a literal monster, SCP-106 is shown to be fully sentient and his personality is like the one of a Serial Killer who sees torture, killing and mutilation as a game.
  • The Young Man: In this possible origin story written for SCP-106, Corporal Lawrence is a seemingly normal but unsettling soldier of the British Army in World War I, feared due to his emotional detachment and love for nihilism. When Lawrence began to display his powers, he rotted away an enemy unit in a manner that stunned even hardened soldiers. After the incident, Lawrence began to spread a disease along his unit, killing one of his fellow soldiers by disemboweling him. After his unit dies off, Lawrence was hospitalized before he attempted to sexually assault a nurse, an attack that cost her an eye and a few fingers. Lawrence is then institutionalized before he disappears, taking several patients with him and leaving their teeth behind for the staff to find.
  • SCP-352: Also known as "Baba Yaga", this vicious predator resembles an elderly woman. This creature can grow, from any part of her body, hair-like strands which secrete enzymes that immediately assault the nervous system of her prey. Once she has her prey within her grasp, she rips their limbs off before fully consuming them, a process which could take up to several days. During that time, her victim would be in a euphoric state, fully alive, but unaware of the outside world. While she indiscriminately eats any human she comes across, she preferably feeds on children 0 to 2 years old, viewing them as being more delicious. Before her capture, Baba Yaga lured several people into an "enchanted forest" to murder them, as well as ultimately decimating a small Russian town during one of her feeding sessions.
  • SCP-953: Also known as "The Polymorphic Humanoid", this Humanoid Abomination is a Korean Kumiho who makes a habit of devouring human livers. Before she was captured, the Kumiho would go on violent sprees to rip the livers from their owners and proved herself to be far more than just a predator. The Kumiho would proceed to draw out her victim's agony and viciously torture them to death, relishing in their pain. When she escapes, the Kumiho will inevitably begin her murders anew, including an attack on a furry convention that left many dead. She also murdered an agent's fiance and performed sexually indecent acts on the corpse right in front of the agent. Her worst crime, however, was telepathically forcing a mother to murder and cook her own child. On a Foundation investigation, she telepathically seduced the dispatched agents, made them cannibalize a rotten corpse, and killed two of the three agents, with one being killed mid-coitus, after first biting off his genitals.
  • SCP-993: Also known as "Bobble the Clown", this children's show's titular host functions as The Corrupter to children. Using the power of television, Bobble would send viewers above the age of 10 into a trance while they were shown graphic acts of Bobble committing murder, cannibalism, torture, and other evil acts. Bobble instructs the children the ways to commit crimes, ingraining these ideas in their mind and causing them to grow up into psychopaths. Behind the scenes, Bobble describes himself as reaching into the heads of children and happily twisting them. It also reveals that his acts of violence might not be entirely fictional as he dismembers a Foundation doctor on TV and causes the doctor to disappear in real life. By his own admission, Bobble has been creating monsters for "quite some time"—apparently existing since the caveman days—and has even given his child victims instruction on how to release monsters from the SCP Foundation that could cause the end of humanity.
  • The sociopathic owner of SCP-1034—"Dollmaker's Kit"—was once a Serial Killer who used to do things the "old-fashioned way". He found the object on one of his "work tables" and began using it on his victims, which paralyzed their bodies and forced them to suture their own facial orifices, only leaving their mouth enough space to scream in pain, having once associated a girl's screaming to the squealing of a pig. Aside from physical torture, it is implied that he took advantage of their situation and used their bodies as sex toys. When in custody of the Foundation, he could only confess to how he enjoyed hearing "his girls" screaming and begging. Further research on the object revealed evidence that it traps the souls of its subjects in their bodies. Not only did he gave innocent women a brutal and agonizing death, but he also condemned them to an eternity of screaming.
  • SCP-1790: Also known as "Layla", this being can return to life whenever it dies by possessing a human infant. Seemingly human, it uses each lifespan to found a powerful cult and eventually institutes ritualized mass murder and Human Sacrifice. When it is not stopped, SCP-1790 will direct its followers on large-scale mass murder campaigns against the general population before abandoning the cult and moving on to start a new one. Implied to be Layla from the Arabic tale of Layla and Majnun, SCP-1790's only purpose in life is to create as much bloodshed as possible, so that its mad love "rises anew from the slaughter".
  • Dr. Rasmin Yelkov is the Mad Scientist behind the creation of SCP-1994. Contacted by his peer, Dr. Grigori, with the task of synthesizing human teeth, Dr. Yelkov's solution was disproportionately lethal. After meeting with a man who lives with the mystical teeth-growing tooth faeries, Dr. Yelkov killed the man and captured the fairies when his purchase offer was rejected. Dr. Yelkov dissected the fairies and performed cruel experiments on human subjects, some of which are children, to develop a serum that grows rotten calcified masses to all over the body. When the growths became contagious, the uncaring Dr. Yelkov sees it as a minor setback and plans on continuing his research elsewhere, while still delivering the contagious, rot-covered corpses to Dr. Grigori and considering Dr. Grigori's lack of response—due to his having been killed—to be a sign of success.
  • Cornelius P. Bodfel III/Karcist Sulkisk, the man behind SCP-2480, was the Neo-Sarkite leader of Adytum's Wake. A millionaire with an interest in the occult, Bodfel owned a manor near a coastal town in Massachusetts and frequently kidnapped its citizens, children included, to be used in sadistic orgies, where they would be raped, cannibalized and sacrificed by his influential followers, with Bodfel himself keeping journals and photographs of his crimes. When the Global Occult Coalition invaded his manor and killed him, the interruption of a ritual ended up releasing an anomaly affecting the town, taking countless more lives even years after his death.
  • SCP-3148: Also known as "Tranquility", this entity is an infectious agent manifesting from an alternate universe that spreads by affecting media with subliminal messages about the apocalypse, causing any human that looks upon it to be afflicted with persistent paranoia about end-of-the-world scenarios. Through the SCP agents infected and driven to extremes to supposedly prevent the apocalypse, SCP-3148 orchestrates the release of several dangerous SCPs, many of them Keter class, causing worldwide chaos and death. After dooming all mankind through its corrupted agents, SCP-3148 simply reveals this was its ultimate objective all along, managing to destroy both SCP-2000 and the Shiva ship filled with human embryos to assure humanity's destruction—and compounds its victory with a gloating poem that heavily implies the intention of restarting the whole process on another world, ending it by taunting the world it has doomed with the utterance of "suckers."
  • SCP-4666: Also known as "The Yule Man", this Humanoid Abomination resembling a tall, European elderly man is a Pagan entity who has been annually killing humans worldwide since ancient times. A prolific Serial Killer who commits his atrocities only during Christmas season, the Yule Man stalks families living in isolated regions before invading their homes and ritualistically torturing the people inside in front of each other; his methods include holding their feet above the fireplace until their bones are exposed; impaling them with kitchen instruments; pulling off their limbs by brute force; and removing pieces of flesh from the back, neck and groin. After the torture has ended with the death of his victims, the Yule Man places the youngest child in a sack with other children and takes them to his sweatshop, a cave filled with mud and bones, where they are forced to work for him in making toys from the remains of other children, until they are either devoured, starved to death or turned into toys themselves. Aside from beating the children who wouldn't work hard enough, the Yule Man would also burn them or bite off their fingers. When a little girl named Ekaterina Morozova couldn't work because she was sick, the Yule Man forced her friends to replace her eyes with painted pebbles, sew her mouth with tendons and remove her scalp to turn her into a living life-sized doll.
  • Peace. I would settle for that: AM proves himself to be just as evil as either of his other incarnations. Torturing Ted for hundreds of thousands of years for his own amusement, AM transforms Ted into a piece of tungsten and leaves him at the bottom of a lava pit for a decade, Ted perceiving each second as a year, among many other transformations. AM also turns Ted into a head on a pair of short legs, allowing him to find an entire pile of food with can openers, but not giving anything to eat them with. Ted considers this to be nothing compared to what he has to endure every day. Eventually, AM turns Ted into SCP-173— deliberating choosing the color yellow as it was the one Ellen feared— and creating SCP-131 to stare at him, leaving him unable to move at all for years at a time if they caught him. When Ted is able to escape this reality thanks to SCP-507, he has become so insane he kills humans in the vain hope the Foundation will eventually destroy him. AM, enraged at losing Ted, tracks him to the new universe, where, upon learning of the human presence, AM decides to annihilate them for the same reasons he destroyed the humans of his own world, despite the fact they had nothing to do with it, showing his motive is raving misanthropy. To that end, he creates a new body for himself, giving up most of his godlike power to do so, and this body turns out to be SCP-682. Once AM inhabits it and pursues Ted, it is heavily implied he goes on a rampage, killing any human he finds.


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