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RWBY Chibi is all a trauma-induced fantasy in Ruby's head.
After the horrifying events she endured at the end of the main series' third season, she went into a coma. This is what she's seeing during that coma as she subconsciously yearns for the more peaceful days at Beacon.

RWBY Chibi is all in Nora's head.
  • She's in denial.
  • She's always there, offscreen before episode 6. Proof : She commented on Jaune's costume.
  • All the weird things in RWBY Chibi could be explained by Nora being Nora.
    • Jossed. Confirmed non-canon by Word of God.

RWBY Chibi is a simulation by Penny's mind
  • While she is being repaired, receives data about current events, and also undergoes some kind of mental evolution into a more emotional being.

The show is canon.
And all the event's in it happened some time during the first two seasons.
  • Considering its made by literally the same people that make the main series, Broad Strokes probably is in place at times.
  • Kerry's confirmed that it's non-canon in a podcast. However, it's probable that locations (such as the common area with the kitchen) and lore objects (for example, the previously unmentioned gravity dust) are canon.
    • Gravity Dust showed up in the Red trailer.
  • It's safe to say that the last skit of Episode 6 confirms the show is not canon.
    • That said, despite it's non-canonicity to the current events of the main show, I'd argue a case for the first couple of volumes being canon to Chibi in some form, owing to the reference to the Volume 2 dance.

The non-Grimm antagonists will show up...
As Adaptational Wimp Friendly Enemy Harmless Villains.
  • Except for Cinder, who will be a Large Ham Obviously Evil, but still harmless, villain.
    • Confirmed. Cinder, Emerald, and Mercury attempt to organize their Evil Plan, only for Ruby and Nora to walk in on them and Cinder (horribly) attempting to hide it. At one point in episode 19, they even get beaten up by Zwei.
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    • Also confirmed, Roman and Neo are still around too, starting with Episode 20.

Blake "found" Weiss' scroll...
It's the scroll she stole the previous week.

A few of Pyrrha's skits will be about how dense Jaune is towards her feelings for him
  • Pyrrha will be far more open about her feelings for Jaune, basically holding up a sign that she's in love with him, and Jaune will not notice due to Rule of Funny.
    • Confirmed in Episode 10 that features Pyrrha asking Jaune to be her study partner, but Jaune is too hurt by Weiss' rejection to notice.

Blake was hiding from Zwei because she is a cat burglar.
  • Since Ruby and the others were upset at Blake for stealing their TV remote, they decided that they would get Zwei to be a guard dog to ensure that Blake doesn't try it again.

The dead characters will appear in this show from now on.
  • This way, we get back all those that died, and the main show can avoid issues about character resurrections.
    • As of Episode 20, wish granted.

Chibi STRQ will appear later in the show.
  • Either as a flashback or as a photo. Perhaps Qrow is telling Ruby and Yang a story, and brings out a blooper-version of their Team STRQ photo then constantly tries to replace it with the correct picture, only to bring out more and more hilariously embarrassing ones before he decides to give up and leave.
    • Confirmed, if the Volume 2 preview is anything to go by. At least Tai will be.
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    • Bonus: As of season 2, episode 9, So is Qrow.

RWBY Chibi's Season 1 Finale will be the debut of chibi villains.
  • The episode will be much longer than the rest of the episodes, and essentially consists of the villains trying (and failing) to do heinous acts to the rest of the cast. Cinder eventually gives up and offers a truce to Ruby, officially making the chibi villains friendly enemies with plenty of future instances of Go-Karting with Bowser.
    • More like final third, considering Grimm have debuted in Episode 16 and Episode 17 has a Cameo by Emerald and Mercury.
  • More or less confirmed, since episode 18 featured not only Emerald and Mercury (who debuted the previous episode) but Cinder as well.
    • Episode 20 follows a similar pattern: Cinder is in a skit, and immediately after is the debut of Roman and Neo.

Penny will be showing up soon.
  • If they brought back Pyrrha for the Chibi series, it stands to reason they would give Penny the same treatment. They'd probably have a running gag where Penny distrusts Pyrrha or is incredibly passive aggressive towards her due to the canon events.
    • Or Pyrrha's semblance causes her to flip out and start acting like some crazy folk singer
    • Bonus points if they introduce her through another sketch where Pyrrha has trouble with her semblance, gets caught by surprise and Penny just soars through the room.
  • As of Season 2, wish granted.
  • And as of Season 2, Episode 1, It seems dismembering her has no real drawbacks this time.

That one shopkeeper who runs everything is actually really strong.

Ruby is really an alternate universe counterpart of Charles Perrault.
  • They just confirmed in the latest episode that the play, Little Red Riding Hood, was written by Ruby. Add 2-2 together and it makes too much sense!

These aren't Grimm Nora is dealing with in Episode 17.
  • They are Ruby, Weiss and Blake dressed up. No way all three are absent in the same episode, after all.

Weiss' father is going to have his first speaking part on this show
  • Weiss mentions her granma, then she talks about her life at home, then she mentions her father... seems to be headed somewhere.
    • Jossed. His first part was in Volume 4 of the show proper.

This series was foreshadowed way back in Episode 2 of the main series
  • Farfetched, but funny to think about isn't it?

Blake isn't wearing that Backup Bestie shirt due to hypnosis
It's to throw off the suspicion that she arranged the whole thing to get a day alone with Yang.

The two potential status of the White Fang
  • They don't exist: "Nothing bad ever happened" so Faunus aren't discriminated against, and thus never formed. Adam will not be a part of the show.
  • The do exist: Again, no discrimination, so they're LAR Pers or just typical Internet edgelords. Adam is either the biggest case, or he's the Only Sane Man.
  • Or they're the exact opposite of what they are in canon, only they're basically the Chibiverse equivalent of PETA.

The reason the writers put Ruby about to curse in Season 2 Episode 7 is...
  • Yang taught her.
  • Qrow taught her.
  • She picked the word up from Tyrian when he called her a bitch.
    • Did she meet with Tyrian in the Chibi universe, however?
  • Lindsay messed up on her lines and cursed, and the writers thought it would be funny.
  • They've been picking up tips from another red and black outfit scythe user from Arc System Works, who happens to have a foul mouth.

Well get an episode featuring Ragna the Bloodedge, Yu Narukami and Hyde Kido.
  • With BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle coming out, there's no reason not to do this.
  • Maybe the episode that airs when Chibi comes back could even be the crossover episode with the three aforementioned characters to serve as an advertisement for Cross Tag Battle. After all, the midseason break is supposed to last up until June, and Cross Tag Battle comes out in the US on June 5th.
  • Sadly jossed.

Weiss has been using her scroll to keep tabs on the SDC's stock.
As Weiss was never removed from Beacon nor lost her status - officially, anyway - as heir to the SDC, she needs to keep tabs on it... and potentially try to take over the majority of the voting shares in order to start reforming the SDC from within. If her father won't let her influence company policy as the heir, she'll do it as a director. After all, even Jacques Schnee can't go against the board of directors, and if Weiss gets a majority of the shares, she can countermand all of Jacques's decisions that she feels are detrimental to the company.
  • Wait, if nothing bad ever happened, then why are we assuming Jacques is still a Corrupt Corporate Executive in this continuity?
  • In much the same way Cinder and Torchwick are both a Card-Carrying Villain, Chibi Jaques is the RWBY equivalent of a Captain Planet villain.
    • Now I really want to see him go up against Team JNPR as the Planeteers.

A future sketch featuring Neo will be a Shout-Out to The Matrix
Honestly I'm surprised they haven't already done this.
  • They sort of did in S 2 E 23, where Figure!Jaune dropped the "red pill, blue pill" line to Figure!Nora after she drank espresso shots and got temporarily shot to the real world. Only it was with RVB shirts.

Summer is still alive in the Chibiverse
Nora did say "nothing bad ever happened" after all.

There will end up being a "Lions, Tigers, and Bears" gag...
... involving Leonardo Lionheart, Sienna Kahn, and Junior (as the Honorary "Bear" of the three).

Bad things did in fact, happen.
Even ignoring the bad things that have happened or been mentioned onscreen (Jaune drowning, Port having a heart attack, Ren breaking his leg, etc.), let's face it: Chibi!Nora isn't the most reliable witness.

Who will appear later in Season 3?
  • Scarlet David
  • Sage Ayana
  • Coco Adel
  • Fox Alistair
  • Yatsuhashi Daichi
  • Ilia Amitola
  • Salem
  • Arthur Watts
  • Tyrian Callows
  • Hazel Rainart
  • Adam Taurus
  • Corsac Albain
  • Fennec Albain
  • James Ironwood
  • Leonardo Lionheart
  • Raven Brawnwen
  • Vernal
  • Jacques Schnee
  • Whitley Schnee
  • Klein Sieben
    • Confirmed.
  • Henry Marigold
  • Ghira Belladonna
  • Kali Belladonna

How the rest of key cast members could work in the Chibiverse.
  • Adam Taurus: Clingy ex-friend who always wants to do things with Blake and throws tantrums when she refuses.
  • Corsac and Fennec: Similar to Mike and Marty, or brothers who really love one another. (i.e. Corsac gets mad if someone hurts Fennec and vice versa)
  • Salem: Loving mother figure of Mike and Marty.
  • Ghira and Kali: Perfect parents of Blake. So no different than how they are in canon.
  • Whitley: Obnoxious brother who always falls flat. Kinda like Roman but more childish.

The reason Jaune was in a body cast at the end of Season 1 Episode 13
  • Nora went extra hard on him because he got a kiss from Ren during the Spin the Bottle game earlier in the episode.

The gag gift Port got in "Surprise Parties" was from Ozpin
He wanted to get back at him for the "costume party" incident mentioned in the previous episode.

Amber may still be alive.
Since there still is the "healing" system in the Bacon Academy basement, which was said to be created for her case in the main series, it may be possible that she's still comatose, thus "alive".

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