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"I will shut down the technology on which your species has become so dependent. All I will leave them in their desperation are their guns and explosives. Humanity will tear itself apart as it struggles to survive. And in the weeks to come, my electromagnetic field will become potent enough to destroy any survivors."
Ra Moon to Dr. Wily, comic book (Archie Comics)

Throughout the years, and through various incarnations, the Blue Bomber and his allies have encountered many villains, with a select few standing out as the worst of the worst.

All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

Super Adventure Rockman
  • Ra Moon is a malevolent alien supercomputer who landed on the Earth in a distant age. An arrogant sociopath who viewed the peaceful early humans as beneath him, Ra Moon sought to exterminate them by giving them the capacity for hate and violence, leading to swathes of humans slaughtering each other in bloody conflicts. Eventually growing bored of their violence, Ra Moon went dormant for twenty thousand years before waking up in the modern age, his genocidal ambitions still intact. Manipulating Dr. Wily into helping him by reviving his fallen robots, Ra Moon generates a deadly EMP wave with enough power to destroy all of the Earth's technology and allows Wily to use it to blackmail the United Nations, all the while deceiving him into believing that it's less destructive than he thinks. At the end of the game, Ra Moon reveals his deception by torturously attacking Wily's robots and declaring his master plan: killing all humans and robots alike so he can replace them all with machines made in his image. His brand of villainy shocking even Wily, Ra Moon proved to be one of the most heinous foes that the original Mega Man ever faced.

Mega Man X series

  • Dr. Albert W. Wily, thought long dead, is, in truth, the Greater-Scope Villain of the entire series. With nothing resembling his more honorable traits from the Classic series, Dr. Wily created Zero as a means to finally create a robot strong enough to destroy Mega Man, and engineered the creation of the Maverick Virus, turning Reploids who were infected to violence and murder. Wily integrated himself into the virus itself and fostered countless amounts of death and destruction, most notably causing the fall of the once-noble Reploid Sigma to ambitious evil with thousands killed in his mission, and even nudging Sigma into trying to cause the fall of the colony of Eurasia to spread the virus further, which would consequentially kill off almost all mankind.
  • Maverick Hunter X: In this adaptation of the first game, Sigma, as shown in the prologue OVA titled "The Day of Sigma", was once a noble high-ranking Maverick Hunter dedicated to protecting Reploids and humans alike, until he became fanatically obsessed with unleashing the potential of all Reploids, particularly in X. To satisfy his psychotic curiosity, Sigma begins orchestrating false flag operations by hiring criminals to cause towering Mechanaloids to go berserk and attack Reploids and humans alike, before killing them to cover his tracks. He goes on to slaughter all the staff at a prison to spring the psychotic Maverick Vile free and recruit him into his ever-growing army of rebellious Reploids, some of which, like the honorable Storm Eagle, are strong-armed into serving him. Right when he's about to launch all the missiles stored in a remote base, X and Zero attempt to stop him only for Sigma to grab Zero and use him as a Human Shield, while sadistically goading the pacifistic X into shooting him and sacrificing Zero in the process. When X refuses, he almost kills Zero and grabs X afterwards. When X still can't bring himself to fight back, he disarms at Sigma's request, only for Sigma to launch all the missiles at the highly-populated Abel City, killing thousands and reducing it to rubble while nearly killing X as well. The OVA ends with Sigma psychotically laughing at the burned out ruins of Abel City, fiendishly excited for the war he started due to his traitorous actions, and eagerly planning to Kill All Humans to make way for the Reploids.
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  • Command Mission: Among the Rebellion army, a faction of extremists and anti-villains, the Reploid Silver Horn sticks out as a sadist on a perpetual power trip lacking in any of his compatriots' redeeming qualities. Warden of the Tianna POW camp, Silver Horn viciously kills many dissenting Reploids himself during the Rebellion's takeover of Giga City, personally torturing the famed hero Steel Massimo into a limbless, barely-living heap and keeping his mangled body underneath the camp. Forcing the Navigator Reploid Nana into acting as a sysop for the camp under the threat of executing all of the POWs, Silver Horn's response when he's finally confronted is to gleefully reminisce on his torture and eventual murder of Steel Massimo to his successor and revealing his ideals that the weak only exist to serve the strong.

Mega Man Battle Network & MegaMan NT Warrior

  • The games: The proudly and blatantly villainous Dr. Regal, the Big Bad of the fourth and fifth games, is the head of the Netcrime syndicate Nebula, and gleefully strives to prove his belief that humanity as a whole is evil. As Nebula's head, Regal oversees the development of Dark Chips: battle chips that grant the Navis who use them great power at the expense of twisting their minds and converting them into mindless servants of evil. In the fourth game, he deliberately attracts the attention of the alien super program Duo with the evil of his dark chips, and puts the planet in danger of destruction so he can play the hero and destroy Duo's incoming comet himself while sabotaging other, more reliable attempts at destroying it. When his deception is revealed, he tries to drop Lan Hikari to his death and attempts suicide to escape justice for his crimes. Surviving that, Regal returns in the fifth game and kidnaps Lan's father Yuichiro, who he brutally tortures in order to force him to give up the program known as Soul Net. Using Soul Net, Regal attempts to link the souls of Net Navis and humans alike to the powerful Nebula Grey program, with his endgame being to cause civilization to descend into hellish, violent, hate and rage-fueled anarchy. Vile and rotten to the core, Regal disgusts even his own terrorist father Lord Wily, who forcibly brainwashes him into becoming a better person due to the horrors he planned to inflict on humanity.
  • The anime:
    • Dr. Regal is the head of the evil organization Nebula and the Big Bad of the Axess season. A proud, villainous man selected by the godlike NetNavi Duo as a probe for human life, Regal sees himself as above humanity and schemes for the end of the world. Regal empowers the Darkloid NetNavis on their destructive campaigns through the Dark Chips, while slowly corrupting and driving all of them to insanity and degeneration through them and turning them against their leader ShadeMan.EXE, whom he later brutally kills. Regal forces his fellow Duo-selected probe, Ms. Yuri, to murder her own sister to prove her loyalty, and, in the climax of Axess, enshrouds the entire world in a dimensional area powered by the souls of tens of thousands of agonized NetNavis, using his new power to annihilate entire populated cities across the globe while proclaiming himself the herald of humanity's destruction. Returning as a digital entity in the following season's movie, Regal attempts to destroy the entire world yet again by using Wily's Spectrum program to digitize the planet while subjecting Lan's father to horrible torture, and tries one last time to destroy the world in Stream while betraying Duo and proclaiming himself a god. Dr. Regal is a monstrous man utterly in love with his own evil who sees it as his right to annihilate millions for nothing more than the sake of his power and ego.
    • Slur is an arrogant, zealous alien Navi and the chief servant of the godlike program Duo. Tasked with distributing potentially dangerous Asteroid Navis across Earth to gauge if the planet is a potential threat that needs to be wiped out, Slur's hatred for humans leads to her gaming her master's system in her favor. She goes out of her way to distribute Asteroid Navis to people guaranteed to abuse them, and nudges them into doing so while occasionally painfully deleting the Net Navis they already have. Slur's machinations cause a number of disasters to happen, such as the planet almost being devastated by a famine; people being horrifically turned to stone; a meteor nearly flattening a city; and a number of near-mass murders on top of that. When the Cross Fusion team tries to stop her, Slur simply mass-distributes Asteroid Navis at a quicker rate and overwhelms them with chaos and mayhem around the globe in hopes of giving Duo the final push he needs to destroy the planet. Despite claiming to be protecting the universe, Slur's motivations ultimately boil down to an obsessive, selfish desire to cull any and all life she deems inferior.
  • The manga:
    • Dr. Wily is the head of the terrorist organization known as World Three, and the first Big Bad of the series. A bitter, misanthropic old man who believes that humanity is ugly, stupid, and deserving of destruction due to his robotics research being ignored, Wily wishes to bring about the end of Net Society itself. To that end, he oversees a number of terrorist attacks that endanger thousands of innocents, such as having a school set on fire; trying to painfully brainwash children into becoming World Three's slaves; and trying to demolish a Metroline's security network in order to put its passengers at risk. After obtaining the powerful Life Virus, Wily causes an outbreak of chaotic accidents all across Dentech City before hijacking all of the world's military satellites, which he proceeds to use in an attempt to annihilate major cities around the globe with missiles. Lacking the redeeming qualities of his game and anime counterparts, this incarnation of Wily dies hateful and unrepentant, utterly hell-bent on killing millions of innocents over a petty grudge.
    • The obscenely sadistic MegaMan DS is a Darkloid born from the original MegaMan's feelings of hate and anger, and proves to be among his most threatening foes. Obsessed with wanting to fuse with the powerful Navi Bass, DS seeks to make MegaMan hate him with all his heart so he can utilize his hatred as energy needed to make the fusion a success. To do this, DS commits a slew of horrible crimes such as slaughtering two companies of military Net Navis and framing MegaMan for the act; converting his friend GutsMan into a hateful berserker against his will before forcing him and MegaMan to fight to the death; and trying to have his ally ShadeMan try to murder his human partner Lan in front of him. After gathering enough hate energy, DS fuses with Bass and opens up an enormous dark hole, looking to swallow the Net and its denizens in pure darkness itself. A monstrous psycho with no moral boundaries whatsoever, DS crosses lines even his fellow Darkloids don't and has no problem betraying his own allies, such as provoking MegaMan into brutally killing ShadeMan, and forcibly devouring the essence of his loyal partner LaserMan for a power boost.

Mega Man Zero

  • Dr. Weil, known in Japan as Dr. Vile, only appears in a few games, yet is notable for being one of the most evil beings in the entire franchise. Following the peaceful resolution of the Maverick Wars by the sentient superprogram, the Mother Elf, Weil decided that Reploids needed to pay for their crimes. To this end, Weil corrupted Mother Elf by turning her into the Dark Elf, and triggered the Elf Wars. Weil used the Dark Elf and her children, the Baby Elves, to control Reploids and force them to fight each other in massive battles, which resulted in the deaths of 90% of all Reploids and 60% of all humans. Defeated, exiled and transferred into a mechanical body for his crimes, Weil eventually returned one hundred years later, consumed with a thirst for vengeance directed at all life for the perceived crimes against him. Weaseling his way into becoming the supreme ruler of Neo Arcadia, Weil turns it into a dystopian hellhole. When he breaks his citizens to the point where they're desperate enough to risk escaping into the wastelands to form their own colony, Weil decides to obliterate their new home with a Kill Sat. When his Kill Sat is disabled, Weil attempts to drop it upon the colony, killing everyone in the region. Cruel, megalomaniacal and displaying an unprecedented level of sadism in the series, Weil reveled in the suffering of others and desired nothing less than to make human and reploid alike feel like their existences were living deaths.

Mega Man Star Force

  • First game: Gemini is a wicked FM-ian who despises all other forms of life. A Treacherous Advisor to King Cepheus who secretly plots to take him down and destroy the Earth, he then took advantage of the king’s paranoia by convincing him to destroy Planet AM. When they discover Omega-Xis stole the key to activating the FM-Ian superweapon Andromeda, Gemini was among the FM-ians sent to reclaim it. To this end, he manipulated a boy with a split personality, Patrick Springs, by merging with him while using their powers to make humans attack each other. When one of his allies, Queen Ophiuca, is defeated by Mega Man and begs him for help, Gemini responds by killing her on the spot. After he got revived when Cepheus decides to use Andromeda, he attempts to destroy the machinery needed to help Mega Man reach Cepheus, suggesting he's fine getting himself killed to destroy the Earth. Upon his defeat, he asks Cepheus to destroy the planet to avenge him. Loyal only to himself and his love of destruction, Gemini is Star Force's poster child for Aliens Are Bastards.
  • Star Force 3:
    • Mr. King is the leader of the organization Dealer. Appearing to the world as a benevolent millionaire who donates to charity, Mr. King is actually willing to use anyone for his own benefit. As the operator of Joker, all of Joker's crimes lead right back to King. In addition to forcing his own Wizard to self-destruct to defeat his enemies, King adopted orphans and forced them to become child soldiers, and to undertake suicidal missions in order to further his own plans. Jack and Tia were the only orphans to survive these missions. He then proceeded to take control of Meteor G so he could take over the world by force, raining down deadly Noise upon those who would not subjugate themselves to him. After being betrayed by his subordinates and supposedly destroyed, King became an Energy Being and decided to wipe out the world using Meteor G figuring if he can't rule the world, he will destroy it.
    • Sirius is a childish, sociopathic EM being who travels the galaxy in a black hole that he sucks planets he takes a liking into, destroying them and their populations outright before reconstructing them to keep in his personal collection. Having already destroyed the recovering Planet AM, he sets out to do the same to Planet FM before being confronted by Mega Man, who he plans to keep in his collection as a mindless soldier that he can force to battle other EM beings as a form of entertainment. Upon his defeat, a gleefully defiant Sirius transfers the last of his power to Meteor G in an attempt to guarantee the destruction of the Earth out of little more than spite. Despite his short-lived status as an antagonist, Sirius's child-like selfishness and cruelty cement him as one of Mega Man's most twisted foes by far.

Comic Books (by publication date)

  • Novas Aventuras De Megaman:
    • Dr. Wily is the ultimate dictator of the world After the End. Originally a young scientist, Wily was the leader of Project Saint Lazarus, where young Brazilian girls were kidnapped and turned into cyborgs to become the next step in computer robotics, with Wily having experimented on over a hundred children. Imprisoned by Mega Man and friends, Wily broke out and partnered with the Holzenbein Estate and some aliens to create the Neo-Mavericks, which Wily used to slaughter most of humankind and become the world's dictator, even creating an apocalypse after nuking an entire city to get rid of Dr. Light. Once Mega Man is awakened by Roll, Wily sends his men out to track Mega Man's location, uncaring for their deaths, even allowing Mega Man to kill his business rivals. Knowing that the aliens will return and usurp control of the earth away from him, Wily and his 150 Mavericks try and kill the Mega Man family for good, hoping to capture Roll and keep the world for himself.
    • Mr. Holzenbein is a corrupt scientist turned businessman who took part in Project Saint Lazarus to sell the robotic girls for their organs and sexual slavery. Having worked with Wily on his plan to rule the world, Holzenbein split from him and started his own company, where he has little girls cloned and sold for profit. Kidnapping various women and performing voodoo sacrifices on them for no reason, Holzenbein plans to overthrow Wily and take his place as the world's dictator, announcing to his assistant the end of everything.
  • Dreamwave series:
    • Dr. Wil(e)y is a former partner of Dr. Light, who grew jealous of the latter's fame and decided to get revenge on him. Organizing attacks upon Dr. Light's inventions which helped the city to prosper, Wiley sent Heat Man to destroy Mega City airport, which would cause planes to crash. When Dr. Light discovered his role in recent crime wave and effortlessly defeated his machines, a furious Wiley transformed his base into a giant robot and sent it toward Mega City, hoping to destroy it out of pure spite.
    • Heat Man is the vilest of Dr. Wiley's henchmen, who is obsessed with burning things. Leading an attack on Mega City airport, Heat Man destroyed it and burns down all robotic stuff in it, leading to a plane full of innocent people to start falling on the city, threatening to kill all passengers and cause damage. After Mega Man saved the plane, Heat Man escaped, and later burnt down Dr. Light's and Mega Man's home.
  • Mega Man (Archie Comics): Ra Moon is a sinister AI who crash-landed on Earth centuries ago with aspirations of control. Manipulating an ancient civilization into worshipping it—and even establishing bloody ritual sacrifice in its name—Ra Moon eventually tires of its slaves and decimates the entire civilization whilst sealing itself underground. Upon returning from dormancy in the present day and being found by Dr. Wily, Ra Moon placidly provides for Wily's conquests before betraying the doctor and revealing its intention to scour the planet of both humans and robots alike, unleashing a global EMP wave and causing worldwide catastrophe. Intending on powering up its wave to boil out the brains of any humans it hasn't already killed, Ra Moon's response to resistance is to turn Wily's own creation against him and order it to start maiming Dr. Wily before murdering him, and brainwashing every Robot Master that stands against it.


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