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Stop talking about comic books or I'll kill you!
I don't care if The Hulk could defeat the Man of Steel
I'm gonna rearrange your face if you continue to debate
Whether Logan's claws could pierce Steve Rogers' shield
I just couldn't care less if they bring back Kraven
And I don't care if Spider-Man's a clone
Stop spending all our cash
On back issues of The Flash
Or I swear to god you're gonna face your twilight years alone!

You can call them Graphic Novels
They're still just plain old comic books to me
And I don't see why you must always ceaslessly discuss
The post-Zero Hour: Crisis in Time! Continuity
For the last time, I won't read those Kirby X-Men!
You know that I prefer the work he did for DC
And if you don't wanna die, you'll lose that Overstreet Price Guide,
Comic Buyer's Guide, and Wizard Magazine!
...but please get the new Invisibles for me.
Ookla The Mok, "Stop Talking About Comic Books or I'll Kill You"