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Series / Far Out Space Nuts

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"Breakfast. Lunch. I said lunch, not launch!"

One of the zanier Saturday morning series from Sid & Marty Krofft Productions, Far Out Space Nuts aired on CBS in 1975. Bob Denver and Chuck McCann played Junior and Barney, two NASA janitors who were loading food onto a rocket when a wrong button press launched them into space.

While trying to return to Earth, our accidental astronauts visited various strange planets. On one of those planets, they met a furry creature whom they named Honk (Patty Maloney).

The series wasn't remarkable, but it was entertaining.


This series provides examples of:

  • Accidental Astronaut: The show is about two janitors who were loading food onto a NASA rocket. However, the launch button was pressed instead of the lunch button, sending them off to space.
  • Caps Lock, Num Lock, Missiles Lock: The premise was based on this trope, when the Lunch Button was mixed up with the Launch Button.
  • Celebrity Star: John Carradine was a guest star in one episode; in fact, Bob Denver was so humbled by Carradine's presence on the set, that a number of Carradine's scenes had to be reshot.
  • Expy: Word of God has it that the characters of Junior and Barney were meant to be like Laurel and Hardy.
    • Although, as noted in Actor Allusion on the Trivia tab, Junior was practically Gilligan as a NASA Commissary worker.
      • Basically it's Skipper and Gilligan IN SPACE!
  • Fantastic Comedy
  • Fat and Skinny
  • Hunting the Most Dangerous Game: The plot of "Dangerous Game", with Barney and Junior as the prey, of course.
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  • It Runs on Nonsensoleum: The launch sequence was stock footage of a Saturn V launch, and the spacecraft resembled an Apollo lunar module. The real Apollo lunar module carried enough fuel to go between lunar orbit and the lunar surface, once. Yet, this spacecraft manages to visit a new planet each week, most of which aren't even planets in our own solar system. (This probably isn't a case of Sci-Fi Writers Have No Sense of Scale, because the writers weren't Sci Fi writers.)
  • Laugh Track
  • Pie in the Face: Chuck McCann gets one in the opening credits.
  • People in Rubber Suits: Again, a Krofft staple.
  • Power Echoes: Alien guest stars always seemed to sound as though there was a microphone right in front of them even if they were talking at normal inside voice levels. The Large Ham acting made it look more ridiculous than anything else.
  • Short-Runner: Another Krofft show lasting one season, with 16 episodes.
  • Ten Little Murder Victims: Parodied in "Vanishing Aliens Mystery", in which our heroes attend the reading of a "space will" and the aliens start disappearing one by one, so they have to find out what's happening.
  • Those Two Guys
  • You Can't Go Home Again: Another Krofft staple.