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Pepper Ann takes place in the same universe as Doug
The two premises are similar, geeky middle schoolers who want to be cool and accepted. The animation styles and character designs are somewhat similar, and going by the theory that Bluffington is polluted in the Doug WMG page, that's why everyone on Pepper Ann is normal looking.
  • Additionally; other One Saturday Morning shows such as Recess, The Weekenders, and Fillmore! are all part of this universe.
  • House of Mouse is the nexus point, along with Lilo & Stitch that links all the Disney series together.
  • In Cat Scan Steve the Cat violently interrupts a newscast. The newscast? "A nuclear silo has just exploded, releasing deadly radiation across our-" (cue Steve shredding her papers.) What if the fallout missed Hazelnut and blew into Bluffington?

Pepper Ann and Codename: Kids Next Door share a universe as well
The art styles are nearly alike and they seem to share background characters.
  • ^^^^^^^
Related to the above
Pepper Ann could be the story of some of the "normal" kids/adults/teens in the Verse. People who don't know about/ don't participate in the KND vs Adult vs Teen conflict.

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