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  • Blake hiding perfectly behind a coat rack is a nod to a Rooster Teeth Podcast episode where Burnie Burns accuses Gavin Free of being able to hide behind a flagpole.
  • While using Blake's Gambol Shroud in episode 7, Jaune pretends to be a ninja and says "Crouching tiger, hidden Jaune!"
  • Yang's weight loss montage is a shout out to Rocky, complete with a remix of "I Burn" in the style of "Eye of the Tiger".
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  • During Ren's Training Montage, his push-ups transition from normal, to one-handed, to no-handed, stopping only when he runs out of breath from pushing himself off the ground with puffs of air.
  • Yang and Ruby decide to have a race, with Yang on her motorbike, Ruby on a wagon that's being pulled by Zwei, and Blake as referee. When they mock Weiss for wanting to race on a tricycle, Weiss freezes Yang, Ruby and Zwei at the start line and slowly rides off. Ruby references The Fast and the Furious when she complains she's now furious instead of fast.
    Ruby: No fair! I was going to be so fast! And, yet, now I am just furious.
  • When Weiss sets fire to the "food room", she runs in a circle babbling while the fire alarm goes off, rather like a Sim would in the same situation.
  • Team RWBY's pillow fight ends with Ruby's hammy "death" while groaning "Hurk... bleagh!" like the dying people of fellow Rooster Teeth show Red vs. Blue.
    • Season 2's "The Ride Along" has Neptune reporting a "four-seven-niner" (that fitting to a pilot character, is a suspicious cloud formation).
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  • Episode 21 takes all of its sketches from fan-comics, remaking a sketch about Ruby giving a "friendship" bracelet to Weiss, recreating most of the Dumb_RWBY comic where Weiss writes a letter to Winter about Ruby, making fun of the "Checkmate" attack name, and using most of the "Cinder Who?" strip from BeaconStrips. The "Cinder Mall" part of the last sketch also has a store known as "Always 17", a parody of Forever 21.
  • Episode 24's skit is called "The One With The Laugh Track", a reference to the method of naming episodes that Friends used. The skit itself involves the girls' room being in a perfect location to spy on the activities of the men's showers, although they only see a naked Professor Port coming out of them. In Friends, the gang had the habit of using Monica's apartment to spy on the activities of Ugly Naked Man across the street.
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  • The "Neptune Noir" skit ends with Sun's line, "Forget it, dude. It's Chibitown."
  • The "Nurse Nora" skit involves an unhinged Nora almost taking Magnhild to Ren's legs; the scene is shot to eerily resemble the foot-breaking scene from Misery.
  • "The Mystery Bunch" skit is a loving nod to Scooby-Doo, with Team JNPR taking up the roles of Mystery Inc. Complete with stock Hanna-Barbera sound effects, Scooby-Dooby Doors, the Grimm actually being a masked villain, Team JNPR saying the culprit's name in unison, and a "meddling kids" rant.
  • At the end of the Junior She-tectives skit, Pyrrha makes a pun, while putting her shades on. Followed by Nora shouting "YEEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHH!"
  • "A Slip Through Time and Space Pt. 2" combines both Toy Story (living dolls!) and The Matrix (a real world!), the latter, even giving a spoof of the Red Pill, Blue Pill speech with "Blue vs. Red and Red vs. Blue shirts".
  • "Road Trip": Weiss' incredulous exclamation of "How do you accidentally rob a bank?!" refers back to the Let's Play GTA V episode "Christpunchers - Second Coming" where an attempt to wait for a timer to run out leads Michael, Gavin and Jeremy to harass a convenience store, leading Gavin to ask "Are we robbing this place by accident?!" In the same sketch, Yang's last line is "Looks like we're gonna have to jump!", said in the exact same manner as Dangeresque, and Tai's camera has underneath HD "HHDDVVDBVD", a reference to a Red vs. Blue PSA.
  • "Manly Weapons" has Velvet sport a mustache like Professor Port and proclaims "Respect... the mustache" and pronounces it "Moose-tache", similar to how Vegeta proclaims it in Dragon Ball Z Abridged.
  • Episode 6 of Season 3 is titled "Teenage Faunus Ninja Catgirl".
  • "Mysterious Red Button" has Ruby pressing a button, setting it to night. She then does what Homer did when he could change the sun, and breaks the sun after playing with it too much.
  • "Books Fix Everything" is both a sendoff of Reading Rainbow, and features Ruby finding the Necronomicon.
  • "Sailor Jaune" has Jaune's attempts to change into the Huntsman costume like Superman, Wonder Woman, and, as the title makes clear, Sailor Moon.
  • "In the Clutches of Evil" has Huntsman experiencing his Adam West Batman phase, complete with sound effect bubbles.
  • "Don't Pet the Grimm" is an extended Dr. Seuss homage.
  • "Put It In Reverse" showing Ruby's inability to drive is a reference to Lindsay's poor driving record in GTA races.
  • In Weiss' nightmare, the last answer she gives before being called a "know-it-all" is 42.
  • In "The Mystery Bunch," Sun uses his tail to balance himself, but cringes in pain when Ruby runs over it. At the start of Dragon Ball, Goku needs his tail to walk and balance properly, and loses all his strength when someone squeezes or grabs it.
  • In "Movie Night," two of the movie posters in the background are "Chibi Chibi","That's My Uncle" and a solo movie for the Mercenaries from Red vs. Blue: Season 14.

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