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"The crime iss life.
The ssentence iss...DEATH!"

"Eyes without life...Sundered heads...Piles of carcasses...These are pleasing words to me..."
Lord Weird Slough Feg, Sláine

The Galaxy's Greatest Comic has brought us some great well as villains who are pure, unadulterated evil.

All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

Age of the Wolf

  • Harry Skinner is the leader of a Neo-Nazi gang in post-apocalyptic Britain, along with his sister and his grandmother. His group is responsible for capturing stragglers and selling them to neighboring tribes to be fed to werewolves in exchange for good weapons. He becomes obsessed with heroine Rowan Morrigan and thinks she is sending him messages to become his lover, driving him to allow Rowan to kill his sister and later killing a man that Rowan had just saved out of jealousy. He feeds his grandmother to a werewolf as well after beating her senseless, and tosses a baby that he had initially saved into a werewolf pit after suspecting it to be racially impure.
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  • Sister Sigrid is an Alpha werewolf who leads her own pack in the war against mankind and maintains power by ripping any challengers to her position limb from limb. Harboring a deep hatred for humans and being a lover of Human Sacrifice in particular, she kidnaps Rowan's adopted daughter Keira in order to sacrifice her as part of a great prophecy that she claims was given to her by the great wolf god Luna, and would bring about the total extinction of humanity. Despite claiming to care for her followers, she has no problems using wolf cubs as foot soldiers against the "Grey Witch" and instructs her men to crash their own ship to allow their Alpha to escape.

Anderson: Psi-Division
Besides tangling with the below-mentioned Judge Death, Anderson had some nasty villains of her own in this spinoff:

  • Judge Elan Fauster is the head of the occultist department within Psi-Ops. When Judge Anderson is infected with Half-Life, a psychic virus from Deadworld, Fauster volunteers one of his men to act as his mole during the rescue mission inside Anderson's mind. The mission succeeds with high casualties, with Fauster ensuring that another Judge will be killed after being falsely identified as a carrier for the virus. He links the virus to his own nanomachines so they can repair his body and grant him immortality, causing the virus to spread out to the Psi-Judges before an outbreak in the general population occurs. The victims of Half Life become both homicidal and suicidal, slaughtering themselves and other people en masse through immensely brutal ways. Almost all of Mega-City One is affected before the Judges can deactivate the bots, ultimately causing at least a million deaths citywide. Fauster merely considers all the carnage he caused an acceptable sacrifice for his own immortality, boasting that he can afford to outlast any punishment that's in store for him.


  • Emperor Nero, along with his witch queen Locusta, murder Nero's mother to take over the Roman Empire. Regularly torturing citizens to death, the duo delight at the delivery of a fresh batch of slaves, as they can extend their sick activities to new children. Setting the capital on fire, Nero happily played the lyre while watching his people burn and pinned the blame on the Christian sect, leading to their persecution. Tricking the undead warrior Aquila into killing the region's gods by falsely promising to return his soul, Nero and Locusta plan to turn Nero into a God-Emperor to take their rampage worldwide and violently quell attempts to rebel against them with such brutality that the streets are flooded with blood.

Caballistics, Inc.

  • Michael Magister was once a member of Department Q during World War II who joined the organization not for any moral or patriotic reasons, but solely for the victims it provided him. His teammates, disgusted by his methods, were all slaughtered by Magister in retribution before being captured and locked up for decades for study. Magister spends his time in prison wisely, slowly rebuilding his powers and learning to bypass the psychic scanners to orchestrate several murders from afar, including an attempted assassination of Prince Charles and his entourage, and killing his followers before they can name him. After finally escaping his imprisonment by wiping out the garrison charged with containing him, Magister goes on a massacre throughout the mainland, forcing random people to commit horrible murders, murder-suicides, and familicides, and ultimately decimating all of Glasgow to repay a single guard who treated him badly once during his captivity.


  • Catherine Monvoisin, aka La Voisin ("The Neighbor"), is the second-in-command of the forces responsible for the rise of the undead. Infecting young boys with zombie "eggs," La Voisin brings a zombie outbreak to kill countless civilians. When she catches Fear-The-Lord Jones, La Voisin rapes him in a hideous zombie form and releases him to hunt him down for sport, later murdering him. When Titus Defoe and team track her down, she initiates a slaughter at a noble mansion before finally being put down by Defoe.
  • Johann Faust is responsible for the Great Fire of London and the comet that has led to the rising of the dead, claiming the lives of countless civilians. Murdering Thomas Blood to steal his face and identity, Faust attempts to expand his reach globally, directing the zombie hordes to kill and convert even more civilians, along with many of Defoe's comrades. Finally, he uses the child of one of Defoe's comrades, the pirate "queen" Tomazine Scarlett, against them, before trying to kill them when attempting an escape.

Devlin Waugh: Swimming in Blood

  • Bloodsire Aaron Landis, imprisoned in the underwater prison Aquatraz, causes a massacre by turning five hundred prisoners into vampires and slaughtering every other living thing he can get his fangs into at the prison, resulting in the exorcist Devlin Waugh himself being turned into a vampire. Seemingly defeated, Landis returns several years later with an army of aquatic vampires to get his hands on the daywalking vampire Lilith to take her power. Landis butchers every human in his way, causing a widespread massacre of civilians, including children, across the nearby area and when confronting Waugh, Landis opens the throat of a little boy when Waugh takes too much time to surrender to him. After brutally killing several other civilians, Landis prepares to kill Waugh and companions before killing, raping and devouring Lilith in roughly that order, all to create a world where his vampires reign supreme and can feast upon the innocent at will.

Durham Red

  • When Durham Red, the vampiric mutant from Strontium Dog, reawakens over a thousand years in the future to find mutantkind warring with humanity, she rediscovers the lost earth and is contacted there by a powerful mutant known as The Offspring. The Offspring convinced Red to free it so it can stop the war, but we soon learn that it was imprisoned for those thousand years for a very good reason: when born, The Offspring had godlike powers but a complete disregard for life. The Offspring leaves Red and her friends for dead before infecting humanity with a plague that condemns the entire species to death. The Offspring then spends the next century going from world to world, massacring humans in increasingly inventive ways while instituting a horrible, fascist regime among the mutants where any weakness is immediately culled, resulting in countless deaths on both sides. When Red is back in action, she manages to lure the Offspring out by using the remnants of humanity as the bait, with the Offspring intending to massacre the species to the last before engaging Red, intending to rule the remaining mutants like a God and remake the galaxy in its own image.


  • Silver Odysseus stands out in a Vice City run by a superpowered Mafia. When he was heir apparent to become the next Don of the Odysseus crime family, he regularly whacked other made guys before his associates killed him to make his younger brother Gio the new boss. Silver comes Back from the Dead years later and goes on an indiscriminate rampage, killing gangsters, cops, and civilians alike with his explosive powers. He also murders his nephew Chrissie to hurt Gio, as well as a gangster named Stone by blowing him up while he's in his petrified form so his disembodied head will remain conscious. At the same time he's using his old partner Al to play Gio and his rival Cane against each other, hoping to unleash a citywide Mob War. He ultimately reveals his real purpose is to wipe out everyone in the family and bring a true reign of terror to Oysseus City.

Fiends of the Eastern Front

  • Captain Constanta was once a Wallachian nobleman who made a pact with a coven of witches to turn him into a vampire, upon which he immediately killed said witches. He has since participated in numerous wars in search of fresh prey with his vampirized followers, slaughtering and feeding on thousands of humans, children included. Constanta also has no concern for any of the men under his command, having wounded soldiers fed to his vampires to replenish their strength and sending his subordinates out on frequent suicide missions. Constanta also curses Hans, a German soldier who caught on to his true nature, with vampirism after killing his best friend Karl. Even in peacetime, Constanta continues to claim countless victims while using disguises to remain undetected, and beneath his dignified facade is ultimately nothing more than a savage, bloodthirsty creature.

The Journal of Luke Kirby

  • The Night Walker, a "gifted" man gone "bad", is a vampire-like being who roams from town to town, feeding on the life of the innocent to prolong his own. When the gifted young man Luke Kirby meets with the wandering tramp Zeke, Luke discovers the corpse of a boy from school, drained of blood and life by the Night Walker, who has been killing the innocent for a very long time. Manipulating a madman into helping him, the Night Walker sacrifices him against Zeke and Luke and kidnaps Luke's cousin to use as leverage before trying to kill and feed on Luke himself, planning to escape to the city and continue devouring the blood and lives of the innocent to continue extending his life.

Judge Dredd
As a Police State in a post-apocalyptic future, the dystopia of Mega-City One is not a great place to live, and Judge Dredd himself is an Anti-Hero. That said, these characters are much worse:

  • Judge Death is the Arch-Enemy of Judge Dredd and Judge Anderson and the leader of the Dark Judges, who also include frequently-seen Co-Dragons Judge Fear, Judge Fire, and Judge Mortis. Born Sidney De'ath on an alternate Earth, he was pure evil even as a child, and was already obsessed with killing before he adopted his insane father's philosophy and love of torture and murdered his whole family. He became a Judge so that he could kill people for any excuse he can think of, before eventually murdering his Chief Judge to seize control and make life itself a crime on his homeworld. Hell-bent on spreading the power of the grave to as many worlds as he can, he allows the Sisters of Death to transform him and his "brothers" into undead monstrosities. While Chief Judge, Death and the others kill off Deadworld, employing methods such as weather manipulation and "Dead Fluids", which make people undead like the Dark Judges themselves. Death and company's subsequent actions include the conquest of Mega-City One and killing off 60 million of its citizens after establishing "Necropolis"; brainwashing unfortunate people, such as Judge Kraken, to kill in his name, fully aware of what they're doing; slaughtering his way through orphan shelters and maternity wards just to lure Judge Anderson into a trap; wiping Las Vegas off the map with a nuclear missile; killing thousands of colonists on the Mayflower spaceship; and utterly massacring the colony of Dominion—including reanimating the dead to help massacre the colonists. By inhabiting the bodies of those he's killed, Death always returns to destroy any life he can, sadistically murdering those who cross his path while seeking the destruction of all that lives.
  • The Apocalypse War storyline: War Marshal "Mad Dog" Kazan is the utterly ruthless commander-in-chief of the armed forces of East-Meg One. The leadership of that Sov-Block Mega City planned the Apocalypse War for years, knowing full well that it would result in the deaths of hundreds of millions, including up to 12 percent of East-Meg One's own population in the first hour alone. After Sov agent Orlok the Assassin contaminated Mega-City One's water, leading to rampant block war and softening it up for a nuclear attack, Kazan led the ground invasion, killing millions more and enslaving the conquered people. Chief Judge Griffin is brainwashed to accept Kazan's offer of "friendship." He has East-Meg One's ruling Diktatorat assassinated and declares himself Supreme Judge to claim sole credit for victory in the war and to gain power. Kazan also treats his men horribly, such as sending soldiers who lack of progress to Siberia without winter clothing; forcing his second-in-command to play a daily game of Russian Roulette until his death for letting Judge Dredd escape; and executing one of his generals for merely suggesting surrender after Kazan's war of conquest is clearly lost. After much of East-Meg One is destroyed in a nuclear counterattack, Kazan is merely angry at losing much of his city, and more determined than ever to continue the war for his own glory. His final words after Dredd executes him with the cooperation of Kazan's war-weary soldiers is that he regrets nothing and apologizes for nothing.
  • Judgment Day storyline: Sabbat the Necromagus is a powerful immortal with an affinity for the dead who wants to "kill the world". Originally, on a planet in the Strontium Dog universe, he was the human Soppi Walters. After being bullied one day, a friendly witch offered to help him, but she wouldn’t let him see her books on black magic, so he killed her. He first used the magic to turn a school bully into a lifeless pet with his mind intact so he could torment him for eternity. He proceeded to kill all 2 billion settlers on the planet of Bethsheba, using the corpses as his undead army for eventual galactic conquest. When Johnny Alpha tracks him down, Sabbat travels to Earth's past so he can erase Alpha's timeline by creating a Zombie Apocalypse to destroy humanity. He also causes planes to instantly crash all around the globe to quarantine the cities from each other. He succeeds at murdering three billion people and wiping out five mega cities; 2 billion people, who may or may not be part of the aforementioned 3 billion, are victims of nukes used so Sabbat can't raise the corpses. He later captures Judge Dredd's strike team and proceeds to slowly torture them to death, assuring them that they'll be the last living humans on the planet when he finally extinguishes their lives.
  • Helter Skelter storyline: The version of Chief Judge Cal who serves as the Big Bad for this story originates from an Alternate Universe where he successfully killed Judge Dredd and has been the tyrannical ruler of Mega-City One for the past 20 years because, unlike his mainstream counterpart from The Day the Law Died, he's not insane, just evil. After he learns that there is a world where Judge Dredd had beaten him, he gathers the supervillains from several different universes where Dredd lost to invade Prime Dredd's dimension. This is only an alliance of convenience for Cal, as he intends to dispose of all them as soon as the opportunity allows. His forces take over the Grand Hall of Justice by brainwashing most of the Senior Judges and automatically executing anyone under 25 years of service for being unaffected by this; the survivors, including Judge Hershey, are then crucified in the city center. However, what sets Cal apart from most other would-be conquerors of Mega-City One is what a female scientist describes as the "Helter Skelter" effect, as continued interdimensional travel will tear apart the very fabric of existence by pulling in horrors from other dimensions, materializing people inside buildings, or sending whole planets into the center of stars. Cal is fully aware of this and wants to take the Helter Skelter to the brink before establishing a stable portal with his own world, condemning billions of people to a Fate Worse than Death just so he can kill a version of Judge Dredd whom he's never even met.
  • Origins storyline: President Robert Linus Booth was the last President of the United States, as well as the worst. Getting into power through electoral fraud in the 2068 election, he was also a hard-line imperialist who waged bloody wars of conquest to seize other nations' natural resources. Eventually he convinced himself that America's missile shields could protect it from enemy attacks. One of his advisors realized that he'd gone mad and tried to oppose him, so Booth had him murdered. Then he launched a nuclear war against the rest of the world, killing billions of people and turning much of it into an unliveable Death World. When the Justice Department deposes him on charges of tyranny, Booth is determined to stay in power, massacring many civilians who try to storm the White House and not giving up his seat until the end of a Civil War. After being sentenced to 100 years suspended animation, then revived in the Cursed Earth and given an additional sentence of hard labor by Judge Dredd so he could return some life to the country he destroyed, he builds a rebel army to conquer Mega-City One, claiming to still be the rightful President. When Dredd delivers a ransom for the dormant body of Chief Judge Eustace Fargo, Booth tries to have him sentenced to death by a Kangaroo Court. As the man responsible for creating most of the Crapsack World of the comic, "Bad Bob" Booth shows absolutely no regret for his actions and is only concerned with his own power.
  • Batman/Judge Dredd: While Judge Death is his usual self, this time in Gotham City, he's not alone:
    • Judgement on Gotham: The Scarecrow is a sadistic criminal obsessed with terrifying others and spreading widespread fear, and is thus ecstatic when meeting Judge Death. Watching in fascination as Death kills Scarecrow's own assistant, Scarecrow then cows Death with his patented Fear Gas, forcing the evil Judge to become his partner, and then, wanting Death to show him a "feast of fear", brings him to a highly-populated rock concert and watches in glee as he sics Death on the thousands of concert-goers, even videotaping the whole ordeal in sick amusement.
    • Die Laughing: The Joker is as usual portrayed as a lunatic who wants nothing more than to torment and kill everything he can as a form of entertainment and "humor". Infiltrating Mega City One, Joker kills numerous people to enable the release of Judge Death and his Dark Judges, and, requesting to be made a Dark Judge himself, Joker uses his new abilities to go on a slaughter spree with Death. Personally using his new power of screeching laughter, Joker kills dozens of people at a time by making their heads explode, and, after wiping out every man, woman, and child at an amusement park, proclaims his intentions to head back to Gotham and showcase his new powers to its millions of inhabitants.

A Love Like Blood

  • Lord Karkossa is the king of all the vampires in the world, as well as their progenitor. Under his rule, humans are herded into People Farms for himself and the other vampires to feed on, children not excluded. During a feast to celebrate his trueborn son Jacques's induction into his army, his followers massacre untold numbers of people to create a "carpet" of blood for him to walk on as he arrives, are devoured for dinner, or hung from meat hooks on the ceiling for decoration. In laboratoria around the world his scientists experiment on humans to create deadly new diseases, such as a hemorrhagic fever that causes them to bleed out from every orifice within minutes. When Jacques falls in love with a female werewolf and rebels against his father, Karkossa orders them both killed along with their unborn child as abominations. While heavily pregnant, she's ripped apart by Karkossa's Bathori progeny in front of Jacques, who pledges to destroy his father. When confronted as he's bathing in the blood and body parts of the human cattle his servants bring him wherever he goes, he fights his son to the death with no remorse. A batlike beast with an endless thirst for blood, Karkossa is more monster than man.


Nemesis the Warlock

  • Tomas de Torquemada, "the ultimate incarnation of human evil", is the Grand Master of the Nazi-like Termight/Terran Empire, and Nemesis's Arch-Enemy. Even as a teenager, he wanted to kill aliens even before being enslaved for several years, a situation which only hardened his resolve. Having seized control by usurping his own brother and locking him in a madhouse with a disfigured face, Torquemada rules humanity and leads campaigns that kill billions upon billions of aliens. He also tortures and murders countless humans, including children, just for disagreeing with him, or just to make sure they're not aliens anyways, or even if they’re merely in his way; even his supposedly-beloved wife is basically discarded in favor of his crusade. Torquemada provokes a war and sabotages peace between humanity and aliens so that he'll have an excuse to wipe them all out. Despite his rhetoric, Torquemada is a hypocrite who thinks nothing of using alien energies and life force to keep himself alive by murdering them, body jacking humans and aliens alike. When sent to the past, Torquemada's actions horrify even the original Torquemada, one of his earlier incarnations, before Torquemada murders Nemesis's young son Thoth. When he overthrows a rival, Torquemada's murder of him is a torture far too graphic to be shown. Torquemada even uses an alien to kill people, including his own men, hoping to turn humanity against Nemesis. In the end, Torquemada attempts to activate his self-described "Final Solution": a bomb to annihilate all aliens and any human who has ever come into contact with one.

Nikolai Dante

  • Dmitri Romanov is the ruthless patriarch of the Romanov dynasty, and despite having been imprisoned by the previous Tsar, surpasses any justifiable actions. After losing to Vladimir Makarov in a duel for the throne of the Tsar, Dmitri forces his sister Jocasta to have his children via genetic engineering, breeding them to be the most ruthless killers in the empire. He has his eldest son, Valentine, bear a Flawed Prototype weapons crest, which physically and psychologically scars him beyond recognition. After Katarina Dante reneges on a job for him, he beats and rapes her just so he can break her, resulting in Nikolai's conception. After gearing up for war, he orders Konstantin to murder Julianna Makarov just in case Nikolai manages to save Jena from Richard Hawksmoore so that the conflict will go ahead anyway, then callously throws the lives of his army away to the Tsar's guns and even personally shoots survivors for losing. Even after the war and his suicide, he transfers his consciousness to Arkady and secretly plans his revenge over a number of years, at which point he kills Viktor's wife simply because she's from a poor background, strips Dante of his weapons crest and forces Jena to marry him. To further pour salt into the wound, he forces Nikolai to watch the ceremony and sends a surgeon to castrate him while it happens. Even his first act as Tsar is not to rebuild the empire, but his own personal winter palace.


  • In this short story, Cyclops O'Keefe is a violent gangster who makes a trip to the Luna City colony to execute armed robberies with the rest of his gang, not above killing people who get in the way or using random bystanders as human shields. When he's arrested, he asks for a "psi-test", whereby a psychic person will read someone's mind and make a binding verdict declaring them innocent or guilty. Cyclops reveals that he has rigged a laser bomb to destroy the city dome, blackmailing the shocked psychic Oscar Meek to declare him innocent. Not satisfied with being a mere Karma Houdini, Cyclops elects to torment Oscar further by refusing to disarm the bomb and escaping back to Earth to celebrate his victory while knowingly condemning a million people to death.

The Red Seas

  • The Hollow Man, Dr. Orlando Doyle, keeps the souls of his crew enthralled in horrible agony after having tricked them into selling said souls to him in return for saving them from death. Having offered Satan a tattersail patchwork of souls to avoid gifting his own, Doyle then bargained with Hecate for more power, with the intention of ending the world. Massacring the crew of the Red Wench, Doyle kidnaps Isabella, the witch girlfriend of Captain Jack Dancer, and forces her cooperation in finding the tome to end the world by threatening to feed her digits to his zombies slowly. Upon reaching the Devil's Triangle, Doyle sets his plan to annihilate creation into motion, mocking the notion of feeling any guilt for killing so many innocent lives.

Return to Armageddon

  • The Destroyer is an immortal space entity who is the nemesis to Amtrak's heroic figure, as foretold in an ancient prophecy. He both hates his brother and hopes to seduce him into evil while killing as many as he can. When they are both resurrected by the crew of a space ship on the instigation of godlike beings playing Divine Chess to restart the eternal Game between them, the Destroyer uses the vast powers he possesses even as a child to turn the thousands of colonists onboard the aforementioned spaceship into living dead. Promising them dominion over Earth, the Destroyer has three thuggish raiders, Havoc, Snakebite and Shadow, use their technology to age him up to adulthood after cursing their chief to burn alive in perpetual fire, only to later kill the man to "free him from his pain". The Destroyer devours the lifeforce of everyone else on the planet to complete his transformation and, once awakened, forces the three raiders into his service before sending them out to kill the only man who knows how to reseal him. He curses Amtrak to suffer forever in horrible agony mutating Amtrak's body while also giving him a Healing Factor. The Destroyer then rampages across the galaxy, destroying dozens of worlds by driving their inhabitants to madness and suicide. He turns the Earth itself into a new hell that he renames Armageddon, blocking out the sun and destroying civilization, turning the oceans into burning acid in which people are forced to swim forever, and allowing his demonic minions the Cromos to hunt down the remaining humans to torture them to death or cannibalize them. When one of the Cromos asks him what he will do with them once humanity is gone, the Destroyer assures him that he'll wipe them all out too before burning off his wings and throwing him into the boiling ocean.

Rogue Trooper

  • The Traitor General betrayed all of the genetically modified Genetic Infantrymen to their enemies, resulting in a massacre. When the last survivor, "Rogue," hunts him down and narrows his identity to one of four Generals, the Traitor has the space station they're on blown up and rigs the escape pods to burn the other generals alive. A glitch results in his own face being burnt and hideously disfigured. Killing his former masters, the traitor establishes a bandit group that preys on both sides of the war and later kills his own men when he is forced to flee again. Taking control of multiple robots, the Traitor then attacks medical units, killing doctors and patients, before escaping Rogue again by taking a hostage and breaking open his air supply, dooming the man to death in the poison atmosphere. When Rogue tracks him down yet again, he discovers the Traitor had manipulated the weather using another device to freeze two whole armies to death before he attempts to kill Rogue again.


  • Overlord Cinnibar Brenneka, also known as The Creator and The Destroyer, was once the noble founder of the Shakara Federation, lifting it up out of an age of barbarism to spread his sense of order and justice throughout the universe with his Avengers. When he felt the Shakara themselves had become too complacent and decadent, he embraced a nihilistic ethos unconcerned with notions of morality. He betrayed his species and formed the Hierarchy by uniting all the enemies of the Shakara against them, wiping out his brethren with a bioweapon known as the Red Death before blowing up his homeworld. Then he plunged the universe back into a dark age known as The Terror, giving his evil acolytes free reign to indulge in murder, torture, xenocide, wanton warfare, slavery, mind control, feeding on inhabited worlds, and wiping out entire civilizations. Brenneka orders his servants to collect the lost artifacts of the Shakara, in particular the Infinity Engine, a galaxy-sized device through which they can expand their empire to other dimensions. In fact, the device is really the God Engine, a Doomsday Device that will wipe out all of reality so that Brenneka can rule over a new one as God. When his allies find this out, he slaughters all of them while laughing maniacally at the notion that any lesser being can hurt a Sufficiently Advanced Alien like him. Responsible for trillions of deaths, Brenneka went from the greatest force of good in the universe to the greatest force of evil with his megalomaniacal quest for godhood.


  • The Lord Weird Slough Feg, the first major villain of the comic, is an ancient Drune who abandoned the goddess Danu to prolong his own life. Having lived 20,000 years in service to the dark gods of Cythrawl, Slough Feg orchestrates slaughters of humans to feed his masters through the great worm Crom Cruach and demands sacrifices of children in the lands he controls. When one of his high-ranking Drunes turns on him in horror of what Feg actually plans for the world, Feg kills him with a spell that makes worms erupt from his body. In the The Horned God storyline, Feg attempts to invoke the very ending of the world to drown or crush any human and give their souls to his masters, meeting his end when he attempts to cheerfully torture Sláine himself to death.
  • Elfric Serpent-Eye is one of the Dev-Els, a mystical being from another world who also serves Cythrawl's dark gods. First introduced ordering a village slaughtered with every human over the age of five put to the sword, Elfric later resurfaces in Roman-occupied Britain where he has become the lover of Emperor Nero. To manipulate a war, Elfric flogs warrior-queen Boudica and rapes her daughters personally before crucifying, burning and slaughtering the British population en masse. When the war begins, Elfric throws himself into it with cheerful relish at the slaughter and decapitates Boudica's daughters, taunting Sláine and their mother with the heads. He later attempts to ambush the British natives who are slowed down by women and children in their midst, ordering none to be spared before meeting his end in battle with Sláine.
  • Moloch of the Many Swords is the Dragon-in-Chief for the Fomorian race under King Balor. Moloch leads the Fomorians across Ireland, killing and raping, while women impregnated by the Fomorians can feel the monstrous half-breeds bite their way out of their stomachs and join the war. When Balor is killed, Moloch devours the souls of injured Fomorians before being defeated by Sláine and vowing to adhere to peace. Moloch breaks his word, raping and killing Sláine's wife Niamh. It is furthered revealed Moloch has held dominion over humans in the east and has demanded that children be sacrificed to him by being burned alive. When Sláine confronts him, Moloch is preparing to feed several children to the fire, saying how much he enjoys their tears and screams.

Stalag 666

  • Trsss'tk, better known as the Commandant, is the ruthless Sh'keen—"snake"—commandant of the story's prison camp who keeps the prisoners in atrocious conditions, regularly subjecting them to beatings and torture with no hope of escape. At the start of the comic, the Commandant cheerfully executes an escapee and allows his human collaborators to conduct similar brutalities among the inmates. When the heroes manage to escape, the Commandant takes his wrath out on the rest of the inmates by having every tenth prisoner summarily shot. After recapturing the prisoner Holland, the Commandant tortures him by burying him up to his neck in the hot sun to drive him insane, before intending to throw him in a corner to die. When the human forces attempt to liberate the camp, the Commandant instead decides to evacuate his men and nuke the entire place to cover up evidence of his crimes.

Storming Heaven

  • Thomas Caliban, aka the Lizard King, is a godlike Dark Messiah and the leader of the Family. He and his cultists engage in human sacrifices of pilgrims who were on their way to San Francisco to reach enlightenment. As the prophet of Helter Skelter, Caliban announces the end of the world and sends out his progeny to destroy all in their path so he can reign supreme over whatever's left. Caliban devours the lifeforce of his closest supporters during an orgy in order to take over the body of Dr. Trips (Timothy Leary), using it to wipe out all the other metahumans. Then he flies around the city to incinerate any survivors, only stopping when one of Dr. Trips's pregnant wives has been captured so he can rip the child from her womb and eat it.

Strontium Dog

  • Nelson Bunker Kreelman is a staunch anti-mutant politician in New Britain. Starting a Nazi-esque movement of "Kreelers", he institutes various anti-mutant policies to force them into ghettos and refugee camps in the bombed-out wastelands to slowly starve. When his son Johnny Alpha is born with a mutation, fearing that this might hurt his political career, Kreelman frequently abuses his son before trying to lock him up forever. The rebel mutant army succeeds in capturing most of the government, but Kreelman tells them to go ahead and kill the hostages anyway, figuring he can rule the country alone. Meanwhile he has 100 mutants executed every hour until the rebels surrender. Finding out that Johnny is among the captured mutant generals, he eagerly orders his execution. Kreelman then begins the construction of death camps to destroy the entire mutant population of New Britain, but is forced to resign by the prime minister when they realize he's gone too far and becomes a fugitive. He resurfaces years later to get revenge on Johnny, secretly taking over the Search/Destroy agency to frame Johnny and his allies, and later personally overseeing his son's slow death by torture.


  • The Maximan from Alternative World 23 requests that his fellow heroes assist him to stop the "Many-Angled Ones", or Lloigor, from invading reality, but his plan is a costly one: to destroy several entire universes to create a "flaw" in reality to keep the horrors out. In truth, Maximan has betrayed humanity and joined the Lloigor and is having the heroes destroy universes to correct a flaw and allow the Lloigor access to consume all that lives. When discovered, Maximan attempts to destroy another universe and kill the heroes trying to stop him, thinking only of his own coming divinity at the side of his new masters.


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