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"I'm Hip Hop Harry, we're about to enter
Another adventure at the Hip Hop Center
This is the place where the fun begins
And you can't have a story without some friends
Is it you?
(It's me!) Is it you? (It's me!)
I need some more friends for this story
Is it you?
(It's me!) Is it you? (It's me!)
We'll explore new friends, come along and see!
So my friends are in place, let the story begin
Ready to learn to have fun? Well come on in!"
— The show's Expository Theme Tune

Hip Hop Harry (2006-08) is an American children's TV show created by Claude Brooks. It takes place in an after-school community center known as the Hip Hop Center. The center is ran by an anthrophomorphic yellow bear, Harry, who teaches several children about how to live healthy, use your imagination, creativity, and friendship through HipHop songs.

Yeah, it's evidently a Totally Radical Barney & Friends. So much so that the actor who plays Harry, David Joyner, also portrayed Barney himself from 1991 to late 2001 (at least, physically for both, as Ali Alimi voices Harry).

The children that would appear on the show (which was 4 Once per Episode) were Sophina, Savannah, Jay-Jay, Scott, Megan, Davide, Jake, Veronica, Katie, Kelli, Kendra, Colton, William, Elizabeth, Kiana, Tyler, and Hayden.

The show premiered on Discovery Kids in September 2006, and aired alongside TLC (as part of their Ready Set Learn block), and lasted until 2008 with 2 seasons and 26 half-hour episodes. Surprisingly though, the YouTube channel of the show still actively posts videos daily, not just of the show but more recently videos of Hip Hop Harry today still doing various activities such as challenges and toy reviews.


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You can't have a wiki without some tropes:

  • Fully Dressed Cartoon Animal: Harry.
  • Kiddie Kid: Scott. The actor portraying him is a teenager but he acts very childish.
  • Little Jimmy: Scott, whose ignorance often leads to him asking what a dried apple is among other rhetorical questions, so that Harry can answer them.
  • Once per Episode: Harry and the kids sing and dance to several musical numbers every episode.
  • That's All, Folks!: Each episode ends with the Hip Hop Harry Dance Circle, and the end credit sequence is very much this.
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  • Totally Radical: Despite being from the mid-2000s, Harry dresses and behaves like it's the 1990s. He was already out of date by hip-hop standards.
  • Wrap-Up Song: "Do The Harry", the final dance number that wraps up the show.


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