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"Sometimes true evil does take flesh and walk the Earth."

Ian O'Conner: The Dolmen Emerald. The Source of "Tir Na Nog." The Realm of Eternal Youth. As long as I possess the talisman, I shall never die.
Lara Croft: A shame those poor souls you tortured to death must pay the prize for your immortality. The talisman curses them, doesn't it? Makes them eternal prisoners of this castle?
Ian: The talisman draws power from torment and death. The greater the agony of the death, the more power the talisman absorbs...As long as I live, I don't believe I'll ever grow tired of this.
Tomb Raider: The Series, #44, "Tower of Souls, part 2"

Even in a bleak world full of murderers and rapists, a select few individuals manage to stand out.

All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

Shared Universe
  • Ascension: Voivodul is an ancient, extremely powerful Dayak and the one behind the never-ending war between Dayaks and Mineans. Born among Dayaks, Voivodul was naturally ahead of everyone else in terms of power. Experimenting on thousands of people not important enough to get noticed missing, and creating various monsters, Voivodul was able to take over Dayaks and started a long bloody war with Mineans. After being imprisoned by both Dayaks and Mineans, Voivodul swore to get revenge by killing all of them. Manipulating Dayaks into starting another war, Voivodul managed to free himself and was able to kill hundreds of Dayaks and Mineans before he was defeated. Managing to survive, Voivodul manifest himself later by using his undead army to kill nearly all Mineans.
  • Cyberforce:
    • Kimata Saburo, a former high-ranking member of the Cyberdata corporation, helped with experimenting on and brainwashing mutants into being loyal soldiers of the corporation. Departing from Cyberdata, Kimata created his own organization, which performed even more vile experiments. Seeking a new head of security, Kimata contacted numerous mercenaries around the world, ordering the death of those who refused and secretly poisoning with radiation those who accepted the offer, intending to cure only the one who succeeds in getting the position. As a test, Kimata tells these mercenaries to bring him Ripclaw, with the resulting chase claiming the lives of many innocents in the crossfire. Later on, creating a new muscle drug that increased the user's strength, but results in death after a few months, he decided to use it on some of his troops. Desiring to become a god, Kimata created the machine, with which he would be able to brainwash people into being his obedient servants, and plans to use it on every person on Earth.
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    • Codename: Strykeforce: Felix Abbott, aka Death's Angel, the first enemy Strykeforce encountered as a team, is a former computer nerd who, after being humiliated in public, used stolen technology and data from Cyberdata to transform himself into a superpowered being. Managing to get a powerful submarine and his own private army, Death's Angel kidnapped various politicians from a big international meeting, in the process killing dozens of civilians and security guards, as well as Strykeforce member Icarus. When Strykeforce started tracking him down, he captured them and decided to force them to watch as he sent his missiles towards New York, intending to kill millions people there just to showcase the power of his submarine. A pathetic wannabe with a massive inferiority complex, Death's Angel nevertheless managed to prove himself as the worst enemy Strykeforce has ever encountered.
  • Devil's Reign: Mephisto is as vile as ever. Discovering the existence of another universe, where he would have less opposition, he decided to come there and devour the souls of every living being to make himself more powerful than ever. Arriving there, by tricking Silver Surfer into opening a portal, Mephisto begins corrupting this world with various sins, killing and devouring the souls of thousands. Using natural disasters and cataclysms, Mephisto attempted to trick millions of people in to giving him their souls, pretending to be their savior. When his true form was revealed to the people, he simply ordered his army of demons to massacre everyone in sight.
  • Tomb Raider: The Series: Ian O'Conner, from the "Tower of Souls" arc, is a vile member of the O'Conner family. After his father died, he begins fighting for control of their castle, eventually killing his priest brother on a holy altar. Discovering the existence of the Dolmen Emerald, the ancient artifact which gives the owner immortality in exchange for torture and pain, Ian starts torturing countless men, women and children to death. In the present, he uses his henchman to lure people in to his castle as a fuel to the Dolmen Emerald, and attempts to torture Lara Croft to death after capturing her.
  • Tom Judge: The Rapture: Mr. Black, debuting in Inferno: Hellbound, is a former government agent, who after discovering that all people go to Hell after death, decided to try and avoid that fate. Manipulating many demons into deals, Black tries to get his hands on the ancient artifact the Rapture, which supposedly gives its owner nearly-infinite power over Hell. Eventually backstabbing everyone, Black decided to start the End of Days by releasing a toxin in the city, killing hundreds of people, at which point Black would collect their souls, so that he would become "rich" in Hell.
  • Witchblade:
    • Madeline Desormeaux, from the "Raising the Dead" arc, is an appalling sadist with a sick fascination for torturing and dismembering her slaves, then putting them back together in grotesque ways where they suffered until death. After the escape of a little boy whose eyes and mouth she had stitched shut, Madeline ultimately died. However, even this would not keep her evil from infecting the land, cursing all of her former victims to wander in agony until the day her wicked soul is destroyed for good. When Danielle Baptiste shows up to put the slaves' souls to rest, Madeline gleefully attempts to torture her due to her fraternization with the "filth" of her former slaves.
    • Medieval Spawn/Witchblade (1996, by Garth Ennis et al.): Lord Cardinale is a medieval wielder of "The Darkness", and definitely the vilest. Using his power to take over a large chunk of territory, Cardinale rules like an Evil Overlord. After Matthew Royale told him about the power of Elven artifacts, Cardinale eagerly invaded the Elven homeland of Faerie, massacring thousands of Elves and destroying their homes. When the current wielder of Witchblade and Spawn were close to defeating him, he decided to power himself up by absorbing all Darkness essence from—in effect killing—all his servants, including his lover.

Other Top Cow Works

  • Cursed, by Fiona Avery et al.: Victor Hahn is a director of museum of antiquities in Germany and a former worshipper of Osiris. After Osiris didn't choose him as "chosen protector", he swears to enslave Osiris as revenge. He decided to start by murdering dozens of people at night, trapping them in the status between life and death and making them his slaves through an ancient Egyptian ritual. When he discovered Shan Beaumont, a reporter who was chosen by gods instead of him, he decided to kill her through Egyptian ritual, thus making her "the Door" to Afterlife, so that he could summon and enslave Osiris. Right before the ritual, he killed whole group of tourists in his museum.
  • Dragon Prince, by Ron Marz et al.: Madigan, the Suzerain of the Magi, helped to continue the genocide of the dragon species, largely to seize their blood and scales for his own power. When his daughter fell in love with the dragon Wei, Madigan kept Wei as a tormented captive for the entirety of his grandson Aaron's life to harvest his power. Capturing Aaron, Madigan now intends to murder Wei and use the half-dragon Aaron in his place to eternally harvest his power. Upon Wei's freedom, Madigan orders his own grandson and daughter killed, even turning himself into a dragon in a fanatic desire to destroy them all.
  • "The Eden-verse" features these two corrupt Senators:
    • Think Tank: Senator Mitchell is the head of the Congressional Armed Services Committee and the one behind the funding of many illegal projects of Dr. David Loren. Ordering the creation of the Omega Project, a deadly flesh-eating virus which targeted specific DNA, Mitchell orders the US military to bomb a small Iranian science base as a distraction, while he secretly attacks Su Cheng and his family with the "Omega project" from afar. Killing Su Cheng and his entire family, Mitchell orders his co-conspirator General Diana Clarkson to kill Colonel Harrison, when Harrison was close to discovering the truth behind Su Cheng's death. Later on, conspiring with Chinese General Shangjong, of the People's Liberation Army to orchestrate a war between China and Taiwan for profit, Mitchell ordered his mercenary Bill to impersonate a dangerous Taiwan terrorist Tsang Ong, bomb a Chinese scientific facility and threaten to use the Omega Project on China as a provocation. The resulting war claimed the lives of hundreds of people, while Mitchell poisoned the President of the United States with the Omega Project, making him die on national TV, and then injected Loren with modified "Omega project", so that he can manipulate him to travel to Shanghai University, to kill hundreds of the brightest of minds of China, solely to keep America's supremacy in the world.
    • The Tithe: Senator Owen McKitrick is a racist politician who constantly tries to spread his bigoted policies to the public. Wanting to become President, Owen hired a gang of extremists and has them manipulate several Arabian people to be suicide bombers, forcing them to attack various heavily populated Christian places, resulting in the deaths of thousands. After each bombing, Owen orders his mercenaries to impersonate Arabian terrorists on camera and put these videos on the news, so that he can use this as proof of the "savagery" of the Muslim population. As his actions result in more and more hate crimes against American Muslims, Owen's popularity rises. Succeeding in becoming President, Owen spreads his corruption all over the country.
  • Impaler, by William Harms et al.: The Great Beast is a monstrous creature of darkness that appeared during the reign of Vlad the Impaler, having his armies and countless more innocents slaughtered by its shadow vampires. Reappearing centuries after its initial defeat, the Beast disperses its shadow vampires into New York, having them brutally massacre innocents by increasingly large numbers until the entire city is nothing more than an abattoir of torn-apart corpses. Doing the same to Boston and Philadelphia, the Beast intends to send its ravenous creatures across the entire country and eventually to butcher everything on the planet.
  • Madame Mirage: Abraham Coyle is the leader of the corrupt company Aggressive Solutions Int., or ASI. Finding out about the Ellison Project, a cloaking device which was developed by the sisters Angela and Harper Temple, he decided to order their deaths and take their technology away from them. As the mysterious Madame Mirage started hunting him down, he repeatedly tried to have her killed, while also testing his new technology, developed from the Ellison Project, by ordering his henchman to sneak a bomb into populated place and blow it up, resulting in at least 15 deaths. During the final battle with Madame Mirage—revealed to be the Harper Temple, who survived the murder attempt—Coyle reveals that he plans to use his new technology to murder the leadership of all major governments around the world and take control himself.
  • Painkiller Jane vs. The Darkness: Stripper, by Garth Ennis et al.: "The Stripper" is a sadistic Serial Killer who loves to kill her victims by removing their skin while they are still alive. Having already managed to kill this way around a dozen of people, including her parents, the Stripper finds herself a new victim in lowly conman Terrence J. Flannery. Initially saving him from a mob of angry ninjas, she drives him to her house. As Jackie Estacado and Jane managed to track down Terrence in her house, they find him alive with most of his skin removed. The Stripper attacks them, intending to skin them alive as well.
  • Rise of the Magi, by Marc Silvestri et al.: Commander Gore is a high-ranking guard of the orb that contains all magic in the universe. Desiring more than being just a guard, Gore sells out the magical essence of that orb to the Trolls. As guards caught him at the scene of the crime, Gore orders his monster minions to massacre them. When Asa Stonethrow came in possession of stolen magical essence and fled to Earth, Gore orders his minions to chase him there, where his monsters end up killing police officers who tried to arrest them. Gore's crimes resulted in a flying castle, where the orb was guarded, to start falling apart, killing dozens of people. Later on, Gore started selling weapons from Earth, like guns, to the Trolls, as they prepare to wage war on his people.
  • Tracker, by Jonathan Lincoln, et al.: "Herod" is a sadistic werewolf Serial Killer with a sick love for murdering large crowds of people, leaving behind bible pages on the corpses. Having killed for 60 years and amassed a body count in the triple digits, Herod prefers traveling around the world and having others blamed for his murders, while also killing other werewolves and drinking their blood to continue living every 2-3 years. Seeking Charles Langdon, he kills his mother and decapitates him, sending the head to Special Agent Alex when he's on his tail after getting bitten by Herod. After Alex prevented him from killing the child werewolf Jack, Herod kills some police officers protecting his girlfriend Tory and kidnaps her, threatening her life should Alex not hand Jack over.


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