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Headscratchers / RWBY Chibi

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But don't Beacon-era Jaune and Nora share a bathroom?

  • I'm probably taking this far too seriously, but in "Bathroom Break," Nora's Motor Mouth excuses while cutting ahead of Jaune include "ours is broken" - which would make sense in a dorm (albeit maybe not really with single-occupancy bathrooms and mixed-sex rooms, but never mind), but the conversation between Jaune and Ren back in "Burning the Candle" really made it look like they had an ensuite. Surely they don't have two ensuites?

Why does this show have such a Limited Wardrobe?

  • This is a detail about the show that has always bothered me. The characters wear their Huntress clothes to the pool and when they go to sleep. And it's not like the animators can't do it, Uncle Qrow is clearly wearing a speedo whenever he goes to swim, and we've seen characters from the main show wear different clothes before.
    • Rule of Funny. Sure it'd be nice to have new outfits for the characters to wear, but Chibi runs hog wild on the Rule of Funny, not to mention Conservation of detail/effort. It's funnier for Qrow to be in a speedo while everyone else is dressed normally than it would be if everyone was wearing swimsuits, same with Jaune and his onesie. It's funny because he's wearing a onesie for a cereal brand at the age of ~17. If everyone had onesies it just wouldn't be as funny, it'd be more normal.

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