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This page lists shout-outs from Web Animation and Machinima works.

Works with their own subpages:

Other Works:

  • Bee and Puppycat has a dream sequence in which a set of five puppycats are colored in the same color scheme as the first five Sailor Senshi of Sailor Moon.
  • Broken Saints:
  • Damaged has a couple.
    • In episode 7, which is a Halloween Episode, Emily attends a costume party in a Lumpy Space Princess costume.
    • Also in episode 7, TJ gets bullied by three large red robots who look like the logo for Frederator Studios.
    • In episode 9, if you look on the wall at the back early on in the episode, you can see a Cake The Cat wall clock.
    • Also in episode 9, then the two mysterious figures pursuing Emily babysit her and TJ in disguise, the tall blue one is seen mixing something in a bowl while wearing a Bee and Puppycat apron.
  • The beginning of one Doodle Toons episode showed Jellybean reading a book called "Fifty Shades of Sunglasses".
  • DSBT InsaniT: There are lots of these. One of the biggest examples is Alex bringing Frets from Simtunes with him in "The Camping Webisode".
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  • FreedomToons: In "The Fable of Jordan Peterson", Peterson sounds like and is drawn to resemble Kermit the Frog. This is referencing a meme about the similarities between the two, which Peterson himself acknowledged when he appeared with a Kermit puppet.
  • GEOWeasel makes references to other webtoons, including Homestar Runner and Space Tree, and for the latter even got the voice actor to perform.
  • On Homestar Runner, characters will do things like exclaim "What in Pete Sampras is going on?" or dress up as, say M. Bison or Jambi the Genie for Halloween. One character, Coach Z, has the initials of Craig Zobel, who, along with Mike Chapman, wrote the original Homestar Runner children's book.
  • Klump And Krusha has more than a few. For example, a few Family Guy sound clips have been used.
  • The Misadventures of R2 and Miku:
    • Two episodes involve recreations of scenes from The Simpsons that had become memes - "Steamed Hams but it's R2-D2 and Hatsune Miku", and "Miku Hits R2 with a Chair".
    • Another instead recreates the equally-famous treehouse scene from Drake & Josh. Said episode also involves a time card ripped straight from SpongeBob SquarePants.
    • Throughout the series, various characters' voices are represented by the Peanuts trombone noise.
    • "MVP: Myers Vs Predator" unsurprisingly references Halloween and Predator heavily (with the title specifically alluding to Alien vs. Predator). It also ends by playing "Bad Cops".
    • "Clones" has two in the same scene - R2 manages to convince one Miku to leave the truck she's in by tossing a plumbus, leading her to hop out with a sound effect from Super Mario Bros..
    • A Xenomorph cameos in the first few seconds of "Appendix".
    • Miku's room, as seen in "The Chimp", has both a Gamesphere and a closet with "DON'T OPEN DEAD INSIDE" written on it. Later in the episode, Bob Belcher cameos inside the bank. What's more, the punchline to the episode is Miku announcing that she needs a medic bag (with that game's audio clips, no less).
    • Miku's bathroom has a sign with text reading "RESERVED FOR BILLY MAYS' AUTOGRAPH".
  • Napster Bad depicts James Hetfield as a hulking giant who tends to say "[something] BAD!" or "[something] GOOD!", in a reference to the "FIRE BAD!" line from Frankenstein (one of the shorts has James actually say "FIRE BAD!".)
  • Nazo Unleashed, a Sonic the Hedgehog fanimation, takes lots of cues from Dragon Ball Z in its fight scenes, especially with the frequent Super Mode use and the heavy use of Flash Step, teleportation, and the Meteor Move. Chakra-X, the creator, justified this by saying that Sonic's creators admitted to taking several cues from Dragon Ball Z themselves, such as the aforementioned super modes.
  • Kidnapper-kun parodies the famous "Meddling Kids" line from Scooby-Doo in Neko Sugar Girls when Koneko and Raku do a Big Damn Heroes moment and rescue Hitoshi.
  • Trick Moon: The monster Dr. Bleak sends after the Moonstone is a dragon with crystalline features and a gemstone in its chest, mimicking the Corrupted Gems of Steven Universe. When Pocket removes the gem from its chest, the dragon's body turns to smoke, similar to what happens to Corrupted Gems when they're defeated.


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