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The horror... the horror!!!

Peppermint Park was an educational home video series that was produced in The '80s by Televidics Productions and Mark V Productions. This series, described as being, "Straight-to-video and straight-from-Hell," features a cast of puppet characters who get together to teach children various different educational lessons, ranging from letters, numbers, colors, animals, and other similar topics through a series of stale lectures and poorly-written songs.

The characters featured on this show have been a source of nightmares for many, almost resembling characters from The Garbage Pail Kids Movie with almost-eerily-realistic-looking heads, and almost all characters having gardening gloves for hands. Some of these characters include Ernie (no, not that Ernie), who sings a song about the letter 'M'; Little Bit, a little girl with braided hair and a very muscular body who gives lectures about numbers; Piggle, an anthropomorphic ballcap-wearing pig with the voice of a frog, and the insatiable appetite of a certain blue monster, who often screws up the lectures and demonstrations being made; and Maynard, and elderly man who is so depressed about being blue that all he eats is bleu cheese.

If you haven't already gathered from this description, in addition to featuring scary puppets and poorly-written songs, this series also known for being a near blatant rip-off of Sesame Street, from its opening title sequence of candid film footage of children playing, to puppets giving educational lectures, singing songs about letters, and even filmed inserts of animals - even the alliterative title is a give-away! The fact that the series has a character who shares Cookie Monster's definitive characteristic, and another shares his moniker with Ernie, doesn't help matters much.

The series itself is really obscure, you'd be hard-pressed to find any copies of this series on VHS, however, some clips from the series have unfortunately been preserved for viewing on YouTube, where almost all of them are bashed out the wazoo in the comment sections. It has also been mercilessly mocked in this YouTube Poop.


  • Big Eater: Piggle. He once ruined one of Little Bit's lectures by devouring the plate of crackers she was using to demonstrate the number 4.
  • Cartoon Creature: One sketch involved some kind of dinosaur-looking creature attempting to slow down a clock, "That way, we can have more time for the show!" A dragon-looking creature attempts to explain to it that slowing down a clock won't effect time in any way.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: As mentioned above, it doesn't take a genius watching clips to figure out this thing was obviously a very low-budget ripoff of Sesame Street.
  • Edutainment Show: Though the entertainment level is up for dispute.
  • The Eeyore: Maynard. "I'm So Blue" is his theme song, in which he sings about how blue he is. He used to be "red hot" when he was younger, but now he's so blue all he eats is bleu cheese.
  • Puppet Shows: Of the educational variety.