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"Everyone loves a pretty doll."

"You know, I've always measured my success by counting the number of victims I've had. But now, I think I'm going to widen my scope and start counting the number of Earths I conquer instead. You want to go home? Let's go. After all, this Earth has already been brought to its knees."

Of the many characters populating the Arrowverse, here are the most awful and atrocious, ranging from street-level drug dealers to god-level entities.

Shows are listed by first airdate. Other universes may be found at their respective pages here or here

All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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Pre-Crisis (Earth-1 unless noted)

  • Arrow:
    • "Vertigo" & "State v. Queen": The Count, real name Cecil Adams and also known as Count Vertigo, is a sociopathic drug peddler who seeks to push a new drug, known as Vertigo, onto the streets of Starling City. The Count kidnaps people to serve as test subjects as he tries to perfect Vertigo. He injects them with the drug, causing them excruciating pain, then offers them a gun with one bullet: they can shoot the Count for revenge, or shoot themselves to end the pain. The suicide rate, after nearly thirty victims, is one hundred percent. He also tests the drug on his own minions, as well as using it as a weapon. The Count sees the fatalities that result from Vertigo as making the drug even better, comparing it to a wine ripened with age. After breaking out of prison, and helping The Dollmaker escape, the Count poisons vaccines with Vertigo to spread the drug to unsuspecting people. Having accepted an offer from Brother Blood to kill the Arrow, and discovering the vigilante's true identity, the Count takes Felicity Smoak hostage to lure the Arrow, and threatens to kill her with an injection of Vertigo before being killed. A deranged sadist who considers killing to be "one of life's great pleasures", the Count revels in his crimes, spreading death and misery with a smile on his face.
    • "Broken Dolls": Barton Mathis, better known as "the Dollmaker", enjoys targeting young and beautiful women in order to "preserve their beauty". After kidnapping his victims, Dollmaker brutally murders them by pouring liquid polymer down their throats until they drown, before dressing them up as dolls and putting the corpses on display. He had murdered at least eight women with said method before being arrested by Quentin Lance. After escaping from prison thanks to Count Vertigo, Dollmaker continues his killing spree while harboring a grudge against Lance. Planning to make him suffer, Dollmaker murders a young woman while forcing Lance to listen to her screams via a telephone. He also attempts to kidnap and murder Felicity Smoak the same way. Later, Dollmaker kidnaps both Lance and his daughter Laurel and attempts to force him to watch his daughter die.
    • Arrow: Season 2.5 official tie-in comic book series: Khem-Adam is the leader of Onslaught, a group of fanatical, religious terrorists, who took advantage of the power vacuum in Kahndaq after the previous dictatorship was overthrown. His main goal is to force his country back into the old, barbaric ways, with women in particular being reduced to nothing more than serving the needs of the men. He has a group of young women forcefully abducted for nothing more than undergoing school education — after murdering their teacher right in front of their eyes. He is later shown to orchestrate mass executions on any one who dares to oppose his godly quest, and assigning the girls to his men as personal slaves to be beaten and raped. When one of the girls kills her abuser in self-defense and manages to escape, he immediately orders the rest of the group to be executed as an example. Misogynistic, cruel, and with a delusional fantasy of carrying out the will of the Old Gods, Khem-Adam earns the disgust of even the hardened, criminal members of the Suicide Squad, with one member in particular being a former military leader of the overthrown dictatorship.
    • "The Calm" & "Canaries": Werner Zytle proves to be a worthy successor following the death of the original Count Vertigo, taking control of the drug and modifying it to make the user hallucinate their worst fears. He is introduced forcing a fellow gang leader to take the drug before killing him and taking control of the other gangs in Starling City. He decides a reasonable way to attempt an assassination on Oliver Queen is by firing a rocket launcher into a restaurant full of people. He later tries to kill the remaining gang leaders of Starling City by blowing up the entire stadium they were in; the stadium contained around 20,000 people. In his next appearance, Zytle escapes police custody with the help of a reporter whose family he threatened. He then forces said reporter to try to kill the Arrow via suicide bomb. He then takes several hostages in a drug lab, forces them to make more of the Vertigo drug, and when Team Arrow comes to the rescue, he attempts to burn his hostages alive.
    • Season 3's flashback sequences: General Matthew Shrieve initially appears as a reasonable and helpful military officer before being revealed as a callous extremist. Regarding China as an economic threat to the United States, Shrieve intends to use the Omega virus to destabilize the country, caring nothing for the lives that would be destroyed by his actions. After usurping Amanda Waller as the head of A.R.G.U.S., Shrieve sends a squad of soldiers after Oliver and the Yamashiros, including young Akio, to eliminate potential witnesses to his impending crimes. Unleashing the Omega virus on Hong Kong, causing thousands of infections and deaths, Shrieve causes the virus to spread even further by disguising injections of it as a vaccine. When Akio is infected, Oliver and Maseo confront Shrieve for a possible cure. After handing them a supposed cure, Shrieve reveals that it was only insulin for his diabetes, using this as a distraction in an attempt to kill them both. After Akio succumbs to the virus, Shrieve taunts his parents, cruelly laughing in their faces. Although the virus is ultimately prevented from spreading beyond Hong Kong, hundreds, if not thousands suffered its effects, something Shrieve shows no remorse for. Militant and xenophobic, Shrieve, despite his delusions of righteousness, is ultimately nothing more than a smug mass murderer devoid of conscience.
    • Season 4: Lonnie "Anarky" Machin is far worse than his comic counterpart. A former mob enforcer, Anarky was fired by many organizations for being too unhinged. His attempts to join H.I.V.E. have Anarky attempting to murder mayoral candidate Jessica Danforth, and when that fails Anarky instead kidnaps Danforth's daughter, sadistically breaking her fingers. After getting his face burned by Thea Queen, Anarky develops a creepy obsession towards her. Escaping imprisonment, Anarky seeks revenge by killing his foster parents and then targeting Damien Darhk for rejecting him from H.I.V.E.. Anarky kidnaps Darhk's wife, Ruvé, and his daughter, trying to have them tortured. Just before H.I.V.E. carries out Genesis to bombard the world with nuclear weapons, Anarky rampages through Tevat Noah, H.I.V.E.'s sanctuary against the apocalypse, killing multiple guards and Thea's boyfriend, rigging the entire structure to explode, while taking Darhk's family hostage, successfully killing Ruvé. Five months later, Anarky attempts to detonate a bomb that would destroy at least half of Star City. Motivated only by his sick satisfaction of hurting others, Anarky proves to be one of the most destructive monsters Team Arrow has ever faced.
    • Season 5's flashback storyline: General Konstantin Kovar is a member of the Russian government who rules over the village of Krasnoyarsk, and leader of a criminal organization. Planning to rule over the country, he attempts to stage a coup by gassing the Russia's entire political and military leaderships to death. As Oliver Queen foiled his attempt and nearly killed him, Kovar returns to take vengeance on him. After capturing Oliver, he tortures him by injecting him a drug that causes him to relieve all of the physical, psychological and emotional pain he lived in the past five years. Kovar then offers him a gun, expecting him to be Driven to Suicide. When Oliver escapes his cell instead, Kovar tries to kill him. Ultimately defeated, he gloats that the island will forever remain his prison. Kovar's sophisticated and polite façade only serves to hide the ruthless, power-hungry and sadistic monster he truly is.
  • The Flash (2014):
    • The Trickster, real name James Jesse, is a bloodthirsty terrorist with a flair for the dramatic and the personality of a deranged child. After a killing spree that landed him in prison, the Trickster is introduced by breaking free from prison with the help of his son Axel, who he manipulated and groomed into becoming as dangerous a psychopath as him. With his help, the Trickster takes Henry Allen hostage and tries to have him impaled with knives while also poisoning the guests at a party so he can blackmail them into giving him money, with one guest dying as a demonstration. During his second appearance, the Trickster uncaringly abandons Axel and teams up with Mark Mardon/Weather Wizard for a chance to kill the Flash. And to do so, he disguises himself as a mall Santa and distributes over a hundred gift-disguised bombs to children, and forces the Flash to let Mardon torture him to death on threat of detonating the bombs and killing the children and their families.
    • Hunter Zolomon, aka Zoom, is a sociopathic speedster from Earth-2 who was a notorious serial killer with a staggering body count both before and after becoming a speedster. Dying from abusing the Velocity drug, Zoom tries to steal the speed of Jay Garrick, the Flash of Earth-3, before taking Jay's identity to create hope so he can crush it, while imprisoning the real Jay as a trophy. Discovering Earth-1, Zoom sends meta-humans to attack, then gains Barry Allen's trust by pretending to be Jay. In their first confrontation, Zoom breaks Barry's spine and shows him off for the city to see. Zoom also takes Harry Wells's daughter, Jesse, hostage to force Harry into helping him steal the Flash's speed. Once cured, Zoom unleashes an army of meta-humans on Central City for the fun of it, before forcing Barry to watch as he murders Barry's father, Henry. As his endgame, Zoom makes a doomsday device to destroy the entire multiverse, only sparing Earth-1 as his personal domain. A brutal, sadistic maniac devoid of remorse, Zoom remains one of the most monstrous enemies Barry has ever faced.
  • Legends of Tomorrow:
    • "White Knights" & "Fail Safe": Valentina Vostok is a Soviet physicist allied with Vandal Savage, who leads "Operation Svarog" to create a Soviet Firestorm to use against America in the Cold War. To do so, Vostok spent years experimenting on humans, resulting in countless casualties from failed experiments. After discovering Martin Stein possessed knowledge about the Firestorm project, Vostok has his friends kidnapped and thrown into a Soviet gulag. Using various methods to interrogate Stein, including a drug that causes excruciating pain, Stein finally talks upon being Forced to Watch his teammates being tortured. Upon finding out Stein himself is one half of Firestorm, Vostok decides to forcibly fuse herself with him to become a new Firestorm, where she manically fire-balls others. In a Bad Future, she creates an army of Firestorms which wipes out nearly every country by the 21st century, content with her own country being destroyed so it can be rebuilt stronger.
    • "Outlaw Country": Quentin Turnbull is the ruthless Arch-Enemy of Jonah Hex. After the town of Calvert rebelled against him for extorting taxes from them, Turnbull trapped the entire town's population in a church, including women and children, and then burned it down with everyone inside. After learning about the existence of a mine containing dwarf star alloy from a time pirate he later murders, Turnbull uses the dwarf star to create powerful bullets, which Turnbull then uses to take over the town of Salvation, and forces its civilians to work in the mines. He also intended to conquer enough towns to form his own country, which comes to pass in a Bad Future where he takes over the entire western half of the United States, renaming it "Turnbull Country", a lawless country where the only authority is himself.
  • Constantine:
    • "A Whole World Out There": Jacob Shaw evaded punishment after getting caught by transferring his mind from his body to a Pocket Dimension found during his occult studies, where he essentially became a god-like Reality Warper, able to live out his sick fantasies as much as he wanted. When a group of teenagers accidentally trespasses into his realm, he takes this as an opportunity to live out his sadistic pleasure even more. He starts hunting the teenagers in the real world by appearing on reflective surfaces, driving them nearly insane, and then brutally killing 3 out of 4 via impaling, dismembering with a knife, and suffocation. Afterwards, he keeps the souls of the deceased in his realm, where he keeps on torturing them and tells them that they will experience a never-ending circle of getting hunted down and killed by him, all just because he enjoys it.
    • "Waiting for the Man": "The Man" is introduced as a Satanic redneck who abducted three little girls and murdered them, afterwards raising their spirits to make them his mindlessly devoted "brides". He sends them off to find another bride for him, and while waiting for them to return he brutally tortures and murders a bypassing, helpful man in a ritualistic way, for seemingly no other reason than being near him at the wrong time. It is revealed that "The Man" also murdered his real wife six years ago as a sacrifice for Satan. Later, John and his crew arrive in the nick of time, just before "The Man" was going to subject the fourth girl to the same horrific fate his three brides suffered. "The Man" is such a despicable individual that John Constantine and Jim Corrigan decide to outright murder him instead of just having him face the law.
  • Vixen: Benatu Eshu is a ruthless Zambesi warlord and season 2's Big Bad. Desiring the Totems of Zambesi, Eshu led a raid on Mari's village when she was an infant, massacring scores of innocents, upon learning that the village possessed the Anansi Amulet; among those killed was Mari's father, who Eshu callously executed when he attempted to stand against the madman. In the present, Eshu arrives in Detroit under the guise of an ambassador and continues his quests to find the totems. To achieve his goals, Eshu bribes a thief into stealing the Fire Totem for him, then promptly kills the man once he's no longer of any use. With the Fire Totem in his possession, Eshu attempts to kill Mari to steal the Anansi Amulet. Failing in this, Eshu goes on a city-wide rampage in a fit of homicidal rage, burning down a massive portion of Detroit in an effort to draw Mari out. When Mari and her allies attempt to stop him, Eshu incinerates Mari's sister Kuasa right before her eyes before trying to kill Mari herself. Even when he is stripped of the power of the Fire Totem, Eshu continues his attempt to murder Mari in order to steal her amulet and harness its powers for his own purposes.
  • Supergirl (2015) (Earth-38):
    • Season 1: Brainiac 8, known better as Indigo, is a Coluan imprisoned on Krypton for attempting to destroy the Kryptonian people. When she introduces herself on Earth, she turns every light in National City green, causing accidents and endangering hundreds of lives. Soon revealing her darker side, Indigo tries to launch nuclear missiles to destroy National City, planning to wipe out humanity. When defeated, she later teams up with Kara's uncle, Non, and activates Project Myriad to put humanity into a trance-like state. Indigo then puts her plan a step further into motion: to enhance the power to kill everyone else on Earth and then leave the planet, leaving Kara stranded as "queen of a dead world." Even in her last moments, Indigo gloats that she had left Project Myriad impossible to stop, taking comfort that humanity will follow her to the grave.
    • Season 2: Veronica "Roulette" Sinclair is a ringmaster who organized an underground fight club in National City, commanding aliens to fight to the death for money to entertain rich people, including herself. In her first appearance, when J'onn and M'gann refuse to fight, Roulette releases Draaga to try to kill them both, but gets arrested. Upon being freed due to her connections, Roulette, with the help of an alien doctor, plans to sell humans in a slave market on Maaldoria in exchange for a large amount of diamonds. Utterly apathetic to aliens and human beings alike, Roulette is a Rich Bitch who has no qualms against making quick money at the expense of others.
    • Queen Rhea, the ultimate Big Bad of season 2, is the queen of Daxam, wife of Lar Gand and mother of Mon-El. After escaping Daxam's disaster, Rhea and Lar Gand find Mon-El on Earth and try to get him to join them. When he refused, Rhea blames Kara for it and tries to get her killed by issuing a bounty against her, then tries to kill her herself. Once Lar Gand decides to let Mon-El stay on Earth, Rhea accuses him of "betraying" her and murders him. Returning to Earth, Rhea manipulates Lena Luthor into creating a transmatter portal for her forces to come through, and starts an invasion to take over the planet and reduce humanity into slavery. To forge a connection with humans, Rhea forces Mon-El and Lena to get married by threatening to destroy a hospital full of children, stating they could rot in a cell for all she cares afterwards. Challenged by Kara in a trial of fight, Rhea doesn't honor their agreement when she loses and orders her forces to destroy National City, then tells Kara that she will destroy city after city until her whole world is gone. A petty, self-centered individual as well as a horrible mother, Rhea's inability to accept any responsibility for her actions is what makes her a monster.
    • Season 3: Morgan Edge, the CEO of Edge Global, is introduced as a self-absorbed and sexist man, but quickly proves himself to be much worse. Having plans for the Waterfront of National City, Edge hires a terrorist for an attack on the underwater foundation of the district, endangering hundreds of people attending a public Supergirl event. After Lena Luthor buys CatCo from under his nose, Edge shows just how low he is willing to stoop to destroy somebody for a perceived personal slight, by poisoning an entire public school full of children and then blaming it on Lena's countermeasure against the Daxamite invasion. When Lena confronts him, he has her knocked out and strapped on a remotely controlled plane, carrying more chemicals, which he intends to crash on the city. Edge also shows himself to be completely dismissive of his employee's lives, having two of them killed to protect his reputation after failed assassination attempts on Lena, or even using one of them as a Human Shield at one point. In a world full of superpowered menaces, Morgan Edge still manages to stand out as a despicable human being, only concerned with his own position of power.
  • Black Lightning (2018) ("Earth-BL"): This series is not subtle about its villains, especially these two vile racists:
    • Season 1: Martin Proctor is the man in charge of the Freeland operations of the sinister ASA. Repackaging a dangerous vaccine as a drug to circulate within his city to create an army of superpowered pawns, Proctor's plans lead to an epidemic of death while he takes the survivors in for experimentation. Forcing his rival Gambi into surrendering to him by holding a crowd at gunpoint, Proctor expresses sadistic disappointment at Gambi's surrender forcing him to spare their lives. Seeking to ruin hero Jefferson Pierce's reputation, Proctor allows his men to kill any in their way as they please and when his plans fall apart, aims to take the surviving teens from his experiments with him to continue his abominable operations on.
    • "The Perdi" & "The Sange": The Looker is a metahuman with the power to control minds who enslaves the white population of South Freeland as her "Sange". When called out for her hypocrisy of claiming to have saved the town from a drug epidemic by her mind control being far worse, she casually murders him for questioning her. Viciously prejudiced, the Looker has her slaves hunt down and lynch the town's black population and stops at nothing to hunt down the children of a Sange to ensnare them in her racist, subservient cult.
  • The Flash (1990) (Earth-90):
    • The Flash's Arch-Enemy, Nicholas Pike, is a former police officer who was disbarred for his crooked involvement in criminal activities, swearing vengeance against Jay Allen for bringing his corruption to light. Forming a biker gang, the "Dark Riders", Pike had his cronies terrorize Central City, torching streets and killing anyone in their way. When one member leaves out of disgust, Pike cruelly kills him by having him dragged on a motorcycle with a bomb and then detonating it. He later murders Jay for revenge. Storming the jail to free his men Barry Allen has arrested, Pike intends to use them to destroy the entire city regardless of any causalities. In "Flashfoward", after being released from prison, Pike returns for vengeance on Barry, firing a heat-seeking missile at him which sends Barry ten years into the future. An utter dystopia with Pike as mayor, he forces citizens to submit to him lest he have them executed or lobotomized if they don't bow down to him. A smug and wicked man motivated only by petty revenge, Pike cements himself as one of the most evil and personal enemies that the Flash has ever faced.
    • "Out of Control": Dr. Carl Tanner is an amoral geneticist who ostensibly wants to better world. In truth, to erase the "shame" of having grown up in poverty, Carl intends to perfect a mutative formula to allow him to wipe out the homeless "vermin" of the world, testing his formula on the vagrants of Central City and killing them through agonizing mutation. Lusting after and trying to mutate his former college sweetheart Christina McGee, Tanner eventually uses the formula on himself, rampaging across Central City in his new monstrous form and attempting to massacre the nearest homeless den.
    • "Child's Play": Bougart/Beauregarde Lesko creates an insidious hallucinogen called "Blue Paradise", which becomes rampant in Central City. Creating a powerful physical addition, if users do not regularly take Blue Paradise, they die, much to Lesko's apathy. When suspected in the drug's production by a reporter, Lesko kills him by blowing up his car to destroy the evidence, also trying to murder a teenager who manages to get ahold of it. Trying to force the teen into addiction to control him, Lesko also tries to spread his drug over the city via helicopter, not content until he can control the entire population with his drug.
    • "The Trickster" & "Trial of the Trickster": James Montgomery Jesse, better known as "The Trickster", is an insane criminal mastermind with a penchant for numerous murderous personalities and gimmicks leading to a string of murders over six states. Adopting the persona of the Trickster after he's smitten by private investigator Megan Lockhart — after failing to saw her in half — the Trickster murders the cops who try to detain him; leaves an exploding Flash statue in a public square; takes the customers of a novelty shop hostage while murdering one of them for giggles; and attempts to drown Barry Allen in his twisted crusade to make Megan his criminal sidekick "Prank". Busted out of prison in his second appearance by his twisted fangirl Zoey Clark, the Trickster butchers the host of a talk show and announces his new crime spree, torturing and brainwashing the Flash into his sidekick while causing wanton mayhem throughout Central City and endangering the lives of countless innocents. The Trickster finally tries to hold a "trial" for the city by killing those who prosecuted him after ruling them "guilty against crimes of good taste!" and, even after this is thwarted, ditches Zoey to the police even after she saves him. Zany, witty, and absolutely in love with his own murderous psychosis, Jesse's tricks murdered countless innocent people and cement him as one of the Scarlet Speedster's worst foes.

Crisis on Infinite Earths (2019)

  • Mobius, the Anti-Monitor, is a being born of the Anti Matter universe. Manipulating Dr. Harrison Nash Wells into freeing him, Mobius sadistically curses him to be his "herald", "Pariah", forcing him to try to warn universe after universe of Mobius's coming, to no avail, all while Mobius obliterates them, feeding on the new antimatter he leaves in its place. After consuming countless universes, Mobius wipes out almost all existence and engineers the death of of his goodhearted counterpart Mar Novu, the Monitor. Upon his actions being reversed, Mobius simply returns to obliterate existence again, to rule over what remains as its god king.


  • Batwoman (2019): Miguel Robles, a corrupt member of the Crows, is also the murderer of Lucius Fox. Having accidentally shot Fox when sent to beat him for his journal, Robles attempts to cover his tracks by sending assassins after those who can expose him. When this fails, Robles takes on the mantle of the deceased Detonator, kidnapping people and tying them to explosives with chances to save themselves by pressing a detonator to destroy a building that contains information that might incriminate him. His final target is Wayne Tower, uncaring if he kills dozens or hundreds of innocents to escape his punishment.

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