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Ernie Coombs as Mr. Dressup, along with Casey and Finnegan.

Ernie Coombs was the host of this simple show (1967–96) as Mr. Dressup on the CBC television network. With his puppet friends, originally Casey and his dog Finnegan, he taught pre-school subjects with games, music and simple activities. To add to the fun, Mr. Dressup would always open up his tickle trunk, which contained any costume for any role he wanted.

Although it was a show for children, Coombs never had children on the show, only puppets and occasionally teenagers. In show business, young children have a long history of doing unpredictable things.

Mr. Dressup is a Canadian icon as much as Mister Rogers' Neighborhood is in the US, which is logical enough considering Coombs was Rogers' understudy when the former worked on the CBC. Seriously, show some aspect of the program to any Canadian who grew up with a television set in the time period of its airing, and you'll get a boatload of heartfelt memories of watching it.


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