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D-Cup Distress

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The worst part? Your envious friends will give you no sympathy.

To be truly "Godly", it is best that a female have a "boyish", that is, non-adult female body, while having a feminine presentation. [...] Because the sex characteristics of a grown woman are evil and dangerous.

A woman has large breasts and hates them. Maybe not all the time, but she acknowledges they can cause her problems. Some common reasons for this are:

  • She is going through Puberty and struggling to adapt to the involuntary changes her body is going through.
  • She does not appreciate the attention they bring her.
  • She is subject to Slut-Shaming under the Insane Troll Logic that having a body men lust over means she must be promiscuous.
  • They get in the way or bounce uncontrollably during athletic activity.
  • They are too heavy and burdensome. Their weight can cause stress or pain to her neck and back; bra straps can cut into her shoulders. Even spinal injury is possible, which is why some women in Real Life undergo breast-reduction surgery.
  • They don't hold their attractive shape forever and will inevitably sag as she gets older.

It's rare for this woman to be around other characters who can sympathize with her. While she experiences her large breasts as a burden, expect other characters to see her bustiness as a blessing, not understanding why having large breasts could be a problem. She also gets zero respect from A-Cup Angst sufferers.

Cruelest of all is Slut-Shaming that can come from Sour Prudes who fallaciously assume she is too sexy to be a "virtuous" woman, even if she is not the least bit promiscuous. Likewise, if she wears anything more revealing/form-fitting than a burqa, her outfit will be deemed "provocative" no matter how modest it actually is simply because it doesn't hide the size of her breasts. An adolescent girl developing breasts may find that some people suddenly reverse their opinion of her from "Innocent Child" to "dangerously womanly" for terrible reasons.

Truth in Television for many women of all ages — and often even worse for trans people who were assigned female at birth.

On the lighter side, mild distress may be Played for Laughs, turning this into a Boob-Based Gag. This poor character's struggle with her unmanageable bosom may invoke Slapstick comedy as well as sympathy.

In fiction, extraordinary events may cause this. A Gender Bender or Breast Expansion may render a character suddenly bustier then they prefer.

A Sub-Trope of Appearance Angst. Contrast to A-Cup Angst, Buxom Beauty Standard, and Big-Breast Pride and compare Petite Pride. For some Spear Counterparts of sorts, see Muscle Angst and Big Prick, Big Problems. May be the victim of people who are In Love with Looks.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Meme of The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You hates having large breasts because they make her more noticeable, and she's terrified of being noticed. Unfortunately for her, she's pretty stacked even when she wears a minimizer.
  • In an early chapter of Ai Kora, Yukari becomes self-conscious about her ample bosom and tries wearing a "breast-reduction" bra, which is really just a regular bra that's several sizes too small being sold by an unscrupulous salesman. Hachibei is more interested in Yukari's breasts for their shape rather than their size, but when he finds out what happened he talks Yukari into accepting her body (and secretly takes the time to inflict some righteous retribution on the salesman who preyed on her insecurities).
  • Maria Ortega from Aoi House is embarrassed by her large chest, so much that she ran off crying when Alex talked to Sandy about her... not realizing that he's within earshot of her.
  • Azumanga Daioh: Sakaki's breasts are a constant source of awe to her friends, which has made her self-conscious about them. So it usually causes her embarrassment whenever they call attention to her chest. This ties into her general complex about being seen as a cool, tall Aloof Dark-Haired Girl when she'd rather be smaller and cuter.
  • B Gata H Kei: While Yamada (and the other girls, to some extent) is always jealous of Takeshita's large bust, Takeshita has pointed out that: boys talk to her chest, she has back pains, her large breasts get in the way in PE class, she's constantly ogled and commented upon, people assume that she's stupid because she's busty, it's hard finding bras that fit, and during the summer she gets painful underboob rashes from all the sweat that gathers there.
  • Blue Eyes: Maria at one point comments that the size of her breasts is embarrassing. Never mind how many other girls have just as or even larger breasts than hers.
  • Hacchi from Bokura no Hentai had this in elementary. She was One of the Boys but hit puberty early. Suddenly her male friends didn't want to play with her and everyone treated her differently due to her chest.
  • In the Hot Springs Episode of Brave10, Isanami is envious of Anastasia's breasts, but Ana, being practical says she'd rather be small-breasted because it's less uncomfortable and it would be easier for her as a Ninja.
  • A Certain Magical Index/A Certain Scientific Railgun: Half the girls in the cast complain about the back problems and other issues that arise from their large chests. Of course, the other half are suffering from A-Cup Angst, so they grumble that the bigger girls are just trying to humble brag. Mikagami Nagisa, who can adjust fat in a body, gives a girl enormous boobs that she asked for as a reward for helping Nagisa... and a few days later, the poor girl is already asking to go back to normal, because her back hurts and she's tripping over everything because she can't see her own feet. Nagisa, for her part, keeps her chest at a modest B-cup, which says quite a bit about how much value she sees in giant boobs.
  • D-Frag!: Takao's are so big that attempting to pull up the zipper on her tracksuit caused the zipper to break and fly off like a bullet. The incident garners the cheers of the entire crowd, while Takao turns beet red in embarrassment. (Later it turns out that the size of the tracksuit was too small.)
  • Fairy Tail:
    • Invoked and parodied in a "Freaky Friday" Flip filler. Lucy herself never complains about her large breasts, but when Gray ends up in her body, he immediately notes that her back is terribly sore.
    • In the actual series, Wendy finds herself having to use a spell to transfer her mind into that of Irene Belserion after the later pulls a Grand Theft Me on her own body. While Wendy is happy to finally know what having large breasts feels like, she does note that they are pretty heavy before switching them back.
  • Shiori from FullMaPla often complains about how her large breasts cause her back pain, much to Makoto's annoyance.
  • Futari Ecchi: Misaki Manaka has a very large chest (G-Cup, at least!), but it's clear that she isn't all too happy about them. The author even focused a chapter on all the problems her large breasts cause her: Their weight causes sore shoulders and backaches, with her also subconsciously resting her breasts on surfaces to alleviate the pains, and running is very uncomfortable due to bouncing and rubbing of the fabric against her nipples. She has difficulty finding bras that are the right size, she gets a lot of unwanted attention from men and gets mocked by women, or even slut-shamed for their size.
  • Yuki Ushimaru of Gakuen Babysitters normally defies this trope despite clearly being more well-endowed than the other girls in her class. It only comes up when Kirin pats and nuzzles her breasts because they remind her of her mother's, much to Yuki's horror and embarrassmentnote . Of course, the distress probably has less to do with her breasts on their own and more to do with them being fondled by a toddler.
  • One short story in Good Luck Girl! has Momiji forcibly switch bodies with Ichiko, in order to ruin her reputation. Before leaving Momiji brags about how awesome it is to have big breasts only to come back about a minute later to complain about how burdensome large breasts are and tell Ichiko she feels sorry for her. Still doesn't stop her from wanting big breasts, however.
  • In Gou-dere Bishoujo Nagihara Sora, Sora uses her powers to perform Breast Expansion on Tenka. She doesn't like it and begs Sora to undo it, but she refuses and doesn't understand why anybody would not appreciate it. The new breasts weigh Tenka down and hurt when she tries to run or practice martial arts. To make matters worse, her martial arts teacher turns out to be an asshole who only trained her because he had a fetish for flat-chested girls. Once she gets her new breasts, he declares he sees no value in her now, expels her from the dojo, backhands her to the ground, and almost beats her up before the others save her. Tenka eventually decides to keep her breasts when she gets a crush on Shouta, whom Sora claimed liked large breasts.
  • Great Teacher Onizuka: Tomoko has the biggest boobs in her class and it's making her miserable; she's still a child at heart and not at all ready for the attention they get her.
  • Yae from Hanjuku Joshi really hates having large breasts, even wearing a painfully small bra in an attempt to flatten them down.
  • In Hetalia: Axis Powers, Russia says in the Anime that Ukraine doesn't like her breasts because they make her back hurt.
  • Ikki Tousen: At one point during the manga's first bonus chapter, Hakufu (or Mouki, as she's called then) complains about her bust size, to which her friends say they sort of noticed, causing her to blush wordlessly. Later in the same chapter, she comments that she "doesn't recall having these before," and tells someone ogling her that he's "making her five kinds of self-conscious."
  • Kamen no Maid Guy: Naeka Fujiwara resents her breasts, especially in episode 2 since they apparently make her bad at math. They are so enormous and invasive that not even an iron breastplate can keep them contained.
  • Miu Fuurinji in Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple laments her size, mostly due to how it interferes with her being a martial artist. The fact that several characters call her a dairy cow contributes to this.
  • Motoko Aoyama of Love Hina gripes at one point that, since her breasts are so big already and still growing, it makes it harder for her to wrap her sarashi. To add context, she's a Huge Schoolgirl devoted to kendo and (for the most part) Does Not Like Men: three reasons she sees her breasts as a burden.
  • In the Lyrical Nanoha series, Signum is normally indifferent to her large breasts - but she does get embarrassed when Hayate wants to grope them. She also gets into an uncharacteristic fight with Vita when the latter calls her "Boob Demon."
  • Yamraiha from Magi: Labyrinth of Magic complains that the weight of her breasts makes her shoulders stiff.
  • In Maka-Maka, Nene is insecure about the size of her breasts. She started designing clothes and studying fashion after she could never find clothes that fit her.
  • Oiso from Manyu Hikencho is notable for being one of the few large-breasted women in the series to hate her breasts. She was formerly her village's best diver but her breasts grow so large that they got in the way of her diving. When Chifusa ends up having to use the breast-absorbing technique on her, shrinking Oiso's breasts, Oiso is grateful.
  • Downplayed with Centorea from Monster Musume. She doesn't show much resentment towards her ample chest (it being a centaur racial trait), but she gets embarrassed whenever people bring attention to it. She also is utterly incapable of finding a bra that will survive her boobs, which becomes a plot point when she engages in a jousting match with her mother and is handicapped because her boobs bouncing throws off her center of balance.
  • My Dress-Up Darling: Shinju Inui is a Huge Schoolgirl, who aside from being extremely tall for a middle schooler also has a very large bust. Aside from the obvious insecurities that stem from this, she wants to do cosplay of a male character, meaning that her breasts get in the way of making it convincing enough.
  • Mai Tokiha from My-HiME started with this trope: primarily because she was an early bloomer who was pretty much forced to wear a bra when she was only ten (as she explained in the first episode's omake). But due to her stubborn streak and the fact she had no mother, she soon grew out of it and developed Big-Breast Pride; as she put it, she wanted to walk proud, "with my chest out and my head held high."
  • My Wife is the Student Council President: Rin Misumi is notable for having a curvaceous figure for a girl her age, especially her breasts. But she confides to Izumi that they've caused her "nothing but trouble" because of the rumor being spread around school that she allegedly used her chest to steal another girl's boyfriend. It was a false accusation since Rin wasn't even aware of him until after the breakup, and said she still turned him down.
  • Implied once in a while with Hinata from Naruto, who gained a quite curvy figure after the Time Skip. In one of the chapters leading up to Road To Ninja, she is in the onsen...and is greatly embarrassed when her breasts keep floating up in the water.
  • Yuna from Negima! Magister Negi Magi is annoyed about her bust growing since it gets in the way of playing basketball.
  • The titular nurse of Nurse Hitomi's Monster Infirmary is less enthusiastic about her large bust than everyone else.
  • Roxy Simpson from Planetes has "a complex about her breasts" as Tanabe puts it. Planetes being a highly realistic and mature series, this is one of those rare examples where this trope is played rather seriously. Roxy works as a receptionist and the way men keep harassing her and asking her on dates makes her worried that she looks slutty. The fact that she used to be a prostitute doesn't help.
  • Shii of Puni Puni☆Poemi has an absolutely enormous chest, large enough that she has to set them down on things around the house to keep from falling over, including the title character's head and she apparently once smothered the cat. When each of the family members gets an Imagine Spot for what they'd wish for with Puni Puni Poemi's magical powers, Shii's spot shows a flat-chested version of herself.
  • A more downplayed version appeared in Servant × Service, where Yamagami is actually relieved that Chihaya guessed her chest puppies' size to be merely F-Cup!
  • Natsumi Hinata from Sgt. Frog is reminded more often that she'd like that (usually by the lesbians stalking her) she's more well-endowed than average and seems to think they're more a burden than a blessing. One of her fears is that she'll "end up a mutant like mom" and the effects of Kururu's age-changing beam in volume three indicate that this is indeed destined to be her terrible fate. (Doesn't stop her from wearing bikinis, though.)
  • Morino from Toshiue no Hito was hounded by boys when her breasts grew and was even sexually harassed at university before Tsutomu stepped in to save her. When they broke up and Ageha came on the scene, she tried her best to use her sex appeal to win him back first, leading to angst when she was harassed (and saved) again.
  • To Strip the Flesh: Chiaki, as a transgender man, understandably hates his large bust and has a dream sequence of them getting removed.
  • Unbreakable Machine-Doll: In another one of her angry fits with Raishin, Charlotte makes the assumption that he prefers large-breasted women like Freya and calls her "Ms. Mamories" in the process. Freya, taking insult to that, tells her that bigger doesn't always mean better and lists all the problems with having large breasts, to which Charlotte somehow takes that as offensive teasing, not seeing the downsides at all while under the belief that there's not a single good thing about having a flat chest.
  • For the majority of UQ Holder!, Karin doesn't seem all that bothered about being one of the more well-endowed characters, but late into the series when she reunites with the protagonist Touta after 45 years of floating through space, she asks him if he doesn't like big boobs. He had previously told her under a Truth Serum that he appreciated how big they were, so the most likely explanation is that Karin is just really insecure, seeing as her true identity is Judas Iscariot.
  • Variable Geo: In her opening scene, Yuka gets depressed when she sees that another of her uniform shirts has become too tight in the chest again because her already large breasts are still growing.
  • Having little to ask for after the first two wishes granted by her Deal with the Devil, Snark from The Voynich Hotel decides to wish for large breasts, just to know how it feels to have them. She ends up quickly regretting it once they fail to get her the man she wants and realizes how much of a load they are on her back.
  • Miss Aoshika from Wolf Guy - Wolfen Crest has had large breasts since the time she was a teenager, and they've attracted her a lot of unwanted attention (and what's more, people tend to claim that she's "asking for it" due to her figure).
  • Furutani Himawari of YuruYuri is notably stacked for a 13-year-old and does not enjoy it as she feels it alienates her from her classmates and brings unwanted attention. Not to mention it drives her best friend Sakurako nuts.
  • Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs: Both Nonko and Sagiri downplay this:
    • Nonko isn't that bothered about the size of her chest, but she does ask Koyuzu to use transformation to make her breasts smaller at one point because they get in the way when she's drawing manga.
    • While Sagiri doesn't completely hate her chest size, she is bothered by the fact it seems to be increasing and the weight of her chest limits her speed during her missions. When Koyuzu turns her chest smaller, Sagiri actually prefers how much lighter it is.
    • Chisaki, on the other hand, plays the trope straight. She doesn't like having big breasts because of all the unwanted attention they attract.

    Fan Works 
  • Bri Tennyson in Ben DXD hates how big her breasts are, Mostly because she is actually 'Ben' Tennyson and had been turned into a girl upon entering the High School D×D universe, and suddenly went from having no breasts to being bigger than Akeno, the normally bustiest girl in the series.
  • Mabel Pines in The Big Pines grew up to be so ridiculously buxom in such a short amount of timenote that during high school nobody, teachers included, would believe her when she said her breasts weren't grossly oversized implants and thought the worst about her because of that. She also mentions backache, and waking up choking because of the weight pressing against her lungs. During a trip to the gym resulting in 'more' back pain and a bruised face from it continually being hit by "bags of wet cement", and later has a nightmare centered around a fear of being seen as "Nothing but a pair of tits."
    • Candy, who used the growth flashlight to give herself G-cups quickly suffers from the same back problems as Mabel, only more so because, unlike Mabel Candy just suddenly having all that extra mass-spring up out of nowhere has not given her muscles time to strengthen so she can carry it.
  • Cordelia in Blue Belle is highly irritated that one of the leftovers from Halloween is an additional two cup sizes, mostly because it's hard to find bras in an F-cup.
  • In the Little Witch Academia fanfic Butch Diana, Amanda trips Akko so she falls on top of Diana. While Diana is happy that her breasts finally proved useful in cushioning Akko's fall, Akko is understandably... Conflicted.
  • Child of the Storm:
    • Carol Danvers, who developed early and is described as having the body of a hot co-ed at 15 and implied to be pretty much as stacked as her canon counterpart. This is something she does not like as it leads to her being subject to sexual harassment from guys her age and older men alike, as well as (she feels) interfering with her playing The Beautiful Game and she tends to be quite defensive and spiky as a result. The back pain is not mentioned, presumably because she has enough problems as it is. That said, since she's a descendant of Captain America via Peggy Carter and has got the super soldier genes, this is not likely to be a problem.
    • Diana has a similar reaction after being temporarily aged up from a petite 12-year-old to a significantly stacked grown woman.
  • Daily Equestria Life with Monster Girl Cerea was deeply embarrassed by the emphasis the humans put on her impressive bust, to the point that she has developed a full-on phobia of being measured for clothing. And it only gets worse now that she is in Equestria, among a species that only develops visible breasts at all when pregnant or nursing. Fortunately, she doesn't have to worry about back pains: Her bust size is natural for a centaur, and they were designed with the appropriate ligaments and other natural support.
  • Epiphany has Tifa explaining that she has trouble with certain tops because she tends to spill out of them since her chest is wider than her shoulders.
  • Professor McGonagall in Itachi, Is That a Baby? was apparently a G cup in her youth before she used a ritual to shrink them (and told anyone who asked it was a side effect of becoming a cat animagus). When she's reverted to her early twenties, she can barely cross her arms because of their size.
  • Kana Toshaka in Fate/Sunny Order, who inherited her body figure more from her aunt Sakura than her mother Rin. She hates her buxom body since it conflicts with her Tomboy nature, and she confesses to Mashu that she's been keeping her chest compressed with a sports bra and extra straps in her Chaldea uniform.
  • Kirita, the Female counterpart of Kirito in The Kirita Chronicles has this problem due to unwanted attention.
  • Kitsune: Conner Fox gains a 32DD bust on a 12-year-old girl's frame from his transformation.
    Another thing I wasn't happy about; the presence and existence of my bosom, as well as the fact that I was now one of those lucky girls who got hit in the chest by the boob fairy.
  • In the The Loud House fanfic The Lard House, the version of Maggie that lives in the new dimension Lincoln has arrived in, has breasts the size of yoga balls, and not nearly the level of back strength to carry them without pain as the rest of her is seriously underweight and ill. She has to carry weights around in her backpack to counterbalance herself so she can walk upright. Prematurely lactates and her family can't afford the surgery. The alternate version of Leninote  manages to help her by strengthening her body And removing the giant tumors in them that were drawing away most of the nutrients in her body. It's noted that her growth was brushed off by doctors as natural, due to it not actually being unheard of for girls to grow to a size like hers. As proven in the sequel story set ten years in the future, when the native version of Stella grows to a similar size herself.
  • Like Power Girl, of whom she is a magically created clone, Alexandra Harris of Origin Story is a little top-heavy. She usually doesn't mind the attention it brings her, and as a Kryptonian, the backaches just don't happen. Rather, her primary complaint about needing a 40-H bra is that it's near impossible to find a bra in that size that doesn't (in her words) "belong on either a granny or a porn star."
  • Downplayed with Velvet Lono in Pokémon Reset Bloodlines. While she's not particularly bothered by her large bust, she admits sometimes it makes it hard to run and needs to buy her bras overseas because her size is hard to find in Alola.
  • Tsunade in Son of the Sannin complains that she needs to wear her Konoha flak jacket unzipped due to her massive rack.
    "So many years later, and there are no flak jackets for women my size."
  • Starbound: Rokuna at one point mentions being self-conscious about having large breasts. This would seem to contradict her much greater enthusiasm than Mondo's about showing themselves off in some skimpy swimsuits to all their friends, but the next chapter shows that she was actually a bit nervous about that at first and wanted him by her side for it.
  • In Tales of Faith, Heart Burkwood does not complain about her large chest most of the time, but when it comes to the hot spring scene, her chest attracted too much attention and the females wondered how she was so well-endowed, she actually has begun to regret having such a size.
  • The idea is briefly toyed with in Yet again, with a little extra help with Tsunade, with the narration casually mentioning that what keeps them from being an inconvenience to her is a basic chakra control exercise.

    Film — Live-Action 
  • The Italian comedy Le Comiche 2 offers a particular twist. A man receives a breast augmentation by mistake. Later in the movie, the character suffers a comedic underwear exposure that reveals him wearing a bra to support his bosom. His embarrassment and distress are Played for Laughs. He ends up in a hospital where, because of his breasts, he is mistaken for transgender and undergoes a sex reassignment surgery.
  • John Waters' A Dirty Shame: Caprice (Selma Blair wearing ridiculously large fake boobs) is better known as "Ursula Udders". At one point in the film, she becomes modest and tries (unsuccessfully) to hide her breasts, which is like trying to hide two watermelons stuffed into a blouse.) She gets over it.
  • The film version of Flower Drum Song has a scene where Dr Li buys his daughter a western evening gown (they're Chinese) with breast padding. He and Master Wang theorize it must be to keep people from crowding around her.
  • Downplayed in Legally Blonde, where Elle is angsting about the people around her not taking her seriously. Warner breaks up with her because he "needs a Jackie, not a Marilyn" and she screeches "What? My boobs are too big?"
  • Gigi (who is a fashion model) in The Neon Demon states that she had a breast reduction among the rest of the cosmetic surgery she had to further her career. Somewhat Truth in Television in that clothes benefit smaller chest sizes in the fashion world.
  • In Now and Then, tomboy Roberta is shown binding her breasts with masking tape while lamenting "No matter what I do, they just keep getting bigger!" On the other hand, flat-chested Teeny is so eager to have breasts that she stuffs her top with pudding-filled balloons, as they have a similar consistency to human breasts. As an adult, she proudly tells her friends that she is a "36D, and worth every penny!"
  • Nurse Betty: Rosa says that she wishes more of the people she brought to her apartment would pay attention to the trappings (most notably the fish tank) instead of her breasts. This turns into a Brick Joke when Roy recognizes the fishes and hits it off with her.
  • In the short film Size 'Em Up, a teenage soccer player is dragged to a bra shop by her mother. She's already reluctant and uncomfortable and becomes considerably more so when the clerk checks her out and declares that she's a 34DD because she had never even heard of a size like that before.
  • For Vivian in Slums of Beverly Hills, the distress is not so much related to her breast size, but rather, her father ordering her to put on a bra with her halter top. This forces her to go around with the straps hanging out.
  • Mentioned in Superbad by the two protagonists (sex-obsessed teenage boys) when discussing a woman's breast reduction surgery. One of them points out the back problems they caused her, while the other one claims that opting for this surgery is akin to spitting in God's face.

  • Common in Laurell K. Hamilton's works: both Anita Blake and Merry Gentry are constantly lamenting that being short, dark, and curvy instead of being tall, blonde, and skinny like other women is such a burden and nobody could possibly love them because of how they look (which is suspiciously like an idealized version of the author). Quite narmful given that they both have harems of impossibly beautiful men that they tell this to.
  • In The Abandon Trilogy, there is Kayla who has a very impressive bust size for someone who hasn't even reached her eighteenth birthday yet. But she hates them, not just because people stare and call her names over them, but also because they make regular things unpleasant - like riding a bicycle and her knees keep hitting her nipples. She plans to have breast reduction surgery as soon as she's a legal adult and was horrified with the possibility that they might still be growing.
  • This is what Vida experiences in Richard Brautigan's novel The Abortion. She's looked like that since she was eleven, and men have had accidents or even killed themselves. She hates it; she wanted to be a ballerina.
  • In Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero, Myuu does not like her huge rack because it is difficult to find clothes that fit her, and she keeps popping buttons.
  • In American Psycho, Patrick Bateman is a fan of a fictional talk show called The Patty Winters Show. One morning, one of the guests on the show is a woman who once had large breasts but underwent breast reduction surgery. Naturally, Bateman and all of his colleagues privately ridicule her for her decision.
  • In Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret., Margaret and the other girls envy Laura Danker, who developed breasts early. Boys ogle her and girls circulate gossip about her. Later in the story, it's revealed that Laura wishes she didn't have them: she doesn't like the attention they attract, not to mention the fact that she's gained a (completely false) reputation for being promiscuous, just because of her body.
  • Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts:
    • Mizuki Himeji complains that her breasts are heavy and she has trouble finding the right bra size.
    • Later on in the story during the Black Magic Incident (long story), Akihisa swapped bodies with Himeji and understood that being so buxom isn't good for movement, etc. at all. For comparison, he finds that Minami's slender body is much better in mobility and strength.
  • In Both Can Be True, middle schooler Zoey hates having large breasts because of the way boys stare at her. She tells Olivia, "Trust me, this is a problem you do not want. Every guy looks at me like I'm a piece of meat."
  • Implied but downplayed (and Justified) in the poem Bras, where the subject doesn't really mind their size (she's said to be "big in the front"), aside from their size making it difficult for to her find a suitable (and comfortable) bra.
    • Also implied but downplayed with the poem Pointed Observation (by the same author), where the subject doesn't make a big deal about her breasts being a little big ("40D" is the mentioned size), however, she can't make sense of the fact they are large, leaving her confused.
  • In Cally's War, originally slim Cally undergoes a full-body modification in order to pretend to be someone else as part of a mission, ending up with a much more curvaceous figure. Due to plot complications, she is unable to switch back for several books, until she eventually meets the woman she was pretending to be. Cally can't wait to get back her original body, while the woman expresses happiness at her voluptuousness.
  • In Cauldron of Ghosts, Yana is aggravated that her disguise includes large hips and bust, due to them throwing off her balance and being a general inconvenience to an Action Girl.
  • Chakona Space: Multiple examples. Two stand-outs:
    • Pandora was an amply endowed vixen from a foxtaur tribe where small breasts were the norm and got teased mercilessly for it, called a "cow" often. Of course, this made her quite attractive to those outside her village, including her human mate.
    • Skunktaur Darkwave was embarrassed by the large breasts he got when in female phase, mostly because his first change was on the day of a big soccer game and he was thrown off balance.
  • In the Confessions of Georgia Nicolson, Georgia is distressed about her rapidly growing breasts; "It's like carrying two small people around with me".
  • In the Dragonlance novels, Tika Waylan feels awkward and dumpy because of her big breasts and is envious of the elven princess Laurana's slender figure.
  • Heather Key from Elliott & Win has huge breasts, which give her backaches and attract all sorts of negative attention, despite her efforts to hide them in baggy shirts. Boys and girls alike bully her for supposedly being a tramp, and Vanessa Crowser calls her a cow and makes mooing noises. Heather has breast reduction surgery planned and is counting the days.
  • Failure Frame: Kashiba hates her large, and still growing, breasts, as she's received nothing but leers from most of the boys and derision from most of the girls since they started coming in.
  • In A Few Words About Breasts, her comic essay about her own A-Cup Angst, Nora Ephron writes that her big-breasted friends always say they had it worse: "Their bra straps were snapped in class. They couldn't sleep on their stomachs. They were stared at whenever the word "mountain" cropped up in geography. And Evangeline, good God what they went through every time someone had to stand up and recite the Prologue to Longfellow's Evangeline: .... . stand like druids of eld... / With beards that rest on their bosoms." It was much worse for them, they tell me. They had a terrible time of it, they assure me. I don't know how lucky I was, they say." Ephron doesn't believe them.
  • In Katherine Anne Porter's short story "Flowering Judas", Laura is an American radical working with left-wing revolutionaries in Mexico. She has "great round breasts" of "incomprehensible fullness", which she covers with loose tops because she is a serious revolutionary and does not want the attention. (She also has "long, invaluably beautiful legs" that she covers under long skirts.) She's irritated when Braggioni the revolutionary leader notices her chest anyway.
  • I Am the Cheese: At one point, Amy Hertz is said to have wonderful breasts, which she said when the protagonist first noticed she finds too big and embarrassing to always carry around everywhere.
  • Zigzagged with Manda in the Jessica Darling books. Jessica notes sourly that for someone who supposedly hates her breasts, Manda sure wears a lot of tight, plunging-necklined outfits that show them off. On the other hand, Jessica at one point realizes that what she had taken as Manda being prone to push her chest out is actually her constantly having to stretch out her aching back.
  • Kris Longknife: Zig-Zagged with Vicky Peterwald. While certainly not above using her assets to get what she wants, she also complains sometimes that her bust gives her back problems and gets in the way during physical training. On the other hand, she also sympathizes with Kris Longknife's A-Cup Angst on account of the fact that she was a late bloomer.
  • The Demon Queen from Maoyu is oblivious to the attractiveness of her huge rack and feels the "useless meat" is just weighing her down. She also dislikes sexy outfits and prefers more conservative clothing instead.
  • Isabelle of The Mortal Instruments tells Clary she's lucky to be so flat-chested. Clary is the POV character and wishes she were as well-endowed as Isabelle.
  • Morgan from the Once a Thief series has a very generous bust and has always hated the attention it attracts. Before the beginning of the story, she would wear multiple layers and unflattering clothes to downplay the size of her breasts. It's commented on quite a few times in the series, and it embarrasses her every time.
  • In One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Nurse Ratched resents having large breasts and tries to hide them.
  • Sorry, Bro: Nareh has pretty large breasts it seems, often struggling as outfits that fit the rest of her won't also accommodate her bust in a lot of cases, to her annoyance.
  • Spitfire has a demonstration of the solely physical type of this trope: a character who's unused to having large breasts tries to do jumping jacks, entirely naked, without a bra or any type of support. Pain, and hilarity, ensue.
  • Tenderness: Lori is very well-developed, and at the age of fifteen (and before), she is treated as a Lust Object and an Innocent Fanservice Girl by grown men, including her mothers' boyfriends.
  • Jennifer North in Valley of the Dolls likes her figure and carefully maintains it for her career, but has never had a man love her for herself alone. This becomes tragic in the end.
  • Vorkosigan Saga: Tej dislikes being extremely well-endowed, and not just because of the unwanted attention. She wants to be a professional dancer like her half-siblings, but she moans to Ivan she's too "top heavy" to be one.

    Live-Action TV 
  • In 8 Simple Rules during "Freaky Friday" Flip episode (Season 3; Episode 18), Bridget is switched with her mother and has some difficulty walking correctly due to the weight of her new jugs, despite her original body being well-endowed too.
    Bridget (lifting her breasts): God, mom, how do you walk around with these things?
  • A Chappelle's Show sketch presented an It's a Wonderful Plot scenario for this where a woman hates her large breasts but later learns to appreciate them after an angel shows her that if she didn't have large breasts the world would end.
  • Charmed (1998) has an episode where Paige uses magic to get back at a rude co-worker, but the resulting backfire from the 'personal gain' motivations is that her own breasts grow bigger. Her sisters assume this was intentional, and she fires back that she liked her body the way it was. She spends a good amount of time trying to cover herself with a big coat and needs Phoebe's help operating a gear stick in her car. One season later, she references it and says her back still hurts. But when the magic is reversed and they shrink back to normal, she sighs "do you think it maybe worked too well?"
  • This is the entire point of the song "Heavy Boobs" from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Having them may seem cool, but they are "dense like dying stars" and are really just "sacks of yellow fat." Also, things fall into the bra, it's difficult to run too far, and bouncing breasts hurt like hell.
  • In Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (episode 3x12, "Ladies Night, Part 2"), Colleen tries to bind her breasts and tells Dr. Quinn, "I don't want them" after receiving inappropriate attention from the boys in town.
  • Flesh and Bone. Several of the ballerinas make snide comments about another dancer as they watch her practice—"Her tits are two steps behind". She is actually nowhere near the size cited in this trope, but given the uber-slim figure standards that the ballet world goes by, she may as well be by having breasts at all. (This is Truth in Television, as actress Sarah Hay, who is also a ballerina, had to contend with such comments during her training, including instructors who told her she should get breast reduction surgery.)
  • The Good Place: Tahani, supposedly. It's hard to tell if she legitimately thinks she's cursed or if she's trying to humblebrag.
    Tahani: Couture just doesn't fit my body. I'm cursed with ample bosom.
    Eleanor: And yet you soldier on.
  • One episode of Malcolm in the Middle had Malcolm's friend come back from a semester abroad with this problem, constantly wearing overly-large sweaters to hide her chest. When Reese finds out and tries to seduce her just for the chance to see them, Malcolm has to try to stop him without letting Cynthia know he blabbed her secret.
  • My So-Called Life: Sharon Cherski, in the episode "The Zit" wherein an anonymous girl-ranking poll designates her as having the "best hooters" of all the sophomores in the school. As is typical of the show, it's played for angst as well as humor, with Sharon becoming self-conscious and distressed about her large breasts.
  • Nip/Tuck:
    • There's a subversion in the episode Jenny Juggs, where the title character has incredibly huge breasts that she can even use as weapons, knocking out the protagonist and breaking a pumpkin with them. Her breasts have caused her a lot of self-esteem issues, not helped by the fact that she's a stripper. She is finally convinced by the protagonist to get a breast reduction bringing her to a C-cup but ends up getting upset anyway because she thinks her breasts are too small.
    • Another subversion in an early episode where the patient of the week is a woman who had had incredibly large breast implants, then wants them reduced again. It turns out that she's actually working for a drug dealer who is using the implants to smuggle his product into the country.
  • Sabrina the Teenage Witch likewise has an unwilling Breast Expansion plot. While she enjoys some of the extra attention - such as strangers buying her coffee - she realizes everyone starts treating her like a bimbo and tries to reverse the magic.
  • In an SCTV parody of "The Nutty Professor" with Ed Grimley, the love of his life is despairing over their supervisor's boorish harassment:
    Stella: Oh, why was I born with these big bazongas?
    Ed: Oh, I'm sure you weren't born with them; I'm sure they developed over time, ya know?
  • Total Divas:
    • The second episode has Cameron trying to get Hotter and Sexier ring gear for herself and Naomi. Except she doesn't get Naomi's measurements, and the latter says she can't wear it because she has to worry about breasts popping out in the middle of the ring.
    • When Lana is making her in-ring debut, she gets warned by Natalya about breasts popping out.
    Lana: Brie said I shouldn't be ashamed of my breasts.
    Nattie: Brie doesn't have much to be ashamed of.
  • On Two and a Half Men, Chelsea (to whom Charlie was engaged for a while) contemplates breast reduction surgery to help with back problems she'd been having (on the advice of Alan, who's a chiropractor). Charlie desperately tries to talk her out of it. After Charlie eventually accepts it, he accidentally points out that having a smaller chest will make people notice her ass more, which immediately changes Chelsea's mind.
  • An episode of Roseanne had her doctor suggesting a breast reduction because of the back pain she had been suffering. Before the operation, she has a nightmare that they gave her a breast enlargement instead.
  • In The War at Home, teen Hilary is suffering A-Cup Angst, wishing that she had larger breasts like her mother. Mom says that having big breasts is a pain in the back, literally.

  • Lee Kim-soon, a government agent and martial artist from The Breaker: New Waves hates her large breasts. In the side story chapters 9.5 and 19.5, she limited her martial arts training to practicing just one type of kick because she hates the way her breasts jiggle if she uses any other martial arts moves. She even said she planned on using her bonus pay from one mission to get breast reduction surgery.

  • A hilarious monologue in the mostly serious play How I Learned to Drive has the main character comparing her emerging boobs to parasitic aliens who have latched on to her. A recurring theme in the story is that the protagonist is uncomfortable with herself because of her large breasts; driving becomes her favorite hobby because she can't do the kinds of activities other girls do to relax and feel "free", like dancing, without worrying about what people are thinking of her.

    Video Games 
  • Litchi Faye-Ling from BlazBlue downplays this a bit. She isn't entirely ashamed of her figure, so it isn't H-Cup Hell (seriously), but the big part of her cosplay fetish (seen in the various gag reels) is that she can't wear the outfits herself due to her figure.
  • Cornelia the A.I. from BoxxyQuest: The Gathering Storm isn’t very fond of her avatar’s “clickbait” figure. Or rather, she’s not fond of what it represents. Her body is a constant reminder of her creator’s intent to exploit and objectify her, and the attention it draws reminds her that she’ll never quite fit in. She only reveals this during her final support scene, after her breasts have already been used for several gags, which suddenly aren’t quite as funny anymore.
  • Sypha from Castlevania: Judgment is pissed off that she has such large breasts. This is only mentioned in Maria Renard's story, where Sypha is one of the three characters whom Maria has dialogue outside of the pre-match words.
    Sypha: (annoyed) Will you stop? These things only get in the way.
  • In Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness Laharl, when turned into a woman, is rather buxom. His first comment is how much his back hurts, much to the ire of Flonne and Etna.
  • In Disgaea 4's Nether Battle DLC, ironically right after the battle described on Petite Pride, several buxom characters take note of this trope right before the battle begins.
  • Rhajat from Fire Emblem Fates is a very socially awkward Dark Magical Girl who doesn't like when people bring up her looks, and especially her bosom. She threatens at least one prospective boyfriend for bringing up her large breasts during a talk, and her My Room model has her awkwardly folding her arms in front of her chest.
  • House Party (2017) has Brittney, who spends the time tucked away in the study because of her bust size coupled with her overly-revealing top. Nothing is said about her conscious decision to attend the party thus dressed, although you can arrange things so that she feels less self-conscious about it.
  • Lost Judgment has Mami Koda, a girl who is more buxom than her peers. She's frequently slut-shamed by bullies, and even Mikoshiba, the student teacher overseeing the basketball club, has made off-color remarks about her skills because of her chest size.
  • Mary Skelter 2 protagonist Otsuu patterns herself as a "Prince" in accordance with her Childhood Marriage Promise with Little Mermaid. Unfortunately for Otsuu, this is undermined by her very prominent chest, second only to Sleeping Beauty's giant knockers despite Otsuu regularly binding her chest. Worse yet, Little Mermaid has a very small chest and isn't thrilled about it, further driving Otsuu's desire to downplay her own boobs. The original Mary Skelter also has a scene in which the reasonably-sized Snow White tries out clothes made to fit her significantly-smaller sister Thumbelina, and blames herself for being fat when her assets threaten to spill out of the dress.
  • Though Omega Labyrinth Life relies on Breast Expansion and reaching ridiculous levels of cup sizes to fight and survive the toughest dungeons, it does not shy away from how unpleasant and difficult it can be to have breasts bigger than your head. It's especially apparent when you enter the spa with a character of cup size LL-X, and their faces tell you all you need to know.
  • Naoto Shirogane from Persona 4 isn't exactly confirmed to have large breasts, but the context clues seem to point to it, and she is not happy about it. This is most likely because, at least at the beginning of her story, she doesn't want to be a girl, and hiding large breasts to make her appear to be flat-chested can be difficult. Also, she is very shy about them, as can be seen in several scenes from the game, such as the hot springs scene where all the girls are surprised, and the beauty pageant scene, where Naoto refuses to do the bathing suit part of the competition. The size of her breasts is alluded to during the scene where all the main characters decide to go to the doctor for check-ups. Teddie starts to read the sizes of everyone's busts off the results sheet of paper, and after reading Naoto's is shocked, stating that it can't possibly be right. Naoto promptly yanks the paper out of Teddie's hands.
    • In Persona 4 Golden Naoto is confirmed to have large breasts in a cutscene at a hot springs. She's covered by a towel but the size of her breasts are very visible. The other girls even give Naoto's breasts a poke out of awe, much to her dismay. In the new Golden ending of the game, all the characters wear new clothing. The most notable thing about Naoto's new look is that she's wearing feminine clothing and is actually showing her cleavage, indicating that she isn't ashamed of them anymore.
  • Punishing: Gray Raven: Bianca's Secrets reveal she "feels that her chest cushion is too thick" and "tends to lose focus from her chest button being undone". Even though she's an android, her bust size is apparently necessary: Constructs' frames are supposed to resemble their original, human bodies in order to prevent M.I.N.D. deviation.
  • Senran Kagura: Yumi's boobs are so big she can't wear her kimono properly and wishes they were smaller.
  • Skullgirls: Valentine has the largest breasts in an already-busty cast. While she's happy to use her looks to her advantage, she also has several animations where she has to adjust her shirt while fighting, and one of her listed dislikes is "back pain."
  • Tales Series:
    • Tales of the Abyss: Tear Grants doesn't like it if her 'melons' are being mentioned disparagingly.
      Me-me-melons, what do you mean 'melons'!? Are you stupid!? Can't you be a little more quiet!?
      • Also in other parts, when offered a very daring outfit, she instead opted to buy a more modest one outside just so it doesn't show off her figure. Likewise, when winning a battle while wearing the bathing outfit, she voices distress that her assets might be popping out...
    • Tales of Berseria: Downplayed with Velvet Crowe, whose breast size is only indirectly referred to, but she gets noticeably snippy and very defensive. Rokurou even lampshades this when he mentions her midriff-revealing top, and Velvet tells him to watch where his eyes are going. He's surprised that a daemon like her still retains a sense of shame.
  • Yandere Simulator: Kokona Haruka has the largest bust size in the game (her arms will actually sometimes clip through her boobs, they're that large). Her uniform doesn't fit because of it, and getting her a modified uniform will earn you her friendship. She's also implied to have been bullied over it. In the Driving a Rival to Murder video, one of the things that get Musume Ronshaku killed is her desire to shame Kokona about them.

    Visual Novels 
  • Doki Doki Literature Club!: Yuri (who is quite shy) is embarrassed by her large chest since it attracts attention and it's implied she gets teased about it. She also mentions that it gives her backaches.
  • In Fate/stay night, Sakura Matou is particularly embarrassed about her large chest size. However, after she grows a spine, she loses this trait.
  • Galaxy Angel: Forte Stollen is the bustiest member of the Moon Angel Wing, and while she doesn't often bring it up, one scene where the Angels are relaxing at the onsen has her revealing her chest often gets in the way when she's firing her guns.
  • Downplayed in Nekopara. Coconut isn't exactly pleased with her growing chest, or growth spurt in general as she feels that it goes against what she sees as being cute which is being small and petite like her older but smaller sister Azuki. She seems to have gotten over it by adulthood, but still has insecurities about her looks.

  • Bongo of Bongo and Luna isn't a fan of her sizable assets. Thanks to minor annoyances like Luna frequently lusting after them, and bigger ones like the time they caused a 20-car pileup and a helicopter crash.
  • Busty Girl Comics is an entire webcomic archive devoted to sharing the woes of large-chested women (and a few perks here and there).
  • Golden Girl/Audrey Page from The Developing Adventures of Golden Girl is not enjoying how large her breasts grew following puberty. It mainly stems from the fact that her constant bouncing and added weight gets in the way of her superhero duties, especially since the rest of her body is pretty skinny, but it also pertains to minor annoyances like the fact that the story apparently takes place before sports bras were invented.
  • In El Goonish Shive, Lucy went from being bullied for being tall to being an object of desire for boys in junior high once she started developing. Unfortunately for her, this wasn't a positive development.
  • Jamie of Girls with Slingshots is usually an exemplar of Big-Breast Pride. That pride takes a hit after she receives unwanted attention from a male co-worker. She explains her distress when friends ask why she has concealed herself in baggy clothing. True to this trope, she gets absolutely no sympathy from her skinny friend Hazel.
  • Maxima of Grrl Power dislikes her large bust as it interferes with drawing her sidearm. Not to mention the unwanted attention it gets. On the plus side, virtually every woman she works with has a similar chest size, so at least she doesn't have to worry about jealousy too much.
  • In a bonus comic for Lotta Svärd: Women of War, after Helle expresses envy of Lahja's large bust, Lahja hands Helle a large, full backpack and tells her to wear it on her front, forever. Helle gets the point, and Lahja gets a back massage that night.
    Helle: I get it, yer chest is heavy!
  • One of the characters on Miserable Comedians developed early, and was relentlessly bullied for it by the other girls in her high school. As an adult, she has worked her breast issues into her standup.
  • Misfile Ash hates having large breasts (that are still growing) and would rather be a flat-chested girl everyone ignores. This is because Ash used to be a guy and would really much like to be one again.
  • Ms. Invisible of Modern MoGal often finds other people gazing at her bust so much that she'd rather go topless, if not straight naked, just to stop all the staring.
  • NEXT!!! Sound of the Future:
    • Gumiya is a trans man who used to have a large bust before he got surgery. He was desperate enough to minimize their appearance that he wrapped his chest in bandages, which severely restricted his breathing. He was very insistent to his surgeon that he wanted them gone.
    • This trope is also Discussed in the afterword of chapter 5, where Gumiya and Roll talk about how although breast mods are popular among androids there is usually an upper limit to how big they want them due to the practical issues of having a large chest, such as back pain and needing to get custom tailored clothing. Because of this, extremely large breast mods are only common among rich androids who can afford extra mods to make them practical.
  • Chanel of Rain (2010) is one of the shortest students in her school and she has big breasts, which attracts a lot of boys... except she's afraid of boys. She's a homoromantic asexual. Chanel has some resentment toward her breasts.
  • In Sidekick Girl, when Illumina and Val get body swapped, Val doesn't appreciate Illumina's large breasts, complaining about back pain and having to get a new wardrobe. Illumina herself subconsciously used her Gravity Master powers to levitate her breasts, freeing her from the back problems that come with large cleavage.
  • Too Much Information (2005) has Rocky, a bald black Butch Lesbian who, as the result of becoming pregnant by her transexual fiance Carly, has gone from being completely flat-chested to having a pair of tiny, barely noticeable breasts. They're still big enough (meaning that they're visible at all) that she finds them extremely annoying.
  • Natani of TwoKinds is similar to Ash above; because of a near-fatal Black Magic spell in his youth, part of his soul was torn away and had to be replaced with a transplant from his brother. This means he is fundamentally transgender, identifying himself as male despite his female form, and so his breasts are just a reminder that his body and mind don't match. Normally he's indifferent - the breasts are easily held back by a good set of bandages and a thick jacket - but he finds plenty to complain about in the regular heat cycle he experiences.
  • Wapsi Square:
    • Monica has some towards her breasts, in part because her petite height makes them stand out even more.
    • Atsali has this as well. It's partly because jumped up to her current size from an A-Cup or so literally overnight, and partly because she is unable to really shrink it much with her ability to take human guise, and she doesn't like the "alluring siren" stereotype the size and her species brings.
  • Downplayed in Weregeek, where Katie and Sarah complain about the trouble of finding bras for their large chests. They're jealous of Abbie when she says she can just go pick one off the rack for half the price.
  • Mei from Welcome to Chastity unknowingly moves into a town where all the women have insanely huge breasts. Not long after her breasts start growing to gigantic proportions as well. While everyone in town is used to huge breasts, Mei is not and for the majority of the series considers her breasts freakishly huge and even worries that she might lose her boyfriend over them. Though since he's native to the town their size doesn't disturb him at all.
  • The Head Maid of White Dark Life loathes her figure and is trying to save up for plastic surgery to remove them. Though she's not above abusing her breasts while she still has them.
    • She ends up being joined by Eloria, with the justification that she is a warrior demon. Best not to let those dangle around while swinging an oversized axe.

    Web Original 
  • Betty from Brooding-Ninja-Highschool-Parkour-Scout was saddled since early childhood with impossibly large breasts that made it impossible to walk (she keeps tripping and falling down, then bounce back up again, over and over), leading her to be relentlessly harassed by her 953 siblings and earning her the embarrassing nickname "The Chronodefender Mastertron".
  • Liana K frequently discusses the trope in her videos, saying that she's often ignored by both misogynists and feminists because of her large breasts. She's likewise expressed annoyance at famously large-breasted video game characters having their cup size reduced in the name of 'realism' - reminding viewers that large-breasted women exist too. Her Two Women Talking co-host Song W Eretson likewise says her grandmother once complained about her wearing form-fitting clothes all the time, and her mother coming to her defence with "if she wears anything loose, she'll look like a potato sack".
  • MoniRobo: Natalia Mallard is actually ashamed of having G-cup breasts, especially because of boys staring at her chest, girls bullying her because of it, and the perverts that tried to have their way with her at the train.

    Western Animation 
  • Gina from Big Mouth where she "develops" faster than her whole class, making her a target of harassment from her classmates.
  • Played with in The Simpsons episode "Large Marge", where, due to a screw-up by the hospital, Marge ends up with breast implants. Initially, she wanted to get rid of the implants as soon as possible due to how unwieldy and clumsy they make her, hiding them from her family, but she soon enjoys the extra attention they bring her. Later, however, the attention becomes too much, she starts getting backaches, and by the end of the episode, she has the implants removed. Or as Homer puts it, "Classic Marge".
  • Similarly Played With in the South Park episode "Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society", where Bebe's newly-developed breasts cause the boys in class to revert to cavemen. She winds up wearing a box over her chest to snap the boys out of their cavemen states, and Wendy undergoes an enlargement, jealous of the attention Bebe was getting.


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