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A very old form of spectacle, Puppet Shows use some kind of puppetry to feature their characters in real-time (setting it apart from animation, including Puppet Stop Motion). Mostly seen within children's entertainment, but also used for satirical parodies, with puppets caricaturing real-life people.

There are two main categories of such shows:

Other possible types include:

  • Animatronic puppets, a modern development of Muppets.
  • People in Rubber Suits, a.k.a. Suitmation, which can appear alongside either type (on the same scale with hand puppets, or as giants with marionettes).

An otherwise human-centric show using a few puppet characters doesn't belong here. However, some Puppet Shows, while using mainly hand puppets or animatronics, may also involve some human characters and thus tread the line. Marionette shows can also make use of live animals to figure monsters. For the people who perform them, see Puppeteers.

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    Hand Puppets 

Fan Works

  • Doctor Steel's rare live shows feature one, which include both hand and stick puppets.
  • The videos for "Sing" and "Happier" by Ed Sheeran feature a puppet based on him.

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