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"But, now, you need to know who Saki, The Shredder, really is. He serves no great purpose, he fights no great evil. He is great evil. Any endeavor he undertakes, he does for his own selfish gain."

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has been around since The '80s, and is a series full of wacky, comical evil-doers, or villains who have loved ones or morals. The following are not those kinds of villains.

All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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Comic Books

  • Mirage comic book:
    • Savanti Romero, who would become one of the most powerful recurring foes the Turtles ever faced, started off as an assistant to Lord Simultaneous, a powerful wizard that controls the flow of time. Growing jealous of Simultaneous, Romero attempts to erase him from time. However, Simultaneous discovers Romero's treachery and transforms him into a goat demon before banishing him to 13th century Europe, where Romero takes over a village and makes it into his own fiefdom. Simultaneous's new assistant, Renet, accidentally teleports herself and the Turtles to Romero's village, where Romero manages to steals Simultaneous's time scepter from Renet. After the villagers rebel against Romero, Romero uses the scepter's power to create an army of the undead and orders them to slaughter the rebelling villagers. Simultaneous appears and banishes Romero to the Cretaceous period. Later, Romero appears, obsessed with revenge, and lures Renet and the Turtles to the Cretaceous period. After defeating Renet and the Turtles, Romero reveals his new plan: To sacrifice Renet as part of a spell that will cause the comet that wipes out the dinosaurs to miss Earth, causing humanity to cease to exist. The Turtles defeat Romero and he seems to have died, but he was merely frozen in time and reemerges in 12th century Japan. There, Romero attempts to build a new empire and plans to wipe out any Japanese clans that oppose him, which wipes out their ancestors in the present. The Turtles travel to medieval Japan and defeat Romero again. After a long absence, Romero appears again, traveling to limbo and planning to use an artifact called the Aga-Moo-Tou to make himself into a god and remake reality in his own image.
    • September 1987's "Survivalists": Skonk is the leader of the far-right militia known as the "Committee to Rebuild American Patriotism". He felt that, because the Cold War didn't result in a nuclear war and his militia would not be able to prove their survival skills after such a event, he would try to start a nuclear war by setting off a nuke at a critical military facility. He and his militia kidnap a nuclear physics student from the University of Massachusetts and force him to create a crude nuclear bomb. The student escapes and bumps into the Turtles, warning them of the danger. Skonk kills the student with his sniper rifle. Thinking the Turtles are just people in costumes, Skonk orders his militia to kill all of them, not wanting there to be any witnesses to his plans. The Turtles easily defeat his militia underlings, so Skonk decides to return to his base and set off the nuke right away. When Splinter and Turtles try to reason with Skonk, saying he will kill countless people with his bomb, Skonk says he doesn't care, saying there are no innocents and everyone is guilty of allowing America to fall from greatness.
    • May 1990's "Men of Shadow": Master Traquer is the leader of a vampire gang, who, after getting nostalgic about the "good old days" when vampires ruled humanity, freely killing them and draining them of their blood, allied himself with the Order of Dagon. Transforming several people into his undead zombie slaves, Traquer orders them and his gang to kidnap various ancient artifacts all around the world to use in the summoning of Dagon. Traquer intends to free Dagon to cause death and destruction all over the planet so that vampires could dominate the Earth once again, under Traquer's rule. When being told that Dagon could kill all vampires too, Traquer openly states that he doesn't care.
    • Johnny Lee Raeburn, from Savage Dragon, appears in volume 3 of this series under his moniker of "Deathwatch". Raeburn returns to Earth as a cybernetic supervillain able to feast on the minds of his victims and make them experience the terror of those he's killed, making them die in absolute fear. Deathwatch slaughters several people connected to the trial that convicted him as a child killer before single-handedly massacring his entire hometown and killing his mother, even mentally torturing Donatello into brain death before he's foiled.
  • Adventures:
    • Krang is far darker then the animated version. Working with Shredder to defeat the Turtles, the Turtles' discover the depth of Krang's evil when they fight two aliens named Wingnut and Screwloose. After the Turtles defeat them, Screwloose explains that Krang's forces invaded their home planet of Huanu, killing most of the population. Krang's forces have been going around Dimension X, destroying all life on any planet they find, searching for a powerful crystal called the Turnstone. Another former warlord from Dimension X named Cherubae has possession of the Turnstone and is hiding on Earth. Krang, feeling he needs more powerful allies to defeat the Turtles and Cherubae, contacts the insect queen Maligna. In exchange for loaning him ten of her insect warriors, Krang promises to lead Maligna to Earth, so that her insect warriors can kill the human race and colonize Earth. Krang is ultimately defeated and Cherubae uses the Turnstone to banish him to the prison planet of Morbus. Krang eventually escapes from Morbus and returns to Earth, where he graphs himself on to Shredder's body and plans to kill the Turtles and then hunt down their loved ones, not caring how much damage Shredder's body takes while fighting the Turtles.
    • Queen Maligna is the cruel leader of a race of alien insect warriors called the Malignoids. Maligna and her children seek out worlds teeming with life and consume them. Maligna is introduced when Krang contacts her, promising to lead her to Earth, if her warriors defeat the Turtles. After Krang's defeat, Maligna comes to Earth and begins her invasion. She sends eggs to Earth; these eggs contain larva which devour everything in their path. She also sends pods to Earth, containing more adult Malignoids, who will attack everything in sight when they hatch. Maligna also has a habit of eating her own children, devouring one of her Malignoid warriors after he successfully completed a task for her. Maligna captures Raphael and Mondo Gecko, planning to have them fattened and dipped in honey, so she can devour them in a feast later. After the Turtles and their allies defeat her children on Earth, Maligna sends her armada of space ships to destroy everyone on Earth. Maligna is eventually defeated and vows to leave Earth, but later says she will return when they least expect it. Maligna returns much later, after her ally Mr. Null kills the Mighty Mutanimals, removing several of the heroes who opposed her off the board, planning to finish what she started and destroy the human race.
    • Mr. Null was introduced as an unseen tycoon, who enslaved a remote South American tribe to work in some of his mines and tries to dump toxic waste into the ocean. However, we soon discover that Null is actually a demon and has sold the Earth to Queen Maligna and her hordes of insectoid aliens, who plan to destroy humanity and colonize Earth. After the Turtles and their allies the Mighty Mutanimals thwart this alien invasion, Null seeks revenge on them. Null takes control of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse and captures the two groups. Null is planning to make the female members of the Mutanimals into his harem, while the others will be slowly electrocuted to death. Null plans to force Kid Terra, one of Null's former underlings who turned against him, into pulling the switch that electrocutes his enemies, wanting to torment his former employee. After this scheme is thwarted, Null later returns and hires some cyborg assassins, who manage to kill most of the Mutanimals. Null decides to torment Candy Fine, who the girlfriend of Mutanimal Mondo Gecko, by showing her images of the Mutanimals burning in hell. Null then mind-controls her and makes her into his slave. Null had the Mutanimals killed so he can continue what he started, trying to help Maligna destroy the human race. When asked why he does what he does, he responds that death and destruction are his "favorite things, the things [he does] best".
    • Crainiac is the main villain of the "Dreamland" arc, set in a future where the world has been ravaged by Global Warming. Crainiac, a mercenary who works for extradimensional aliens who cannot dream, heads to Earth to steal brains to sell to his alien clients to help them dream. Crainiac also knows that an asteroid is heading towards Earth, which would destroy all life on the planet, but has no intention of stopping it or warning anyone, taking pleasure in Earth's coming destruction. Crainiac teams up with another villain named Verminator-X and steals brains from dead bodies, turning them into zombies that he orders to gather more brains for him, not caring who the zombies kill in the process. It is later revealed that the zombies are in pain and wish for death, one begging the Turtles to kill him. Later Crainiac kidnaps Leonardo's students, planning to steal their brains.
  • Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: Crisis in a Half Shell: Krang is an Utrom warlord and one of the sworn enemies of the Turtles. Discovering the existence of the Omniverse, a collection of different multiverses, Krang decides to destroy it and create his own multiverse out of its parts. To this end he tracked down the Anti-Monitor from Batman's multiverse, killed him and used him as his new body. Creating his Ultra-Technodrome from the parts of Batman's universe, Krang finds the original versions of Batman and the Turtles and captures them, using them to forcefully merge the entire Omniverse into two universes, Dimension X and New Earth, erasing all the rest. When the Turtles and Batman find out about this and started thwarting Krang's schemes by trying to separate their multiverses once again and restore the Omniverse, an angry Krang tries to destroy the whole Earth, so he could rebuild it again, only without the heroes.

Western Animation

  • 1987 series: Lord Dregg replaces Shredder and Krang as the Big Bad of seasons 9 and 10. Dregg, an alien warlord who lost power after a rebellion, now wants to conquer Earth and make it his new base of operations. His initial scheme to steal gold from the Federal Reserve is thwarted by the Turtles. In response, Dregg comes to Earth and pretends to be a friendly alien who wants to improve the human race, making people see him as a hero, while Dregg casts the Turtles as threats to humanity. Despite this, the Turtles manage to thwart several of Dregg's destructive schemes, such as overloading a death ray Dregg was building to start destroying cities until the Earth bowed to him, and stopping a mad supervillain named Chronos Dregg hired to destroy New York with earthquake machines. Dregg's true intentions are later revealed, as is his cowardice when confronted by a more powerful warlord named Doomquest. Beaten, but not defeated, Dregg launches his main henchman HiTech into a space in a shuttle craft for failing him and replaces him with a new villain, Mung. Dregg engages in a new set of destructive schemes, such as trying to turn Leonardo into a waking nuclear bomb and having him blow up NYC; attacking several cities at once with his forces; planning to teleport parts of the Sun to Earth if they do not accept his rule; using an organic computer to take over several defense satellites; planning to destroy a dozen major cities; and trying to suck the Earth into a worm hole and teleport it to a solar system he still controls. After several defeats, Dregg loses interests in conquest and just wants revenge on the Turtles. Dregg disposes of Mung and hires 5 powerful mercenaries to help defeat the Turtles, but uses a powerful exoskeleton to absorb the mercenaries, taking their powers and killing them in the process.
  • 2003 series:
    • Ch'rell is a villainous Utrom, responsible for various crimes throughout the galaxy, including causing war on other planets which resulted in millions of lives lost. Captured by his normally-peaceful people, he caused their ship to crash on Earth, stealing the identity of the late Oroku Saki, aka The Shredder. Founding the Foot Clan, Shredder spent ages hunting down the Utroms and continuing his plans for galactic conquest. Upon finding the home of the Utrom's guardian, Hamato Yoshi, Shredder personally murdered him for refusing to give their location. Shredder's further crimes in the series include kidnapping random citizens to be turned into monsters for slave labor; executing a Purple Dragon member for failure; frequent physical mutilation of Baxter Stockman until he was reduced to a Brain in a Jar; and stealing the anti-gravity generator left in Beijing from the Triceraton invasion, ignoring Karai's protests that doing so will result in millions of deaths. Constructing a ship that will help him find the Utroms, he assaulted the Turtles and Splinter to near death for continuously interfering with his plans, then assaulted Karai for trying to stop him. After being imprisoned for his crimes, Shredder is eventually freed by an alternate world counterpart. Taking control of the Technodrome from his saviors, Shredder learns of the multiverse and goes mad at learning of other Ninja Turtles. He decides to find the Prime Universe to kill those Turtles, believing that will erase all Turtles from existence. His assault on that universe world erase all others from existence, but he does not care that this would include his own daughter. Upon learning their deaths will mean his own destruction, he decides his revenge is more important. Egotistical, sociopathic, and power-hungry, Shredder valued conquest and revenge enough that not even risking the end of life itself would stop him.
    • "H.A.T.E.": Skonk is a xenophobic leader of a small terrorist group called Humans Against The Extraterrestrials, or H.A.T.E. Thinking that New York is a source of alien activity, Skonk created a thermonuclear bomb and plans to smuggle it in to the middle of New York City, so that Skonk can detonate it there and destroy a large portion of the city, along with hundreds if not thousands of innocent people in it. When one of the members of his group started having troubles with the plan and tries to quit, Skonk ordered the rest of the group to hunt him down.
    • "The Darkness Within": The "Necro Monster" is a creature who arrived on a meteor and proceeded to act as The Corrupter. Among those corrupted was a C.F. Volpehart, who the creature used to wipe out a native tribe who couldn't be corrupted; Volpehart was forced to be the creature's immortal servant. The creature has been doing this for centuries. In the present, when the Turtles must rescue their young friend Angel's older brother, they see thousands of pods of the creature's victims. The creature also tries to use his methods of Mind Rape and I Know What You Fear on the Turtles, before Leo manages to defeat the creature.
    • "Time Travails" & "Return of Savanti" two-parter: Savanti Romero is a former apprentice of Lord Simultaneous, who was turned into a demon for attempting to steal the Time Scepter and imprisoned in medieval ages. Plotting to take control of the Time Scepter, Savanti managed to lure the current apprentice of Lord Simultaneous, Renet, and intended to take away the Time Scepter from her, so that he could kill Lord Simultaneous and take over the universe. After being defeated by the Turtles and Renet, Savanti was imprisoned in prehistoric times, where he planned his revenge. Managing to once again lure the Turtles and Renet to him, Savanti plans to use Renet's life as a power source, so that he could change history and destroy the Turtle's timeline, erasing humanity from existence and the Turtles along with them.
    • "Same As It Never Was": Ch'rell proves to be worse than ever. Taking over his own homeworld and brainwashing all Utroms to be his slaves, Ch'rell leads his army to conquering Earth, building an oppressive regime there, as he forces people to work 18 hours per day and kills anyone who dares to rebel against him. Having murdered countless members of the resistance, Ch'rell plans to use a colossal teleportation device to send his armies to many worlds, intending to spread his rule across the galaxy.
    • "Trouble with Augie": The Councilor is the leader of the lizard race known as the Brotherhood, a race of interdimensional conquerors known for eating entire species. Years ago, the Councilor led his people in the complete slaughter of the Zodats. After the Zodats destroyed their teleporter as a last resort to stop the Brotherhood, the Councilor tricks Professor August "Augie" O'Neil into repairing it under the illusion of being a peaceful race. When April and Donatello reveal it's an act, the Councilor forces Augie to finish fixing the teleporter, with plans to do to the human race what he did to the Zodats. The Councilor's final act is to abandon his army to die and try to escape his impending death.
  • 2012 series:
    • Kraang Prime is a demented, relentless Utrom scientist and the main antagonist for the first three seasons of the show. After being exposed to mutagen, Kraang Prime developed psychic powers and used said powers to brainwash millions of peaceful Utroms, renaming them all "The Kraang". Seeking to conquer the universe, Kraang Prime used the Kraang to invade or destroy planets before targeting Earth. Kraang Prime then spent thousands of years experimenting on and torturing human beings in an attempt to terraform Earth into another Dimension X. Using New York City as a petri dish, Kraang Prime repeatedly attacked and tried to turn the city into a giant colony of mutants, and eventually succeeded and transported millions of mutated citizens to Dimension X. Kraang Prime later tried to mutate the entire planet with a giant missile full of mutagen; after this attempt failed, Kraang Prime tried one final time to Take Over the World with the remaining Kraang soldiers.
    • Rat King started off as the smug Mad Scientist Dr. Victor Falco. The Turtles first meet him while investigating the disappearance of another scientist, with Falco seeming very friendly, helpful and concerned with his colleague's well being. However it is soon revealed that Falco himself kidnapped his colleague, mutating him into a gorilla creature and is using his mutated DNA to create a serum that gives himself Psychic Powers. After his initial defeat by the Turtles, Falco loses his job and continues his experiments on rats. An accident leaves him blind and deformed, but also grants him the ability to control rats. Falco becomes disgusted with humanity, adopts the name Rat King and seeks to have his rats take over the city by driving the humans away. Rat King also mind rapes Splinter several times, in order to break his spirit and turn him into his slave. After another defeat, Rat King later returns again, kidnaps several civilians, including a couple of teenagers and a small girl, and plans to experiment on them, trying to turn them into human rat hybrids. However his first attempt results in a creature that is deformed, immobile and in constant pain, but that does not deter him from continuing his experiments. Also, despite his supposed kinship with his rats, he has no problem experimenting on them and is willing to sacrifice them to gain an advantage over one of his enemies. Even after Falco dies, he continues to torment Splinter in a final attempt to drive him insane.
    • Season 5's premiere & following three episodes: Kavaxas is the ruler of the Netherworld who desires to bring about the apocalypse. After he's summoned by Tiger Claw, Kavaxas is forced to work alongside him and the Foot Clan so that they can resurrect the Shredder and defeat the Turtles and their friends. After Kavaxas brings Rahzar back to life as one of his minions, he goes after Hattori Tatsu and kills him before stealing Shredder's helmet. He later attacks Don Vizioso's gang and kills some of his mobsters before stealing the Shredder's heart, all while repeatedly trying to kill the Turtles and their friends. He also wants to eat the teenaged April whole and swallow her soul to gain her Psychic Powers; he does succeed in taking the souls of Tatsu and the Hammer. With both items in his possession, Kavaxas successfully resurrects the Shredder before betraying Tiger Claw and the Foot Clan; Kavaxas proceeds to unleash thousands of spirits onto New York City as he attempts to cause The End of the World as We Know It.
  • Batman vs. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder and Ra's Al-Ghul are the leaders of the Foot Clan and League of Assassins, respectively, who struck a deal in the past. Shredder would help Ra's build a machine, capable of spreading dangerous mutagen across Gotham City, while Ra's in return would provide Shredder with the location of the Lazarus Pit, which would grant Shredder immortality. Shredder, invading various corporations and killing the staff who happened to be there and stealing technology, was able to nearly complete the machine, only failing to acquire the Cloud Seeder. Hearing about the failure, Ra's Al Ghul changed their plans and took Shredder with him to invade Arkham Asylum, killing all the guards there and freeing prisoners, but not before taking the formula for Joker Venom from The Joker and giving him mutagen, so that he could mutate the inmates to distract Batman and the Turtles. After Ra's hired The Penguin to steal the Cloud Seeder, he and Shredder take it away, killing all of Penguin's henchmen and threatening to kill him as well when he demanded a payment. Hoping to combine Joker Venom with mutagen and create a far more dangerous virus, that would not only painfully mutate people, but make them homicidal and extremely aggressive, Ra's and Shredder prepare to spread this to thousands of citizens of Gotham, to create chaos and destruction, before repeating this process around the world.

Video Games

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003), Battle Nexus, & Mutant Nightmare: Ch'rell is a dangerous Utrom criminal who is responsible for many atrocities across the galaxy. Starting his rampage from burning down his hometown on his own planet and killing everyone in it, Ch'rell acquires an army and starts launching attacks on several planets. First he attacked the planet Enethone, killing over a million people, before inciting and funding a civil war on Eno II in an effort to mine their raw minerals without restriction, resulting in the deaths of over three million people. When he got captured and was sent to a spaceship for trial, Ch'rell sabotaged this ship, forcing it to land on Earth, where Ch'rell, with the help of an exoskeleton, blended in with the human population and started to build his own criminal empire by burning villages in feudal Japan and terrorizing the locals. In the present, Ch'rell, authorizing painful experiments on dozens of innocent people, hoped to build his own spaceship, solely so he could hunt down every Utrom on his own homeworld.
  • Mutants in Manhattan:
    • General Krang is a ruthless Utrom from another dimension who is bent on the genocidal conquest of Earth. Planning to free his whole army from another dimension to cause death and destruction all over the planet, Krang enters in an alliance with Shredder, hoping that Shredder will distract the attention of the Turtles long enough for him to build the giant portal to his dimension on Earth. Succeeding in building a portal and freeing his army, Krang enters his giant robotic body and calls himself Mega Krang, as he commands his forces to kill and destroy everything they see, setting the whole of New York City on fire.
    • Oroku Saki, better known as the Shredder, is the leader of the powerful ninja Foot Clan, who enters in an alliance with Krang, in reality having his own goals in mind. Distracting Turtles from Krang, Shredder has his clan set bombs at several location in New York city, endangering countless innocent lives. When the Turtles manage to defeat Krang and banish him back to his own dimension, along with his army, Shredder uses his technology to keep the portal open and turns it in to his own weapon of mass destruction. Revealing that this was his plan all along, Shredder plans to destroy New York City with his new weapon, solely to intimidate the world into bending to his will.


  • 2014 film & Out of the Shadows:
    • Both films: Oroku Saki, aka the Shredder, is a powerful leader of the mysterious organization called the Foot Clan, who terrorized the streets of New York City for many years. Having killed at least 32 people, Shredder, along with his adopted son/subordinate Eric Sacks, comes up with a scheme of developing a mutagen, which is capable of curing all toxins, solely so Shredder could infect the whole New York City with a flesh-eating toxin and kill countless people, while Eric Sacks would cure New York for a price. When the Turtles started meddling with his schemes, Shredder ordered Karai to take the entire subway tunnel worth of people as hostages and put bombs in it, solely to draw the Turtles out of the shadows. As the Turtles managed to stop the mechanism from releasing the toxin, Shredder tries to throw the toxins in the streets manually, on the heads of hundreds of people below the tower. After escaping from prison and making an alliance with Krang, Shredder helped him build the giant teleportation device, willing to sell out all Earth and humanity in exchange for power.
    • 2014 film: Eric Sacks is a successful businessman in public and a high-ranking member of the Foot Clan in secret. Helping Shredder to develop a mutagen for their plan, Eric killed the father of April O'Neil, which Eric gloated about to April herself several years later, when he set the lab on fire. Discovering the existence of the Turtles and their lair, Eric notified Shredder, and after getting his hands on the Turtles, he tries to drain all the mutagen from the Turtles, slowly killing them. Revealing to the Turtles their Poison-and-Cure Gambit, which would kill thousands, Eric gloats about becoming "stupid rich" selling a cure and then has one of the Foot Soldiers infected with these toxins, solely to show their effect to the Turtles.
    • Out of the Shadows: Commander Krang is an alien warlord from another dimension, who allied with Shredder to help him build a powerful teleportation device, so he could bring his Technodrome to Earth to cause death and destruction all over the planet. When Shredder succeeded, Krang with glee revealed to him that he never planned on sharing power and then freezes Shredder to add to his "collection" of dozens of creatures. Preparing to obliterate New York with his powerful weapons, Krang intends to raze the whole world, viewing Earth as nothing more than his toy to play with.
  • The Blue Door (unproduced early script for the 2014 film):
    • Colonel Schrader is an alien from Dimension X who serves Krang. Masquerading as the human leader of the Foot, Schrader, knowing that the Turtles are destined to defeat Krang, starts Project Aries with the goal of killing them. With Project Aries, he has humans kidnapped and turned into mutants for Krang's army, having done so for 17 years, ordering his test subjects killed when he feels he's finished. Later kidnapping the Turtles and torturing them, Schrader hunts down the Turtles once they escape. Making sure Krang's plan to merge both Dimension X and Earth comes to fruition, Schrader turns on his human superiors and guns them down while the Technodrome charges up.
    • Krang is the dictator of Dimension X, and Schrader's master. Ruling the dimension for 20 years and crushing anybody who tries to stop him with his army, Krang, after hearing that the Turtles are destined to kill him, murders their parents in retaliation. Preparing the Technodrome to annihilate the rebel fighters, Krang sets out to merge Dimension X and Earth together to power up his weapon, sending his men out to acquire four orbs across the world by killing their guardians. The portal ends up creating countless natural disasters around Earth that kill thousands, Krang uncaring for the lives lost. Successfully merging the two worlds together, he later brags to Leo about murdering his father before trying to kill the Turtles himself.


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