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"Today, the Front embarks on a conquest. Here and now, we will eradicate the authority and influence of the Earth! Our world is just beginning. Theirs is dying! It is not enough to break free. We will break them! Their cities will burn along with the pages of their history."
Admiral Salen Kotch, Infinite Warfare

There's a soldier in all of us. And when facing these evil bastards, you better hope that soldier is badass.

Entries are listed in alphabetical order.

All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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Black Ops series

  • Zombies: The Shadow Man, the Greater-Scope Villain of the entire Zombies Myth Arc, was originally a Keeper who led a group of other Keepers into the Dark Aether, leading to their transformation into the Apothicons. Embracing his newfound transformation, he led the Apothicons to war against the non-corrupt Keepers, but found themselves imprisoned in the Dark Aether. Desiring to spread havoc throughout the universe, he sends Element 115 to various dimensions knowing the beings there will misuse it, resulting in entire populaces to become zombies and the destruction of their worlds. He would also construct the Aether Pyramid in the Ultimis dimension and use it to drive Edward Richtofen insane, having him use Element 115 to turn the human race own zombies, experiment on his colleague's daughter, and destroy his own dimension. He would eventually find himself in the 63rd dimension, take the identity "Mr. Rapt", and manipulate four people into killing someone, exploiting their desire for atonement to have them unknowingly open the Apothicon Rift, leading to their dimension being invaded by the creatures. After being sealed into the Summoning Key and sent to Dr. Monty's perfect world, he tricks Dr. Maxis there into freeing him before trapping Dr. Maxis inside. He would then summon the Apothicons, and have them destroy Monty's world and reek destruction across the universe.
  • Black Ops has a pair of Dirty Communists and their ex-Nazi ally:
    • General Nikita Dragovich is a sociopath who creates the "numbers" program that brainwashes captive American soldiers into sleeper agents to kill their own people. Dragovich first demonstrated his untrustworthy and callous nature at Stalingrad, when he deserted his own men and left them to be butchered by the German forces. After the war, Dragovich would lead an operation on the Arctic to retrieve the biochemical weapon, Nova 6, from the Germans. To test its effectiveness, Dragovich and Colonel Lev Krevchenko used it on Russian soldiers. Dragovich would later become one of the Soviet Union's most powerful members, where he would capture Alex Mason and brainwash him into becoming a presidential assassin. Dragovich's ultimate plan was to use his sleeper agents to release Nova 6 on the entire United States.
    • Colonel Lev Kravchenko, the sadistic right-hand man to Nikita Dragovich, once mutilated and murdered his own sister when she rejected Dragovich's advances. Hunting down remaining German forces on the Arctic, Kravchenko would execute all the German prisoners before he and Dragovich use the lethal Nova 6 on the Russian soldiers. Kravchenko would later brainwash several American soldiers for Dragovich's "numbers" program and tortures Grigoi Weaver when he learns of his ties to the CIA, before gouging one of his eyes out. Kravchenko would also subject numerous people to Nova 6 at Vietnam, including American POWs, his own men, innocent women, and children—even infants—and later sends Frank Woods to the Hanoi Hilton prison camp after surviving his attack. Appearing in the sequel, Kravchenko becomes an Arms Dealer selling Soviet weaponry to the highest bidder, denouncing his allegiance to the Soviet Union and declaring loyalty only to himself.
    • Dr. Friedrich Steiner is an ex-Nazi scientist responsible for the creation of Nova 6 who, like his two superiors, has no loyalty and only seeks self-preservation. Originally an officer in the SS, he immediately defects to the Soviets through secret radio contact with Dragovich once the war in Europe is hopelessly lost to the Allies and Soviets. When the latter's troops arrive, he "helps" them by killing several of his own SS bodyguards, and later turns a blind eye to the rest of his surviving men being executed by Kravchenko. When Dragovich asks for a live test of the Nova 6, he complies without hesitation, and helps in the execution of Dimitri Petrenko. Years later, under Dragovich's command, he partakes in human experimentation and torture through the Numbers brainwashing program, with Alex Mason being one such guinea pig. When Dragovich comes close to pushing through with his plan to attack the US, he begins to see the German scientist as a liability for knowing too much, and so Steiner attempts to defect to the CIA to save his own skin.
  • Black Ops III: Deimos, the Big Bad of the "Nightmares" campaign, is the demigod of dread and terror who, along with his sister Dolos, was brought to Earth from Malum by the SP/CORVUS experiments conducted by Coalescence in Singapore. Upon arriving to Earth his first act was to possess Taylor and his team via their DNIs, attempt to kill Dolos, and massacre the SP/CORVUS headquarters in Singapore, mocking Dr. Salim for thinking that Deimos, a god, should thank a mere human for bringing him to Earth. He then modifies Nova 6 to cause zombie outbreaks, turning humanity into his undead army, and breaks them out of their quarantines so they can ravage the world, stating that humanity is his to rule and destroy. Deimos would later possess Hendricks after Taylor's death in Cairo, before attacking Zurich, planning to use their SP/CORVUS headquarters to open a portal where he would then have his undead army conquer Malum for, right after killing Dolos's vessel, Kane.
  • Black Ops 4: The High Priest of Chaos, the Big Bad of the "Chaos" story, plans to use the Prima Materia to control all of humanity and rule the world. Forming The Order by killing countless people before resurrecting and brainwashing them into becoming his followers with the Scepter of Ra, he would also use the Scepter of Ra to make himself immortal. Surviving into 1912, he has The Order pursue Alistair Rhodes, where he has all the people attending Alistair's mansion turned into zombies, creating mass carnage. When a group led by Alistair's daughter, Scarlett, travels to his time in Ancient Rome, he uses a Sentinel Artifact to turn all his slaves into zombies and forces the four to fend off the zombie hoard and complete the Trial of Ra before he attempts to execute them.

Infinite Warfare

  • Main campaign: Admiral Salen Kotch is the ruthless and single-minded leader of the SDF, and is devoted to the conquest of the Solar System, and the eradication of Earth-born bloodlines, which he sees as inferior and unworthy. Kotch introduces himself confronting wounded UNSA soldiers, briefly feigning sympathy before ordering their brutal execution. In that same scene, he casually shoots one of his own soldiers to demonstrate that by not caring, he has what it takes to win the war. He would go on to orchestrate a terror attack on a city, causing wanton destruction and thousands of deliberate civilian casualties, before going on to destroy Tigris and killing all its personnel. Throughout the campaign, Kotch sends out broadcasts to the UNSA that their cause will fail and that they should accept surrender and execution. He also sent a spy on a suicide mission to activate a beacon to signal a full SDF invasion of Earth. When the invasion begins, Kotch has his flagship Olympus Mons destroy the UNSA headquarters, killing Admiral Raines. When Reyes and his team board Olympus Mons, Kotch orders its self-destruction to wipe them out and to destroy the city beneath them in the process. Unscrupulous and fanatical to the bitter end, Kotch is willing to sacrifice civilians, his own men and ultimately his own life to the cause of Earth's devastation and further the power of SDF.
  • Zombies: Mephistopheles is a demon who manipulated Willard Wyler into accepting a deal, giving Wyler the power to trap people in his horror films and have zombies and butchers slaughter them while Mephistopheles would devour their souls; among the dozens of people killed were Wyler's pregnant daughter. When the four actors defeat Wyler, Mephistopheles himself battles them so that he may enslave them and force them to collect more souls for him to devour.

Modern Warfare series

  • Original trilogy & related works:
    • Vladimir Makarov, head of the Inner Circle Russian terrorist group, was originally a soldier serving Imran Zakhaev and his Ultranationalists before turning into something far worse. Makarov establishes himself in the second game when he and his men cold-heartedly slaughter an airport terminal full of Russian civilians. He then follows this by shooting American Pvt. Joseph Allen in the head so that the massacre can be pinned on the CIA, triggering World War III. In the third game, he hijacks the Russian President to derail his peace talk and get the nuclear launch codes so he can devastate and conquer Europe. When the President resists, Makarov targets his daughter to break him. He then bombed major cities across Europe with chemical weapons before invading them, killing millions of people in the process. In addition, it was he who saved Zakhaev and eventually ordered the nuking in the first game, thus making him responsible, directly or indirectly, for all the events in the series, and the deaths of several millions.
    • Modern Warfare: Khaled Al-Asad is the leader of OpFor, a revolutionary movement being aided by the Ultranationalists. In his introduction, he overthrows a democratic government in an unknown Middle Eastern country, starting a new reign of terror. Anyone who tries to resist or escape is lined up and used as target practice by his men. He executes President Yasir Al-Fulani on national television, saying that "This is how it begins". Al-Asad also is complicit with Imran Zakhaev placing a nuke in his country; when the U.S. Marines invade the country, said nuke is detonated on Makarov's orders, killing around 30,000 American soldiers, along with a great number of innocent people.
    • Modern Warfare 2: Ghost comic book prequel miniseries: Manuel "El Gordo" Roba is the leader of the Zaragoza Drug Cartel. A target of the United States due to his drug smuggling and Human Trafficking activities, SAS operator Simon Riley was sent alongside a US squad to kill him. The entire squad was betrayed by their leader Vernon to Roba, who subjcted them to brutal brainwashing, torturing them under drug-induced insomnia, and forcing them to fight each other to break their minds, once hanging Riley from a tree with hooks because he displayed resistance. Months later, Roba kills Vernon, one of his former brainwashed victims, and buries Riley alive with his corpse. After Riley escapes, Roba sent his successfully brainwashed soldiers to the UK to take care of him, murdering his family, his shrink and his superior officer before pinning all the murders on Riley to completely ruin his life.
    • Modern Warfare 3: Waraabe—"Hyena" in Somali—is the head of the African Militia, a Somalian warlord and would-be dictator whose method of keeping control is brutal genocide and ethnic cleansing, with entire villages annihilated and people fed to hyenas. To earn money, Waraabe is said to engage in murder, drug smuggling, Human Trafficking, and assisting terrorism, such as helping Vladimir Makarov to smuggle in chemical weapons to launch against civilian populations in Europe, killing countless innocents.
  • Modern Warfare (2019): General Roman Barkov is a delusional soldier willing to go to great lengths to protect his beloved Russia from terrorism. Invading the country of Urzikstan, Barkov takes over the country by unleashing a poisonous gas upon numerous cities, killing countless citizens of all ages. Serving as Urzikstan's new dictator for over twenty years, Barkov oppresses the citizens with his armed soldiers and has potential terrorists executed or imprisoned and tortured, doing the same for women and children. Capturing Farah and Hadir Karim when they were young, Barkov kept them imprisoned and tortured for a decade, only to capture them again and waterboarded for information, even murdering an innocent prisoner in front of Farah. Once Captain Price and his men storm his prison, Barkov tries to burn the prisoners alive to destroy any trace of his brutal war crimes. Despite claiming to be protecting his people, Barkov executes his own men for incompetence, proving himself nothing more than a psychotic coward only out for himself.


  • Main campaign: Metz is the SS commandant in charge of sending hundreds of American POWs to labor camps throughout Europe, where they would be worked and tortured to death. Trying to separate the Jews from his next batch of American POWs, Metz shoots one for no reason and beats up Robert Zussman when he refuses to comply with his demands before sending him and the other POWs to his own labor camp; the 1st Infantry Division arrives there, discovering the numerous corpses caused by Metz's cruelty throughout the burned-down camp, many of whom he starved and tortured to death. Metz is last seen executing his remaining prisoners before nearly executing Zussman.
  • Nazi Zombies:
    • Doctor Peter Glücksbringer Straub is a Nazi instructed by Adolf Hitler himself to create a new type of soldier that doesn't rest or fear death. Finding a mystical sword hilt in Mittelburg, he used the energy from it to kill his own men, resulting in these soldiers becoming walking corpses. Believing he found his perfect soldiers, Straub would then use the sword hilt to turn the town's entire population into undead abominations, having a subordinate sewn onto one of them alive when he learns of his ties to the Allies. Leaving Mittelburg, Straub goes to the island of Heligoland where he stored thousands of his creations and takes them to his Zeppelins. He then travels to Berlin so he can unleash them and kill off every human being in the city, allowing him to reclaim what's left of it for the Nazis, while he continues to take pride in creating what he believes to be the Devil.
    • The God-King was the ruler of the Thulian Civilization before he was slain by the Raven Lords to end his tyranny. However, his spirit continued to linger and influence events where through his mystical sword, he corrupted Fredrick Barbarossa into becoming a ambitious tyrant like him and would give the Nazi scientist Peter Straub the knowledge on how to create his own zombified army, at the cost of thousands of innocent lives. When Straub gets killed, the God-King takes over Straub's army where he has them ravage the world and kill untold millions. He would go on to brainwash Vivian Harris into reviving him before killing her once she served her purpose and would nearly kill her allies while declaring on his desire to rule over what's left of the world.