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This is the shout-out page! This is where we list times when a work references another work, even if the reference is completely coincidental. Although Shout-Out is its own trope, it gets its own subpage when the list becomes too large. Because who has time to use a mouse wheel?!


  • At one point, the narrator demonstrates the literature section by showcasing Fan Fiction, he shows fan-art of My Immortal and describes it as "bad fiction".




  • There are several video thumbnails shown at one point, one of which shows the well from The Ring. While the narrator discusses other types of videos, Samara Morgan emerges from the well and comes towards the viewer.




  • When the narrator mentions cosplay, there is a peg wearing a Vyse costume.
  • The straight, well-off peg shows off his heterosexuality with a stack of Playboy magazines.
  • A peg diagnosed with "anxiety disorder" takes on the facial expression from The Scream.
  • Another segment involving fandom shows a peg dressed as Monkey D. Luffy, the protagonist of One Piece. Jello thanks One Piece in the credits for "giving [him] 142 episodes of something to watch" during the making of the video.
  • During the fandom montage the narrator mispronounces "Attack on Titan" as "Attack on Titania," represented as little dots attacking a giant Titania from Fire Emblem Tellius.
  • The female narrator recommends pretending to have a gold rush era disease while night blogging to keep enraged followers at bay. Cheat Commando Gunhaver gives the same advice to discourage cheating Blue Laser minions in "Commandos in the Classroom."
  • The peg with the pink afro complaining about typical gender roles is clearly a magypsy from Mother 3.
  • A Cirno peg says "What is air?" towards the end of Welcome to Tumblr, in reference to a SuperJacket comic dub about the same meme in which anthropomorphic Tumblr was played by a voice actress under the alias "Cirno."


  • While the narrator uses one too many homophones for "you" during a segment, several versions of the narrator guy in various costumes come up in bubbles. One of the various costumes was the Persona 4 protagonist Yu Narukami.
  • Coldsteel the Hedgeheg, a joke character used to lampoon original Sonic the Hedgehog characters, appears when the narrator is encouraging writers to steal characters liberally.
  • Boss and Putt-Putt both make an appearance in the Wattpad story. A strangely realistic crayon version of Ryan Stiles appears when Ally confuses him for Harry Styles.


  • There's one to the famous "Solar FREAKIN' Roadways" project (you know, the one that Thunderf00t infamously debunked that one time) when the narrator states that any project can be improved by adding "freaking" to the title.
  • There's a newspaper shown for a few seconds at the beginning of the video. It's The Daily Punctilio.

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