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  • Awesome Music: Now has its own page. Many would even like Rooster Teeth to release it on a disc.
  • Crack Pairing: When Ruby and Yang find out about Taiyang's dating profile, they change his entry to make him more appealing to women. They succeed, although not the way they intended. Taiyang matches up with Cinder, leading to the fandom naming this ship "Tinder".
  • Crazy Awesome: Nora. She's been amped up to completely bat shit crazy. Her crush on Ren is now to yandere levels and she's a Big Eater able to eat more than her body weight in pancakes.
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  • Epileptic Trees: Although the show is not canon, some fans still theorize that RWBY Chibi is some sort of denial by Ruby, refusing to fully acknowledge that Pyrrha and Penny are really gone.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Acknowledged by Cinder's first transition, which has her blowing a kiss to the audience.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment:
    • In Mortal Frenemies, Ozpin remarks "Flirting was a lot less destructive in my day". Then Volume 6 of the main show comes out and reveals the global consequences of Ozpin's flirting...
    • In Mysterious Red Button, after Roman falls into a trap, Neo signs that Roman may be a dum-dum, but he's her dum-dum. As of Volume 6 in the main show, Neo's driving goal is getting revenge for Roman's death.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • One section of Series 1, Episode 21's titular skit (Cinder Who?) is titled Cinder Falls and features Cinder falling down a set of stairs. After watching Volume 5 of the main show, this sketch becomes even funnier. At the end of Volume 5 in the main show, an episode called "Downfall" features Cinder being defeated in battle by the Spring Maiden, who kicks her over a cliff and freezes her to ice, leaving her to plummet into an abyss of unknown depth.
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    • During the episode Play with Penny, Blake hints at Ruby fighting the unseen monster by mentioning her silver eyes. Ruby's response? "*cough* season finale, can't do it yet. *cough*" Come Volume 6 of the main series, Ruby activates her silver eyes on her own willingly for the first time. And when does she pull it off? The season finale, of course.
  • Hollywood Pudgy: Played for laughs when Yang tries losing weight in episode 8.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Roman. He keeps on trying to get a victory over the heroes, but absolutely nothing ever goes right for him. He can't even eat ice cream without something going wrong.
  • Memetic Badass: Zwei, for taking down Cinder and Roman, defusing a bomb, and being a nightmare to all Grimm. Bonus points for also managing to become a famous writer in the meantime. Some people have made jokes about Zwei secretly being the strongest in the Chibi-verse, ranging from an overlord to Remnant's Batman.
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  • Memetic Molester: Cinder Fall in episode 1 of season 3. Especially because of her luring Jaune and Ren into the car with promises of candy.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • "Now that's a katana!". Explanation 
    • "This is filth! FILTH!" Explanation 
    • "You don't understand my vision!" Explanation 
    • Neo's signs also became memetic.
    • "Nothing Bad. Ever. Happened. EEEVEEEEEEEERRRRRR." Explanation 
    • Pairing Confirmed! Explanation 
    • Screaming Pyrrha. Explanation 
      • Screaming Nora. Explanation 
    • Respect the moostache! Explanation 
    • Love Daddy. Explanation 
    • Take the shot, Ruby! Explanation 
    • Teenage Faunus Ninja Catgirl! Explanation 
    • "I'm Yang. Let's fight. Explanation 
      • "My Feest Only Knows Paunch." Explanation 
    • "Where's Coco?" Explanation 
  • Most Wonderful Sound: The characters tend to make rather adorable sounds from time to time during skits. Examples include: Weiss' humming when she's cleaning up in Episodes 5 and 6, Ruby's cheery "Aaaaah!" when she sidles up to Weiss in Episode 9, Weiss' cute groans when she's sick in Episode 11, the oddly endearing sounds of Mercury and Emerald laughing in Episode 21 and Ruby squeeing over raining Zweis in Episode 11 of Season 2.
  • Narm Charm: The entire premise of Episode 24, The One With the Laugh Track. The episode is filled with corny sit-com jokes, complete with a laugh track.
  • No Yay: Several interactions between fan-favourite ships in season 2 get really creepy, like Ruby hypnotizing Weiss into spending time with her, or Nora drowning Ren in a love potion and attempting to break his leg by playing nurse.
  • Seasonal Rot: Season 2 has been called this by some fans, due to its predictability when building up towards punchlines, as well as its over usage of the "Junior Detectives" skits.
  • Squick: Qrow pulls out a long noodle that somehow got into his ear, then offers it to an already disgusted Winter.
  • Sweet Dreams Fuel: The Lighter and Softer tone of the show, as well as the very Moe designs of the characters makes this a very charming watch, especially given the main series' turn to Darker and Edgier.
  • Take That, Scrappy!: Cardin is already a widely disliked Jerkass in his home series, so many find it satisfying that he has been turned into a Butt-Monkey in this series.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • Nora insisting that nothing bad ever happened when Ruby tries to point out that Pyrrha died. A lot of fans who were devastated by Pyrrha's death and refused to believe she truly died can relate with Nora's denial. The ending lyrics right after that just made it even more poignant.
    • Seeing Ruby, Yang, and Blake being asked by loved ones to spend the day together, Weiss happily waits for her turn. The scene goes on for a long time in silence showing Weiss alone until she deflates upon realizing no one was coming for her. Thankfully the fashionably late arrival of Winter amended this.
    • A Freeze-Frame Bonus in Episode 2 of Season 3 shows that while Taiyang repeated emphasizes the word "cool": One of his only two requirements for a date is that they don't leave him. Again. Even in Chibi, the poor guy can't catch a break.
    • While the deadpan tone and presence in PSA for reading books are clearly meant to be comical, Blake's brief monologue in Episode 7 of Season 3 almost perfectly summarizes her internal struggles in the canon show.
      Blake: I feel suffocated by the weight of my past mistakes and the hurt I've caused my friends. If only there was a way to atone for what I've done.
    • In the same episode, the second skit focuses on a mysterious Big Red Button that does random things when pushed, like giving Blake a large fish, turn off the sun, and drop several large objects on Cinder. When Ren and Jaune push it, the button makes clones of them. While the Rens get along instantly, Clone Jaune rejects regular Jaune, similar to a break-up.
      Clone Jaune: It's not you, it's me.
      Jaune: (with puppy dog eyes as sad music plays) But, you is me.
  • Unexpected Character: Cardin Winchester appearing in Season 3 was a genuine surprise (even to his actor), since he's a minor character in the main series who only played an important role in Volume 1, and hasn't appeared at all since Volume 3.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: For just a cute and funny spin-off, the graphic detail is impressive, given the expressive characters and complex lighting.


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