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Pleasant Goat Fun Class (智趣羊学堂) is a Chinese educational animated series that debuted in 2016, and is a spin-off of Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf.

In this series, young children Weslie and his goat friends (oh yeah, and Wolffy too) explore and learn about the world around them, becoming familiarized with a variety of topics. Each season of the show is focused on a specific topic. The seasons' topics of focus, along with their general plots, are as follows:

  • Animals & Plants: Teaches about animals and plants; specifically, the first half of the season focuses on animals while the second half shifts to plants. In this season, the gang must find different animals and plants to fill in an encyclopedia.
  • Sports are Fun: Teaches about sports, what items are used to play them, and how they are played. Weslie and Wolffy take on the roles of an athlete and a journalist respectively to teach about sports.
  • The Earth Carnival: Teaches earth science. The goats are guided around an earth science-themed carnival by Miss Earth the rabbit and win tickets as they go on each of its rides.
  • Travel Around the World: Teaches world culture. The goats travel the world in search of Mr. Slowy, finding clues to his whereabouts as they go along.
  • Idiom World: Teaches about Chinese idioms and what they mean. The gang must get the Idiom World back into proper shape by solving puzzles and riddles about idioms.
  • Finding Treasures: Teaches the history of certain Chinese artifacts. Some artifacts escape from a treasury, and the curator places the goats' gang in charge of tracking them down and returning them.
  • Mighty Goat Squad: This season, the first one to be animated in CGI, teaches about animals (specifically insects and the like) in a way that's different from the previous seasons - Weslie and his friends use vehicles that can transform from their trinkets and shrink so that they can explore the insect world.
  • Mighty Goat Squad 2: The sequel to the above, which also teaches about insects.

As with its parent series, there are a couple English dubs. The first two seasons were made available in both Chinese and English on the educational site Miao Mi before being removed, and numerous English episodes have been made available on the official English-language YouTube channel for the Pleasant Goat franchise.

Pleasant Goat Fun Class contains the following tropes:

  • Accent Upon The Wrong Syllable: In the English dubs of The Earth Carnival and Travel Around the World, the person who sings the once-per-episode songs not only has a thick Chinese accent but pronounces a number of words wrong, probably to keep up with the rhythm of the original music, which can make it hard to understand the lyrics sometimes ("Atmosphere, atmosphere, has five layers/Each layer, each layer, diffe-RENT cir-CUM-stances").
  • Acronym Confusion: In one strip of the manhua, Paddi hears the acronym "WTF" and thinks, "Where's the food?" It actually means "World Taekwondo Federation".
  • Adaptational Nice Guy: Wolffy is still a bit rude sometimes, but he doesn't do anything nearly as evil or harmful as he does in the original show.
  • Age Lift:
    • In the main series, Wolffy is an adult while the goats are kids. In Pleasant Goat Fun Class, however, he is a young kid just like the goats.
    • Slowy averts this, as he remains the same age as he was in the original series even though the other characters are now younger than before.
  • Agitated Item Stomping: In The Earth Carnival episode 26, Wolffy tries to go outside into the haze while wearing a face mask. When that does nothing to make the haze less harmful, Wolffy gets frustrated and stomps the mask on the ground.
  • All-CGI Cartoon: The season Mighty Goat Squad is animated entirely with 3D graphics, and is the first season of the series to be animated in this way.
  • Amusement Park: The Earth Carnival has an amusement park with fun attractions, games, and rides that the characters get involved with.
  • Animate Inanimate Object: The Earth Carnival episode 15 features a talking lamp, like the ones you'd see a genie appear out of in fictional tales, who takes the goats to a desert to play hide and seek with him.
  • Anime Accent Absence: In the season Travel Around the World, the goats go on a World Tour and meet people from different countries. All of the people they meet can speak fluent Chinese with no foreign accent.
  • Art Shift: In Sports are Fun episode 7, Sparky gets nervous before he competes in gymnastics and has a deliberately badly-drawn fantasy sequence where he imagines himself being stopped by a large creature during the competition.
  • Art-Shifted Sequel:
    • Maybe not a sequel, exactly, but this show goes for a cuter, simpler art style compared to the original Pleasant Goat in order to appeal to preschoolers.
    • In a perhaps straighter example, Sports are Fun has a different art style reminiscent of the main show's season War of Invention. The goats moreso resemble their original series versions, lacking their Fun Class outfits but still having more colorful outlines. With that said, it reverts to the original Fun Class art style a season later.
  • Audience Shift: This spinoff is aimed at a younger audience than the original show. It features cuter designs, less drama, and more education.
  • Babysitting Episode: Mighty Goat Squad episode 3 is about Weslie looking after a butterfly woman's caterpillar children. The caterpillars are quite hyperactive, but things go surprisingly well until one of the caterpillars ends up in a pupa on a leaf and floats away.
  • Banana Peel: In Travel Around the World episode 20, Wolffy slips on a banana peel and only barely lands on his toes.
  • Baseball Episode: Similar. Sports are Fun is basically an entire season dedicated to the characters learning about and playing different kinds of sports.
  • The Big Race:
    • In Sports are Fun episode 15, the goats and Wolffy participate in a dragon boat race and learn about how the sport works as they go along.
    • In The Earth Carnival episode 17, the goats and Wolffy all have a race down a river, with Miss Earth teaching them about the science behind rivers as they go along.
  • Bishie Sparkle: The bishonen rooster man from Travel Around the World episode 12 has sparkles surrounding him in multiple scenes.
  • Blush Sticker: The Fun Class versions of the characters have permanent blush stickers.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: The characters frequently talk directly to the audience in order to accomplish the series goal of educating viewers.
  • Brits Love Tea: In Travel Around the World episode 16, the gang finds some teabags in a treasure chest in Big Ben, and Sherlock Holmes (who joined them on their search for the treasure) immediately takes a fancy to them. The goats then have tea with him, followed by a new segment where Tibbie explains how tea is associated with the British.
  • Bunnies for Cuteness: Miss Earth, the gang's rabbit guide in The Earth Carnival, is a pretty adorable and nice little rabbit.
  • Camera Abuse: In Sports are Fun episode 6, there is a scene where Wolffy tries to hit an apple with a tennis ball, but the tennis ball misses its target and hits the screen instead.
  • Cat Up a Tree: In Sports are Fun episode 23, while ice skating carelessly outside, Wolffy finds a cat in a tree and jumps up to it to save it. Wolffy falls over before he can catch the cat, which jumps out of the tree itself.
  • The Chase: Sports are Fun episode 5 has a scene where Paddi is skiing while being chased by a Snowlem.
  • Cherry Blossoms: In Travel Around the World episode 14, the gang visits Japan and they see cherry blossoms falling everywhere.
  • Christmas Episode: The first episode of Travel Around the World is about the goats and Wolffy meeting Santa in Finland.
  • Christmas Songs: The song at the end of Travel Around the World episode 1, a Christmas episode, has its melody deliberately patterned off of "Jingle Bells".
  • Cultural Cross-Reference: The song in Idiom World episode 4 references the tune of "Feliz Navidad". "Feliz Navidad" is a Western Christmas song that's not that popular in China. The episode isn't even a Christmas episode.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: In episode 21 of Sports are Fun, Wolffy easily beats Weslie and Tibbie in a badminton game with almost no effort at all. He gets tons of points before Weslie and Tibbie get a single point. Weslie and Tibbie proceed to do the same to him and get even.
  • Cute Little Fang: The Fun Class version of Wolffy has a little fang in his mouth to bolster his cuter appearance.
  • Delicious Distraction: In The Earth Carnival episode 17, during the river race, Wolffy throws a slice of cake to the edge of the river to distract Paddi and move ahead of him. This being the food-obsessed Paddi, he falls for the trick and gets his boat stuck as a result.
  • Demoted to Extra:
    • Wolnie still appears in Fun Class, but she has less screen time than she does in the original show. Instead, Wolffy spends more time with the goats.
    • Mr. Slowy appears here and there in Fun Class, but not as often as in the main show. His biggest role is in Travel Around the World, where he has the goats follow him around the world to search for a treasure.
  • Early-Installment Weirdness: Earlier episodes had a finishing segment whose exact premise would vary with each episode, usually being some kind of exercise, dance, or story, but starting with The Earth Carnival, the producers decided to stick with having an educational song as the last segment of each episode to reinforce the lesson being given.
  • Eating Contest: In The Earth Carnival episode 14, to win more tickets, the goats and Wolffy enter a competition where the contestants must eat as much grass food as possible. The contestants make their own food by riding through the plains on mowers that convert the mowed grass into food.
  • Educational Song: Starting with The Earth Carnival, each episode has a song capping off each episode to reinforce the lesson (e.g. songs about the atmosphere and the water cycle in the season The Earth Carnival and songs about countries like Australia, Japan, and Mexico in the season Travel Around the World).
  • Edutainment Show: The exact topic being taught varies depending on the season, but this spinoff has a definite mission of educating children and features the characters learning about and teaching numerous topics.
  • Eggshell Clothing: In Travel Around the World episode 21, the Ugly Duckling wears eggshell "pants".
  • Eiffel Tower Effect: Weslie and the gang visit America in episode 20 of Travel Around the World. One of the first things they see is the Statue of Liberty.
  • Evil Poacher: Discussed in Animals & Plants episode 1. Weslie mentions that elephants are often hunted for their valuable tusks.
  • Excited Title! Two-Part Episode Name!: Sports are Fun episode 6 is known as "Dashing for It! Tennis!".
  • False Camera Effects: In Sports are Fun episode 4, a prehistoric Wolffy is seen learning how to copy the movements of a frog to swim away from predators faster. This part of the episode features fake film grain effects.
  • Fantastic Flora: The plants seen in Animals & Plants are shaped like perfect circles and curved rectangles, which is not quite how plants look in real life.
  • Fire-Breathing Diner: This trope occurs quite a few times in Travel Around the World episode 3 since someone force-feeding people hot peppers is a main plot point in that episode.
  • Floating Clocks: In episode 4 of The Earth Carnival, floating clocks appear in the background when Miss Earth uses her wand to take everyone to the prehistoric age.
  • Floating in a Bubble: In The Earth Carnival episode 10, the goats go down several slides representing the seven colors of the rainbow. Sparky winds up trapped in an orange-colored bubble after going down the orange slide. Wolffy is also seen floating in a purple-colored bubble and collides with Sparky as he's floating in his orange bubble, causing the latter to fall to the ground in a nearby pool of water.
  • Flying on a Cloud: In Animals & Plants episode 3, Wolffy appears flying on a cloud with the encyclopedia.
  • Flying Broomstick: In Sports are Fun episode 6, Weslie and Paddi compete in a tennis match with Wolffy on a floating piece of land in the sky. A number of animals can be seen flying on broomsticks and wearing wizard clothing, including Wolffy when he first appears to challenge the goats.
  • Forced Transformation: In Sports are Fun episode 12, Wolffy is magically turned into a billiards ball for using his hand to knock one of the billiards balls into a hole.
  • Freeze Sneeze: In The Earth Carnival episode 7, when the gang arrives at the mesosphere, the drop in temperature is enough to make Wolffy sneeze and shiver.
  • French Accordion: Travel Around the World episode 12, which takes place in France, ends with a song whose instrumentals heavily utilize an accordion.
  • Giant Food: Sports are Fun episode 5 takes place in a ski course filled with giant foods such as huge popsicles and lollipops.
  • Global Warming: Discussed in The Earth Carnival episode 7, which has a segment where Weslie calls out Wolffy for using an air conditioner on the highest possible setting, telling him he'll make the Earth hotter. Miss Earth reinforces the lesson when Wolffy accuses Weslie of lying, telling Wolffy that he'll send enough carbon dioxide into the air to heat up the Earth if he uses too much electricity. It's suggested that he opens the window for air instead.
  • Green Aesop:
    • In The Earth Carnival episode 7, there is a segment where Weslie calls Wolffy out for using too much air conditioning, saying it could make the world hotter. Miss Earth then explains to Wolffy that this is because using too much electricity sends carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and Tibbie opens a nearby window to let in cool breezes in place of the air conditioning. The segment ends with Weslie encouraging the viewers to not use too much air conditioning.
    • In The Earth Carnival episode 16, the reason that Miss Rainforest has stopped watching over the carnival's rainforest attraction is because people keep coming to the area to chop down trees. The episode uses this to teach that everyone must do their part to protect the rainforest.
  • Group Picture Ending: The song at the end of The Earth Carnival episode 6 ends with Tibbie using her selfie stick to take a picture of her and everybody else.
  • Growling Gut: In Mighty Goat Squad episode 3, the caterpillars' stomachs gurgling prompts Weslie to get them some leaves to eat.
  • Hair-Trigger Avalanche: In episode 5 of Sports are Fun, Wolffy screams through a megaphone and ends up causing snow to fall, later causing an avalanche.
  • Heli-Critter: In Animals & Plants episode 1, Wolffy thinks elephants can spin their trunks to fly in the air. Weslie tells him that elephants can't do that.
  • Holiday Episode: Travel Around the World episode 23 is about the goats travelling to Thailand and learning about Songkran, the Thai New Year holiday, as well as the festival associated with it that involves splashing water on others to represent blessings.
  • Hollywood Mirage: In The Earth Carnival episode 15, the goats and Wolffy see an oasis, but it disappears after Wolffy is picked up from quicksand by Miss Earth. This leads Miss Earth to explain the concept of mirages.
  • Honest Axe: In Sports are Fun episode 9, Weslie and Wolffy are playing volleyball but are stopped when they lose the volleyball they were using. While searching for it, the two come across a magical hippo woman who has their ball, a silver ball, and a golden ball in front of her and asks which of the three is theirs. Wolffy is impressed by the golden ball and tries to convince the woman it's his, while Weslie gives the honest answer and says the normal ball is the one they were using; Weslie is then given all three balls as a reward for his honesty while Wolffy is magically turned into a volleyball himself, before Weslie requests he be turned back into a wolf.
  • Husky Russkie: In Travel Around the World episode 2, the gang goes to Russia after they find one of Slowy's clues in a matryoshka doll. While there, they meet a strong bear man who helps them to retrive another Russian doll that's frozen in the water; Sparky is impressed by his ability, and the bear explains that Russians like to exercise so they can adapt to all sorts of tough weather.
  • Improvised Umbrella: In The Earth Carnival episode 16, when it's about to rain in the rainforest, Miss Earth positions a giant leaf from a tree above the goats to keep them from getting wet.
  • Is It Something You Eat?: In Sports are Fun episode 2, Paddi thinks a marathon sounds more delicious than the food he already has with him, leading to Weslie correcting him about what a marathon actually is.
  • It Was with You All Along: The treasure the goats search for in Travel Around the World? The memory book they've been using to store photos of their travels. Slowy thinks it's the greatest treasure of all.
  • Jetpack: Wolffy uses one in Sports are Fun episode 14 to boost his jump during the trampoline competition. This gets him disqualified since it's cheating.
  • Kangaroos Represent Australia: Episode 11 of Travel Around the World has the gang go to Australia to find Slowy. Besides the other goats they see looking for him, there are also several kangaroos that appear throughout the episode.
  • Language Barrier: In Animals & Plants episode 3, a small penguin and a large penguin can't understand each other because they don't use the same kinds of sounds. The larger penguin is actually Wolffy disguised a penguin, so he probably couldn't understand the small penguin in the first place.
  • Level Ate: Episode 5 of Sports are Fun has one of these. When the characters are outside skiing, the world has huge sprinkles, candy canes, and lollipops.
  • Lighter and Softer: Compared to the slapstick-heavy original show which has numerous dramatic conflicts. Everyone is cuter and kinder, they teach the viewer about the world, and the spin-off is aimed at preschoolers.
  • Long-Haired Pretty Boy: In Travel Around the World episode 12, the goats are in France and meet a rooster man with rather long, feminine hair and an effeminate voice to fit the romantic theme of the country.
  • Mammoths Mean Ice Age: In The Earth Carnival episode 19, in the glacier park, a mammoth saves Wolffy from falling into a crack in the ice. Miss Earth then explains why the mammoth has fur all over its body before they bring the mammoth back to its parents.
  • Mobile Shrubbery: In Animals & Plants episode 6, Wolffy sneaks up on a giraffe while hiding under a bush in an attempt to take a picture of it. The giraffe mistakes him for a lion, thinking the bush is his mane, and runs away.
  • My Friends... and Zoidberg: The English episode descriptions often refer to the main group of protagonists as the "goats and Wolffy".
  • New Season, New Name: As with its parent series, there's a different subtitle attached to each season. Season 1 is Animals & Plants, Season 2 is Sports are Fun, Season 3 is The Earth Carnival, Season 4 is Travel Around the World, Season 5 is Idiom World, and Season 6 is Finding Treasures.
  • Newhart Phonecall: In The Earth Carnival episode 16, Miss Earth gets a phone call informing her that Miss Rainforest, who is supposed to watch over the carnival's rainforest attraction, hasn't returned. Miss Earth is clearly heard reacting in surprise, but the person on the other end of the phone isn't audible.
  • Numbered Sequels: The seventh season, Mighty Goat Squad, is followed by an eighth season simply titled Mighty Goat Squad 2.
  • Obstacle Ski Course: Downplayed in Sports are Fun episode 5. Tibbie goes skiing and ends up being chased by a Snowlem. The ski course includes only one obstacle, a huge popsicle, but Tibbie still has to avoid the popsicle while the Snowlem ends up running into it.
  • One-Word Title: In-universe, the encyclopedia in Animals & Plants has the perhaps uncreative title Encyclopedia.
  • Open-Door Opening: Animals & Plants episode 1 begins with the goats opening the door to the knowledge treasure-house.
  • Pinball Projectile: The characters play badminton in episode 21 of Sports are Fun. When Wolffy hits the shuttlecock, it ricochets all over the walls of the room before it finally lands on Weslie's side of the playing field.
  • The Place: The third season is subtitled The Earth Carnival, referring to the earth-science-themed Amusement Park where it takes place.
  • Plant Person: In The Earth Carnival episode 16, the gang worries when a rainforest-themed carnival attraction has become lifeless. A specific girl who was working at the attraction deciding to leave was the cause, and when the gang finally finds her, they discover she's an anthropomorphic flower who left because she was worried about trees in the nearby rainforest being cut down.
  • Portal Picture: In The Earth Carnival episode 25, the featured carnival attraction is a picture containing a candy world that can be entered. The candy world often experiences earthquakes, forming the educational topic of the episode.
  • Quicksand Sucks: In The Earth Carnival episode 15, the goats find an oasis and Wolffy tries to run towards it, hoping to find the talking lamp there. He trips and gets stuck in quicksand, which Miss Earth explains is hard to get out of by moving since that gets you more stuck. Miss Earth uses her magic wand to save Wolffy.
  • Rain Dance: In Sports are Fun episode 15, the gang is in a dry desert and can't have a dragon boat race as a result. To solve this problem, Wolffy does a rain dance; it doesn't work, with the one cloud that appears afterwards producing nothing.
  • Rebus Bubble: In Travel Around the World episode 8, Tibbie thinks a panda bear gets its black-and-white colors because it's the child of a white bear and a black bear, and her thought bubble shows that a white bear + a black bear = a panda bear.
  • Riddling Sphinx: In the second segment of Sports are Fun episode 22, Weslie, dressed as a sphinx, guards a treasure chest and has the other goats answer the question of what events are featured in the Ironman Triathlon to obtain the treasure. The other goats get the answer wrong twice before Weslie gives the correct answer.
  • Russian Bear: In Travel Around the World episode 2, the gang goes to Russia, where they meet a strong bear man who helps them to retrieve a Russian nesting doll that has been frozen in the water.
  • Santa Claus: He appears in Travel Around the World episode 1, where the gang meets him and gets to ride in his sleigh.
  • Scooby Stack: In Animals & Plants episode 1, the goats peak around the door to the knowledge treasure-house, and their heads are all in a column.
  • Screen Shake: The screen shakes quite a bit when Wolffy yells through a megaphone in episode 5 of Sports are Fun.
  • Shaped Like Itself:
    • Animals & Plants features an encyclopedia with the creative title Encyclopedia.
    • In Animals & Plants episode 2, Weslie feels the need to point out that "Tree squirrels live in the trees, ground squirrels live in grounds, and rock squirrels live in rock crevices!" as if it weren't already easy to tell by reading the names of the types of squirrels he describes.
  • Shifted to CGI: The season Mighty Goat Squad is the first season of the Pleasant Goat series to be animated in CGI, whereas all seasons prior are 2D animation.
  • Shout-Out:
    • The Super Mario Bros. coin sound appears in episode 5 of Pleasant Goat Fun Class: Sports are Fun.
    • In episode 14 of Travel Around the World, Paddi wears a costume of Ultraman for a split-second. The costume shows up again in the song segment, this time worn by Sparky.
    • Travel Around the World episode 20 has a reference to National Basketball Association merchandise.
  • Signing Off Catchphrase: Two different lines are used by Weslie to conclude the episode.
    • In the endings of earlier episodes, Weslie says, "So, kids, ______? We will see you all (again) next time!" where ______ is a Mad Libs Catchphrase.
    • In later episodes, after each episode's song is over, Weslie says, "So, kids, did you like the song you just heard? We'll see you all again next time!" and the episode ends.
  • The Smurfette Principle: In most episodes, Tibbie is the only female in the main gang due to Jonie being all but absent.
  • Snowlems: Sports are Fun episode 5 features a living snowman who gets mad when the characters throw snowballs at him.
  • Solid Clouds: In The Earth Carnival episode 7, the goats learn about the five layers of the atmosphere. When they visit the first three layers of the atmosphere, they walk around on a bunch of clouds gathered below them.
  • Space Elevator: The Atmospheric Tower from episode 7 of The Earth Carnival is essentially one, consisting of an elevator that stops at each layer of the atmosphere before finally reaching space in the higher layers.
  • Speaking Simlish: In Animals & Plants episode 3, two penguins (the larger one is actually Wolffy) speak in completely random noises. They happen to use different kinds of random noises, which is why they can't understand each other.
  • Sphere Factor: Miss Earth from The Earth Carnival travels through the air using a little flying globe that she stands on.
  • Spin-Off: It's the first proper spin-off of Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf.
  • Spin-Off Babies: Or something to this effect; the goats and Wolffy aren't babies, but are all aged down compared to the main Pleasant Goat show.
  • Stealth Hi/Bye: In Animals & Plants episode 1, Wolffy surprises the goats by showing up out of nowhere and taking the encyclopedia.
  • Title Theme Tune: The original theme song begins with lyrics along the lines of "Pleasant Goat Fun Class (Let's go to school)/We are happy to grow (Happy to grow)".
  • To the Tune of...:
    • The song at the end of Travel Around the World episode 1, a Christmas episode, has its melody deliberately patterned off of "Jingle Bells".
    • The song in Idiom World episode 4 uses the tune of "Feliz Navidad" (strangely enough, since for this example the episode isn't a Christmas episode).
  • Underdogs Never Lose: In Sports are Fun episode 2, Weslie, Paddi, Sparky, and Wolffy hold a race. Weslie has a plane, Sparky has a car, Wolffy has a tank, and Paddi has nothing but his own two feet. Once the race begins, Sparky gets stuck in a hole, Wolffy bumps into a plant, and Weslie bumps into some vines. Paddi, who originally seemed the least likely to win the race, becomes the only remaining contestant and therefore the winner.
  • Versus Character Splash: Used in episode 21 of Sports are Fun. Weslie and Wolffy compete in a game of badminton and it briefly shows a splash screen with Weslie's team vs. Wolffy's team.
  • Wintry Auroral Sky: In episode 1 of Travel Around the World, a Christmas episode, the gang rides in Santa's sleigh when they meet him in Finland, and Santa explains the Northern Lights to them as they see them during the ride.
  • Wheel o' Feet: In Travel Around the World episode 25, the goats try to get onto a train but don't have tickets. Someone then runs past them, with his legs being represented by a spinning swirl shape, and drops enough tickets for all of the goats to board the train.
  • White Bunny: Miss Earth from The Earth Carnival is a white-colored rabbit.
  • Wish Upon a Shooting Star: The concept is brought up in The Earth Carnival episode 12, whose educational focus is on shooting stars. Wolffy doesn't think shooting stars will work because he wished on one for more carnival tickets, and up to that point, he quickly lost the tickets he did find.
  • World Tour: Travel Around the World is about the goats going on a trip around the world to learn about different cultures and find the treasure of knowledge.


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