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"Now then...let's slice him up with this!"

Ultraman Belial: I am Ultraman Belial Atrocious. I was the one who nearly destroyed this universe.
Haruo Kume: Belial? I thought he was dead!
Belial: My body will soon obtain supreme power. To celebrate, I will soon blow away your planet, demonstrating my might to those fools in the Land of Light!

The Ultra Series is a long-running Toku series and the Ur-Example of the Henshin Hero. Not surprisingly, there are dozens—if not hundreds—of Kaiju and other enemies. Here are the worst.

Entries are chronological by first appearance.

All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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    World of the Land of Light/(Nebula) M78 universe 
  • Ultraseven's "Nightmare on Planet 4": Robot Chief ("Fourth Planet Android") is the sociopathic, racist, robotic leader of the fourth planet. Long ago he was once part of the robots who were made to do the work on the planet, but when they noticed the inhabitants became lazy, he and the other robots took over the planet and enslaved them, treating them like an object to be disposed of. This happened so much that they needed to get people from another planet as slaves. Choosing Earth, Robot Chief uses remote control to hijack the spacecraft of Dan and Soga and bring them to his world. As he talks to Dan and Soga, he brutally beats his human secretary for making his coffee wrong. As he gives a tour, he shows the filming of the gangster movie where they use real ammunition against the human crew, killing them to make a scene in a movie, and brutally executing those who oppose him. When Dan and Soga escape, Robot Chief takes the assistant and another man who helped them escape to prepare them to be executed and readies his invasion force to attack Earth to collect more slaves.
  • Return of Ultraman's "Ultraman Dies at Sunset" & "When the Ultra Star Shines": Alien Nackle ("Assassin Alien") is a sadistic and brutal alien invader. Learning of Jack's human host, Nackle would gleefully have his best friend Ken Sakata run down by a car while Aki, his sister and Goh's girlfriend, is Forced to Watch. Aki herself is then murdered by being dragged behind the same car, all in an attempt to emotionally break Goh. Releasing his monster Black King, Nackle would have the monster restrain Jack while the alien spends several minutes brutally beating the hero unconscious, before parading his battered body around Japan, then back to his home planet to be executed. Nackle then has MAT brainwashed and forced to capture one another, before trying to have them execute Goh when he escapes back to Earth. When finally mortally wounded, Nackle dies laughing in Jack's face that his final weapon will take all of Japan with him. Despite his defeat, his near victory would loom over Earth for the rest of the series by inspiring many other aliens to try their hand.
  • Leo: Commander Black is a psychopathic alien invader from the Black Star. Arriving on Earth, Black makes his presence known by having Silver Bloome eat MAT and an entire shopping mall full of people alive in a rampage, killing hundreds. During his invasion, Black would make a habit of directing his monsters to directly attack and kill people in horrific and sadistic ways, as well as targeting children who had befriended Leo in order to get at him. He would also mass brainwash the citizens to attack Leo. After managing to capture Leo with the assistance of Alien Bunyo, Black would have the hero beaten, frozen, and then personally hack him into pieces with a saw while he was still conscious. During the fight with his final monster Black End, Black would take Leo's young friend Toru hostage at sword point to force the hero to allow himself to be brutally beaten by the monster. In one last act of spite, as he's beaten to death by the very children he used to try and get at his nemesis, Black summons the Black Star to crash into Earth. An utterly depraved alien conqueror, Black remains one of the most vile characters in the history of the franchise.
  • Ultraman 80's "Shine into Eternity!! Space G-Men 85": Gamos ("Cruel Monster") is a Civilization Destroyer responsible for wiping out all life on multiple planets, rendering entire alien civilizations completely extinct and turning every world it has invaded into a Ghost Planet. Twenty years prior, Gamos invaded the home planet of the alien warrior Zuckal, destroying the entire city Zuckal resides in. When Zuckal tried defending his family, Gamos easily defeated Zuckal, and to "punish" Zuckal for showing resistance, the horrible creature then killed Zuckal's wife and son using its acid breath while deliberately sparing the now-defenseless Zuckal, resulting in Zuckal spending the next two decades trying to hunt down Gamos. Early in the episode, Gamos invades Earth, its next target, and rampages across Tokyo, using acid breath on several innocent civilians in a park and clearly enjoying every moment of its rampage.
  • Mebius:
    • Alien Empera, aka the Lord of Darkness and The Emperor, is the Greater-Scope Villain of the entire Showa continuity. Empera is first mentioned as being the reason two planets went into a Forever War, and later is shown on screen as the driving force of evil in the Showa era Ultra shows. In the stage shows, he attempted to wipe out everyone in his timeline through a time travel plot, one that later inspired Ultraman Belial to try his own evil plans. In Ultraman Mebius proper, finally appearing physically in the final episodes, Empera is the reason that the monsters and aliens have been invading for the past year. He called Bogal to Earth, and after her death he continued guiding more monsters to Earth to continue softening up the defense forces for his own arrival. His own loyal generals are thrown aside and discarded like trash after they expend their own usefulness. In the final battle, Empera kills two of the heroes, Zamushar and Ultraman Hikari’s original host, and almost kills Mebius and Hikari for good. His final plan was to blot out the sun, wiping out all of humanity, just to spite his old enemy Ultra Father. Hateful, cruel and arrogant, Empera proves that sometimes Aliens Are Bastards.
    • Bogal/Bogar ("High-Dimensional Predator (King)") was a sadistic eating machine from another planet and the series's first Arc Villain. Before the events of the series, she killed and devoured everyone on planet A(a)rb, while also beating Ultraman Hikari to a pulp, leading him to become the vengeful Hunter Knight Tsurugi. After coming to Earth, she calls various other kaiju to the planet to kill and eat them as well. The collateral damage involved means nothing to her, nor do the screams of the kaiju she eats alive. When Ultraman Mebius tries to stop her, she simply beats him aside and nearly eats him alive as well, multiple times, at one point dragging it out just to be cruel. Tsurugi tries to confront her more than once, only to be beaten back and nearly killed as well. Eventually we find out that, by storing up power through the monsters she's eating, she's transformed into the more-powerful Bogalmons/Bogarmons. Should she be killed, she would set off an explosion large enough to wreck Tokyo and everything else for miles around. Uncaring of this, she set off to murder Mebius one more time within GUYS HQ.
  • Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Alien Reiblood/Rayblood ("Ultimate Life Form") is an ancient evil tyrant who once ruled the galaxy. Eventually, he was destroyed and his spirit sealed in the planet Hammer for his unspeakable crimes, but his evil spirit still influenced the galaxy, his gene spreading across the stars to begin his plan. During his time as a spirit, Reiblood gave incredible power to the wicked Ultraman Belial, being directly responsible for all the horrors Belial would inflict upon the universe. Shortly before the events of Ultra Galaxy, Reiblood sealed Ultraman in a mountain on Boris and Ultraseven in the Darkness Armor on Hammer. Reiblood compelled all those who inherited his power across the universe to fight to the death to become his successor, even if they were siblings, leading to most of their deaths. This successor would be destined to rage chaos and death across the universe, bringing worlds to near-collapse. Reiblood repaid a loyal follower, Alien Mefilas, for reviving the darkness armor by allowing it to kill him and forging him into a mindless slave. When Rei refuses to become a successor, Reiblood takes control of another Darkness Armor and attempts to take over his body so he can continue his reign.
  • Ultraman Belial is the Big Bad of the entire Ultraman Zero franchise:
    • Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends: Ultraman Belial ("Super Galaxy Great Emperor") is a Fallen Hero-turned-tyrant and a Satanic Archetype. Ultraman Belial started off as a typical Ultraman warrior , but, due to greed, desired to steal the Plasma Spark powering their entire civilization; this would cause the planet to immediately freeze over, trapping all the Ultras in ice for an eternity. Belial was found out, and sent into exile…before coming back, having merged with the ancient Alien Rayblood. He went on a wild rampage before being sealed away by Ultraman King. Unfortunately, thousands of years later an Alien Zarab sets Belial free in an attempt to form an alliance with him. In return, Belial kills the Zarab and then heads to the Land of Light, successfully stealing the Plasma Spark and freezing everyone on the planet in an And I Must Scream state. Belial then plans to take his army of 100 kaiju and use them to conquer the galaxy. When confronted by the few survivors of his earlier campaign, Belial sics his monsters on them, at one point mind-controlling Rei and Gomora and turning them against Ultraseven. Belial then finishes the job, seemingly killing Seven. When cornered, Belial forcibly merges with all of his monsters into a Body Horror super monster named Beryudora, literally made from their bodies, causing all of them intense agony.
    • The Revenge of Belial: Belial comes back as Kaiser Belial ("Dark Great Emperor"), as bad as ever. After Zero beat Belial, Belial traveled to another dimension, creating Darklops robotic clones of his archenemy Zero and sending them out to cause havoc. One such clone, Darklops Zero, is the Big Bad of the tie-in movie Ultra Galaxy: Ultraman Zero vs Darklops Zero, making Belial responsible for everything that goes wrong there. Said clone was a sadistic killing machine, much like his creator. In the movie proper, we find out why Belial was making an army of robots—he’s been going from planet to planet in this new dimension, harvesting "emerald" power sources to power his army and himself. Renaming himself "Kaiser Belial" or simply "Emperor", Belial sends his forces to massacre all opposition. Zero tracks Belial to this dimension, even taking a human host to survive, but Belial captures him and gloats to Zero about his plans. Once finished in this alternate dimension, Belial was going to murder all Zero’s friends and then have his Empire destroy everyone in Nebula M78, Zero’s home world, while Zero is forced to watch. Zero escapes and the two have a rematch, with Belial eventually turning into a monster called Arch Belial. Now unstoppable, Belial takes great pleasure in torturing Zero, beating on him and sucking the life out of Zero’s body while gloating about his newfound power.
    • Ultra Zero Fight: Ultraman Belial comes back as a ghost in this series, with much more personal plans in mind for Zero. This time, Belial decides to take his revenge on Zero by possessing Zero's body, locking Zero away inside, and forcing Zero to watch as Belial murders all of Zero's friends. Belial takes sadistic pleasure in beating all of Ultimate Force Zero to death while Zero is helpless. Afterwards, Belial plans to use Zero's power and his own to conquer the universe.
    • Geed: Ultraman Belial has somehow gotten worse. The first thing he does in this series, during his fourth attack on the Land of Light, is defeat all the Ultramen before setting off a bomb that would wipe out all life in their universe. However this was a Xanatos Gambit: either Belial kills them all and gets his revenge, or he gets Ultraman King out of the picture. The latter happens, and Belial then hides out in space, plotting his next move. Belial plans on making himself invincible by eating Geed alive and leeching power from him like a battery. When that fails due to Geed's strong willpower, he chooses to mind control his son into becoming a loyal slave. Geed escapes and Belial loses their fight, only to come back by possessing an innocent woman and using her as a puppet while manipulating his own loyal servant Fukuide Kei into fighting for him. Upon finding that Kei is of no further use to him, Belial rips out Kei's Sturm Organ—his power source and vital organ—and eats it in front of him, cackling about how Kei will be dead in days without it. During the final battle, Geed attempts to reason with his father, all but begging him to let go of his evil. Belial responds by trying to kill him one last time, demonstrating he is beyond all help.
  • Saga: Alien Bat ("Antenna Alien") is a genocidal tyrant from another world. Coming to an alternate Earth, he brings with him a giant insectoid monster named Hyper Zetton, and feeds nearly all of humanity, roughly 6 billion except a few dozen survivors in Japan, to Hyper Zetton just to give it a power upgrade. He then spends the rest of the movie torturing said survivors, sending Kaiju to torment them, while gloating about how powerful his creatures are. When Ultraman Dyna comes to free the people from Hyper Zetton, Alien Bat has Dyna turned to stone after having Zetton beat Dyna almost to death. Eventually, two more Ultramen, Cosmos and Zero, come to save this alternate Earth, and start by freeing two of Bat's kaiju from his control. The instant both monsters agree to leave peacefully, Bat immediately murders both monsters in front of Cosmos. When his plans come to fruition, Bat merges with Hyper Zetton and gleefully beats all three Ultramen almost to death, gloating about how his now power makes him a god.

    Neo Frontier Universe 
  • Tiga:
    • Gatanozoa ("Evil God") is the ancient and vile Master of Darkness. Gatanozoa sought to plunge the world into darkness, despair, and desolation. Using its herald Gijera to pave the way, Gatanozoa and his Zoiger army would wipe ancient humanity and their civilization from the face of the Earth before ending their age of darkness by returning to slumber in R'lyeh until life repopulated. In the modern day, Gatanozoa would stir from his hibernation, once more attempting to have Gijera addict humanity to its flowers until they began to destroy themselves and become easy prey. While Gijera would fail, Gatanozoa would unleash his Zoiger to ravage the world, reducing its major cities to blazing ruin and decimating GUTS while the monster would slaughter the Japanese branch's crew with his darkness. Confronted by Tiga, Gatanozoa would draw the battle out, strangling and pummeling the hero until finally turning him to stone, casting him into the depths of the sea with Daigo still conscious and aware inside. Even in death, Gatanozoa's hatred and rage would later allow the Dark Giant Kamila to transform into Demonzoa and attempt to destroy his killer.
    • "On Halloween Night": Giranbo ("Different Dimension People") is an evil extradimensional witch who believes dreams are wasted on the young. Arriving in our dimension every Halloween for as far back as GUTS's records can remember, she hands out tainted candy to a town's children which allow her to brainwash and abduct them. Once ferried off to her dimension, Giranbo devours their dreams until they're an empty shells, and then callously throws what remains away in her Dream Graveyard. When Daigo discovers her, she traps him and forces him to watch her devour a young boy's dreams. Finding the dreams of adults unappetizing, Giranbo instead opts to leave the hero to a slow death by suffocation while she welcomes her latest feast to her dimension. When Tiga foils her plans, Giranbo attempts to kill the hero, gleefully laughing as she and her clones gang up and beat him down. While a mere Monster of the Week, Giranbo condemned countless children to a horrible fate over her very long life who even her demise doesn't bring back.
    • Manhua adaptation:
      • Makila is a thrill-seeking fugitive who brutally murdered his own tribe before fleeing to the Scorpio Galaxy. Arriving on Earth to make it into his personal playground, Makila forces General Tohjo into giving him access to the airborne arsenal of the Terrestrial Peacekeeping Commission (TPC) and launches missiles at all major cities in Japan. Gleefully killing the TPC pilots who came to stop him and rampaging across a nearby city, Makila ultimately detonates a nuclear warhead for no reason other than to take every living creature in miles with him. With the writer of the story himself noting that he lacks any Freudian Excuse, Makila killed countless people solely for the fun involved.
      • Two unnamed Alien Regulans are the deadliest warriors of a dying kingdom that seeks to establish a new empire by "cleansing" Earth in death and chaos. Given the mission of preparing their army for the invasion, the Regulans painfully convert the fishermen of a coastal village into Slave Mooks and order them to lay siege to on the Citagon, slaughtering several GUTS employees. Once Ultraman Tiga arrives to stop them, they try to make their brainwashed victims drown themselves in the sea. After Ultraman Tiga leaves them stranded on Earth, the Regulans begin massacring the innocent civilians of Shizuoka out of sheer spite, burning over 48 people alive. When one of them is finally killed, the surviving Alien Regulan cowardly allies himself with Makila to escape punishment.
  • Dyna:
    • "The Supreme Ruler Who Sleeps on the Moon": Alien Nuaza Eshilis ("Space Emperor") was the last of the Space Emperors who were known for their bloody campaign of conquest, death, and destruction on numerous planets since ancient times and adopted a belief that those in power have the duty to purge the weak. His reign of terror seemingly came to an end when his assassins betrayed and killed him. However, his spirit lived on in the afterlife. In the modern era, Super GUTS officer Kouhei Kariya and TPC archaeological members investigated on his tomb, giving Eshilis the opportunity to possess Kariya and sabotage Super GUTS' HQ to enact his plan to destroy the Earth by having the moon crash onto the planet.
    • "The Ghost Space Ship": Zombayu ("Ghost Ship Monster") has haunted the galaxy for millennia, going from planet to planet and stealing the souls of their inhabitants to feed itself. Eventually, the entity came across an Alien Shilback Vessel, devoured the souls of everyone on it, and took the ship as its new form. Coming to Earth, it went from city to city devouring the souls of everyone it came across, including Super Guts officer Ryo Yumimura. When the heroes managed to get inside the monster ship, it reanimated one of its Alien Shilback victims as a mindless servant to stop them. Near the end of the fight with Dyna, it attempts to drain the soul of Dyna and flee into space with all of its victims to try to continue its rampage across the Stars.

    Heisei Universes 
  • Towards the Future: Gudis ("Evil Life Form") is the primary villain of the first six episodes. Gudis is a parasitic monster responsible for destroying many worlds, absorbing all the life from those planets into its being. On Mars, Gudis kills Stanley Haggard and nearly kills hero Jack Shindo. Thought destroyed by Ultraman Great, Gudis's cells land on the Earth, mutating various innocent life forms and turning them into monsters, leading to their deaths and the deaths of the monsters' rampages. One of Gudis's plans involved brainwashing a little kid and his newly mutated lizard to be used as weapons for its invasion. Taking control of the body of Stanley Haggard, Gudis infiltrates the UMA base, killing many crewmembers and kidnapping and infecting Jean Echo with its cells. In its final episode, inside a volcano, Gudis attempts to deplete the oxygen of the entire Earth, which would make the planet unlivable. When the military comes in to try to stop Gudis, it mercilessly kills most of them. When Gudis captures Ultraman Great inside its body, Gudis starts to physically and mentally torture him.
  • Gaia:
    • The Radical Destruction Bringer is an entity from deep space bent on the annihilation of the human race. Claiming to be saving the Earth and universe by destroying humanity to trick Hiroya Fujimiya into helping it, in actuality its only motive for seeking humanity's destruction is a God complex and hatred of beings it sees as "insects on a trash heap". In the course of its rampage, among other atrocities, it would exploit innocent kaiju from both Earth and space and send them to their deaths without remorse; brainwash entire cities into rabid zombies; attempt to send an entire region of Japan into the Earth's mantle; and try to cause the tectonic plates to rip themselves apart under humanity's feet. In the end, it would send its Dobishi army to destroy humanity via blotting out the sun and letting them freeze to death in the cold, alongside its enforcer, the Root of Destruction, Zogu. When Earth's monsters rise against it, the Destruction Bringer shows them no mercy and has its Dobishi brutally kill many of them without remorse. Despite its claims of benevolence, the Destruction Bringer is nothing more than a self-righteous hypocrite motivated by hate.
    • Zogu ("Fundamental Destruction Angel") is one of two Roots of Destruction, the Destruction Bringer's strongest enforcers. Sent to Earth alongside the Dobishi to destroy all life on Earth, Zogu has the Dobishi block all communications except for the news media so humanity can watch the increasingly hopeless situation unfold and fall into despair. When Gaia and Agul arrive to stop them, Zogu descends while feigning benevolence and atomizing three of her own Kaizer Dobishi. She then reveals her true colors by brutally pummeling the two into submission with sadistic glee before draining their power and revealing to the world their true identities as mere humans. Zogu then falls back to allow her Dobishi to blot out the sun and watch humanity slowly die in cold and despair. When Earth's monsters rise up against her, she has the Dobishi attempt to brutally kill them. When Gaia and Agul manage to return and harm her, Zogu reveals her demonic true form and attempts to crush the two to death. While an enforcer of the Destruction Bringer's will, the joy in which Zogu does so makes her just as bad as her master.
    • Once Again Gaia: Gakuzom ("Root of Destruction Sea God") is Zogu's brutish fellow Root of Destruction. Surviving Zogu's defeat and his master's retreat, Gakuzom would begin his own onslaught on Earth several years later. Attacking the peaceful and defenseless Rinar 8,000 feet below, Gakuzom would viciously assault the GUARD sub sent to answer their SOS. Finally making his move and plunging the Pacific into a perpetual storm, Gakuzom attempts to wipe out all life on Earth with his Baiakuhe, with the Root of Destruction attacking Tokyo personally. When Agul arrives to stop him, Gakuzom has his minions maul and restrain the hero while he beats him down himself. When Gaia arrives, Gakuzom devours his entire army and begins brutally pounding the two heroes.
  • Neos: Mensch Heit ("Ultimate Evolution Emperor") is the Evil Overlord of Planet Zamu. Believing himself the Ultimate Lifeform chosen by the universe to embody its will, he would deem the Alien Zamu unworthy of life. Merging numerous other Dark Matter mutants into the barbaric Grall to exterminate them, he drove the survivors into exile on Earth. Finally tracking them down, he sends Grall to finish the job, who kills all but Esura. Not satisfied, Mensch Heit threatens humanity to share their fate if they don't hand him over. After Grall is killed, Mensch Heit attempts to finish the job personally, leveling a large part of the area trying to kill the Ultras. With them at his mercy, he attempts to burn Neos and Ultraseven 21 to death, forcing Esura to sacrifice himself and complete Mensch Heit's genocide. Despite his attempts to paint his victims as the barbarians, Mensch Heit proves himself a hypocrite at every turn.
  • Cosmos 2: The Blue Planet (Cosmo Space World): Sandros ("Variant Lifeform") is a ruthless space monster and leader of the Scorpis. Desiring to reduce the universe to a desert wasteland to better suit his liking, Sandros would begin a genocidal rampage across the stars, destroying multiple planets including Juran and Gyas. When the few surviving Alien Gyas manage to escape, he sends his legions after the defenseless fleeing ships to complete his genocide. Trailing the sole surviving ship to Earth, Sandros launches a full scale invasion with the intent of destroying the planet as he had others. When a last ditch shield prevents his army from making land fall, he forces his army to turn themselves into suicide bombers to breach it. When his forces are beaten into retreat, Sandros finishes the survivors off himself for their failure. Immobilizing Cosmos, Sandros would mock the hero before attacking him while he's defenseless, then laugh sadistically as he brutally attacks the hero and Justice with his arm blades. Even in death, Sandros's evil is such that it would convince Justice to attempt to aid in humanity's destruction when the mere thought of them turning out as vile as the space monster becomes possible. Among the often sympathetic and redeemable enemies Cosmos faces, Sandros stands out as an unrepentant mass murderer.
  • Ultraseven works:
    • Ultraseven Evolution: Alien Garut ("Metal Alien") is the overarching villain of the final Heisei Ultraseven OV Series. Coming in contact with the Akashic Records, a stone that prophecies the evolutionary path of Earth, Garut decided to tamper with it—considered one of the greatest universal crimes—to doom humanity to extinction and give rise to a plant-based species who he would manipulate to become their ruler. To make sure his false prophecy comes to pass, Garut manipulates the Alien Pegassa, Alien Godola, and human psychic children. Garut uses the former two to Kill and Replace most of the TDF and the latter to brainwash most of the population on Earth. Garut's allies assumed that they would be able to rule over the Earth in return, but in fact were nothing more than disposable pawns to be thrown away. When the Ultra Garrison and Ultraseven get close to the Akashic Records, Garut summons his monster pet, Gaimos, to kill everyone in the vicinity.
    • Ultraseven X's "DIAMOND "S"" (World of Heisei Ultraseven): Peginera ("Parasitic Space Creature") is one of the worst alien invaders ever investigated by DEUS. Desiring to adapt to Earth's atmosphere with a new body that would allow it to conquer the planet, Peginera splits its own cells into countless parasites and takes over the entire staff of Nano Cybertech, tainting their most popular product with its cells to infect thousands more, even children. Those who refused to submit to the Hive Mind have their bodies turned into mummified husks, with Peginera itself coldly seeing this horrible demise as a form of punishment. A sadistic, cruel being that managed to stand out in one of the darkest installments of the franchise, Peginera wasted no time in causing destruction once it finally got a body.
  • "Ultra N Project" (World of N):
    • The Next: Beast the One, also called simply The One, is a parasite from space. Fleeing from its enemy, Ultraman The Next, it escapes into Earth's oceans and attacks a submarine, killing everyone on board and taking Udo Takafumi as a host. Udo is slowly and painfully eaten alive, physically and mentally, with The One absorbing his memories to pose as Udo. After absorbing enough organic matter to escape, The One murders his way out of prison and flees into the wilderness. When led into a trap by Udo's fiancee Sara, it poses as Udo to try and prey on her feelings before attempting to kill her when the deception falls through. After escaping again, it flees into the sewers, eating and killing every human it comes across. This is when we find out that it talks, thinks along very human lines, and deeply enjoys killing people. It does not prey on humans for sustenance, as simpler creatures like lizards, rats and crows enhance its powers; it preys upon them for pleasure. At one point, after taking on its true gigantic form, it laughs while destroying the city, gloating and bellowing for the humans to run in terror. What made The One stand out over most of the other kaiju before or since was its utter sadism. It's a Psycho for Hire that deeply enjoyed killing and eating humans, in some ways worse than its creator. It is not a wild animal, or a tragic beast—just a monster.
    • Nexus: Dark Zagi ("Evil God of Destruction"), alias Unknown Hand, is an evil, heartless, genocidal tyrant from another world. Created to be a force for justice, a clone of Ultraman Noa, instead he chose to kill off his creators, slaughtering so many of their people that they abandoned their planet and destroyed it to be rid of him. Zagi survived, and simply created an army of Space Beasts, including Beast the One, to take over the universe. He sent that monster to Earth, making him indirectly responsible for everything that went wrong in Ultraman: The Next. In the series proper, Zagi was beaten before the events of the series and destroyed, leaving behind his energy core and his soul. To restore his power, he possesses a random man, killing him slowly and taking over his body. Crafting the alias of Mitsuhiko Ishibori, Zagi starts a long gambit to regain his powers, sending Space Beasts across Japan and creating two more Dark Giants to attack Nexus and kill as many people as they can. At one point, Zagi actually kills a little girl's parents right in front of her and laughs about it. Eventually, Zagi succeeds in his gambit, and reveals himself by casually shooting his loyal partner in TLT. Nagi Saijyo, the girl Zagi personally orphaned, chases him and confronts him with the power of Ultraman Nexus. Zagi, who's revealed himself as Ishibori, simply mocks her, captures her, and tortures Nexus's power out of her body before absorbing it into himself and regaining his true form. Ascending to Tokyo, he orders all of his Space Beasts to attack the entire planet while he personally rampages through the city. Zagi was a remorseless, twisted killing machine, and responsible for much of the suffering that occurred in this series.
  • Max's "Invasion of Evil": Ruganogar ("Evil Beast") is the sadistic, three-headed Destroyer of the Stars. Traveling the universe, Ruganogar seeks out planets thriving with life and hunts down the populace before reducing the planets to space debris. Attacking Lyrica's home planet S-851, Ruganogar actively targets the fleeing civilians, resulting in her parents' deaths right in front of her and leaving her the sole survivor of her doomed planet. Attempting to destroy Earth to further sate his blood lust, Ruganogar actively targets Kaito with intent to kill and deflects a missile DASH fires at him directly at a group of fleeing school children. While most monsters and aliens in Max were either brought on humanity by themselves, sympathetic, or even silly, Ruganogar stands out as a sadistic murderer who slaughters entire worlds for his own amusement.

    Next Generation Universes 
  • Ginga & Ginga S:
    • Dark Lugiel ("Darkness Demon") is Ginga's Evil Counterpart and dark side. They split because Ginga wanted life to change and evolve naturally, while Lugiel wanted life to remain in stasis, which meant killing and petrifying everyone in existence. To do so, Lugiel started a tremendous war between the heroes and villains of the Ultra Series, with himself leading the charge on the villainous side—only to turn on them and use his Dark Spark to turn everyone on both sides into Spark Dolls. Ultraman Taro was still able to speak, but everyone else was trapped as an immobile tiny statue until Lugiel decided to use their powers for something. Thanks to Ginga, Lugiel lost his own body, so he takes over a woman in Japan and uses his trapped minions to torment the students all over an elementary school. Lugiel had no restraints about throwing them aside when necessary—he kills Alien Icarus, reverting his body to a Spark Doll after Icarus fails and surrenders to the heroes. After Lugiel finally gains enough power to strike directly, he mind rapes dozens of people, inflicting them with such despair that they pass out, while Lugiel feeds on this to restore his own powers. When Ginga attempts to stop him, Lugiel goes for a sucker punch and then tortures a half-powered Ginga until he too loses consciousness. Lugiel is beaten, but comes back in the sequel as Dark Lugiel, returning after his body was restored by Alien Chibu Exceller, and used as a weapon against Ginga and Victory. Lugiel then takes his body back, kills Exceller via a shot to the back, and takes over his new enhanced Vict Lugiel form and preparing to use his powers to turn all of humanity into Spark Dolls. He gleefully gloats that he'd create the ultimate paradise...but it'd only be perfect for himself.
    • Alien Chibu Exceller ("Brain Alien") is a depraved little alien and the source of the conflict in Ginga S. He leads an invasion force to Earth, wrecking an entire city, to get his tentacles on the Victorium Element and resurrect his "Grand Master", Dark Lugiel. To this end, he razes a city with an army of giant robots and monsters. However, Exceller has loyalty to no one but himself, coldly throwing his own subordinates aside when they are no longer of use. He commands his own sapient loyal right-hand woman, Android Zero-One, to self-destruct inside the enemy base because it'd be too inconvenient to teleport her back. He allows Vorst, his other loyal servant, to be killed by the Japanese military, after taking over Vorst's mind and using him like a puppet to attack the main protagonists. As Five King, Exceller took great pleasure in beating and torturing Ultraman Ginga and Victory, pummeling them so badly that they turned to stone and the two giants nearly died for good. After having the benevolent kaiju Shepardon murdered, Exceller gains enough Victorium to resurrect Dark Lugiel as Vict Lugiel. However he did not revive his master's mind; Exceller betrays him as well, using his mechanized body as a puppet before Lugiel comes back on his own. Exceller shows no remorse for any of this, gloating that his many betrayed servants were simply pawns to be used and discarded as he saw fit.
    • The Movie: Showdown! The 10 Ultra Warriors!: Etelgar ("Super Space-time Demon") intends to conquer entire universes, firstly by abducting the Ultramen protectors of each universe and having them trapped in suspended animation, still aware of their surroundings but completely immobile. Invading the peaceful Planet Zandt causing untold amounts of destruction, Etelgar had the princess of Zandt, Arina, captured and put through brainwashing turning her into his lackey; implanting False Memories in her mind to trick her into believing that her home planet was destroyed by the Ultras; and subjecting her to regular Mind Rape to enforce her loyalty. Intending to invade the universe of Ultraman Ginga and Victory, Etelgar nearly managed to have Ginga and Victory sealed alive in his collection, and later recreates a mountain-sized copy of the previous villain Dark Lugiel to destroy the city for his own sadistic pleasure.
  • X:
    • "The Man With the Memories of a Planet" & "An Oath Beyond Worlds": Gargorgon ("Petrification Demon Beast") is a greedy planet-killing Kaiju from across the stars. Initially, she appears to be your typical Monster of the Week, but we find out she can speak, she can think, and she is a remorseless beast. She petrified an ancient civilization on Earth, everyone on Planet Gold, forcing the last survivor,Te Ru, to escape in a giant machine named Rudian. While the actual event isn't seen, there is close up one of her victims on the ground, face frozen in agony. Upon arriving to Earth, she rampages about Tokyo, fighting and eventually petrifying Ultraman X. Her plan is to get her hands on the energy core within Rudian, kill Te Ru, petrify the entire Earth and move on to another world. Even worse, we find out her victims are still at least partially alive in an And I Must Scream state—Ultraman X clearly remembers being turned to stone which means the other victims did as well. She displays no remorse for her genocidal actions, only greed for more power.
    • The Movie: Here Comes! Our Ultraman: Zaigorg ("Devil Beast/Enma Beast/Ruler of Hell Beast"; literally "Sin Suffering") is an ancient demon and the Satan equal of the X Universe. Emerging from Hell in ancient times, Zaigorg would bring about Hell on Earth until finally defeated and sealed away. Upon his release in modern times, Zaigorg instantly attacks the nearest group of humans in sight, including the child Yuuto, and slowly approaches a helpless woman to crush her to death. When X tries to stop him, Zaigorg beats him down and obliterates the entire area with the finishing blow while sealing Daichi's ability to become X so he can watch the rest of his rampage helpless to stop him. Arriving in the city, Zaigorg would rampage alongside clones of Antlar and Fire Golza, ending with trying to slowly collapse a building underneath the feet of the civilians trapped inside. Getting the drop on Ultraman and Tiga, Zaigorg would attempt to suck the life out of them and use their stolen energy unleash clones of Tsurugi Demaaga on five major cities around the globe with the intent to once more turn them into Hell. Zaigorg is the devil himself, and his only motivation for any of his crimes is his own sadistic pleasure.
  • Z: Celebro ("Parasitic Lifeform") is a space parasite that destroys planets by spreading fear in their civilizations and leading them to escalating arms races until they destroy themselves. Having done this to countless planets before the series, Celebro arrives on Earth to repeat the process, starting by rampaging in Japan as Genegarg, endangering civilians and getting the STORAGE pilot Haruki killed, after Ultraman Z merges with Haruki and destroys his body. Celebro moves on to possess an unfortunate worker named Shinya Kaburagi and use his body. Secretly creating Kaiju Medals, Celebro uses them to spread ruin, including transforming himself into various monsters. He also indirectly unleashes Greeza and only reluctantly helps the heroes stop it for his own sake; after which he painfully transforms the pacified Horoboros into a cyborg out of spite. In the final arc of the series, Celebro moves on to possess Director Kuriyama, leaving Kaburagi to be arrested in his place, to approve the use of the D4 weapon in the robot Ultroid Zero, which he uses to kill and absorb dormant Kaiju around the world, including a Red King mother and nearly her unhatched egg, and following by destroying various cities around the world and setting SAAG against the STORAGE with orders to kill.
  • Trigger: Hudram ("Agile Tactician") is the vilest and most sadistic of the Dark Giants. Escaping his prison of 30 million years, Hudram immediately set his sights on the peaceful Planet Lishuria and destroyed it to sate his boredom, leaving only one survivor, Ignis, who he spared to make him suffer, and in the present is eager to torment with reminders of his genocide. When the other Dark Giants awaken, Hudram joins them in their efforts to obtain the Eternity Core to engulf the universe in eternal darkness, which threatens to destroy all life, employing schemes meant to cause destruction and death as much as possible, before betraying them when he believes Carmeara is unfit to lead due to her love for Trigger, even trapping and swearing to brainwash them into his mindless servants when he obtains the Core. When Ignis attempts to use the Core himself to resurrect his people, Hudram has Yuna held at his mercy, threatening to kill her should Ignis use the Core. When Ignis transforms into Trigger Dark to save Yuna, Hudram attempts to give him a slow painful death after overwhelming him, while mocking his bonds with his friends.

  • The☆Ultraman: Heller is the narcissistic, sociopathic and tyrannical leader of the Heller Empire, who seeks to conquer the universe out of ambition. Before the start of the series, he tried using the power of the Ultra Mind for his goals, leading to his banishment from U40 along with those who followed him. Following his banishment, Heller would begin to conquer and destroy alien planets who had no relation to his banishment for the sake of strengthening his forces. Later, Heller returns and raids U40, stealing the Ultra Mind and capturing the planet's leader, Great Wise Man, so as to forcefully obtain from him the secrets of the artifact's power. Heller follows by sending his troops to attack Earth under General Roygar, killing thousands of innocent humans out of paranoia that they will help the remnants of U40 and Ultraman Joneus defeat him. In the penultimate episode, Heller has Joneus's sister, Amia, captured after she tries rescuing Wise Man, to force Joneus to reveal his human host's identity. In the final episode, Heller lets Joneus kill many of his men to draw him into his base where he attempts to have the Kaiju Makdatar kill him. When his forces begin to lose the battle against the heroes, he attempts to abandon them all to save himself before Joneus rescues Amia and leaves him for dead in his exploding base.
  • Netflix anime:
    • "Being Ultraman Isn't Bad" & "Release the Limiter!": Alien Adacic is an alien Serial Killer Shinjiro is sent to terminate. Adacic is introduced in a room full of corpses he's drained of blood while gleefully finishing off the latest of many such massacres he's committed. Leading the fight into the city, Adacic intentionally stops the chase and fights Shinjiro in the middle of a crowded street. When the teenager Rena tries to encourage Shinjiro, Adacic tries to murder her out of boredom and soon begins blowing up the area and endangering countless civilians in the process. When his arm is sliced off, Adacic goes berserk and decides he'll eat every civilian in the area out of spite. Despite being the first Monster of the Week, Adacic proves one of the worst and most sadistic in the entire series.
    • "You As You Are" through "A Real Ultraman": Ace Killer is the leader of Ace Killer Squad. A sociopathic mercenary, he's the true perpetrator of the airline explosion that kick-started the series, killing most of those on board, children included, an act which for him was simply an average day on the job. When Moroboshi and Shinjiro track him down, Ace Killer's trap kills Moroboshi's entire squad, something which the mercenary couldn't care less about. Despite not being part of his current job, Ace Killer decides to kill the two anyway for his own amusement, and tortures both Shinjiro and Seiji, assuring the latter his childhood friend Yuko is next on his list. After being temporarily killed by Seiji, Ace Killer decides to brutalize the already mortally wounded boy and mount his skull in his trophy room. Even in death, Ace Killer tries to destroy the entire area with a massive bomb in one final act of spite. Despite being a hired soldier, Ace Killer enjoys every second of it and cares for nothing else, not even his own squad.
    • Season 2: Alien Pedan(t) is the leader of the Blackstars who arrives on Earth demanding that the planet hand over half of its entire populace to him, manipulating Maya and her Dying Race into transporting countless humans to a void under his watch to serve as hostages for Pedant. Pedant also intends to capture the six Ultraman, having already captured one, Shinjiro Hayata, before entering the SSSP and slaughtering everyone he sees before brutalizing Shinjiro's father. When Maya refuses to detonate the transmission device to subdue the 3 Ultramen, Pedant detonates it himself, killing Maya's friends before having Maya killed and her race exterminated after they served their purpose. Growing impatient with humanity's decision, Pedant launches a full-scale invasion to personally wipe out half of the world's population, killing millions before the Ultramen arrive. Sadistically torturing the Ultramen until they manage to gain the strength to kill him, Pedant reveals that he intends to die by their hands to activate a plan which Bemular describes as "the end of all things".
  • The・Ultraman: Jackal vs. Ultraman (Link): Demon King Jackal is a demonic space overlord imprisoned by Ultraman King long ago for his crimes. Escaping from Hell's Black Hole, he begins a brutal campaign of revenge against the Ultras, starting by murdering Ultraman in the guise of Zetton and hurling his corpse into the sun. He would then hunt the Ultra Brothers down one by one, brutally murdering them, including killing Astra in the guise of Zoffy in front of his brother Leo. In an attempt to hunt down the surviving brothers in hiding, he would conquer and enslave Earth, having his minions round up innocent civilians and kill them to try and lure his enemies out. When Andro Melos gains the upper hand in their duel, Jackal feigns surrender and begs for his life, only to attempt to kill Melos when he spares his life. Confronted by Zoffy in the guise of Melos, he would fire his Jackal Destruction Ray directly into a crowd of his own troops in an attempt to kill his foe. Despite having minimal screentime, Jackal spends every moment allotted being as vile and monstrous as possible.
  • Fighting Evolution Rebirth: Alien Mephilas ("Malicious Alien") is an evil alien invader and the true mastermind of the story. Forcing the redeemed Chaos Header back into its corrupted form, he makes it corrupt monsters and unleashes multiple monster attacks to gather data. He then unleashes the Chaosroids on the Land of Light, nearly sending its orbit spiraling out of control by having S steal the Ultra Key, nearly lets it freeze in the cold by having U destroy the Plasma Spark, and has T steal the Ultra Bell and destroy a portion of the city. Possessing Chaos Darkness, Mephilas brutalizes Ultraman Agul, Gaia, and Tiga before forcing the entity to try and kill its now ally Cosmos. When Cosmos tries to free Chaos Header, Mephilas fully merges with it and dissolves a portion of the city. Upon defeat, Mephilas sees the whole situation as little more than a sick game.

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