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  • Banned Episode: The segment "In Support Of" (where Pepper Ann thinks she needs a bra for an upcoming trampoline lesson in phys ed and ends up flashing her gym class) was only shown on One Saturday Morning once, and later shown on the UPN-based Disney's One Too. When the show was brought to Disney Channel and Toon Disney (at least in America; overseas versions do air this — some with edits), it allegedly disappeared, as the censors reportedly felt the story was too risque. When the show finally made its debut on Disney+, the segment was included completely restored (albeit from the PAL masters of Season 1 and some later-series episodes that Disney+ uses) and unaltered, and even given a TV-Y in the US.
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  • Channel Hop: Seasons 4-5 premiered on the UPN block Disney's One Too.
  • Development Gag: The song that Crash sings to Pepper Ann in "Mash into Me" was originally written as the show's theme song, but was scrapped early on in production. According to writers Madellaine Paxson and Eddie Guzelian, the song was vetoed by Disney executives, who wanted something more upbeat and bouncy.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: There are no video or DVD releases of the show, except for a very rare VHS released by Disney Educational Productions, intended for use by teachers, that contained two segments.note  There were some episodes available on YouTube, but Disney took them down in 2013. All the found episodes have been uploaded to this fan page, complete with some dubs. It last aired when Toon Disney was still a channel and didn't officially re-appear on TV or home video until its September 2021 addition to Disney+, making its first time seen outside of a channel.
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  • Name's the Same: Amber O'Malley from "Green-Eyed Monster" shares that name with a secondary protagonist of Shortpacked!
  • Out of Order: Individual segments are re-arranged on the Disney+ run, and "The Finale" is slotted two episodes short of where it should be, as their Season 3 is a 39 episode kludge of seasons 3-5.
  • Playing Against Type: Sort of with April Winchell. She and Pamela Adlon were in three cartoons that aired on One Saturday Morning - this, Recess, and 101 Dalmatians: The Series. In the latter two shows, Winchell played antagonistic characters to Adlon's characters. In this show, however, she plays a doting, perky mom who's very nice and mostly gets along with her daughters, one of whom is played by Pamela Adlon.
  • Pop Culture Urban Legends: There were some rumors that Pepper Ann’s real name is "Jennifer."
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  • Post-Release Retitle: "Bye Bye Trinket" is listed on Disney+ as "Bye-Bye Trinket, Bye-Bye". The on-screen title is unchanged.
  • Technology Marches On: "Reality Bytes" is full of this. Dial-up internet, chatrooms, pop-ups and newsgroups galore!
  • Unintentional Period Piece: Though, aside from the aforementioned episode, it's managed to age better than other examples.
  • What Could Have Been: The show was developed at Nickelodeon. It would have aired there, but the executive who supported the project, Linda Simensky, left for Cartoon Network.
    • In the aired version of "In Support Of", a nervous Pepper Ann has Moose try on bras for her at the mall. Originally, Milo was going to be the one trying on the bras. The scene made it all the way to the animation stage before Disney executives forced the writers to change the scene. Director Brad Goodchild posted an animation cel of the original scene to his blog, but it has since been deleted.
    • In a similar example, the aired version of "Hazelnut's Finest" (where Pepper Ann and friends have to film a relative doing their job), has Milo mentioning filming his aunt, who works on a pit crew. In the original script, the line is mostly the same, except Milo instead mentions his aunt's girlfriend.

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