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Series / TV Colosso

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A Brazilian Children's show that features a group of dogs working at a TV station trying to get different shows on the air.

It first aired from 1993-1997 on Rede Globo before becoming a webseries in 2016.

Tropes for the series:

  • Alliterative Name:
    • Capachildo Capachao.
    • Paulo Paladium.
  • Chained to a Railway: In one episode, a producer working for the fictional network had been tied to railroad tracks. The reason her captors did it to her was to force the train off the tracks.
  • Dagwood Sandwich: A man made the world's tallest sandwich and would show it on television but two network employees ate so much of it the remains weren't taller than a regular sandwich.
  • Never Win the Lottery: An episode features Capachao winning the lottery. Several people try to win his favor until mathematician Ossaldo de Souza announced that each of the several winners would get only $1.50.
  • New Year's Resolution: Priscilla wasn't sure of what to promise and it worried her for the whole episode. At the end, the network's fortuneteller predicts nobody will fulfill their resolutions so she decided not to make any.
  • Submarine Pirates: A two-part episode features a crew of submarine pirates led by Captain F.J., whose name has been commented as being opposed to the Boss of TV Colosso, J.F.