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Trivia / Peppermint Park

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  • Copiously Credited Creator: A guy named John Horton is credited as producer, director, technical director, writer, announcer, and music composer.
  • Follow the Leader:
    • Obviously an attempt to copy Sesame Street, except it looks like it was made by people who maybe only ever watched 10 minutes of a random Sesame Street episode one time.
    • The humanoid puppets were apparently supposed to resemble Cabbage Patch Kids dolls.
    • The Story Lady segments seem inspired by Reading Rainbow.
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  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The actual VHS tapes are rare and command high prices online.
  • Name's the Same: One of the characters name is Ernie, however this Ernie does not have shaggy black hair, orange fleece skin, a round red nose, a striped sweater, an infectious laugh, a looney charm, and a love for a rubber ducky. No, this Ernie is just a creepy guy who likes to sing about how impossible it would be to order M&Ms without the letter 'M'. At the very beginning of the segment, he says "Hi gang! It's me, Ernie!" and his hesitant pause before he says "Ernie" makes it sound like the puppeteer is thinking to himself "Can we really get away with this?" while he's performing.
  • No Budget: The whole show is a perfect storm of cheap-looking puppets, painted backgrounds, cheesy video effects, and synth-heavy music.

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